Arsenal could learn from Tottenham when it comes to Mesut Ozil

First and foremost an assumption needs to be made and that is Mesut Ozil will continue to have a future at Arsenal.

That needs to be said with all the security issues surrounding the German, it is not far fetched to say that he may have played his last game for Arsenal.

But as I said, let’s assume that Ozil remains at Arsenal for the next two years.

How does Unai Emery utilise him? He is no longer that effective as a number 10 and his performances over the last couple of years have generally been substandard.

I know he has his defenders but the vast majority of fans, pundits, ex-players and so forth are of the opinion that Ozil does not deserve to start most games. An opinion Emery also seems to share.

But what a waste that would be, he is paid a fortune because at the time of the contract negotiations, he was worth it. On his day Ozil can be world-class, but those days are not so often any more.

Now, this is where learning from Tottenham comes in.

On Saturday I watched the game between them and Aston Villa and I was ecstatic to see the Spurs go one down and as the game dragged on I started to feel that Villa may get something from the game.

Tottenham absolutely dominated them in the second half and their class was showing but they simply were not making the breakthroughs they needed to.

That all changed when Christian Eriksen came on, he completely turned the game around.

That was not by design I can assure you, Mauricio Pochettino did not think to use the Dane as some sort of super-sub because you can take it to the bank that Eriksen will normally be an automatic starter.

But the point is that when he came on he changed the game and that is where Ozil could come in, not as a starter but as some sort of super-sub when the game needs changing.

The one thing about Ozil is that he retains the ability to open up games with a single pass and bring him on the 70th minute or so when Arsenal need a goal I feel is the best time to use him in a game these days.

Using him as a starter is no longer that effective, he goes missing far to often but that would not happen if he is brought on late in the game when Arsenal are dominating but struggling to force their way through a stubborn defence.

Anyway, that is what I mean when I say that Arsenal could learn from Tottenham when it comes to Mesut Ozil, even if it was not meant by our bitter rivals.


  1. Eriksen they are trying to sell, and has one year left. Moreover, last 2 years he has been a cog to his team where Ozil has fallen. When he was brought in, 30-35min, he created something that others lacked. Ozil can do it? Dont think so

  2. Ozil was dismal last season. Thankfully we have a an excellent winger in Pepe. He isn’t a CAM but will still contribute to goals

    Ozil will have players like Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette in front and the likes of Torreira, Ceballos behind him. Also Xhaka is a good passer of the ball at the very least. There’s no excuse now for Ozil if he doesn’t perform well.

    1. Ozil’s got a lot worse since we’ve massively upgraded our attack, so the signing of Pepe makes no difference. Can Ozil only perform with at least 3 WC attackers around him? Cesc had no problems, and he was working with the likes of: Flamini, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakhe, etc.

      1. For me its different I think ozil is struggling because we dont have a player like cazorla in our team any more who use to be so good in linking def to attack n also dictating the tempo of the game. Ozil is not a CM he is an AM so we can not expect him to dictate the pace of game and control it …he us more like upgrade ontop of your base model of car where you add all those cool features. So more than attack if we get a good CM you will see him shine…its not the strike force as many gunners think.

    2. Innit, wouldn’t you say that there is no excuse for anyone, including the coach himself?

      Not just one man’s shoulders is it?

      1. That’s not my point. The article is about OZIL, not all players. And in my opinion OZIL was terrible last year. Most of the other players weren’t as bad

        And please tell me WHERE I said that everything lies on his shoulders alone. Don’t put words in my mouth please. It takes a TEAM to win

  3. Pepino, what a silly remark.

    This is a suggestion that does warrant more than just a throwaway comment.

    A/Martin, I can see where you are coming from regarding the”impact” side of things, but how do you explain this to the critics you refer to, when they, yet again, quote “lazy”?

    You see, I really don’t believe any sane manager / coach would ever select someone like that and his fellow professionals wouldn’t want him in the team either.

