Arsenal Debate – A plea for more patience with Mikel Arteta

In defence of Mikel Arteta by Goonerboy

Hello, most patient fans in the world! I hope we all are getting better as the dust settles on yet another frustrating weekend for us. I never ever saw this coming… but it happened.

It is increasingly becoming more difficult to defend Arteta because the way and manner in which we are going down is a massive concern, and you can’t blame anyone for wanting him out at the moment.
However, if you can take your emotions and allow a bit more perspective you would agree that while Arteta deserves some of the blame he is getting, the bulk does not stop with him.

I hate a lot of things about modern football, I hate what the game is turning out to be – the way it is these days, the coach is responsible for everything, we all forget the coach is only as good as the players.

Secondly, greed has become the order of the day in this era, corruption, lack of loyalty from club management to coaches and from players to the club – it is all about the result, glory and the money.

It won’t be long before the game loses its appeal if it continues this way…

Speaking of Arsenal, our decline crept up on us and caught most of us unawares. It was becoming more evident in the last two years of Wenger, where I think we won just 3 away games all season in his ultimate season (I stand to be corrected) I remember during that time, one of the persistent criticism against Wenger’s Arsenal was that we were too soft and we pamper players too much, we were not even playing “sexy” football again so what’s the point?

Emery came in and immediately told Wilshere to find a new club, released Cazorla, (players Wenger would have given new contracts) and everyone was happy with the ruthlessness and “a breath of fresh air”.

Emery did not get enough support as he was not given the players he wanted. The decision makers felt they know better than the coach, bringing in players they think is best which has contributed more to our decline. The same players let Emery down and cost him his job.

Now here comes Arteta, the one who is tasked with correcting past mistakes BUT without money. In football these days, when you invest wrongly, you still have to invest to correct the wrong investment or accept you don’t want to compete at the top, that is the only way- “Okay Arteta, sell some players and use the proceeds to improve the team” oh! The players are on fat contracts and will be difficult to shift, we also have the homegrown rule to consider, alas! we can’t do much, another thing is the uncertainties caused by Covid.

Arteta has to find a way to improve the team somehow, Willian was free, and he decided to sign him up (Willian was used to replace Mkhitaryan who was another flop) – Although it is proving to be a mistake so far, show me a manager or a club that has not made wrong decisions in player recruitment. Willian is the only attacking player that he has signed; he wanted a creative midfielder but there was no money. Partey, Gabriel, Cedric are good additions, but he does not get the credit.

We said we needed to be ruthless but when players are being disciplined, we still blame the manager. What do we really want? I see people now blaming him for Guendouzi’s treatment because we are not doing well, forgetting he has had two disciplinary issues and refused to apologise, what would you do if you were the manager, beg Guendouzi? So much for being ruthless!

We said we needed a change in culture and mentality but when the managers are trying to implement it, we turn our backs against them and back the useless, lazy prima donnas we call players.

Some say, “but he persuaded Xhaka to stay” what was he supposed to do? He was just coming in as a new manager and no better player to replace him and even if there were, how would he know when he is just coming in? Pep, Klopp, Wenger, You and me all make mistakes, so Arteta should not make mistakes?

Did I hear you say he keeps on playing the same players that are letting him down? Willian, Nelson and Pepe are all rubbish, there is no game changer in the squad asides Partey, they are all mediocre players. Nelson has done nothing to suggest he is good enough; he is always injured anyway. We need goals and we bring on Nketiah, please compare that to our rivals.

Before you sack Arteta, what manager do you want to bring in? When we wanted to replace Wenger, we approached Enrique and he demanded 200m war chest at a go. The top managers need huge investments to perform, there is no miracle manager anywhere. Pep was asked the secret of his success, he answered simply; “Great players” Would you see Klopp or Pep managing a club like Wolves or Leicester? Maybe towards the end of their careers like Hodgson. I am super confident that if Arteta has a good team, he is good enough for Arsenal, we need to show him love and support for accepting to take on this burden, it is huge! A new manager without investment would be counter-productive, good for some months and back to being rubbish.

I write this way because I don’t want this to be a long thing, but I hope the I have been able to pass a message. It is always easier to destroy than to build, while I believe our team is not good enough for the top 4, I know we are better than 15th, and hopefully we can start moving up the table.

