Arsenal cruise into the EFL Cup quarters with win over Leeds United

Arsenal have breezed into the last eight of the EFL Cup thanks to goals from both Calum Chambers and Eddie Nketiah.

Leeds United struggled to get a foothold on the game this evening, enduring pressure almost non-stop throughout the 90 minutes, with us having three separate chances to score in the opening 10 minutes setting a precedent for the way things were going to go.

The Whites best chances of the half all came from corner kicks, although none of those efforts forced any serious saves from Bernd Leno, who seemed focused throughout the matchup.

We went into the break knowing that we should have at least got on the scoreboard given our dominance during the clash thus far, and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long after the break to open the scoring.

Unfortunately we lost Ben White to injury in the 55th minute, but his replacement Chambers came on and scored with his very first touch, less than 30 seconds after entering the field.

We continued to be the driving force in the match after the goal also, and moved to double our lead just over 10 minutes later when Eddie Nketiah has lobbed the goalkeeper before controlling the ball in space to tap into the open net.

We moved to ring the changes shortly after, with Alexandre Lacazette replacing Emile Smith Rowe, and our team took the foot off the pedal. We did have one final chance thanks to a defensive error, but the French substitute failed to get the ball under control before unleashing his shot on goal, with his effort not quite on target.

It was another dominant win however, one which could easily have been won by more on another day, but there can be little complaint with how the match played out, although we will now have to anxiously await news on White’s injury…


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  1. Great goal from Nketiah. Our weakest link is still Pepe, but he worked hard to help our defensive players

    Hopefully White and Holding are okay, because we would likely play against Daka and Iheanacho in Leicester. Leeds don’t have anybody to hold off our CBs, but Leicester City have two strong forwards

    1. Arteta on Ben White:
      “There’s a bug going around. Ben had it for the last day or two. He wasn’t feeling great so we decided to take him off.”

      Fingers crossed he’ll be good to go on Saturday, gai

  2. Alright let’s get the Leeds were poor tonight that’s why we won.
    I hope White is okay though, seeing as he walked normally out.
    Pepe doesn’t deserve to be starting any league game, and it’s so obvious why Saka should keep the RW spot over him.

    Eddie good goal, lovely first touch to bring the ball down after beating the GK.
    He’s been explosive and more dynamic since the preseason games though. Again, shut his doubters wrong who were questioning why he’s starting over Balogun.
    Eddie was what Balogun was while playing for the U23 and even more, but after a season of struggling to play senior games with us, I’ve seen Moe than half of the same fanbase that kept calling him the next Ian Wright say so many stuff about how he’s a poor player.
    Well not bad, wish him luck wherever he goes.

    11 games, 6 wins 2 draws 3 Losses.
    Still more doom and gloom to come.
    Not bad, hopefully we continue the winning run on Saturday.

    1. Eddie my man….Why do you always start every post with a defensive statement to try and shut down any rebuttal? Are you scared of a logical debate?

    2. Why do we always say the opponents are poor anytime we win our games, but whenever we lose the opponents got their tactics right. The thing is no team comes out with a poor mindset, they are either played into such or got their tactics wrong. We played them in such state not that they are a poor team. Let’s support the team, you can’t play at 100% everyday. You some times struggle to win some matches and some you get them so cheap it all depends on the effort you put in which of late these guys have shown commitment and dedication. We expect too much and we forget this is no longer the Invincibles era football has evolved and different approaches are needed. Anytime we win let’s enjoy it and support the team.

  3. The team is not looking dominant at home for me. I never had any doubt we would win today because Leeds can’t score to save their own lives. It was about how we would play and for me it was an above average performance. Of course we’ll factor in that a lot of the players haven’t played together for a while but still not good enough. How we play will cost us in the future.

    1. You realize you contradicted yourself right? It was an above average performance, yet still not good enough despite that these set of players including the young ones in Martinelli and Eddie haven’t played together for a while like you said.

