Arsenal couldn’t beat Tottenham with a team of bottlers

Nothing will ever change with this set of players. by Konstantin Mitov

I am so depressed lovely Arsenal people. Losing to a Tottenham team who failed a single shot on target against Bournemouth. This is how low it has become.

What sickens me is I knew we were losing from before the game. We had the better form, more rest and we were kind of favorites. And as soon as any pressure fell on our princess players, they bottled it.

They can’t win a game to save their life if a little pressure is on. Our back 3 has a mistake in every one of them. Why are we playing Kolasinac who can’t defend in a back 3? I have to look at Arteta here. David Luiz Is famous for mistakes, and so is Mustafi, who is objectively the best of the 3 which tells you quite something.

We gave Luiz a new deal… Why? I can’t wait to finish this season asap. Next season will be more of the same. We need to spend huge money on defending. We let the lead slip in 2 minutes and this reminds of a 2:2 draw at old Trafford, where Kolasinac again gifted United a goal just after we took the lead.

I am sick and tired of these players. I feel sorry for Martinez, Lacazette and Tierney who tried to put in an effort, but we have too many players not good enough. They are not fit to wear the shirt. If they cared at least a fifth of what a true Arsenal fan does about a NLD we would’ve roasted them.

This is a squad full of average cowards, and sadly I can’t see us moving them on. Change won’t happen in a day, but I feel like we are paying the price for going cheap again. A lesson we have failed to learn for 15 years.

I just feel so stupid that I wasted 2 hours and then 30 minutes more throwing things around the house in anger for a sorry bunch of losers, who’ve destroyed countless weekends with their pathetic lack of ability, commitment and desire.

This Arsenal has nothing in common with the one I fell in love with but the name. I can’t wait to see the back of so many of them. We need a new owner who would actually care. I’m so surprised how many PL clubs were bought and there’s interest in, but not the Arsenal. One of the biggest clubs in the land (historically). That should tell you something too.



  1. Who wants to give Mustafi a contract now….he is so inconsistent and he is going to demand at least 100k per good luck trying to sell him in the future

  2. Let’s look at the team as a whole, currently if we do not use the 3 cb, who do we use? In the mf who is better than the pairing of Xhaka and cebalos, same at attack.
    To me the team sheet consist of our best 11 on current form. I am not sure of Holding status, not sure if he can play left side of a 3cb system to replace kola, am not sure who is good enough to play in place on Luiz and musti.
    Spur had a plan to restrain our 2wb and it worked, we couldn’t move the ball through the wing successfully, our mf was instructed not to move too far from back 3, thereby creating huge gap between mf and attack, AUBA bottled 2 chances and to be fair, spurs had more chances than us, it’s a derby match not minding form and rest, it belongs to who want it the most, when we beat them 4-2 they were the better team on form, so it’s what it is, get over it and move on, maybe a break from Europe is what we need at the moment, it worked for Liverpool, and could work for us.
    And this Luiz contract, let’s give it a rest please, it’s just a year, the players took pay cut, and probably not season Luiz could just be a fringe player with all our players fit. For his standard, he isnt doing bad and yet to have brain fart since city, that yesterday error was 100% kola form. Let’s not turn Luiz contract extension to the new ‘Ozil saga’ mentioning it after every loss

    1. And this intensity MA is demanding from our players is taking a toll on them, knowing that they used to be pampered boys that doesn’t run all trough 90min, it’s going to take a while before they produce a constant energy level for the whole 90min, that’s why we have lost 9points from winning spot at 74min or beyond since MA arrived.
      And to moganna who always say MA is an assistant coach and should ever remain sowing, may I remind him that most coaches has humbled beginning and not all will have their 1st managerial job at lower league, he hasnt performed below average since arriving. We are lucky to get a great manager in waiting, early

      1. Well if we played two center backs instead of 3, we could have fit saka or torreira into the line up.. I understand having 3 helps them be less exposed but with those 3 clowns, we were always going to find a way to concede.