    I think the best way to get the best out of Ozil is to trust UE…he knows what each of his players bring to the team.

    Whatever he decides, we should get behind him and that includes myk, xhaka, elneny.

    Nevertheless, a thought provoking idea, perhaps UE might even try it.

  4. Well if you watched us last season, Ozil was still completely ineffective during shorter periods on the pitch from either starting, a cameo from the bench. Even using him against lesser teams at home, got us no where!

    I find it astonishing that fans are still making a case for him. Just like Wenger, it seems Ozil is another that gets unlimited chances, whilst the the club suffers as a consequence.

    I understand what you’re saying, if we’re stuck with him, we may as well try and use him somehow. Eg we could use him for the early stages in Europe, but I disagree because a lot youth is coming through this season, so it is far more beneficial to the club for them to get as much experience as possible. Willock, and Smith-Rowe should play instead of Ozil, and as we saw against Newcastle, Willock is already proving himself at league level.

    If we are stuck with Ozil, I would keep him away from the first team, and try force him to accept a transfer, but most likely, a loan. That may seem harsh, but we already know he offers next to nothing on the pitch, and that he will cause unrest within the dressing room, and with the manager, because of his ego. Which is what happened last season.

    Ozil stopped playing for Arsenal a long time ago, when people accept that?

    1. ozil is a gud player..we still need a player like him..a chances creator….i think top six club have at least 1 player dat can create chances frm d middle of d pack…so we shud keep ozil….

      1. I agree with you till the last part, if they can resign him on substantially lower wages than what he is getting then sure we should keep him. With the wages he is receiving he should be our star performer every match. That is where fans clash. I bet if he was on like 150k or something no one would pick on ozil that much. We are just not getting value for money.

  5. I can only assume that our coach and the players need to be sacked immediately!!!

    To allow a player who is so destructive, offers nothing, is lazy and has a ego that causes so much unrest actual playing time shows nothing short of treason to the club.

    UE must see him train every day, but makes him captain and wants him to stay. The players allow him to strut around with his ego costing them win bonuses, CL qualification, top four spot, cup defeats and seem to actually like him as a man and a player.

    When will they realise that they have got it wrong, that he is mentally fragile, dross, bleeding us dry etc etc…they don’t even seemed bothered about his obscene salary!!!!

    No, sack the lot of them for their professional incompetence, we the fans know better…you know it makes sense.
    Why we ever employed any of these rank so called professional people is a complete mystery – adminmartin be careful, otherwise you will be tarnished with the same brush – suggesting he has any worth to our club. What an insult!!!

    1. Ken1945, will you ever talk any sense?

      According to your sarcastic comment on the topic, means you’re clearly in support of not only playing Ozil, but that his attitude isn’t a problem whatsoever.

      Of course you’re factually wrong. So instead of your typically immature opinion based comments, please, oh please, give us all a detailed explanation as to why we need Mesut Ozil? I cannot wait to hear your response!

      PS – Again, I am rightfully criticising Ozil’s performances, and attitude, not saying I am supporting the criminals who have been apparently harassing Ozil, before you try and spin that way, and slander me yet again.

      1. Isn’t it a fact that ozil reached the 50 assists mark faster than any other player in history of EPL … And mainly playing with a bog average attacking line … Am not going to defend his work rate which at times is pathetic but the fact of the matter remains that along with santi he is one of the few world class players we had in the “lost years” until the last 12 months ( when his attitude problem certainly worsened with Emery … A manger it should be said who constantly plays (the inappropriately christened) granit xhaka one of the worst players we have had at the club … The endless stream of invective against ozil and the celebration of average footballers like Ramsey who run around a lot with little to show for it is sad … The question for Emery was how to get repeat or upgrade on those earlier stats .. So far he’s failed

        1. Rkw, Ozil by his own admission (in stating that this season he is injury free) and supported by his non availability due to injury could not in all reality be selected by Emery (as Head Coach, not Manager).
          So why does Emery get criticised for Ozil’s attitude and which midfielder was available to be selected instead of Xhaka?
          My personal view is that Arsenal missed Xhaka’s physicality and passing when he was out injured last season.

