Arsenal deal for Paulista stalling over price difference

We all know that Arsenal definitely need a defender this month, and it now seems pretty certain that Arsene Wenger has pinpointed Gabriel Paulista as the man to fill the hole.

But of course, as with every transfer to Arsenal, there is a snag to every deal. It has been reported in the Telegraph today that Villarreal are holding out for the official release clause in the Brazilian’s contract which means paying £15.25 million, but naturally Wenger has only put in a bid of £6 million, which is probably what he could have got if he had done the deal last summer (or 3 years ago!).

Okay this is only speculation but the fact is that both sides will probably be happy if the final price is around £10 million or nearabouts. For me that is a great January price for a player (obviously talented) in the January transfer window for a position that we NEED right now.

Now the Telegraph report is going further and saying that IF the price is LESS than £10 million then that may jeapordise the chances of Paulista getting a work permit, as under new FA proposals that could take affect this summer, that will be the minimum price that will be required for a player to gain the necessary permit, if they don’t meet the previous thresholds of having played three quarters of their home country’s internationals in the last two years.

It all sounds very complicated, but as far as I’m concerned, if Wenger thinks he is good enough to play for Arsenal, then he is obviously worth at least that price, so why doesn’t he just go ahead and get the deal done?

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  1. I read from different source that its due to work permit. Fee has been agreed to.

    We really need a quality CB and challenge meet for his spot.

    1. How many of you are instant Gabriel Paulista experts?
      How many of you knew he existed before Arsenal’s interest?

      Work permit issues. I can’t remember Man U ever getting work permits denied. They brought the twins from Brazil and got work permits instantly.

      All I have seen of the guy is that he is like Koscielny.

      1. So you are rather the “Paulista expert”, “All you have seen”. I believe u it was that scouted him.

        1. Read slowly. Yes, because for 90% of us have never seen him play. We all look at some YouTube compilation to make “expert” judgements. None of us are Paulista experts.

          1. Actually I did watch lots of Villareal games last season but for different interest: Ike Uche, who played well for them last season.
            Believe me, I did not even lay any emphasis on Paulista at all.

            So, @ArseneIsYourDaddy you are right there! Most of us suddenly grew interest in this guy this month or last!

    2. Exactly. This is a rare transfer case with us that isn’t being dragged out because of price, it’s down to work permit issues.

      He has no caps and needs to be classified as an “exceptional talent” if we’re to get the deal done. The rules change in the summer to get rid of the ambiguity and instead have a 10mil price that effectively dictates if a player is ‘exceptional’ or not. But for now you can argue based on other info.

      The success rate for work permit applications is 79%. Leicester got a lad Krancic? (Something like that) for 9.5mil with 4 Croatia caps approved as an “exceptional talent”, so Ithink wwe’re confident of a deal going through – but we’re doing it with time left in the window as any appeal takes a week to process.

      All said and done I think Gabriel will become an Arsenal player.

  2. I still rem the Suarez saga 🙁 🙁
    We would have won the league then then sold him to barca for the £80mill if barca had come calling as they did. Suppose we had bought him for 45mill, then won the league n sold him for 80mill, that would be a profit of an EPL trophy n 35mill in just a season. Wenger is not a genius, he would have seen that 🙁 🙁
    #wenger is the foe
    #love Pythagoras

    1. okay, we probably then wouldn’t have gotten Ozil, my fav Player of all time, 🙁 🙁
      Which is better, winning the epl or having Ozil in the team?? so hard a choice 🙁 🙁

      1. 1st: Suarez is disgusting and I’m glad that he never donned an Arsenal shirt.
        2nd: Arsene was willing to pay 40 mil (Smash our transfer record) for a player with a poor track record (Racism, biting etc.)
        3rd: Why do you assume we would have won with Suarez? Liverpool didn’t win. He also hasn’t had the impact at Barca that many would have expected so far.
        4th: We have brought in quality players such as Sanchez and ozil, yet we aren’t going to come close to winning this year, and I don’t see how we would have been better off with only Suarez last season.

        * But I suppose we can sell Sanchez for 60mil in the summer and then put in an improved bid next season.

    2. Hi Pi, it wasn’t wenger’s fault in that deal alone (Suarez’s deal) because we triggered his buy out clause back then (£40m), they just broke the law to deny us him, they even admit it afterward. So they might not sale to us steal even for the £45m you mentioned anyway. And don’t forget its the same deal that turn to be SANCHEZ’s deal. So no regret for me.

