Arsenal crocks to be given new contracts – and injury update

There has been good and bad Arsenal injury news in the aftermath of our disappointing draw with Tottenham. The bad news is that both Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta are both going to out for up to a month, although even that estimate could probably be taken with a pinch of salt considering past forecasts.

The good news is that Jack Wilshere has suffered no damage to his ankle after looking to be in terrible pain himself during the Spurs game, and it is even possible that he could be fit to face Galatasary tomorrow evening. This could be a godsend as Arteta and Ramsey will be going to the treatment room to join Giroud, Walcott, Gnabry, Debuchy, Monreal and Yaya Sanogo. It looks like the Gunners medical team are going to be extremely busy for the forseeable future…

But two of those eight crocks can take a bit of consolation in the fact that Arsene Wenger is preparing new contracts for them. Our captain Mikel Arteta is set to be offered a twelve month extension to his current deal, and Olivier Giroud, who is not expected to play again until after Christmas, is set to sign a new FOUR-year deal. This would mean that the Frenchman will probably end his top flight career at the Emirates as today is 28th birthday.

What a nice birthday present from Wenger!

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  1. oz says:

    Giving arteta new contract does that mean no defensive midfielder come january?

    1. SackWenger says:

      I hope Wenger’s wife gets raped by a group of Mad insane bulls and Wenger dies of heart attack on hearing the news.

      1. Wootton says:

        I know you’re just posting this crap for the attention you obviously didn’t get as a kid.

    2. GoonerG1 says:

      Unfortunately, it probably does. Arteta should be let go in June. At best, he should be a squad player. He’s not a CDM and no longer has the skills to get into the mix at CAM.

  2. oz says:

    And when is walcot coming back, we need him

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      Yesterday my legs got arsenalled.. err .. watever..

      1. vijaygunner says:

        lol, will you available for the chelsea game?!

  3. juhislihis says:

    Oh Ramsey will be out at least 3 months, you can bet on that.

    In Chelsea pulled hamstring means injured but still able to play but in Arsenal it actually means 3-4 months.

  4. arsenaly says:

    i also dnt understand it,arsenal and injuries are like twins,is t that we buy injury prone players or the doctors r nt workin,i criously dnt get t

  5. 007 says:

    I thought we were giving OG a two year contract. Four years is just too much for a player who is 28, his no CR7 or Imbra you know. We should have waited and assessed his performance before committing to this. As for Arteta I would say thank you for your services but please after your current contract runs out please go and finish your career at another club and pave way for a powerful DM we definitely need.

    Damn I miss my old avatar, what the heck admin.

    1. supertuur says:

      if you give Giroud a 2 year extension then at the end of this season he will have 1 year left. In means if you want some money you will have to sell him then otherwise he goes free at the end of the next season. So be extending his contract you make sure he stays until we have found an upgrade of Giroud plus you ensure he keeps good resale value.

  6. arsenaly says:

    i need the stuff u smoking over thea,coz i thnk wat wateva ur smoking is suposed to be chewed

  7. DaDrew says:

    I’m confused and concerned by these contract extension suggestions; especially the Giroud one.

    In some way I understand the Arteta one. I don’t think he’s good enough in that position, in any position for Arsenal for that matter. January is the hardest period to get ‘top top players’ so instilling a little vote of confidence in the only person we have mat be a good move. We don’t want him playing even worse than he is coz he knows he’s surplus to requirements; 12 months is nothing. He doesn’t have to play.

    As for Giroud, FOUR years!!!! You’ve got to be joking here, can’t see it happening and it shouldn’t. No need to rush and give him an extension. What if he never gets back to his best (which isn’t good enough anyway) after recovering from his injury. Would be a rookie move in my book.

    Hoping we beat Galatasary today; need the win.


    1. true goon says:


  8. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    We have 173 Mil cash reserves right? So spend 50mil and buy the entire medical staff from chelsea. We will title!! This is ridiculous amount of injuries every season ! Cant believe this!! I dont have any problem with extending giroud’s contract. But arteta dont deserve one

  9. mr lean says:

    Wenger has said he is baffled why we get all these injuries,I’m baffled as well as to why we pay him 8m a year !

    1. NIKK says:

      I’m baffled too that not once he has tripped over his wallet and injured himself!

      1. mr lean says:

        No room on the treatment table for him !

  10. Sumo says:


    Injured seven.

