Arsenal could well be attracted by supposed ‘final offer’ for striker

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was reported to have turned down offers to move to Saudi Arabia, but the latest offer could well prove to be attractive for both Arsenal and the player.

The striker has had a falling out with current manager Mikel Arteta, which resulted in Auba losing his place in the playing squad and stripped of the captaincy.

He was then allowed to leave for the AFCON early due to his role in the team, before being left behind in London whilst the rest of the squad departed for Dubai for a training camp.

With no intimation that there has been any improvement for him and Arteta, an exit should be favourable for both parties, and Al Nassr have made one more offer.

The deal would mean that Auba can still receive the full amount that he is being paid at present, while the inclusion of a get-out clause in 12 months time would mean that he would have 12 months to decide if he is enjoying his football there without losing a penny, as opposed to staying in north London and not playing.

Do you think Auba could be persuaded to make the jump?


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  1. Doubtful at best. Auba is just in the wrong system, and isn’t being played to his strengths.

    Finding pockets of space, direct attacking football is where he thrives, not Artetaball.

    I don’t believe any top striker will thrive in the type of static negative football we too often play under Arteta.

    I get Pulis flashbacks sometimes watching Arsenal, geez the slow, sideways and back passes grind down my soul at times.

    Would it kill Mikel to loosen the reigns sometimes? Trust his players and give them a bit more freedom to express themselves on the pitch?

    1. as you undoubtedly know Durand, I’m a firm believer in the notion that Arteta’s largely negative, uninventive and nonsensical tactics, considering the available personnel, are the primary reason why Auba has struggled for goals

      that said, of bigger concern is our propensity to both look a gift horse in the mouth and to throw the baby out with the bath water

      in the case of the former, someway/somehow we’ve managed to find ourselves in a rather fortuitous position, where if we were able to show some real intent in this window we just might find ourselves in a Europe come next season…now regardless of where we presently are in the “process”, this achievement would make what comes next invariably easier

      of course, I’m not talking about trying to secure a two-time loser on a counter-intuitive 18 month loan or hiring on some has-been former Chelski Striker…in fact, quite the opposite, as I’m talking about taking an educated leap of faith on one of the handful or so of young Strikers who have a big up-side, like Osimhen, David, Isak or DCL, and a midfielder who might bring some much-needed directness to our attack…after all, if this whole Valhovic ruse has taught us one thing, it’s that we have the financial wherewithal to make big moves

      now some might say, rightly or wrongly, that any incoming pieces this late on would appear to be nothing more than a panic purchase, I would suggest otherwise, if the purchase in question still meets the requirement brief….let’s remember, the last time we chose to look a gift horse squarely in the mouth was when we only acquired Cech, then lost the title to LC…the very team whom we beat twice during that same campaign

      as to the latter issue, how many times are we going to completely mismanage our collective assets…in some cases, we’ve excommunicated players with seemingly no plan B, then offered them up for a fraction of their speculative future value, while, in other cases, we simply iced them out in just such a way that not only did we end up paying them their full salary to do functionally nothing, we likewise made it exceedingly more difficult to move them on…even worse, which might happen again with Auba, we’ve even paid a considerable sum to have our former players ply their trades elsewhere…not to mention, the seeming plethora of players who we’ve allowed to leave on a “free”…so until we get our house in order, I very much doubt that we will turn the proverbial corner…as I’ve said on numerous occasions, if the powers that be want to make real change at our club, they first need to stop repeating the mistakes of our past

  2. We should swap Auba for Dembele and try Martinelli as the striker.

    A front four of
    Dembele Odegaard Saka
    Looks good.
    Martinelli is full of energy and running and therefore hard to mark.

  3. MA has made Aubameyang a virtual outcast – ridiculous contract and then announcing a breakdown of club rules, so serious he is banished from the squad… just as he did with Ozil and (to a lesser extent) Guendozi.

    I cannot think of ANY manager who has mishandled players like this and, just like the Ozil, I believe Aubameyang will abide by his legally binding contract until the club, once again, pays for it’s mistakes.

  4. Seems to me that Martin is among the few who never seem to realise that in football terms , four long years is almost a generation and the change from four years ago to now is often , as with Auba, a total reversal of form!

    Why is 2018′ or even 2020’s form considered to have ANY relevance to today? ” Anyone know, and if so please explain how that can be??
    While I am on the subject, I have seen over the years, many posts from various Gooners, often about Ozil but also about other players, which stupidly talk about his/their form and effectiveness of many years ago, as IF it still exists. WHEN IT PALPABLY DOES NOT!

    I have to presume they are all ancient history lovers and cannot come to terms with living in THE PRESENT AGE!!!

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