Arsenal could soon be back in group training as clubs to take key vote today

Arsenal and other clubs will vote on a return to group training today.

Premier League clubs will reportedly vote on a return to group training today as we edge closer to a possible return to action in English football.

BBC Sport claim clubs could give the green light to players to step up their preparations for a return today, which would see Arsenal and other clubs able to train in small groups.

The Premier League has been suspended for over two months now, with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta contracting coronavirus back in March proving a key moment as it made everyone aware of quite how serious the situation was becoming in this country.

Until Arteta’s test came back positive, games were surprisingly still set to carry on despite already being called off almost everywhere else by that point.

Still, the UK’s lockdown measures appear to have had the desired effect and there will now be strict measures in place to ensure the coronavirus doesn’t spread in football teams, according to BBC Sport.

Let’s hope the Premier League can look at the Bundesliga and make a return to action work, meaning we get to see our beloved Arsenal back on the pitch this summer.

A return date of June 12 had been pencilled in, but BBC Sport expect there will be calls to push that back slightly.

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