Arsenal ‘could get better’ – Club urged to upgrade on Arteta

Darren Bent has insisted that Arsenal could land a better coach than Mikel Arteta, before downplaying three available targets.

The former Tottenham Hotspur striker is known to be a Gunners fan at heart, and is regularly giving his opinion on our club.

With a number of top European clubs having taken the decision to part ways with their managers, leaving a number of proven coaches without jobs currently, you can be forgiven for taking extra time to analyse your own team’s employees.

Arsenal haven’t enjoyed their best campaign of recent history, finishing in eighth spot for the second time in succession, whilst their failure to win any silverware also means we have failed to qualify for European football for the first time in 25 years.

On the flip side, since Christmas we have picked up the second-most points in the division, and even ended the campaign on the back of five straight victories, our best run of league form since 2018.

While there is plenty to take in, positives and negatives, Darrn Bent can’t help but believe we could upgrade on our inexperienced boss.

“Listen, I think we could get better [than Arteta] if I’m honest,” Bent told talkSPORT.

“I’m not quite sure about the [Zinedine] Zidane appointment because he fell into a situation with the best players in the world and won three Champions Leagues.

“[Mauricio] Pochettino is never going to go to Arsenal because of his Spurs ties.

“Conte is probably someone where you go, ‘yeah, I wouldn’t mind him’, but I think he’d end up taking a bigger job because he’s a top manager.

“He won the league in England with Chelsea and then went back to Italy to win the league with Inter Milan, what would he come to Arsenal for? What are the benefits?”

With so many top managers on the move this summer, should Arsenal at least be having the conversation? Does Arteta deserve to be bulletproof this summer?


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  1. That’s such a useless and bad opinion from Bent, but writing an article about that is even more useless.

    If this would be a site, run by a supporter, you’d write stuff that actually supports the club and not write articles about the worst opinions out there to cause further u rest and spread needless negativity.

    How about writing something positive for once, maybe you’d like it. I. sure your readers would like ot more than writing about the hundredth ridiculous fake rumour or negative opinion.

    1. Truth is Arteta is and will never be good enough for Arsenal, it is the Kroneke and the board that is causing the unrest, but you will never see that from your armchair

      1. Some said that about Guardiola too, but ignorant people says a lot without value every day.

    2. Well said! The full truth is that this site is more interested in creating articles out of any old nonsense, simply because more articles equals more money for the site.

      And poor PATRICK IS GIVEN THE DOGS DINNER TASK OF USING FALSE AND UNLIKELY RUMOURS to tempt us into replying, thus helping the site make more money.


  2. Too many Arsenal supporters are no longer in the land of honesty, reason and truth. Arsenal has gone backwards. Total fact. Honesty has been lost replaced by wishful thinking. It does not bode well. Even if we keep him…Arteta is not good enough for……..ARSENAL.

    1. Sean
      I don’t think any.onehere would disagree with you
      But do you stick with hom to continue the project and if not
      Who would you realistically like to get in and dont start with the top tier managers as they would need countless funds which we don’t have

      1. HALLELUJAH, A REALIST! Well said Alan!

        MANY OF THESE FANTASIST FANS KID THEMSELVES THAT WE COULD ATTRACT AN ALLEGRI, WHICH IS LAUGHABLE . They never consider that the top world names demand proper transfer funds and will never work without it . Nuff said!

        They seem to think we are owned by SHEIKH MANSOOR, NOT SCROOGE KROENKE.

  3. Honestly speaking Arsenal has indeed fallen from Grace and beyond the grass.We should be realistic.Arteta is not what arsenal need.Fine he had some good runs but honestly arsenal will only get WORST under him.His just using Arsenal as a learning project and that’s the truth.I prefer we go for a zidane or even benitez or even the Ajax coach.or any better world class manager .We have a crop of young talents that needs guidance and with the signing of some few world class expirenced players to get arsenal back on track but I fear with Arteta will lose many of them because his not technically sound and lacks the eyes for talents.His just a coach who has confidence in only world class players and players he likes while he lacks the coaching ability to gel these players together.So the earlier we cut our losses now the better for us..NO EXCUSE FOR MEDIOCRITY BECAUSE ONCE UPON A TIME WE WHERE IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND WHERE STRONG EPL TITLE CONTENDERS NOW LOOK AT US

  4. It’s pointless. I don’t want Arteta to stay but Kroenke does so that’s that.

    We have no choice but back Arteta to prove a lot of us wrong and help our club if possible

    I only hope that IF we continue our poor results that Arteta goes

  5. Kroenke should learn from Liverpool and Man City. It’s been growth all the way in those 2 sides for years now. They have reputable managers. Chelsea was falling in the hands of Lampard. Tuchel has used the same players to reposition the team.
    So do you think Arteta can ever do it? Noooo!
    Arsenal will only continue to fall. Look at Arteta’s recruitment policy: chasing Odegard instead of signing Buendia who is clearly an upgrade on Odegard and bringing in Andre Silva or Dakah into the attack with Bissouma in the midfield

  6. Unless we challenge for a top four position next season,Arteta will be shown the door.In the meantime there is little point in continuing to berate him in the close season , as some fans continue to do, when the Owner has given him his blessing.Why certain subscribers to this site churn out the same anti Arteta rhetoric at every opportunity is beyond me.Regardless of the subject highlighted in any article they invariably swing the axe towards Arteta rather than engage in sensible debate.The bitterness they display is uncalled for and sad.

    1. Well said Grandad!
      Every time I read negative sh*t about Arsenal and Arteta I really hope he will prove them wrong 😉

    2. Grandad, Perhaps we should name these non supporting fans! THOUGH ALL WE REGULARS ARE WELL AWARE WHO THEY ALL ARE.

      I prefer a top world class name to manage us. BUT the reality is that under Kroenke that is never going to happen, as no WC name would ever work under Kroenke . Only bitter self deluded fantasists refuse to see this truth. So while MA remains manager, I WILL SUPPORT HIM -AS I AM A CLUB SUPPORTER – AND HOPE THINGS IMPROVE.

  7. I’ll tell you the last thing our club needs, is for fans to fall victim to and/or perpetuate the same sort of “shut up and watch” rhetoric that enabled things to go on far too long during Wenger’s latter years, which ultimately led us to the troubling place where we currently find ourselves

    now I would have no qualm with your position if we had a highly engaged owner, who demanded accountability from those in positions of influence, but as that’s clearly not the case, different measures are required…just think about how toxic it had to get at the Emirates in order for our absentee landlord to pursue a differing course…as such, this provided the blueprint for change, rightly or wrongly…so when fans see that things appear to be going sideways, they’re no longer willing to sit on their hands and wait for the regime to act of their own accord…now this probably encourages some prematurely excessive behaviour, but that’s still a better option than the old model which required years of obvious mismanagement before any action was taken

    1. Much as I enjoy your well worded writings, do you really believe continued criticism of Arteta on this site will have any influence whatsoever on the views of our Owner?Personally I am not prepared to bang my head against a brick wall .

  8. If the club does not have the funds to hire a top rated manager and buy good players they will continue to retrogress. Clubs that invest heavily win trophies. Let them ask Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City etc.

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