      1. well, in a way you are right. But maybe its the 1 pound that pissed them off. maybe 45 or 50 mill would have gotten him. Then we would have swapped him for Alexis just like liverpool intended before Alexis denied them n opted for arsenal.
        But we now have my fav player of all time, Ozil, and epl best player, Alexis, so am not complaining that much. I just hope we win the epl soon

        1. Only a moron would offer £50M for something that effectively has a £40M price tag on it. If you meet the buy-out clause the seller is then compelled to let the player meet the potential buyers and discuss personal terms.

        1. What all of you are forgetting is last season we were top of the league but failed to maintain till the end because of lack of a good goal scorer when Ramsey got injured. Plus no team was such a threat. it was our one golden chance and if we had Suarez, we would have won the epl

          1. “What if” arguments are garbage at the best of times. They are completely redundant when the “if” is a stupidly remote or impossible conjecture. Suarez was not being sold to anyone and Liverpool made sure of that. End of.

            “If” we had defended better and drawn our away matches at Everton, Liverpool and Man City we would have won the league. “If” we had not given up a lead against Soton (a), Everton (h), Swansea (h) and drawn with Stoke (a) we would have won the league. These are better “what ifs” but still ultimately pointless discussions.

      1. thanx pal, I appreciate a lot. I hereby make and declare you my bff
        #wenger is the foe
        #kickassfan is a friendly angel
        #love Pythagoras and kickassfan

  3. How I wish I am one of the world billionaires, guess what?? I will just sign him for Arsenal for free. I believe so many of us (Gooners) will do the same. #COYG hope we sign him anyway!!!!

  4. If we quibble over 500,000 re.the Polish kid we’ll definitely struggle paying the right price for Paulista even though Manure are waiting in the background.

  5. It is not as Straightforward as you have said. Because there is an (if) in your comment. And that (if) is the problem. Suarez winning goals against England and his biting fallout at the WC made Liverpool to sell him. And besides, Liverpool were not going to sell him to Arsenal because they thought they were going to win League with his goals.

    1. there wa going to sell at the right price, and we would have definitely won the league. Liverpool almost won it with him yet we were generally better than them, esp defensively

  6. Perhaps you should read some more. The work permit issue is easiest explained here

    Try the FA Handbook

    1. Rather than thumb me down; here is the rule for no-EU players – straight


  7. @Pythagoras, I read most of your comments and I see that you are just a funny guy but sometimes the deluded Arsenal fans don’t get your sarcasm,they take things too serious and thump you down. The funniest was when you said “Ozil > EPL”, that was really funny to me.

    1. here we go again ” deluded ” you jump up little brats come on here with your stupid comments and think anyone with half a brain that dosent agree or like your comments are idiots
      ,, Pythagoras isnt making clever sarcastic comments he just talks s””t which is fine if thats what he wants to do but we dont have to like it ,,, its you num nuts that are deluded and just strange ,,

      1. you so rude mister. I talk a lot of good things n many people would be giving me thumbs up if not for mean people like you who thumb me down n have my very wise comments hidden before others get the rare chance of reading the glorious words. I will tell my new bff KickAssFan to swear at u. He’ s soo good in swearing no one in this site dares talk rudely to him. watch out Solly, u messing with the wrong guy

        1. ha if kick arse is on my case i take it all back ,,
          and i dont thumb you down as i said if you wana talk aload of bollox thats totally up to you sometimes its quite funny ,,, my argument was not with you carry on your good work <,

  8. We lost Sagna for nothing. Jenkinson out
    on loan. Then Wenger spent 28 mill
    on 2 RB’s Debuchi and Chambers.
    Suddenly he had no money for defenders
    and did not buy a CB or a DM. He bought Sanchez for 35 mill who Weger
    said was a striker. But when Giroud got injured he did not use Sanchez as a striker.
    His 2nd striker Sanogo is next to useless and neither did
    Wenger turn to the other strikers Campbell or Podolski???
    Instead he splashed 16 mill on a donkey – Wellbeck.
    On top of that Diaby and Gnabry live in the twighlight zone while
    Podolsk Sanogo Gnabry and Ryo are banished to never never land.
    Ozil out for 5 months Wilshere another 4 months and Wallcot recovering only slowly while
    Koz’s Archilles hangs by a thread and we are playing games over the Paulista deal.
    Only at the Arsenal 🙂

  9. What is the Māori word for weeping?

    Geez dude, you all called Giroud a donkey. Now Wellbeck is a donkey.
    How do you all evaluate players?
    What is the fact that you have that Wenger is playing games with the Paulista deal?
    Did CaughtOffside tell you that?

    I know we all get excited with transfer rumours but we are all old enough to know that they are 99% bullshite.

  10. i have to agree with@arsene is your daddy:people are slamming wenger over transfer dealings based on what they read on caughtoffside,daily star,metro….really??

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