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Arsenal Could Spend £140m On Players This Summer

It has been widely reported that Arsenal has just £70 million to spend this summer. So far, if you believe the tabloids that’s, Arsenal have completed or about to complete the signing of Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen for £19.3 million, Lucas Torreira for £25 million and Sokratis Papastathopoulos for £16 million. If the reports are accurate, that’s £60.3m spent so far or about to be spent.

Torreira would be a great fit for Arsenal, the 22 year-old defensive midfielder looks like everything that Arsenal have been missing for some time. The transfer story has been going on for a while now but some reports are suggesting it is nearing its conclusion. According to The Transfer Hound, Torreira is the fourth most spoken about player right now on twitter in relation to a transfer. The Transfer Hound features a knowledge and speculation section; the knowledge section is filled with trusted sources (BBC, Guardian, Broadsheets, etc.), while the speculation section features less trusted sources (Sky Sports, Tabloid et al). These sections are filterable by club, so you can instantly see what is being said about Arsenal in relation to the transfer window.

The signing of Leno should finally solve Arsenal’s goalkeeper problem as I personally rate him more than Cech. Sokratis is surely better than Mustafi.

Once the aforementioned deals are done, Arsenal only have £9.7m left to spend this summer from the reported £70m. However, the club will still have to sell some players this summer and according to reports, Emery have been told he can spend whatever he raises from player sales.

So which players can bring in the money?

Danny Welbeck

Bought from Manchester United few years ago but with Lacazette and Aubameyang in the team, Welbeck’s already limited playing chances will further reduce next season especially with rumours claiming Emery is still interested in signing a wide-forward. Welbeck could go to clubs like Southampton, West Ham, Everton and the likes. Arsenal should be able to raise at least £20 million from his sale


He has been linked with so many clubs in recent transfer windows. Last summer he was thought to be on his way to Leicester City but the deal was reportedly stopped because Arsenal wanted £25 million while the Foxes only bid £20m. The former Southampton defender was also linked with West Brom, Hull, Stoke, Sunderland and a number of Championship clubs. He could be off this summer for £20m.


It was reported last summer that Leicester City had a bid accepted by Arsenal for the African but he chose to fight for his place at Arsenal. With Ever Banega said to be interesting Emery and Torreira most likely in the bag, Elneny will almost certainly leave the club this summer. Arsenal and Emery will be hoping he has a good outing at the world cup. Likely price tag £12m

Joel Campbell

The Costa Rican is another player Arsenal will be hoping he has a good world cup outing. He is surplus to requirement at Arsenal and will most certainly be sold this summer. Considering he has a year or so left on his contract, Arsenal will be lucky to get more than £3 million for him.

Lucas Perez

He has an okayish loan spell Deportivo de La Coruña and will not lack offers in the summer. He has already been linked with Villareal and Everton. Arsenal should be able to raise at least £8 million from his sale.


Ospina has constantly been linked with moves away from Arsenal and if it is true that the Gunners have won the race for the signature of Bern Leno, Ospina may finally leave the club. A fee of £3 million should be expected from his sale.

Chuba Akpom

Currently on loan at Sint-Truiden. Akpom is unlikely to be given a chance by Emery at Arsenal and will be sold. Arsenal will be happy to raise £1.5 to £3 million from his sale.

In conclusion

Arsenal should be able to spend about £140 million this summer after players sale should everything go well. With the businesses done so far, I would expect a centre back and a winger to the be signed with about £77 million still to spend. Manolas and Guedes?


46 thoughts on “Arsenal Could Spend £140m On Players This Summer

  1. RSH

    just 3mill for ospina? thats the price we bought him for. He’s 29 and although hes our 2nd keeper his reputation has only increased due to Colombia. (scratch that latest performance, lol). Akpom i forgot existed along with Jenkinson. We also have that guy Asano who will never kick a ball in an Arsenal shirt. Once Torriera and Sokratis become official I think we’ll start to see players being sold and our buying will slow down. If we get a winger after this I think we’ll be in a very good position. I don’t think Soyuncu is 100% necessary depending on how Emery feels about Holding/Chambers/Mavro.

    1. jon fox

      Yes, we should get much more than the supposed “£3 mill “for a current WC keeper who has vast experience and is still only 29. Surely around £10 -12 mill at least. I am for keeping Chambers as he showed a big improvement this spring. Mavropanos is clearly a real talent who needs only experience and you only get that by playing. Holding , is still young and worth keeping but only on loan at present. I also rate PEREZ but would on balance, let him go , as we have two far better strikers plus Welbeck. Altrnatively, I would sell Welbeck and keep Perez , IF, which I doubt, he would be content to be third choice striker. Welbeck being British helps our quota but I just don’t think him good enough, even though he is a tremendous guy and my favourite human among all the players, since Santi left, at least. Welbeck is a model professional. Such a shame he is injury prone and not QUITE good enough at real top level.