  3. The only reason I feel Kolasinac is playing is that he is left footed and the reason he is not playing wing back is that Tierney’s impact at both ends of the pitch is miles better…
    If Mari was fit Kolasinac would never start…We need a left footed CB (because Arteta wants only left foot players on left side of pitch except forward) ASAP

  4. The only thing comes to mind is Arteta continue playing Luiz,Kolasinac,Mustafi with this three defenders at the back you waiting for disaster to happen and who ever plays with Xhaka in the middle he is in trouble because he doesn’t anything,he passive can’t drive with ball,can’t defend,can’t move the ball quickly very slow,he can’t position himself to receive the ball or create a space for his teammate,i still don’t understand why Torreira is not been paired with Cebalos the only player who can give us more in the middle of the park,

  5. Get used to it!

    Another season of Luiz. The club have been trying to sell Mustafi for the last few years with no takers, and Kola is on huge contract, so they’ll be here next season barring a miracle! Another year Ozil as well! Not sure how Sokratis and Holding can’t even get a game in our rubbish defence!

  6. Arteta was part of the Wenger group of players with loser mentality.He is overrated and has already started dragging the club backwards by extending contracts of Luiz,and signing midiocre Cedric and Mari.Kreonke money being wasted on Mediocre players and you blame him.We have six central defenders and none is good enough, terrible management.

  7. Let us stop for a second and put aside our biased mind on some players. To be honest if any thing, Xhaka,ceballos,Martinez and probably lacazette (because of his goal)deserves any credit and probably mustafi(yes he made few errors in the second half. Aubameyang deserves a 2 rating. I could count how many times he unbalanced tierny, for Christ sake tierny got in good positions to cross the ball, but when he looks up he sees no one in their box. Now I think this is the reason Arteta prefer Eddie to lacazette. Eddie takes risks. Aubameyang showed no effort, lacazette got tired in the second half and stopped running.
    Who scouted Pepe needs a brain reset. That guy isn’t worth 20m if you ask me. What a waste of funds. The less I say about kolasinac the better, man is so nervous, he can’t even do the basics well. I wonder what holding needs to do to get game time. If Arteta need a left playing cb to play a back 3, why not shift Luiz to kolasinac side and bring holding to play where Luiz is playing. Mustafi has earned his place(I’m not biased) I don’t know what people see in Nelson honestly man is overated. Atleast willock is inconsistent but you can see some talent in there. I’m super proud of Martinez, he shouldn’t be a second go IMHO, boy is good. It’s glaring where our deficiencies are, this season is gone and if you ask me we are better off without even playing Europa league. Focus on next season and start building it now. Get the right players we need and sell a few that are dispensable. Coyg

    1. Luiz is left-footed, an I have been thinking so too but am afraid MA want all play from back pass through Luiz, that’s why he stay in d middle, probably thats y he couldn’t trust Holding with the central role

    2. Lucia A few you need to sell most of them We need a new spine first then look at the rest 8 or 9 need to go and if MA as favorites he needs to look again and have second thoughts We should have won that game had we been up for it

  8. Just like Emery,Arteta doesn’t know his players,I can tell you we have good players that can compete for the top4.But continued fovorism ,wrong formations and lineups has made some think this team is that bad.why is holding being benched, Who is kolasinc a fool..But I gave it to Emery at least he was ruthless and helped us get rid of Deadwoods, Arteta can’t do that he speaks like Wenger all his players are great.

    1. You right but don’t mix a coach legend of this club and an assistant coach desperate to be a coach.

      Arteta has no head coach experience and should do as Lampard, Gerrard, learn elsewhere to be ready for the job.

      Can’t blame anything on players, he picks the team! Luiz instead of Holding or even Kolas, tells it all as extending Luiz tells next year!

  9. My problem is how we find it difficult to attract the best players in Europe. Last summer transfer window we failed to strengthen our obvious weaknesses, instead the few good players we had were allowed to leave. I rate a good transfer window base on how a team strengthen it’s team and not the number of signings. It is unfortunate Arsenal haven’t had a good transfer window in a long time. We either recruit a good number of average players or we spent money on positions we are already strong. The funniest part is that many of our top signings had issues with their clubs or were surplus to requirements. Koulibaily was and is still in the market. What is stopping us from going for talents like havertz, Oyarzabal, even Aouar. We don’t even need to sign an entire team, just 3 to 4 intelligent signings is enough to transform this team. So if we really want to end the joke our club have become. We need to work on our recruitment and stop buying rejected and average players.