      Kev, when will you come to accept the we don’t have a team the quality of Liverpool, Bayern and Chelsea to be dominating gaes for 90 minutes? Cuz every time we’ve won you’ve always pointed it’s because the opponents were poor.
      When will you accept we are not Bayern or Liverpool and for now we can only do with above average performances that brings us winning? Jesus man, take it easy on yourself and these boys

      1. I’m not contradicting myself. I was expecting a better performance from them even though they haven’t played together for a while. They were they played is how we usually play. Our team may not be as good as the clubs you mentioned but still I refuse to accept performances that isn’t good enough for the team’s level. The way we play is annoying to watch for me and I hate it to see small clubs dominating the ball over us at times. Even our pressing and passing looks all over the place.

        1. @Kev
          Normally I don’t like arguing with u cos I do see ur comments so often and without looking into the name I know it u cos if the team play Bayern or Liverpool today and we manage to win u will still complain…..
          And for once in ur lifetime av never seen u commend the team when the team play so well and lose ….
          For this, that means u are not even about team performance u are just being negative…..
          How many Chelsea matches do u watch this season check how many of them u see them controlled from 1st second til last but still they are toping the table……
          This is premiership not armature versus professional they are all professionals for this reason u cant expect Total dominance we just need to improve in every matches and keep the winning spree…….

          Maybe u are just Mr. Too know and do sense that during ur transfer update

          1. Nah I’m not negative . If I was I’d be here saying Arteta out for whatever reason but I rather prefer to point out the problems in the team which as usual many gloss over and ends up costing us in future. I do commend the team too. The way Arsenal play is not even good enough for the players Arsenal have. They aren’t playing to their best so I have every right to demand that from them else I would wanting mediocrity. Arteta has been here for a while you know?

            1. Wow your pessimism is immense. The power be with you kev!

              So, we lost our first three games with reserves and illness. Since then we are unbeaten with the youngest team in the league that had never played together before. Unbeaten in EIGHT games, in the toughest league in the world.
              Nah, surely no one will call you negative, how dare they????

          2. Most of the results paper over the cracks. I am being called negative because I’m not saying what everyone is saying. It’s not actually because I’m know to be negative here. For all the replies no-one has actually implied anything which shows I’m lying. The general comments are that our team isn’t that good so we should expect this but this team is not even playing to its level.

      2. Your opening remark in your first comment … “Alright let’s get the Leeds tonight we’re poor that’s why we won”. Then you call Kev out for saying the same thing…. 🤔

        1. I don’t think I’ve said over that Arsenal won a match a match just because the other team was poor. What I’ve said in the past is that poor tactics from the opposition has aided Arsenal in their victories. You may disagree but what I’ve realized is when teams adjust we can’t deal with them. How we will play against Leicester will prove a lot

        2. You didn’t get it, did you? I was expecting him to talk about the performance tonight and say it ain’t good just like he’s been doing for weeks even against Spurs and last week against Villa. We are never good enough for him even when we’ve won convincingly.

        3. Some people are naturally negative and this kev guy is surely on of them people. Mr. Kev take it easy on your negative self know that this is football and that arsenal may not be perfect every game. May be u should now be considering supporting Bayern for a performance good enough for you and a perfect team altogether.

    2. Cmon Kev! How many first 11 players started? TWO!
      Didn’t look pretty, but they ran and pressed their hearts out. THAT’S why we won comfortably without playing well, and THAT’S what we’ve been complaining they don’t do consistently.
      You seriously expected a team containing Kolasinac, Holding, Cedric and Elneny to play total football?
      With that line up I’m delighted – I really don’t know what more you’re expecting from a scratch team.

      1. It’s not about playing total football. Its about playing to our potential. Our first teamers don’t even do that. Most of the result we are getting paper over the cracks. People look only at the end result but it’s clear if there’s not improvement it will begin to cost us

        1. Like seriously I understand things u are trying to be insinuating but u can’t expect that overnight…….
          Manchester United with pure talents is struggling…
          Liverpool last season with same set of players Playing this season struggled…..
          We made many changes to our team this season, allow them to gel at least….
          To get results is priority others are plus…95% out there won’t care abt the performance even if we posses opponent 95 to 10……. Result matter for the mental stability of the team

          1. I don’t expect it overnight but I’m not seeing massive improvements either. I also see that individually there is stagnation among some players. Yes stats wise they may be ok but their game is not developing. There is also a problem tactically with the way we defend and even attack. What I’m seeing now isn’t sustainable. Everyone can disagree but what is shown on the pitch don’t lie.