I look forward to the summer with great optimism, as a lot of fringe players will be gone, more fans will be at the stadium and we will strengthen our team more, I am willing to give Arteta that time. We may even start seeing drastic changes from January as far as strengthening the team is concerned, I plead for a little more patience gooners.

Onwards and Upwards!


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  1. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is doing “a great job” and the club has a “big and beautiful future”, says technical director Edu.! A big and beautiful future where ? There’s no optimism, 12 games, 7 defeats and 4 at home in a row, terrible football, can’t create, can’t score and still concede ridiculous goals! So it looks like the club and Edu are impressed with the job Arteta is doing and isn’t get sacked anytime soon! 15th in the table ? Doing a great job? If that’s what the club really think then we are in MASSIVE trouble.

    1. I’ve tried to be a little optimistic, Kev, then I read your comment!! 😳 Ask me again on January 1st, if we’ve dropped every available point, how optimistic I’m feeling then!!

      1. I think some people don’t realise we are in a relegation battle Sue.. I honestly believe they think we are too good to go down.. not for me! We can barely even score 1 goal a game and the football is horrendous! I have no sentiment to any player or manager I will tell it like I see it and what I see is a team going off a cliff! Arteta may become a good manager in the future and I hope he does as I like the man but this just isn’t working and it’s not going to work, we have to be honest and then there’s Edu saying he’s doing a great job ? It just shows you how out of touch this club is! I’ve followed this club for a long time as you know Sue and I won’t sit back and keep quiet in order not to offend anyone! It breaks my heart seeing the club in this mess and the level of mediocrity fans are willing to accept because they like Arteta! I genuinely believe if we stick with Arteta we could fall through the trap door come May! There’s nothing to suggest from what we’re seeing that Arteta just needs time… I just can’t be optimistic Sue I see nothing that encourages me 😒

        1. Did I say January 1st? Make it tomorrow night 😂
          Kev, after each loss, I think right, the next game it’ll pick up, we’ll score and win. I’m thinking this about tomorrow, as it can’t carry on. We can’t keep dropping points at this alarming rate,… we’re already miles behind the spuds, on and off the pitch!! I mean are you happy about facing Ings, JWP, Armstrong and Walcott? I certainly ain’t!! We lost to Burnley… nuff said. Nervous as hell… but how long do we leave it? Until we’ve passed the point of no return?

          1. Exactly Sue, I do not expect us to beat Southampton.. now that’s how far we’ve fallen! But I’m not one of these fans that wants Southampton to win in order to get rid of Arteta, I honestly hope we can win, I just don’t see it, I believe they are better than us! I used to say how did we fall so far behind Liverpool, Man City etc now soon I’ll be saying the same about Southampton, villa and Leicester! You know what Sue some fans will find reason to back Arteta even if we lose our next 3 games and I think it’s because they don’t want to be seen as fickle or have people call them fake fans! We can all change our minds, I always thought the job was too big for Arteta but even I foolishly thought after the fa cup win I might be wrong here, so it can happen, we can all make bad judgment calls… Can you honestly see Arteta turning this around Sue ? All of a sudden we start scoring freely and winning games, be honest? Well from Edus comments his job is safe, I can’t believe an employee of Arsenal has come out and said the manager is doing a great job.. we are Arsenal FC, we are 15th in the table 7 defeats in 12 can’t score and are playing some of the worst football this club has ever produced! How dare he 😠

          2. Every team we face seem to have more urgency and desire, Kev.. how can we get results with just the odd 2 or 3 players performing each week? They can’t do it all…
            We’ll see a couple of fresh faces tomorrow, Kev, let’s hope they bring some energy (& belief 😉) with them!!
            We shouldn’t be called fake or fickle, we have bloody good reason to be unhappy with how things are!! I mean, did you see this coming? I didn’t! I’m not sure about turning the tide right now, Kev. So much has gone against us lately.. the footballing gods are frowning on us, lady luck has gone awol… just gonna have to brace ourselves for tomorrow. We’ll have a good idea after the first 10 minutes or so how the game’s gonna go… and if by some miracle we score during those 10 minutes, I’ll faint and miss the rest, so you’ll have to brief me!!