          1. Do you know Emery personally Ozzie because you won’t have a bad word said about him without coming out with some silly little excuses .
            Every manager (oh sorry coach )as their faults Emery is no different ,let him do his job and let’s see how good he his now he has his own team ,stop making excuse for him .
            I also saw the little dig you had at me on the other article ,saying I didnt understand sarcasm ,yes mate I do but the poster you were defending looked pathetic and childish in his post.

          2. I didn’t miss him enough in the Brighton game that’s for sure .. The truth is he does not dominate midfield .. rash tackles are not the same as psychically …his passing is lateral back and often pointless certainly not comfortable with players around and no poise…if he stays in our midfield we will struggle all season to break from 4th place tussle … Not criticizing Emery for ozil’s attitude … Where there are problems for sure …but his failure to get most out of this player which I believe could help on attitude front ..l think he needs to get him working with ceballos and Luiz as a link from back to attack … But so far I still don’t see a style from Emery that makes me confident he knows how to get best out of squad…business as usual won’t get us back to challenging at top

      2. TMJW, so I make the points again, in the hope I get a mature answer to the points, with no deviations.

        I’m not selecting the team and//or playing alongside Ozil. What I observe is a coach who has;

        1. Selected him to play…yes or no?
        2. Wants him to stay…yes or no?
        3. Makes him captain…yes or no?
        4.Wants him back as soon as possible…yes or no?

        I see players who;
        1. State his worth to the team…yes or no?
        2. Sign for the club, stating him as one of three players they look forward to playing with…yes or no?
        3. Have no problem with his ego/salary and accept him for the player he is…yes or no?
        4. Appreciates a player who always acknowleges the crowd home and away, when they chant his name and sing his song…yes or no?
        5. Fully appreciate the mans footballing skills, attitude and commitment, as does the coach, it can be seen when he plays…yes or no?

        Now these are facts that you ask me to produce as to why our club, at the moment, need and want Ozil.

        So, my question to you, are simple, are the players, the coach, the club and the fans who sing his name wrong?
        Do you believe the above professionals have more precise knowledge and insight into the players capabilities and make up than you?

        To me, these facts make sense and they are what I base my opinions on, along with personal thoughts. Factual events that are ongoing and completely proveable. Perhaps that’s why they don’t make sense to you.

        As for spinning and slandering…your answers to the facts above will be interesting, how do you view your comments re. Ozil?
        If he left tomorrow, I would be as supportive of the clubs decision as the current situation, because I support the club. That’s why I can enjoy my club and feel completely relaxed, having no personal vendettas and wishing every Arsenal player the very best for the season…try it sometime.

        1. Classic Ken1945, dodging, and spinning it around as always. For umpteenth time, I am talking about Ozil’s performances and attitude.

          Seeing as you want to make it about the coach, and other players, then I’ll answer your questions very simply. According to you, the manager, and players only ever speak the truth. Which is false as we all know. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

          Managers very rarely lambaste one of their players publicly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t in private, or want them out. Same with players, or potential signings. They’re going to say/do nice things for a variety of reasons. I cannot honestly believe you’re that naive, that you take anything said/done literally. Do you even understand the complexities of squad management? I don’t either, before you say, but I have learnt what is needed from listening to so managers thoughts on the subject.

          It’s all about man management. How does it help Emery to have a pop at his players all the time if they’re not performing, or treat ones he wants out badly? Of course he’s going to say things like I want Ozil to stay, I want him back soon, etc. Very rare that a manager would say the opposite. Once the transfer windows close, he has got that squad until the end of season, and he needs them working together, and as happy as possible, because he’ll need then. Let’s say Emery banishes Mustafi, Ozil, Miki, and Xhaka, to the reserves, and then those players will be very unhappy. Then an injury crisis hits, and Emery has no choice but to pick them. Do honestly think those players are going to give it their all for Emery?