        2. So criticise the first team, but not the team that was put out tonight. They did all they needed to to win comfortably. Perhaps if Leeds had played better we would have upped our game, but we didn’t need to.
          I get it – you don’t think the first team is playing as well as they should be, they need to be or fans say they are. And many, including me, agree. But this was not the first team, and the fact you never balance your comments with anything positive (or if you do you follow it with a “but”) is seen to be unnecessarily negative rather than contructive or fair.

      2. We won, great, good confidance & morale boosting game for the reserves. Now every Gooner and Goonerette should know why Martenelli does not start EPL matches – the lad is too poor (and some will start blaming Mikel for that). Pepe will be Pepe 9/10 times a 3/10 and once in ten games a 7/10. Mr. Leno will be Mr. Leno, never learning to distribute the ball. Same with Elneny, a side ways ball passing candidate and no more.
        So please stop whinning about Mikel not playing this chap and that chap, from todays match we all know who wants to play and who cares a damn. Those fringe players who performed today rightfully can be our bench support for EPL and the rest can take the weekend off as Mikel sees it when they cannot deliver anything worthwhile.
        We should cash in Marteneli, Elneny, Kolasinac, Pepe, Leno, and get some decent players who are avalible.Just one example is of Mat Ryan, the fella has helped Real Sociedade to top the table as on date. Fans should not get too sentimental with non performers, rather trust the manager.

  4. I wasn’t expecting it to be so comfortable!! Well done Calum & Eddie.. the draw takes place on Soccer AM (Saturday morning) not that I need an excuse to tune in 😄

  5. I thought Holding, AMN, Leno and to a lesser extent Nketiah really put their hands up tonight and gave Arteta something to think about.

    Pepe looked lost although did put a shift in tracking back which was good to see.

    Saw glimpses from Martinelli but I was hoping for more given that he has looked sharp in his cameos of late. I think he needs a loan after Christmas so he can play game in game out (hopefully to a PL side). Barring injuries I just don’t see him getting much playing time this season. Perhaps Arteta picks him ahead of Pepe but that would still be a bit part when everyone is healthy.

  6. Excellent win and a good game to watch from two teams who fielded “second string squads”…. one because they were protecting players for the next PL game…. the other because of injury problems.

    Leno, Chambers, Elneny, AMN, Kolasinac, Nketiah, Holding :
    All considered not good enough, but have taken us into the quarter finals.

    Well done MA yet again, for selecting this team and keeping the unbeaten run going.

    Just a shout out for the fans once again – not sure what the attendance was, but the Emirates looked pretty full once again.

    1. Echo all that Ken. Interestin open game. GM was poor I thought, and Pepe is turning out to be a better defender than attack (not that difficult I guess!).
      I thought White was a Rolls Royce first half, and AMN was excellent.
      Nketiah is so frustrating – he’s soooo close to being a terrific player, but always undoes it with something that makes me think he’ll never quite get there! Similar in that to AMN perhaps.

      1. GUY Interesting re. Martinelli – I think he is so desperate to impress and get playing time, that he is overcooking his obvious talents.

        Agree with Nketiah as well, after a sublime touch over the keeper, he very nearly messed it up.

        Looking forward to playing Sunderland at home in the quarter finals!!

        1. We’ve been saying that for a while about GM though Ken, haven’t we. Apart from his dying swan impression and his industrial tackling, I thought he was unusually subdued and uninvolved tonight. Maybe he’s been told about it but can’t get the balance right.
          Imagine if Eddie had missed – that kind of thing can end careers!
          Is that the draw? Terrific – home again! Maybe someone in a Higher Place thinks we are due a bit of cheering up. Still – away would have made it easier for you to attend. But you have to take your shirt off to get into stadia in the north-east, so maybe it’s for the best! (;-))

      2. Eddie is frustrating but watching the difference in effort put in when Laca came in tells me plenty. Eddie doesn’t work hard enough.

  7. Cedric is a very good RW. He can cross a ball. He can cut it back. He’s fast.

    A very good replacement for Pepe who runs to the by-line and……… that’s it.

