Arsenal could lose their key players for the final game before the World Cup

Arsenal and several Premier League clubs could struggle to field a strong team for their last Premier League match before this World Cup.

This is because the South American footballing body, CONMEBOL, wants the players of their competing nations to be released from Wednesday 9th of November.

The Sun reports this request means they want their players released earlier than expected.

The players were initially expected to leave their clubs after the league games that weekend.

But South American nations want to spend more time with their players before the competition kicks off.

FIFA will now look to broker an agreement between the clubs and the governing body.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our fine form this season means several of our key players will play for their nation in the competition if they have qualified.

Losing them before that final game could make us lose the match.

Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey, Ben White and Granit Xhaka are some players on our books who will play at the competition.

Jesus, Martinelli and Gabriel Magalhaes could be selected for Brazil for the tournament.

We cannot lose these players to their nations too soon because they have been the key to our success so far.

Arteta speaks ahead of Bodo/Glimt game in cold, wet Norway
“We have to find a way to win!”

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  1. Crazy period coming up. Nine matches in something like 27-28 days (all competitions) before World Cup break! Smart rotation and substitution patterns will be really important.

      1. Well I might have saved a few people some time of looking up and counting the fixtures and dividing by time, Mr Negative. Do YOU have anything useful and not “bleeding obvious” to add or do you just enjoy being snarky?

  2. On the 9th November Arsenal play Brighton at home in an evening kick off. I wonder what time on the 9th the South American teams want their players to leave by?

    On the 12th November Arsenal play Wolves away. Since nearly all of the Wolves players are Portuguese, they will probably be at full strength.

    Is this more FIFA mischief making, using the South American FA’s to further disrupt the European season.

    (It is my belief that this Winter World Cup in Qatar was one weapon used by FIFA in it’s internecine battle with EUFA. Remember they had also tried to get a World Cup every two years, and attempted to steal the appeal of the Champions League by implementing the World Club Championship!!)

    How does FIFA manage to still exist in the 2202?

    1. I was about to say that the rule-makers have failed miserably, as ever, by allowing different countries to take players at different times for the same competition…

      Your post puts a different slant on it (that it may not be incompetence, but skulduggery related to infighting).

      One wonders if the super league idea was (at least partly) trying to escape the corrupt / incompetent authorities. Not that the ESL would necessarily have been run any better from a supporters’ viewpoint.

  3. What I have realised is that, all Opera and Internet reporters are Enemies of arsenal….nothing good and reasonable they write about arsenal…


      My, my , they will be surprised to know we hate them for reporting about Rigoletto, Tosca , La Boheme etc!!

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