Arsenal could take advantage of Juventus desire to sell midfielder this summer

Arsenal was keen to add Arthur Melo to their squad in the last transfer window, and they held talks with Juventus over a transfer for the Brazilian.

However, both clubs couldn’t find an agreement with the Italians insisting he is either leaving permanently or on a loan deal with an obligation to buy.

He eventually stayed put in Turin and has continued to struggle to get back to his best form.

Arsenal has done well for most of this second half of the season, but the recent injury to Thomas Partey exposed their lack of options in midfield.

Arthur could have been useful to the Gunners now, but they will get a second chance to add him to their squad when the transfer window reopens.

Tuttomercatoweb claims Juve wants to overhaul their playing squad and one of the players that will be shipped out of the club is the midfielder.

The report adds that Arsenal has not forgotten about him and the Gunners could return for his signature at the end of this campaign.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arthur showed his class at Gremio and Barcelona, and the tactics being employed by Max Allegri at Juventus could be limiting him.

Under Mikel Arteta, he would play under one of the finest attacking managers in England and that should make it easier to bring out the best in him.

Video – Mikel Arteta post-Brighton “It’s time to criticise ourselves”

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  1. Lmao kev82 why would you disagree? Look at arsenals squad and tell me who they comparable to? Liverpool? Chelsea? Man U? Spurs? Man U? Who has a squad that’s on par with artetas? Wolves? I dunno hard to judge but our squad is not a European spot squad! Reason we in European spots is nothing to do with Arteta obviously it’s our star studded squad oh wait that’s not us!!! We lose 2 games n ur attitude goes like that? Lol Arsenal have some the most pathetic fans going

    1. 2 games ? I thought we lost 10 games 🤔 ok Arteta is brilliant one of the elite managers in world football finished 8th twice and struggling to make top 4 with one game a week and 250 mil spent what a manager 👌

      1. So Nigel you agree with Admart that Arteta is one of the finest attacking managers in the league ?
        He’s not even one of the finest defensive managers in league(which apparently he’s improved on ) let alone attacking wise .
        In 34 years as a fan this team and manager make me want to go to sleep .
        “Finest attacking manager in the league “

  2. Finest attacking manager? Who, Pep, Klopp, Conte? Surely not Arteta, who has failed to get a tune out of any striker since he took over.

    Auba tied for Golden boot, then lost to Vardy by 1 goal. Went invisible this year with Arteta, back to scoring for fun at Barca.

    Artetaball is certain death for a striker up top.

      1. Thank for ur honesty Durand. And to all who believe that arteta is the way forward, I don’t have anything to say until the end of this season.

  3. Nah see you don’t make a connection between the big ass contract and his lack of effort? Was instant he switched off! Lmao you can’t see wood for the trees ffs so What your saying is even though our squad is weak and we have had 3rd best form in league for most of it if you ain’t gonna give Arteta any credit? In fact your gonna use Auba as an example and totally disregard the fact his goal output went for a burton moment he signed his big contract! Yh I say 2 games cause I’m 99% sure u was saying how sun shone out artetas arse not so long ago!!! Our strikers we had Auba and laca, laca went from 30 goal seasons in France to 10 a season in prem!! Auba I’ve explained and tbh u could stick most forwards in Barca team n they will score for fun, I don’t see really how any of your points stand up tbh!!! With fickle supporters like u lot though not surprised ya on here chatting shi7!

    1. I see you can’t even consider how Artetaball simple destroys any direct attacking play.

      11 men behind the ball defending, and no one positioned to counter attack when we win the ball.

      Static positioning when in possession, no movement off the ball, and 90% of creation comes from the wings; mostly Saka on the right.

      Same stale game plan every match, lack of adapting after halftime, and the lack of options on the bench is a result of January give aways and not bolstering the squad.

      Blindly follow the pied piper if you like, but iprefer to see,think for myself, and analyze.

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