    1. You saw Pepe running to the by-line, PD? Didn’t know he’d made it that far tonight. I saw him fall over nothing TRYING to get to the by-line… What a waste of a shirt number!
      I agree – Cedric would be an improvement. I think he’s unfairly criticised as well. When he’s good he’s excellent. Too inconsistent for me, though, and I’ve seen him fall apart under pressure a few times.

      1. I’m glad you see how good he is guy.

        Yes those few times he fell apart under pressure have continuously contributed to me concluding that he’s best off at RW where he is significantly has less defending to do. – I really think he is such a great player – technically, tactically.

        As for Pepe, I think we are a club big enough to look past a player’s price tag when choosing a best 11, and can also afford a loss especially when a player is as non-versatile, one dimensional, lacking-of-a-first-touch [LOL].

  8. Very good win and run out for the squad. Not particularly a good performance but not a bad one either. The cups are a free hit for us and the only chance really to play the rest of the squad. All in all many plusses.

  9. A win is a win so I can’t complain there especially when I haven’t seen the game but those of us who expect more from Arsenal are in a put up our shut up situation with this type of game. We don’t want the team to lose but have to be grateful with the scanty positives. The likes of Cedric, Nketian etc are just fodder. They really have no future at a successful Arsenal. Why get excited about nothing.

    1. Joe. S you need players to come in and contribute and that’s what Nketiah and Cedric did.
      A good result on the night.
      My concern is that people like Eddie are giving up on Pepe and Martinelli and calling for Saka to be played into the ground.
      This is the balancing act for Arteta, which he got right against Leeds United.

  10. Decent win can’t complain about much. Glad Saka got some rest mid week as well. AMN decent today, Kolasinac held his own, as did the CB’s. Pepe is really the main frustration. He just isn’t evolving as a player and it’s going to be like this until he is moved on. Martinelli, also wanted a bit more from. Really want him to find the form he had a couple seasons ago. It’s hard when he has only been given minutes during extra time. Someone that young needs more consistent game time to develop. He’s keeping his head down too much recently because he knows he has to at least score for Mikel to make a note, and I think it’s hurting his game. Nketiah goal was very nice skill, and almost very horrible skill, haha. But glad he got the winner.

  11. A good win and one that takes us forward to the next round. Nketiah, Cedric, AMN, Holding, Lenno and Kola all put in a great shift not to forget Chambers. Good that Saka got a well deserved rest and I only hope Martinelli is played more to allow him to get into his groove, the lad seems to be lacking game time consistency.

  12. OT……Good win but what the hell has happened to Leeds this season?? They were my favourite team to watch last season with all the energy and grit they showed.

    Sad to see them looking like this, this season. Hope they pull their socks up, the EPL is a better league with a decent Leeds side in it.

  13. Excellent result! Through to the QF. I fell asleep at half-time but I thought AMN and Holding did very well. Pepé was just Pepé falling over himself and Martinelli has regressed so badly I can’t believe it.

  14. I enjoyed the game as both teams tried to attack .The lack of match fitness was evident in a number of our players, but that excuse cannot be applied to Pepe who will never be effective unless he is switched to the left flank.Holding played well and made some marauding runs forward to show that White is not our only “attacking” CB.Cedric may not be a great RB but he is probably the best crosser of a ball on our books and I cannot fault his attitude.Finally, I was very surprised Arteta played ESR and White but perhaps Mari and Odegaard were injured?

    1. But yet again Pepe was the instigater of this win, as he often does, he actually provided an assist. I do think people cant see that he actually makes things happen.

  15. A workman like performance against a poor Leeds side. The match was bitty without much fluency from both teams, but being at home with a good crowd spurred us on. AMN had a good game as did Holding, Pepe repeats the same game style without any variation in his play and was not ‘intelligent’ and Eddie Nketiah nearly fluffed his lines, but got the spin on the ball. Martinelli is losing his confidence, he needs game time. We clearly lack a ‘Santi’ style player. Leeds looked very poor and will struggle this season.
    I’ve watched Salah-Uddine on Arsenal com and he is a very good player, shame he never got 20 minutes. He and Charlie Patino have both got big futures.

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