          Every manager has to manage the squad the best they can, and they will tell many lies to the fans/public, to protect the players, and keep them happy. I imagine Emery made Ozil captain to try and get something more out of him. A manager will try many different, and strange ideas to improve performances.

          To summarise, your questions are invalid, because what a manager/player says publicly, will not always be the truth. You do not take everything they say literally. I remember Wenger once saying publicly that Walcott was world class. Given Wenger’s experience, and intelligence, I do not think for one moment that he actually believed that. Most likely that was said to boost the player’s ego, or try and increase his market value.

          1. I have constantly noticed KENS ARTFULLY SCRIPTED REPLIES TO OTHERS WHO DISAGREE WITH HIS OWN TAKE ON OZIL. I have also called him out on his deliberatly used and naive appearing, almost childlike belief, in the total truth of all comments made by those within the game. Trouble is though, his deceitfully used “naivety” does not fool me for a single moment. Ken is an older man, as am I, and neither of us are that worldly naive, Ken is cunningly hoping that most Gooners will buy into that cunningly disguised naivety. But they don’t. Nor did you. Congrats in being far brighter than he rather foolishly thought you are. KEN quotes only those spoken comments that appear (to the naive) to support his view. He never quotes those from in the game who differ. Pundits(ex -players) a plenty in fact! Cherry picking, some call it!

          2. Jon, have you yet answered the question that has been asked of you at least six times?
            Did you witness the fans appreciating Ozil…it’s such a simple question…doesn’t need artful dodging, no need to be naive, deceitfull, cunning, spinning or simply ignoring the question.

            Nor do I want or need others to buy into my “cunningly disguised naivity” (what tosh Jonn what utter tosh), as I believe in my views.
            Nor do I spirit up the “vast majority” of fans to help me back up my views…something that you always seem to need, I suppose some would call it a crutch to support you.

            So Jon, for the umpteenth time, did you ot did you not, witness the support given to Ozil during your visit to the Emirates?

          3. TMJW, I presumed that by giving you actual facts, along with a straightforward yes or no answer you might see the light, but let’s delve a little further then
            So when he selects Ozil, is he doing so because of his bad play? yes or no?
            When he makes him captain is that because of his bad play? yes or no?

            The questions are not just words, they are facts – spot the difference?
            I think you do know the difference,, that’s why you craftily lumped them under “what a manager publically says”….craftily worded, but not actually true is it?

            On to the players questions I asked you, that you skillfully by-passed and I’ll put them all together in two parts…
            If the players were disatisfied with the commitment and professionalism of Ozil, would there not be a reaction from them? Sure as hell haven’t seen the reaction Sanchez got when the players got tired of his ego and tantrums!! Losing win bonuses, CL and Pl qualification, cup wins etc etc…but not one whiff of disatisfaction from any of them, or aonce again the coach.

            Second part, if Ozil was this spent force that you believe he is, why would Pepe (as one example) quote him as one of three players he is excited to be playing with?
            He didn’t have to mention Ozil did he? There were another twenty four players he could have cited, but the first name that popped out was Ozil, followed by Abau and Lacs.
            So was he telling the truth or was he just trying to protect him and boost his transfer value?

            You accuse me of spinning and dodging, but all I am doing is giving you factual details of where the coach and the players have given examples of their faith in the player.
            No dodging involved, because these are the facts and I challenge you now to disprove any one of the facts I have detailed out for you to ponder.

            The problem you have, is that you cannot give details of one fact that backs up your claims…they are just your opinions…I have given you examples of actual facts that happened , both on the pitch and off it…by professionals employed by the club who work with the man every single day.

            Finally and this is the point you cannot seem to grasp, if UE decided tomorrow to sell Ozil (as we know he has with mustafi ’cause he told us), the man will have no hesitation in letting the fans know via the media…he speaks the truth, have you seen any factual hint of it?