    2. Midkemma

      Might if it wasn’t his last 12 months but his contract isn’t exactly long term now is it 😉

  2. Dave Arsenal

    Danny Welbeck
    Really? Even if he hadn’t been an absolute workhorse for us over the past few years, you have to register 8 players trained in England in your 25-man squad. If we moved him on we would have to replace him with a player trained in England or leave a gap on our squad list…

    As per Welbeck with the squad registration issue. Not to mention he had some of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt last season and, at 23, will only improve as a centre back in the next few years.

    Has only just signed a new contract, so even if he was available the price would need to be a lot more than that. We are too light in central midfield having lost Cazorla and Wilshere to move him on as well, he is happy at the club, doesn’t mind being in the rotation system and improved noticeably in the second half of this season.

    Also, transfer budgets don’t work in real life like they do in FIFA. Torreira’s fee is spread across 5 years so we only pay £5m per year, meaning he hasn’t cost us anywhere near £25m (yet). Add-ons and payment structures will be how a ‘£50m’ budget can be used to buy ‘£100m-worth’ of players. The club takes out loans, and borrows based on future proejctions, income and profits, not how much they have sat in the bank gathering dust (like any multi-million business investment).

    Also, also, I would be very surprised if Sokratis has been brought in to replace Mustafi. He’s surely providing experienced cover for Koscielny, who is out until 2019, right? Soyuncu coming in might see Mustafi moved on (but moving on our only CB who is fit and experienced in the Prem this summer would seem like an odd move).

    1. RSH

      yeah Elneny is going nowhere. Welbz on the last year of his contract so it’s very possible he goes, or Arsenal make no money off of him. That would make Chambers and Holding more likely to remain. But I think Welbeck leaving is a real possibility if a good offer comes.

  3. Jamaicanarsenal

    If you want to know how bad Jack Wilshire had been for us. i don’t rate Granit xhaka very much but in 3 years he had scored more goals maked more assist than Jack wilshere made in 17 years I think he is more effective close to the 18-yard Box with is passing and shooting if you go look at is YouTube click his best work is in an around the Box I think the right decision had been made between him and Jack

  4. shekar233

    20mil for Welbeck?
    A player who is on the last year of his contract.
    I think you are very generous that you give away money for charity.

    give me a mil or 2 please?

  5. jon fox

    Some on here rate BELLERIN, ELNENY AND XHAKA. I do not, so I would have them first out the door along with the dreadful MUSTAFI. I would also, though a tad reluctantly , let WELBECK go. There are other fringe players like CAMPBELL, PEREZ who I would also sell. With Wilsheres wage also off our books and Holding whom I would loan out, the books should still be healthy. Ospina will also surely leave this summer and should too. This supposes that the close to completion signings do actually complete first, however.

    1. Goonerboy

      I am part of the few who rate Bellerin and Xhaka, i however i agree that Elneny is not Arsenal quality

      I so much believe in the aforementioned duo, Xhaka has lot a bit of confidence in a bid to discpline himself and to avoid getting sent off
      He is naturally aggresive and i believe he will man up again what with the heavy pressing that will be introduced next season…

      As for Bellerin, you dont go from being part of EPL best eleven for two straight seasons to becoming a useless/worthless player hence my faith in him,
      Some of these players just need awakening, new ideas, new approach to get the best out of them.

      Even Aubameyang acknowledged the fact that, Arsenal has become stale under Wenger. Nuff said.

      1. jon fox

        I do agree that Xhaka has improved his discipline from the really bad way it was. But you cannot inject vital pace and sheer awareness to those who do not have it. MERTS HAD A LOT OF QUALITIES AND PLAYED AROUND A HUNDRED TIMES FOR GERMANY. But his extreme slowness always made him a liability and an accident waiting to happen when playing in the frantic paced Premiership. In much of European football you can disguise or compensate for a lack of pace BUT not in our Prem. All the greats are quick moving and also, crucially , quick thinking. I have never seen either of these in Xhaka. Nor any real mobility. THESE ARE DAMNING WEAKNESSES, which merely being able to spray long crossfield passes on the rare occasions opponents let you , by standing off , does not begin to compensate for.

        1. Goonerboy

          You have valid and convincing points but i would also like to mention some greats who played or are playing in Xhaka’s position but share the almost/same qualities:

          Xabi Alonso
          Nemanja Matic

          These players especially Matic are not flint footed but are masters in their position
          Xhaka with the right partner and in the right system could still flourish, he is young and should improve
          Lets believe!