    1. Nifty I do not think the board know what they are doing Glad when this season is over and Stan the man gets on a plane and sorts this board out once and for all

  10. It seems Mourhino can beat Arsenal with a pub team,are we married to that Fraud, embarrassing

  11. I’m more depressed about Konstantmoan than yesterday’s result. Yes we lost a game we should have won fairly easily but for goodness sake, do you ever have anything positive to post?

    1. Lol… Declan all I had to do was laugh at all the comments above.
      One loss in 5 games and the doomsayers and negativity spreading souls all popped out.
      Notice most of them were invisible while we were winning.
      I expected more from Konstantin, but well seems that negativity from Wenger’s era will never leave him

  12. First off I should make it clear I am an “Arteta man”, so none of this M A out nonsense from me.

    Give the man time, and backing.

    However (there’s always a “but”), I hope and pray we he gets his own squad in place, we see a change in our style of play.

    I’m so frustrated with “crab football”.

    Sideways and backwards (part of our downfall yesterday), constantly probing with the decisive ball seemingly taking forever to come.

    Slow and predictable I’m afraid.

    Of course “possession based football” has it’s merits, if you are clinical and decisive enough when you have worked an opening.

    But “probing” for almost 90 minutes ! (stretching a point a little there, but not far off).

    One thing really bugs me week in week out.

    When we play through the opposition press, why oh why do we TURN, GO DEEP AND START AGAIN ?

    For me if you play through the press be direct , leaving 2 or 3 of the opposition out of the game.

    Also irritating me this morning – apart from the score of course !

    Yesterday Toby whatshisname scores with a header from a corner.

    Zonal marking left Mustafi on Aurier, Tiernay on Alderweireld, with Luis and Kolasinac taking each other out trying to get to Kane???

    So very poor !

    The very next corner after Willock had come on, who’s marking T A (just scored) WILLOCK ??

    Will we NEVER learn.

    Basics, Basics, Basics week in , week out.

    I may be highlighting specifics here, but “specifics” costs you games.

    I’m sure Mikel is currently playing to what he’s inherited, and in time things will (must) change – they simply have to !

  13. I agree as obvious to everyone we first need to sign a Top CB.

    But it won’t happen, we signed 2 CBs for next year; Luiz & Mari.

    Chambers and Holding are behind all of them in Arteta picking order.

    Holding was on the bench against Spurs again.

    Those choices & signing are all Arteta. I get we all attached to our old Captain but must look beyond that; reality.

    Kroenke brought him to us that way,
    using our feelings, and it works, no one seems to dare say anything negative, the feelings are on the way

    Arteta was a cheap option to make sure we all happy and support no matter what. Works.

    He got us an assistant coach City told to not expect Coach position when Guardiola leaves.

    That he needs first coach experience first.before to land such job I’m a top club; common sense!

    He is gaining some indeed; needs at least another season but can already see it won’t change when he extends Luiz.

    Arteta never picked team and tactic in his life. How can he suddenly be ready to do so in a top club?

    A dumbo’ard and his no coach, who there for & to prove himself & to city they were wrong.

    Desperate for such a position, take it when not ready is not caring for fans and club, all ego trip. It is really all about him, selfish and not caring for anyone.

    If he had love for Arsenal, he would not accept the job but go and learn as Lampard did and Steven Gerrard does.

    Not even a U23 experience which is a backroom for future coach who is already with next generation of players; ask Zidane how important this was for him to learn, commit mistake without pressure.

    Sorry, if not an ex Captain he would be not cared for the way he is.

    He plays Luiz, Ceballos to have support in the locker room, all about himself and not at all ready if he will ever be.

    Important to not start to high or you fall and very difficult to ever get on top, for players or coach.