            If that happens, you won’t find me dwelling on it, but rather, I would be looking to see what he has in store next, supporting his decisions…just as I am doing now.
            what a pity you don’t have the same level of support for the gaffer and his players, just an agenda against one of our own.

          4. By the way Jon, I noticed you were called out earlier about cherry picking stats…have you answered that question either?
            One thing is for sure, I never conveniently forget/misplace/childishly/naively to answer questions…rather than craftily avoid answering them.

            Rest assured Jon, capital letters, snide remarks and trying to belittle my views does not intimidate me in any way whatsoever…losing £100 would have made most (in their own world) wise, wordly older men a little circumspect – how I wished I’d taken you up on the Iwobi 99.9% certainty claim as well.

            As for thinking TMJW is not clever, I will always leave that kind of accusation about others on here to you.
            You seem to hold the monopoly on that kind of remark.

            So cherry picking stats Jon?

  6. Said it before and I’ll probably say it again…. I’m not his biggest fan (lazy, overrated and overpaid) but Ozil gave us his best season when we had genuine width to our attack (Walcott, Ox, Sanchez)…. His drop in form ever since does coincide with the narrowing of our attack (not only cause) and losing his partner in crime Sanchez wrecked him.

    Emery managed to get Ozil to up his work rate last season and that seemingly carried on to pre-season and now he has all the width and star quality he could desire so he has no more excuses anymore.

    With regards to playing as a super sub type player…. doesn’t strike me as something that will suit Ozil…. He needs to be feeling (preferably dictating) the flow of the game to get the best out of him imo.

  7. Ozil cannot do what Eriksen just did because Eriksen is far better than Mesut now. If I’m down a goal, I’m not throwing Ozil on and hoping he decides to put in a top performance. Eriksen isn’t mr. consistent either, but far more reliable than Ozil is. Also, Ozil has attitude issues, yet he will be okay with the super sub role? I’ll get heat for this, but Iwobi was the effective sub off the bench we needed, but he’s gone now.

  8. That is why I will forever rate Fabregas above him cos No players limit Fabregas games.

    Yes I accept I’m an Ozil fan but I will never defend him by blaming players around him for his pure performance.

    I find it hard to think of a WC players who is been defended for having a rubbish players around him.

    A WC players goes by there work and don’t care who is around him.

    Everybody blames Giroud for Ozil performance, saying Giroud is too slow but this people forgot the player who scored most of Ozil’s assist during is 19 assists season.

    Now Ozil is with 2 fast strikers but suddenly the blame shift to other bad players around him.

    Sanchez has been performing in every club he went to except Man U. Please did his performance washed up cos he was around lousy players.

    Stop critizing other players for a single player performance and let believe a once WC player loses his way and will surely come back to his best.

    I know a good player is somewhere there in him(just pain me cos it seems I’m the only one among my friends who sees it) , and he needs to come out this seasons to prove my point to my “No Insight Friends”.

    1. Sadly it won’t happen, I fear Ozil might not recover from this ordeal and might move on to new pastures (the US),certain players even very good ones like OZIL and Sanchez seen to lose their edge when hitting a certain age,what i admire in Ronaldo is that he worked very hard on and off the pitch, changed the way he plays many many times hence his longevity!

  9. Are you seriously comparing Erikson to Ozil? The initial mistake we did was to allow Erikson to join them. Ozil is finished at the top level, lets not bask in past glory but live in the present and plan for the future.If past is valid why not play Edu or Freddie they are legends, they are on AFC rolls!

  10. There was actually a time when it was said that our legend, Dennis Bergkamp repeatedly suggested that Arsenal buy Eriksen (and that was long before Tottenham camera into the picture) but Wenger steadfastly resisted the suggestion. The rest is now history.

      1. Why drag wenger into it, when he signed ozil he was right there was no need of scouting him. He was well established and was playing at a much bigger club than us with more pressure to perform n win. When we signed him everyone was jumping up and down including me so you cant blame wenger.