          1. jon fox

            Goonerboy, I fully respect your views as you give good reasons for your thinking which I admire. But we will have to disagree on Xhaka and I see no real comparison, at least not in his favour, between him and those top players you list. Speed of thought is often more important than sheer foot speed. But , when you lack both, well………! I would love to be proved wrong this season and I have made a mistake before, back in 1975; it was on a Wednesday as I recall! Oh wait a minute, no, I have that wrong. It was that Wednesday that I did NOT get something wrong. Just on all the other days ever since!!!

        2. Shekar233

          For the same reasons that you mentioned for not ratimg xhaka…i.e. Pace …i dont get it why you dont rate bellerin at all. He has pace all over him. All he needs is a proper defensive setup and defensive partners and wingers who help him as well.

          I believe he will be spain’s first choice right back in the next world cup for sure unless someone in the likes thuram / cafu emerge from nowhere in the next 4 years.

      2. Midkemma

        I am also part of the ‘few’ that rate Bellerin, as you already pointed out, he has already shown quality.
        He wasn’t perfect back then but he was better than now, his form has dropped and I do not think any of us would disagree with that?

        I think what sets us apart from Jon is we have probably asked ourselves why… and we both would point a finger at Wenger? Along with another finger at the squad not having a RB to take over if his form slipped?

        If Emery is as good as a lot of us hope then Bellerin should learn the def role better, get better pos for defending and know when to def and when to attack according to a team plan… Bellerin might end up being a waste BUT he might also turn into the best RB in the world with the right coaching.

        I am not the biggest Xhaka fan but I do think he could do a lot better if he had a top DM next to him, Xhaka has shown pace a few times which has made me question my own eyes, I’m not the only one on this site that has been pleasantly surprised by those rare moments. I wouldn’t be crying if he was sold but I am not falling into a pit of despair with the thought of his development… One thing I do like about Xhaka is his long passing, he doesn’t do this enough and that is drop the ball on the attackers feet from deep, changing side of play at the same time. If he isn’t the last CM and needing to focus on defending as much then maybe he can get more freedom to play to his strengths?

        My biggest fear with Xhaka is his concentration, I am willing to see if Emery can improve Xhaka along with Bellerin. ElNeny has the passion and I love seeing that but he is… What I say to mates, he is 90% of the player we need with 200% passion. Sometimes that passion makes up for his lack in quality but other times it will cost us. I rate Elneny as a squad player but not as a starter… Would love to see him get better though as he is a likeable character.

  6. gotanidea

    You ask which one do we prefer, Manolas or Guedes? I prefer Koulibaly and Neres

    Koulibaly is a towering CB which would be needed in set pieces (for attacking and defending) and to handle Andy Carroll, Giroud, Fellaini and the other towering opponents

    Guedes sucks in World Cup so far. I would prefer Lozano for a right-footed left winger (because his work rate is incredible) and Neres for a left-footed right winger (fast and scored plenty of goals in Netherlands)

  7. Kerosene Aboda

    Sell Off both Petre Cech & Ospina & use that money to specifically buy another Goal Keeper. If i were Emery i would fight hard to bring in Oblake even if it means adding some money to acquire him then Leno becomes second choice keeper and martinez third. Also bring in a wide man either Gelson Martens or Golovin to help Mikhy. In addition to that, the following can go: Welbeck, Akpom, Wilshere, Perez, Campbell & may be also Elneny. I think we still need chambers. he was so helpful last season especially towards the end and i believe he will still improve. I ealier on heard rumors of Lacazzette being let go. That would be a very big mistake. To content for title, a club need two out and out strikers and Arsenal has that in Auba & Lacazzette.

    1. Ackshay

      lol buying both leno and oblak in the same transfer window for over 70m at the very least, even man city don’t do that and they bought 2 right-backs for over 80m in one window. Please go play fifa 18 where you can do it. Agree about lacazette we do need both given our luck with injury.

            1. jon fox

              Wow! President eh? We will have to call him “sir” from now on.Though as you and I both well know he was just making a humourous reply. But then , so were you and so am I attempting to do. We need far more humour and less po faced folk on here. Being a Gooner is a serious business, I suppose, but a bit of off the wall humour diffuses many arguments.

  8. Jeremy

    Until the players really don our shirt like our new GK, no point counting how much will be spent.

    Besides, after being so inactive for years, what is there to shout about for a mere 100+m?

    Jack still seems so egoistic, rumors had it that he demanded 137k per week. At this rate, he is probably not going anywhere.

    1. Ackshay

      rumors aka stupid media always talk bad about arsenal and wilshere said in his statement that he accepted the reduced wage contract but emery told him he would have little game-time. So be a media sheep and bash our players and soon to be ex player, i choose to believe what the player said himself and nobody contradicted him.

