Arsenal crush Lincoln FA cup dream after tricky 1st half

It would have been interesting, for the FA cup neutrals at least, if Arsenal had reached halftime without scoring against Lincoln City, because up until THeo Walcott did score the opening goal in first half stoppage time we had struggled for fluency and penetration while the visitors were looking confident, solid and dangerous. In fact they had come closest to scoring befgore that with Cech forced into a very good save after 29 minutes.

That was probably a lot to do with the recent records of the respective sides and I would not have been surprised to hear booing from the home crowd if it was all square at the break. As it was the goal from Theo produced a collective sigh of relief and set us up for a dominant second half in which the Arsenal players were able to play with more freedom and show the gulf in class.

We did that and did it well. Although I feel a bit sorry for Lincoln it was just what the doctor ordered for Arsenal. As we turned the screw more and more, Giroud added a second from close range in the 53rd minute and then an own goal from an Alexis cross put the game to bed.

Alexis with a super curler and then a very cool Ramsey showed great feet to beat the keeper and make it five. Yes it was against a non-league side but we got through a tough test in the first half and we won the game well to reach the FA cup semi-final.



  1. gotanidea says:

    Hopefully this win will lift the team spirit. Nice goal by Alexis Sanchez. Arsenal should try their best to keep him next season.

  2. ras911 says:

    And we lose 10-0 to Tottenham in the next round..

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah, that’s if we’re playing spud and spoon race.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Much better performance than I thought we would have
    Next match will be much tougher though

    Not sure about Giroud
    He scored but from up close against Lincoln
    We had better results with Alexis up front
    For next match I would start Alexis, Walcott and Lucas or Welbeck

    But happy we had a big win 🙂

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Recent wins over Sutton, and Lincoln, prove Wenger’s still got it! Haha! Obviously I am being sarcastic, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some fans, and pundits, say something similar.

    Lovely finish from Sanchez. Just hope he can get even more goals before the end of the season, and increase his valuation.

  5. davidnz says:

    Great win 🙂

    1. aluz says:

      ‘Great’ win? Just good, but never great.

  6. Ugabooga says:

    All hail Wengers great managerial skills for this demolition of a great Lincoln side.

    Proof Le Prof still got it.

    Lol, Bayern lucky we didn’t play them today

    1. Stef_Hur says:

      Please stop with the sarcasm comments..We don’t know who’s kidding and who’s talking seriously any more… 😀

    2. summerbreez says:

      Look the Bayern the barca and co are top top teams with huge history We need to concentrate to build up wins we need to win cups then league than we go and win the champion league the result today show that we are Lincoln in front of Bayern and a bit better as we scored against Bayern and Lincoln didnt score against us >>>I had a busy Tuesday as I was coming home I guessed we were 1 2 down I turned on the match to be 1 2 to see it go down hill I wished I never turned it on

  7. aluz says:

    Good win. It can only get better if we carry it to the big stage, for instance the semis.
    I really wonder why our confidence vanishes against top teams.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Nice confidence booster, and we’ll see who we get next. I hope Arsene doesn’t read too much into our FA cup displays esp if we go on to win it. We did to these what Bayern done to us, let that sink in.

  9. Uzi Ozil says:

    I expected us to win. Delighted scoring five goals anyway.

    We should be doing better against the big teams. Anyway, glad we won but fans shouldn’t suddenly feel Wenger should sign that thing.

    I am glad we won but that’s it…..Welldome boys

  10. tweety says:

    a good second half. why perez always be on the bench? aw very stubborn always playing the same players, in form or not. perez is more technical then giroud. xhaka must stop his stupidity because the team will suffer and it was wise from aw to substituted him. gooner = for ever

  11. Eddy Hoyte says:

    So ya’ll back to AKBs?? LOL… #Wengerout pls

  12. antiwenger says:

    Too bad we won’t be playing the imps every week.We’ll be back to reality soon,enjoy it while it lasts Wengie fanboys

    1. Ugabooga says:

      I was sarcastic if no one noticed

      1. Stef_Hur says:

        Sorry mate I had already replied on your previous comment before reading this one, it could have been said from an AKB for real though!!! #WengerOut

  13. hecmanx says:

    Wenger still got it, he should sign that new contract, he has proved his critics wrong by beating an European giant side Lincoln, wenger is the best man for the job.


  14. N4NICOLAS says:

    We Won but I still feel Bad!!! Maybe because a certain man is still in charge of d team.. Pls Wenger go Pls

  15. highbury44 says:

    This is what will happen until the end of the season.We will start on a good run in the premiership and finish top 4 and probably loose in the FA cup final to Chelsea.This will of course be good enough for Wenger to sign a 2 year contract extension.NOooooooooooo

  16. Ramterta says:

    give Wenger a new 20 year contract he’s earned it

    1. highbury44 says:

      You’re joking right?

  17. Gooner Craig says:

    I am really hoping we win the FA cup!! So close but so far! Win the FA cup and finish 2nd or 3rd. It would be the perfect send off for AW.

    Then, hopefully a top manager comes in, Alexis signs da ting (give us 1 more season to see what the new manager is saying), then sign 2-3 decent players and clear out some deadwood.
    It would be a perfect summer lol

  18. Mehrzad says:

    Ozil made the difference
    Ramsey should be loaned out to Lincoln

    1. Stef_Hur says:

      Spot on mate! Özil had an outstanding performance today. What I mostly like was the team spirit and the selflessness at finishing. In many cases that’s the key to scoring goals. Ramsey was awful apart from dribbling the goalkeeper and getting inside the goal with the ball.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Ozil and the other players pass the ball well if there is no heavy pressure. I wish they can do the same when they are against big teams.

  19. Greg says:

    Winning the fa cup would be great to boost some wounded gooners pride! Coyg!

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