          3. Haha Sue if we had no suspensions Bellerin, and Xhaka would definitely be playing alongside Willian and after Arteta would be saying we put in 300 crosses and dominated the game we just need to score a goal 😂😂 I listened to his interview there on SSN and he says there was no quick fix, success takes time.. we aren’t talking about winning the premier League and champions League we are talking about playing some decent football and not losing games galore especially at home! Villa, Leicester, Wolves and Burnley… These aren’t great teams we should be doing a hell of a lot better.. I just think he doesn’t see how bad it is, there’s definitely a level of arrogance about him. Haha I’ll keep you posted Sue and I will have the smelling salts ready to go 😂😂😂😂

          4. Success takes time, yes, but you can still play beautiful football and score goals during that time – we’re doing the opposite!! Smh..
            Anyway, there’s some games on tonight.. and I must admit all this doom and gloom surrounding our beloved club is all too much 😂 Time to wrap presents and be happy!! 🙂

          5. Nothing to wrap Sue 😂😂 yeah there’s more to life than Arsenal although it would be nice if they could make us smile from time to time 🤣🤣 how did your predictions go at the weekend Sue ? I had Leeds to win 2-1, they lose 2-1 lol.. had City to win 1-0, Liverpool to win 2-1, Chelsea to win 2-0, had Arsenal for 1-1, Tottenham for 1-1, Southampton for 3-0, Leicester for 3-0, Newcastle for 1-1, and Wolves to win 1-0, I did ok got 2 😂😂

          6. Haha Sue I’m no Eminem 😂😂 oh you done alright then 😄 I’ve only done it twice before but we both know with my predictions it’s only a matter of time I’ll be sat at the summit 😆 the wdc is on later Sue so you have something to look forward to 😄

          7. It’s 3 for a win with correct score. 1 for a win…
            Ooh think you got 10 points 👌 Sweet!! You should’ve done it every week!! Somebody has to catch Dan kit 😂😂
            Yes the darts, and about time too!! 👍

          8. I’ll catch him in the next few weeks Sue 😜 happy days I had a good week then 😄 well I have no doubt who you are backing to win 😜 how long does the competition last for Sue ?

          9. It’s because the fear factor is gone now Sue, we are more afraid of others then they are of us. We need to bring that fear factor back but we can not by playing like we are. I have strong spuds presence in my work colleagues and they are just pain in the back at the moment. Every other fan in league realise we are in relegation battle but apart from our board who think we are doing great and on right course.

          10. 😂 Kev! Finishes 3 January…

            Very true about the fear factor, Mohsan, been absent for a while now… we’re too soft!
            Oh jeez, fancy being surrounded by spuds at work!! Luckily I’m not, but have scousers instead.. urgh….well if we lose again tomorrow, they’ll have to finally wake up and smell the coffee!!

    2. Edu is full of himself.
      Such a conman. I wonder who the next Brazilian mercenary to bring over to Arsenal is? Probably Coutinho or worse that greedy, lazy nothing Douglas who took the money to join the Chinese gravy train rather than fight it out on the EPL. Whatever Edu is another of the people holding Arsenal back.

  2. I’ll drop Aubameyang for tomorrow’s game. Some time on the bench might just be the kick he needs.

    Willock and AMN to start

    1. Well said @Goonerboy. There is a lot of fixing that needs to be done. Right now players are running this club. It Must Stop! As soon as we can get rid of all these Wenger players the better. Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Auba, Laca along with these players who came after Wenger, Torreira, Sokratis. If we can get rid of this lot. We have a bright future.

  3. I appreciate your view and perceptions. My problem is, I do not like Artete’s football style at all. I don’t believe that such micro-managed football can work. It suppresses inspiration, creativity and naturalness. It’s much too over-controlling for my taste and I don’t believe it can work, because the players will never get confidence. Watching our team try to play out from our own goal kicks, while being high pressed, was heartbreaking and comical at the same time. If Arteta learns to ‘let go’ and not be so in control oriented, we would improve. Can he let go? I doubt it…’leopards don’t change their spots, he will probable keep repeating the same blunders…. onwards and onwards. For Arsenal’s sake, I would rather see him go sooner than later. This is my honest opinion. I have watched Arsenal since the 1950’s and this is the worst football they have ever played.

  4. The problem with arteta is that we are 15th.

    Players are angry
    We can’t create
    We are 15th
    He plays wrong players
    He plays wrong formations
    He has favs
    He won’t give youth a chance
    He acts like fergie or pep and has none of their credentials.