    Bellerin Mustafi Holding Tierny

    This is our we must play to get right balance. Luiz infront of 2 CBs. A defensive midfield b2b above Bellerin and Auba on that side, in order to balance it, not have Bellerin dealing with 2 or 3 men as it is when Pepe on.

    I guess we in serious trouble and extending Luiz shows what we heading to next year.

    Before that, get ready to lose many players, Saka was extended as he will be approached, not leave free. He is not staying, fare to the club, he has a winning spirit, wise, can’t win nor play CL here.

    Auba, Laca, Bellerin all outa here, time to go win titles and leave Arsenal amateur experimenting.

    Some actually think Bellerin lost his football, he is not good enough last night but yet MOM previous game.

    The difference was not Bellerin but Pepe instead of Saka who follows his man, Pepe leaves Hector with 2 men. All over sudden, he is not running forward and poor defensively.

    Football is a game played by 11 players, if one not doing his job, it affects balance.

    But again, Pepe is not to blame, Arteta picks team. At least play Niles or Torreira who are more defensive in order to make up for Pepe, not have Ceballos forced to defend all game which is not in his nature.

    But as Luiz, Arteta needs support, he plays and will extend Ceballos same way!

  14. I’m sorry, call me a doomsayer or whatever else you want….. we lost that game down to our own stupidity…. all I wanted was for them to show up and put a shift in – I didn’t think that was too much to ask, considering what was at stake! I don’t understand what there is to take from losing to that lot, besides Laca finding his scoring boots and Martinez impressing once more… we just have to accept it, losing to a poor spud team and taking the pressure off of Maureen! Oh well done boys, you played a blinder…

    1. 👍 Emery was castigated for supposedly not knowing his best team and constantly “tinkering” with selections despite a horrendous injury list. Arteta does the same thing, with both AMN and Holding missing selection following solid games.

    2. never seen an arsenal side so bored in a NLD. They just dont get what the game means if half of them are looking so tired. David Luiz looked like he was ready for a holiday. Shocking. Give us Ramsey, Cazorla, Mertesacker co. back. Underappreciated group of players compared to this lot. I just dont feel the passion from these group of players AT ALL. Have to stop signing players who are only looking for nice contracts.

      1. Exactly, RSH and then they just shrug it off as if it was nothing! Absolutely disgraceful performance, I’m still incensed and embarrassed by it now… and am expecting more of the same tomorrow….
        If I could, I’d bloody dock their wages..

  15. Just look at y’all slamming Arteta, and the players, has anyone of you coached a club b4?… So u think he’s just going to come onto the scene at Arsenal and change things overnight??.. Remember, Arteta said everyone will get a fresh start, so why don’t we chill and wait for the transfer window so that he can offload some, and bring in some players to the club?.. It’s obvious we have some dead weight players dragging the club backwards, but we can’t just offload all of em in just a switch of a transfer window. Some can improve like xhaka and Ceballos. Those of you smashing the manager should shut up cos he set up the team well or would u expect him to come play on the pitch as well?… Give him time but I promise you that those illiterates that are smashing the manager will later praise him when he start winning more games and trophies… Just remember you need to go down before u jump. Just take this as a going down to initiate the high jump… coyg!!!!

  16. with the current three centre backs i ask myself the question that i have often asked of different players. that question is which one of those three defenders would walk into any decent premier league team. my answer is none, not a hope, they dont have anything going for them. none of them have a working football brain, they are statues .they are not premier le3ague players, and never will be .i do not understand why arteta is sticking with these loonies , give a couple of kids the chance , and they will sweat blood for the jersey.the wenger mentality is still rearing its ugly head , give the old and the slow game sad to see how far the arsenal have fallen, never thought i would see the day. relying on three crocks in the centre of defence is just mind boggling. is arteta that bad ?, surely not.

    1. Its called a fresh start… Let it not be said that Arteta never gave anyone a chance, I’m only looking forward to the transfer window

  17. This guy again. Worse moaner than moaninho. At least HE puts his money where his mouth is. All the time, regarding us. Never fails to troll us ever.

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