Arsenal Debate – £25m Schneiderlin or FREE Khedira transfer?

Arsene Wenger is not like your average football manager as he tends to treat the Arsenal transfer kitty as if it was coming out of his own pocket. But while this frustrates us fans at times as we look on at other club bosses splashing the cash, it does have it’s good points.

It means that Wenger is very careful about getting good value for money and bringing in the right player. So I imagine that the Frenchman will be very interested to see that the German World Cup winner and good friend of Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, has confirmed that he will be leaving Real Madrid when his contract runs out this summer, as reported by Metro.

With another piece of Arsenal transfer news in The Telegraph revealing that Southampton want £25 million for Morgan Schneiderlin, there will obviously be questions about which of these talented and fairly similar players the Gunners should sign, but I don’t think there is a real choice.

Because we have waited so long since our last Premier League trophy and with the boss not getting any younger, the choice must be Schneiderlin. We might end up regretting it if Khedira goes somewhere and plays brilliantly but he has hardly been able to get into the Madrid team this season and there are doubts over his fitness. And while it might take time for him to adjust to the Premier League, the French international is in great form, proven in England and ready to slot right in.

Do you agree that signing Khedira over Schneiderlin would be too big a risk for Arsenal to take?

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          1. What does the story be when sometimes i try to start a new paragraph the text keeps on disappearing or sometimes as im writing it will vanish.

  1. Ooh no we dont need Khedira..we already know Arsenal with injuries n he is not the physical type of a DM we nid!

  2. Doesn’t matter if khedira comes free. We are in a position to get players better den him, also hes not a cdm.

  3. Schneiderlin every day – the guy has premiership experience, is a good passer of the ball and a powerhouse in midfield. He is the major reason Southampton has done so well this season with such a good defensive record. He would be an excellent signing.

  4. seriously, is this even a debate?…….. How have the quality of articles here dropped so Low?

  5. Why not both if we are losing Flamini, Arteta and Diaby? As long as Khedira get paid when fit it is a win-win situation.

  6. Schneiderlin by a mile over Khedira. He is younger and very motivated. He is on the rise whereas Khedira is on the wane. But before either of those two I would move for Arturo Vidal who is in that Patrick Viera, Roy Keane mould. 100%, 100% of the time and he would turn the team into warriors.

  7. Schniederlin only plays well along side with Wanyamana…

    so we still need to sign another pure DM to rotate with Coq

  8. I wonder why arsenal fans are so in love with Schneiderlin.

    There is nothing special about him and he is Overrated also unproven outside EPL and it Wanyama-not morgan that does the physical work in Southampton’s midfield.

    Morgan to wanyama is just like Arteta was to Song.

    I’ll take a free,German international, World-Class proven at the highest stage- worldcup and UCL with and against the best players Messi,Xavi,Iniesta,Ronaldo,Lahm,Muller,Schweintseger.

    And someone said KHEDIRA isn’t physical, hahaha!! Really??


    1. According to some Arsenal fans Schniederlin is the best player ever. They twist the reality on his background, what position he plays and then make up lies about other players to suit their Schniederlin obsession.

    2. He’s physical on the ball but not without it. A notoriously bad defender.
      Look at his stats. For a B2B player he rarely wins the ball back

  9. I am hoping Metro will link Kondogbia to Arsenal at some point. Would make me truly happy!!

  10. Khedira is juvenyus bound .(who is he replacing Vidal,pogba,pirlo??)

    We should get Vidal

  11. Either would be excellent. We’re not after a Roy Keane type destroyer..we are after a defensive spolier with a physical presence who can intelligently recycle possesion quickly and turn defense into attack, good defensive positional sense, good touch and excellent passing range.
    Both Morgan and Sammi have those qualities.

  12. What sealed it for me was seeing Schneiderlin playing for France. France are absolutely blessed with CDMs and even B2Bs who can sit if told, few of them at psg alone are terrific players and then you have to make room for Pogba so for Schneiderlin to get any game time is a testament to his ability.

    Although Khedira himself has some major competition for a place in the German set up so i dont think its as plain as some do make out and anyone who has watched Khedira within his National side will have noted how influential he is to the team.

    Both have leadership qualities and both are big physically powerful players. Schneiderlin has the PL experience but Khedira has the winning experience.

    Lastly and very importantly – Fitness, there is one clear winner and seeing how injuries often hold us back well then we must go with the safe bet… Schneiderlin.

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