  11. SaveArsenal says:

    Absolutely unbelievable!
    So Arteta has been obviously slow for a least 2 years and many of the PL managers target him as one of the (many) weak points in our team but Wenger keeps him around!?!
    Giroud 4yrs? you are having a giraffe.
    Sell: Arteta (too slow), Monreal (not good enough), Gibbs (injury prone), Flamini (where to start?), Mert (slow slow slow), Wiltshire (Wenger messes the team balance for him), Podolski (just never looks settled in the PL),
    Release: Rosicky ( if he isn’t used why is he there?), Diaby (if he doesn’t stay fit), Wenger (enough said).
    Promote our academy players if good enough (we are playing 3 Southampton academy players in our 1st team vs how many Arsenal academy players?).
    Even thought we have some great players this team is in real danger if this mess is not sorted out as the deadwood simply bring the better players down and it needs to start with Wenger, he is the problem at the club, the cancer that rots away at our Arsenal, he must be cut out.

  12. arselonia says:

    Admin or whoever wrote this….
    The question you should ask you’re self has Arsene given a four year contract to any of our player at that age?…for OG12 the best he can get is 2years add it plus what he have left .
    For MA 8…given him one year contract that is no issues and its doesn’t mean he will play vary of our games’ not stopping Arsene getting a DM but like keeping the old guards too.
    As for injury issue, it s shame it as not been addressed.this keep happening year in year out not has being done, fine injury is part of the game I know but the rate our players get injur is alarming. On checking physicio desk yesterday I almost cry we have 8 while our rivals has 1 or 2 so tell me how do you want to compet when your best legs is always in treatment table?

    …..I can’t believe my self after just 5 EPL matches I’m giving up already. but come what maybe I remain a Gunner.

  13. davidnz says:

    Chambers/Bellerin Mert Kos Gibbs
    Flamini / Chambers Wilshere
    Sanchez Ozil Cazorla/Chamberlain
    Subs. Ospina Bellerin/Chambers Hayden Coquelin
    Chamberlain/Cazorla Rosicky Akpom.
    This team is as good as any we could field.
    quite capable of beating Galatasary.
    But we do not want any more injurys before Chelsea.

    1. sollygunner says:

      im confused dude are carzola chambers and the ox playing whilst also on the bench ??

  14. atid says:

    Basically, we are in must win situation tomorrow and must not lose situation on Sunday. Defeat against Chelsea and a draw or worse against gala, could mean our season is over bar the fa cup.

    The welcoming of shad forsythe has now proved a bit of a red herring. It seems the previous medical team were doing just as well (bad) without him.

    The club now needs to take a good look at itself, ok debuchy, giroud, Walcott those injuries are unavoidable. But we have problems with soft tissue injuries, this season already we have missed wilshire, Ramsey, arteta, flamini, sanogo, gnabry, chamberlain, monreal, gibbs to these type of injuries.

  15. davidnz says:

    And Podolski 🙂

  16. says:

    Let us all wait for the outcome of our next 2 games before we make any further comments.

    1. true goon says:

      is this deja vu?you guys say this every season,but its already clear Wenger hasn’t assembled a squad of players an coaches good enough to win any major trophy

  17. atid says:

    Personally, I would not risk jack, instead I would bench him.

    If I am risking anyone it would be diaby., but I don’t think we should worry too much.

    Chambers mertesacker koscielny gibbs
    Chamberlain ozil cazorla sanchez

    That’s how I would start. 2 no.10s feeding welby and loads of pace on the flanks.

    Bench from
    Ospina Bellerin hayden coquelin diaby wilshire rosicky campbell podolski

    For me that team and bench can comfortably beat galatasaray. I would like to see us in a position to make 3 subs nice n early to give rest ahead of Sunday. I hope that jack is not needed and like a previous poster pray for no more injuries.

    Have to say though I am starting to worry about arteta and flamini’s lack of pace as well as wilshire and Ramsey becoming the new diaby. At this moment in time our fittest central midfielder appears to be coquelin, so perhaps it’s time to give him a game or two.

    1. sollygunner says:

      agree atid
      and coquelin surely he has to play or we sell him
      hes been here long enough and ive never seen enough of him to really make my mind up
      would like to see him given a run of games cant be worse than arteta / flamini because i agree they have now come to the end at this level

  18. A B U says:

    With this team with many wingers and CAM maybe if come a offer from Bayern for Ozil and they want to give us Gotze as change part of the deal,we can make it.I think Gotze can play CM alongside Wilshere and help us more than Ozil in that 4-1-4-1 sistem.We have many wingers(Sanchez,Walcott,Cazorla,Ox)and not very well balanced CM valuable nomber.

  19. royalman says:

    Let’s tell oursef d truth, nothing wrong with our medical team, our players are injury prone. That is. Compare our players to Chelsea players. Anyway, we’ve already lost Chelsea game. We can still beat gala.

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