    If we were winning here and there loosing here and there I would say fair enough give the guy a chance. This is not the case. If we want to be winners we have to behave like winners. I think back to a Chelsea manager who won the CL but his overall performances were not good enough so he git the sack after 1 season. This is how we need to be quite frankly


    1. You have stated all the things that are wrong with Arteta (I’d agree on a couple of your criticisms) but offer no solutions to putting it right within the complex framework that has dogged the club for a few years. We can all rant and rave but it doesn’t alter the fact that the previous hierarchy managed the club abysmally and sorting out the team won’t happen overnight – with Arteta or without him

      I thought the article was well constructed

      1. Hey Sue P

        I agree with you that arteta is in a tough position and a tough framework to work with. But I also think this is the reason why he was/is the wrong man for the job. His lack of experience made him vulnerable.

        In terms of the higherarchy. Frankly there is nothing we can do about it. And a very limited amount of things a manager can do. Especially an inexperienced one at that.

        The best solution would be for arteta to quit and expose arsenal upper management forcing then to re think for the next manager.

        Failing that there is no point discussing wenger, edu emry and other previous managers and board members.

        We then move to what arteta does have control of. His team. The thing I always admired about mourinho is his honesty. He has the balls to discipline players and bring them back. I remember mourinho once benching hazard for being late to training and explaining why he did it. At the time hazard at Chelsea well enough said.

        The thing with arteta is he needs to be honest to the players and fans about more. Ozil guendozi sokratis etc . Explain why u have done what you have done and the fans and probs the squad will support if it is justified.

        Moving forward to the pitch. Players like lacca and xaka. Discipline them. Bench them and tell them why they have been benched. Im not saying if they don’t perform in 1 game im talking about lacca who has missed atleast 4/5 clear cut chances this season including most recently in the Burnley game. I would not expect to see him back on the pitch until someone else makes a mistake. 1 Europa goal against a frankly poor opponent doesn’t make up for your sins. That no.10 spot belongs to someone else now. If I was nketia, willock ESR or anyone playing no.10 I would be like hold on. Why am I playing my heart out to earn a chance thats clearly not going to come.

        As for the rest if the squad. I dont know if u every play casual football. I play regularly on a Monday. The teams are always mixed up and there are 1 or 2 guys who are not up to the same standard as the rest of the group. I know that when they are on my team 1 week and mess up it is annoying. If the teams are the same again the following week I am pissed off and kick off maybe not infront of the guy but to whoever organises. If there is a 3rd week I’m gonna say something and I reckon this happens in arsenal. Im pretty sure the players can see artetas poor team selection also.

        Anyway my solution is simple. Pick players on merit and explain why. Get some balls and play through the middle. Take the risk of playing some opened attack football. Give the fans a show and give the players some freedom.

        I think back to klopp when he first came Liverpool were super attacking but conceded alot. Didn’t matter because ppl were scared. No one is scared of us. Burnley for christ sake took the game to us and put us to the sword.

        Takimg responsibility is not just about admiting what u have done but also trying new things. I have seen a little of this in formations but man grow some balls and bench the underperfoming players even if this means auba pepe and other fan favs.

        Thats the most that can be said in terms of changes and answers to the problem.

        1. Interesting to read your views Shortboygooner. I played football in the playground in the 1960’s but that’s it I’m afraid.

          I have taken on board all your suggestions and do see that some mistakes have been made by Arteta, but the likelihood of him resigning is zilch and I still think there is a chance for him to turn the club back to winning ways. It has been widely agreed that he is on a learning curve as well and I hope that he does try the new things you refer to.

          I would suggest that the club will retain him for the foreseeable future. If there is no real money to strengthen the squad this January then there would be none for a new manager. This isn’t an appealing prospect to the very top managers when looking for a new club.

  5. He lost me for good with the set-up and style of play against Burnley. Desperately needing a win he stubbornly stuck to the same-old with the ridiculous go-slow and playing out of the back – it was a joke – the first half was awful and then they had 10 good minutes before Granit wigged out.

    For me, Arteta is blind to the fact that he does not have the personnel to play the way he wants – so why in the world would you do it anyway?

