Arsenal could lose two huge players if they fail to finish top-four

Arsenal set to lose Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette if they fail to qualify for Champions League.

The current crisis at the Emirates could get worse if the Gunners’ performance on the field doesn’t get better. Some reports are now claiming that that two of their stars could quit.

According to Express Sports, Aubameyang and Lacazette are prepared to depart Arsenal if they fail to qualify for Europe’s top club competition.

Lacazette joined the Gunners in 2017 for a then club-record fee and has netted 38 times for them so far. Aubameyang joined them last January and has scored 49 times.

Both strikers scored almost 50 per cent of the club’s goals last season and losing them would be a major disaster.

The club has also assured fans that the minimum requirement for Unai Emery is to secure a return to the Champions League in the 2020/2021 season.

Arsenal are currently four points behind Chelsea who are fourth in the standings, with just 10 games played.

The Gunners have opened talks with the representatives of both attackers, but there has reportedly been a reluctance to extend terms from both camps at the moment.

It would be a huge disaster for the club if they were two lose two such high profile stars. Having the likes of Auba and Laca in the team helps attract other quality players. To lose them would damage the pulling power of the club and weaken the team significantly.

Put it this way, if you think there is a crisis at Arsenal now, imagine what it would be like if those two left.


  1. Any Gunner can leave if he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal anymore or if he is unwilling to put in extra efforts, including our best strikers. No Gunner or Gooner is bigger than Arsenal

    Besides, we can use the sale money to rejuvenate the squad. Those strikers are excellent in scoring, but their first touches and ball control are lousy sometimes

    Sell one of them and get Wilfried Zaha or Vinicius Jr

  2. Well let’s hope the reports are true that I’ve been reading regarding certain people in the Arsenal boardroom that are not happy with Emery ..
    Could be BS ,but there is usually some truths in Rumours ,fingers crossed .
    Regarding the Article ,that is obviously the biggest concern and one a few of us have raised on here a few times ,if Emery makes it till the end of the season and he Fcks up like last season then there is every chance all our best players will want out .

  3. Well… Am sure one of them will leave b’se our major problem which is midfield is not going to be solved any time soon.

    As long as the likes of Guendouzi, Xhaka, are still first team regulars, we have absolutely ZERO hope of finishing in top four no matter which defence or striking the coach fields.

    1. @mayert
      Youre havin a laugh, you aren’t you? Guendouzi? You must be a Russian bot sent by the Spuds… 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. May be he is talking of another Guendouse,coz the one at arsenal right now has so far been the best player in midfield these season

  4. Can you blame either one of them? Champions League isn’t the End All for every
    world class player but shouldn’t an attractive, attacking style of futbol be the bare
    minimum? Heck AFC cant even offer that to both Laca and PEA atm. Id have my agent on
    the horn if I was either one of them.

    And honestly how many more boring, uninspiring fixtures, win or lose are Arsenal fans expected
    to endure before the Big Three swallow there Collective Ego and admit they made a mistake
    on Emery?

    AFTV may not be well respected on this board but Lee Judges made a brilliant comment in his
    interview following the CP debacle. “Is AFC more concerned with losing $6M today(Emerys
    buyout if he was fired today) or $45M when they fail to qualify for CL at the end of the

  5. Some arsenal fans are just funny… arsenal should sell laca and auba in a summer then I can tell you arsenal will be aiming for relegation.zaha can’t help arsenal how many goals he scores per season infact he has no epl goal yet this season… arsenal problem is Emery and those who appointed him will blame themselves at the end of the season…no creativity in the middle arsenal are no longer ball playing side again yet Frozen ozil out of the team…I wouldn’t blame xzaka for his attitude the coach is senseless I will keep saying this…give this current squad to a British coach then u will see the difference

  6. the truth remains that the board don’t care about the fans all the are after is business,I wonder what Emery is still doing in this team,they want him to destroy the more,I fear losing Auba and Laca,it will spell Dum for us,I’m so gutted

  7. They are right to not extend yet and vould have been sold 80M each last window.

    I see Auba leave this winter if opportunity as Real comes back for him. He can play CL too. Can we blame him?

    They killing Arsenal brand!

  8. The reason Ranieri is respected and loved by Newcastle United fans is because he did not jump ship when the club was relegated to the Championship. Despite opportunities to go elsewhere he stayed and managed the team back to the Premier League. He only left when the owner Mike Ashley didn’t renew his contract.
    The intestinal fortitude and mental toughness to battle through adversity must be a strength of the players, coaching staff and supporters of Arsenal FC. Should players, coaches or so called supporters wish to jump ship, Arsenal will be stronger for it in the long run.

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