    1. What would Dennis Bergkamp know about the quality of a player? Talk to anyone who played with him.
      I cannot fathom why Arsenal did not bring in Dennis Bergkamp, when he left Ajax Amsterdam? Maybe it’s because he refuses to fly?

  11. Ozil doing Ericson
    Are we not asking
    too much from ozil.
    Ozil is not as bad
    As we make of him..
    Am also one of his
    Critics, which many
    Will know but I also
    Know he is class,ozil
    Will play better in a
    Well settled team with
    An identifiable style of
    Play.. when the team gells
    Well, I believe ozil can
    Offer something but as it
    Stands know individual brilliant
    And hard work is what we are still
    Relying on and that’s where ozil is
    Found out.. i believe the more we play
    That silky team football the best we see
    From ozil. It’s what I think thou what do
    I know

    1. When will that day of the season come?I have been patiently waiting for the past 3 seasons!It certainly did not happen for the UEFA cup, if not on that Europen night, then when? And we still blame coach and owner for not landing us a major trophy, when highly paid/talented players do not perform for the main event.

  12. Sounds reasonable to me and should he know he comes on from 60-70 min we may see the best of him as teams tire.

  13. Said it before will say it again…… Ozil very occasionally gives us a 10 out of 10 moment but that is only about every fourth game. If for the rest of the time we are getting 3 out of 10 then he dramatically weakens our game.
    Ozil bottles out of tackling, goes up for headers only to bend his back to duck out of the challenge, gets knocked off the ball too easily.
    Effectively when Ozil is on the pitch we are playing with 10 men. Running around a lot doesn’t constitute effort.

  14. Just accept the loss on Ozil. Doing all these Backflips, playing word salad and mental gymnastics etc all in a desperate effort to convince ourselves that Ozil will come good is a bit pie in the sky / self denial kind of thing.

    The guy has had the same problems even going back to his Madrid days, better players surrounding him for Germany and Madrid covered up his biggest flaw “Being one dimensional”. Once he has to stand up on his own then that is where the problems arise.

    Since he has been here we have tried everything, played him in his No10 position, moved him outwide, tried him with big man Giroud, tried with Walcott, Welbeck, The Ox. Tried with Sanchez, Santi etc. Changed managers, tried wih Torreira, Laca, Auba, it even got worse.

    Tried to play him in big games home and away for motivation, didn’t work.
    Tried to play him against poor weak sides home and Away, did not work.
    Decided to play him in Home games again poor weak sides, still the same old poor performances.

    Now the suggestion is “We should play Ozil as super substitute”.

    We now have Ceballos, Pepe, let’s see. I don’t think it will change a thing going by previous evidence but who knows.

    As I keep saying, there comes a stage where you have to be honest with yourself. That moment where you have to look at an individual player personally and ask yourself “ Or may be this player should take more responsibility for himself rather than us always trying to find excuses to cover for their lack of personal responsibility?”

    Ozil is turning 31 years old soon this season. Has had the same criticism even when he was in his prime younger years at Madrid and Arsenal. All of a sudden a 32 year old Ozil is going change and come good?

    I have never come across a player as frustrating in my decades as an Arsenal like Ozil. So naturally talented but refuses to adapt his game like all the other players in his category.

  15. Ozil’s stats should speak for itself, and that he is a world class player is in no doubt. It the gaffer isn’t utilising him and gets into ego tussles, that doesn’t speak well of Emery. Last season whenever he was on the pitch, the defence splitting passes weren’t utilised by our front men and that’s the truth. No partnerships were allowed to form with Emery’s constant tinkering. Instead most games Ozil was on the pitch, they didn’t play through him, but instead attempts were made to make “creative forces” out of Iwobi & Kolasinac. Auba & Laca have stated their preference to play in front of Ozil and Pepe has stated that too, so if I were the gaffer I’ll have these three play in front of Ozil, and we will see our good days again. Find a solid 6 behind these four and we will be on our way.

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