Arsenal could lose star player if they don’t qualify for the Champions League

Bukayo Saka has emerged as one of the finest talents in the Premier League in recent seasons.

The Arsenal academy product is spearheading the club’s return to Champions League football.

Since he broke into the first team, his role at the Emirates has continued to be very important.

He is future captain material, and he needs just a few more years of experience to assume that role.

However, this could be his last season at the Emirates if the club cannot make progress.

The Gunners finished last season outside the European places and they are targeting a top-four finish in this campaign.

However, their first half of the season was inconsistent. After failing to add to their squad in the January transfer window, the second half could be worse.

ESPN says Liverpool and Manchester City have continued monitoring Saka and they will make a move for him at the end of this season if Arsenal fails to make it into the top four.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is easily our best player, and he has been a top contributor to the club so far.

In terms of attitude and ability, he is the perfect player to build our team around now and in the future.

It would be sad to see him leave, but we need to show commitment to achieving some success to keep him at the Emirates.

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  1. Stupid ass rumor.
    He’s not going anywhere at least do the next 3-4 years. I don’t know why people bother with news like these.

    1. Genuine question, how do you know that?

      If someone comes in with a huge offer in 12-18 months time and meets all requirements for the player to leave?

      I think it’s arrogant to presume he’s not going anywhere in the next 2 years, the exact arrogance that to now worry about it until it’s too late.

  2. BS really this, from start to finish

    Saka is a great little player for sure, no one can deny that.

    Is he captain material though? really?

    I wouldnt say YET he is our best player, but he probably has a higher ceiling than most of our youngsters to achieve that status but he’s not there yet

  3. Couple points I would disagree with in the article.

    1. Future captain? Think Tierney and Odegaard are better positioned and more experienced in that aspect, but it is the manager’s decision.

    2. Best player? I would not go that far for sure. Tomi has been the most consistent, more so that Saka who has disappeared several times. Ramsdale makes a great argument judging by his performances.

    ESR has more goals than Saka, even playing fewer minutes as well. Martinelli was player of the month if I’m not mistaken. Too generous to hand “best player” to Saka when others have a better claim based on consistency and performances.

    3. Personally I think Martinelli will be Arsenal’s best player in the coming years. I would argue he has the edge technically beating opponents 1-1, and also a better finisher than Saka.

    Saka is better at assists, something Martinelli will improve on.

    I think Saka is an incredible young talent, and definitely a key player for Arsenal. But to me not the best we have currently or for the future, and not the best to be named captain in the future.

  4. Saka isn’t yet there to bench the top players at Liverpool and man city…..stills a work in progress

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