Arsenal could make €22M from the sale of striker with one year left on his contract

Brighton is serious about signing Eddie Nketiah and Todofichajes says the Seagulls will make a bid of around €22M for his signature soon.

Nketiah has missed his chance to become an important member of the Arsenal first team and he would likely find himself behind Folarin Balogun in the pecking order at the club this season.

The Gunners will cash in on him because he has just a season left on his current deal with them.

The report says Brighton’s offer is very close to what Arsenal wants for the striker and it seems likely that the transfer will be completed soon.

Nketiah has also accepted that he is unlikely to make a career for himself at the Emirates and wants the move.

At Brighton, he would join some of the best young players in the Premier League and would have the trust of Graham Potter.

Nketiah seems to be unsuited to Mikel Arteta’s style of play because he always does well when he plays for the England youth teams.

He scored 2 goals from 17 Premier League matches last season and 3 more in 8 Europa League matches.

Selling him would open up space for the Gunners to add a new attacker to their squad.

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  1. Yossarian says:

    Good. Sell him, Willock, Niles & Nelson. Cash-in now & use the money to get some players that will actually improve the team before they become like Bellerin/etc where nobody wants them.

  2. Simon says:

    As long as funds are reinvested

  3. Mrcool says:

    It seems only our home grown players are wanted by other teams. Other fringe players on hefty wages are not wanted.

    1. fairfan says:

      Selling our young players because we can’t get rid of the older foreign players.
      Desperate times desperate measures.
      The time of reckoning after years of awful player recruitment has come.
      Two 8th placed finishes was the final straw..
      Edu has no other choice.
      A sale is a sale in post covid.
      Got mouths to feed.
      But remember we have Saka + ESR in the air and Balogun and Azeez on the runway.
      Saliba will come good too.

      1. siamois says:

        “Selling him would open up space for the Gunners to add a new attacker to their squad.” That should be the last thing we should do adding a new forward!we have more urgent needs ie midfield 2nd GK even a right back!

        1. CorporateMan says:

          Especially second goalkeeper.
          Just imagine Leno getting injured against Brentford on Friday night, so we’d go fac Chelsea and Manchester City with Runarsson and Okonkwo?
          Daunting prospect if you ask me

  4. fairfan says:

    Brilliant business if its true.
    But 22m for an unproven striker to replace an injured superstar Danny Wellbeck who Brighton scored on a free? Mmmm.
    Why would Brighton not ask for a loan and see deal like Newcastle did with Willock.?
    Its not like Nketiah is being hotly pursued
    by European elite.
    Maybe its Arsenal just trying to beat up interest in Nketiah?
    Also how is Nketiah a designated striker who has scored 5 PL goals in three years worth more than a midfielder Willock who just scored 7 goals in 7 games in the PL?
    But Brighton just got 50 m from us for Ben White.
    May be this was a cash plus player deal all along
    just not announced as such?
    So did we really get White for 30m?
    If it is true then Willock should have been sold for 40m.
    If Edu gets this one signed he has done good 🙂

  5. PJ-SA says:

    I can’t see Eddie going for that much, even in this insane market.

    If we can get 15mil for him I’d be more than happy

  6. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    Now that would be a deal that I could get behind, albeit I doubt the merits of this report

  7. Durand says:

    Things just haven’t clicked for him at Arsenal, wish him the best elsewhere. It’s good business for that fee, and hopefully that plus Willock fee can go towards a creative midfielder NOT named Odegaard.

    Next hopefully move on Bellerin, Xhaka appears to be going nowhere, and Willian’s outrageous wages almost guarantee another 2 years of his coasting at the club.

    Unless we sell Bellerin, don’t see another RB with Chambers and Soares also on the books.

    Hoping for QUALITY midfielder and backup GK as the only real necessities, and without moving Laca, I don’t see a striker coming in with only domestic schedule.

    However nothing surprises me anymore, so any of that or nothing at all could happen, just have to wait until the window closes.

  8. jon fox says:

    I much doubt that Brighton will end up buying Nketiah. He is not worth that much and “reports” are cheap and not often reliable! I simply don’t believe this rumour , much though I’d love it to be true!


  9. VasC says:

    I thought the Brighton’s negotiation team was really smart when they milked 50+ millions from us for Ben White this summer.

    Now, they are throwing away 20+ millions for a guy, with just a “home-grown” tag, who got just one year left in his contract and currently injured.

    I’ll believe it when it’s official.

  10. Rfrancis says:

    Let me quickly brush off the dust from my Idiot’s Guide to Business Deals! So, if Arsenal was interested in Ben White and Brighton was interested in Eddie Nketiah, why didn’t we just exchange players, paying the difference in cash? We would have saved close 20M – to upgrade RB, midfield, even replace Laca…sign a backup for Leno. Pick your choice. This must be rocket science!

    1. VasC says:

      Read in an article we’ve actually paid Brighton 30 mils this summer and the rest in future payments.

      Most importantly, I don’t think they valued Nketiah at 20 mils then and I still don’t believe, they do now.

  11. Biscuitbum says:

    I somehow think this deal won’t happen. Brighton fans are split, with half thinking he’s potentially good and the rest that he’s Shite. I’d love to see him make a success at a club like Brighton, since he’s a good lad, but doesn’t suit Arsenal’s style, and we really must begin shipping unwanted players out.

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