  9. John Ibrahim

    Think Welbeck, Ramsay, Mustafic, Bellerin and Ospina should leave….to rebuild

    Xhaka and Eleny has just signed new deals hence its unlikely…

    Its Emery team and a new team should arise

  10. ACE

    Ive posted numerous times that the likes of
    Bellerin, Xhaka, Mustafi, Welbeck, Perez, El Neny,
    Ramsey, etc. are not Arsenal quality and should
    be moved on however not many clubs, including
    AFC are willing or able for that matter to sell so many 1st team players in a specific window.
    However after reading the countless and rather
    tiring reports of Wilsheres unceremonious
    departure from the club it seems AFC FINALLY
    have a Gaffer and management team that
    appears to be refreshingly honest in there
    player evaluations. If this standard is applied
    across the board, I can see the following
    players being shopped before the window

    Mustafi—if AFC move for Sonyuncu or another
    El Neny

    This group could fetch around £70M and allow AFC
    to sign a possible winger and CB. If Martins is
    somehow allowed to leave SL for free AFC could
    conceivably conduct the following business:

    *additional £10M in sales used toward players
    weekly wages.

  11. Big Charley

    I just read the sun article on Wilshere, the Sun said everything except that Jack has injury problems and no team with the hope of doing well will include him in there heavy playing time. And he is not as sharp as he used to be. I don’t think it was Emery or Ozil’s fault that Jack has decided to leave. If he is as fit as he claims, then you stay at Arsenal and prove your worth. Tell the club to increase your salary as you improve, there is no manager who will leave out his best players. He should have stayed at Arsenal to prove your worth and let them manage you and your career and your legs. He choose to take himself out of Arsenal because the manger refused to depend on him.

    1. RSH

      Jack has always thought he was owed a starting spot for no reason. He has proved nothing and obviously didn’t want to as you said. His performances never backed up his supposed talent and he never progressed anyways. I’m glad he left. Good luck to him in the future, but Arsenal was a level too high for him honestly. Injuries of course contributed to this, but he didn’t have an impact at Bournemouth, and was average last season.

    2. jon fox

      Agreed! Or to put it another way, we now have a manager who puts the health of the team before the happiness and financial comfort of such and such a player. HOO bloody and about time RAY!

  12. Dan

    Would need to spend 240 million to turn this once great club round and back to challenging for major honours but that will never happen hence the poor quality of players we have started signing that’s the new arsenal according to many deluded supporters on here!!

    1. jon fox

      Dan, You really ARE the biggest Jeremiah on this site. So I assume you already have your “Emery/ Sven/ Raul OUT” banner ready to display on our first game against City. Judging by all your predictions of doom, we could easily expect it! Mind you, in your defence Emery has won nothing at all at Arsenal and he has already been here a full six weeks. And THAT is top sarcasm!

      1. Declan

        Wow Jon I am agreeing with you again! 🤣
        Just booked my tickets for Borehamwood v Arsenal (will be reserves and kids) July 14th, all ticket. Got to go, it’s where I’m from.

        1. jon fox

          DECLAN , Wow! So you’re from ” Got to go” eh? Where is that exactly? Somewhere near Boreham Wood perhaps? And if you get to agree with me three times in a row, you win a prize. It is a ticket to Boreham Wood versus Got to go. A fiercely fought local derby is that one. Now, wherever did I put that straitjacket!

          1. Billy

            JF did you eat the Tommy Cooper Christmas cracker joke book for lunch? I’m liking the humour, keep it up old boy.

      2. Dan

        I gave my season ticket up 4 seasons ago we was in decline way before that so did well to last as long as I did!! Some people don’t like the truth they can keep dreaming that the good times will return but it’s never gona happen unless several million is spent bringing in world class players not average or squad players we already have both of them in abundance!!

      1. killamch89

        Some of our “fans” will always moan. We sell Giroud who couldn’t hit a barn door to save his life for Aubameyang – a guy who scored more goals than Lewandoski in the Bundesliga causing Lewa to go into meltdown – we don’t need him…

  13. Sean Williams

    Goal keeper sorted with Leno. The little guy, Torreira, will play a fiery defensive link. New CB or even 2 will hopefully stop some of the goal leaking. In Lacazette and Aubamayang we have a fantastic goalscoring duo. But…….but having lost both Santi and Jack we have a creative void in central midfield. We never got over losing Santi. There are few who can replace him. I must admit I have been a great fan of Ever Banega. He has a high work rate and is as skillful as they come. Unfortunately he is 30 (next week). He could give us two or three ‘Pirlo’ years.
    With no Walcott or OX we do not have a true winger. If he wants to come to Arsenal then Gelson Martins is both a ‘goalscorer’ and a ‘goalmaker’ and plays an intense high pace game. Would love to see him in the red and white. For the first time in years I can see us having a dominating team. It’s about time we climb above Tottenham again.

  14. tom

    In short, All change…next stop NEXT ARSENAL.

    whatever happens, its happening, that AFC can not be faulted for!!

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