    And how to fix? I don’t know. This is not all on Arteta but he is the only part that can be moved right now. Who comes in – no idea – I am not sure that any big names would take the job right now but the change may give us a bounce and get us moving forward. Maybe we keep losing with a new manager but we are doing that already.

    1. Your last paragraph shows exactly why Arteta needs more time than a knee jerk reaction now. You have no answers to offer and neither do I so for the time being I’d rather support than look for things to criticise as so many posts have done. It feeds the problem

      1. I can’t argue SueP but I am beginning to think that a change is required in order to stay up. I really don’t think Arteta can turn this around and the club can’t go down…

        1. Maybe we need a hard-ass old time coach to wring everything out of the players to get them over the line.

          Maybe it is a stop gap, but not from within like last time. Get a relegation specialist, or rather anti-relegation specialist to see out the year.

          1. Me too SueP! I would be thrilled to be seen in a month as a chicken-little-sky-is-falling panic monger!

  6. Well said @Goonerboy. There is a lot of fixing that needs to be done. Right now players are running this club. It Must Stop! As soon as we can get rid of all these Wenger players the better. Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Auba, Laca along with these players who came after Wenger, Torreira, Sokratis. If we can get rid of this lot. We have a bright future.

  7. Well said Goonerboy. Onwards and upwards indeed!

    I think the last few weeks will hopefully have shaken things up and given Arteta some ideas to build on going forward. EG. (1) Xhaka needs to be phased out. Better to use Ceballos, which is better for creativity and he’s prepared to work hard defensively too. (2) For this back-4 system we absolutely need Partey, and without him we don’t yet have the personnel to play a back 4 and should use the 3 CDs set-up that was working before (3) Maybe should be using Nketiah more. Can’t do much if Auba/Laca are out-of-sorts and worth switching it up a bit in the mean time (4) Really have to shift the deadwood to buy players next window, and maybe try out more youngsters. Some of them looked good in the Europa League last game. (5) Get Martinelli back in the frame ASAP, and so on…

    I’m sure we will see better times this season. Arteta isn’t stupid and he will get a grip on things. Lampard and OGS had a few rough spells and they’re doing OK now. The same will happen with Arteta, who has a lot more to fix than FL and OGS did.

    1. I just worry that he really isn’t up to it and relegation becomes real – well a fight for safety.

      Freely admit that I am glass 3/4 empty right now and overly pessimistic and I just don’t see anything good.

      Usually reading the more positive/optimistic posters helps me, but it isn’t working anymore. I really hope the optimists are right though!

      1. Stewart I urge you to stay firm and resolute and accept that we ALL need patience. Though I remain 100% behind MA , I of course accept he has made mistakes .
        But I always knew that he would, as any manager, not only new ones either, does. Consider the size of the task before him to change the whole culture and much personnel who are stuck in the far too comfortable old ways of the last decade. Fan pressure plus language difficulty forced UE out but he remains a good manager who never got a fair chance.

        Don’t let that happen to MA, as we will come to regret it. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side , I always tell myself.

        1. I am always hoping that any Arsenal team wins!

          I just don’t like how close to the drop zone we are and how uninspired we look right now.

          And from some of the other postings – this is by no means on Arteta alone – players own some of this and senior mgmt/ownership in a big way – I am completely with you on that count.

  8. The treatment of the players, the unfairness of team selection, the treatment of some of the team and not others, preferential treatment of some players not all, the lack of discipline on the field, the lack of professionalism on the field, the tactics and the team are all Artetas decisions and they have been very poor. How anyone can defend what has gone on is beyond me. I look for shoots to cling too but apart from unfounded promises that he will come good, there aren’t any. This era is worse than Emery, far worse, that is a fact and some thought Emery was awful way before he lost what Arteta has lost. I wish i could stick up for Arteta but he has let me down, i had high hopes and i was wrong.

  9. I remember once I wrote on here about being patient, somebody responded saying we’ve been patient since 2004!! Very true..

    Nice article, btw. My frustrations stem from the fact that we’ve seen what MA can do – with the cup and shield, with the majority of players still playing now…. and we still find ourselves in this predicament, how does that work??!!
    A lot of the pessimism is through sheer frustration! I should know! I calm down after a few days, evaluate the situation and am ready to go again with the next fixture, except nothing changes and the end result is still the same!! Then what?!! 🤪
    Maybe I’m being unfair, as I’ve previously said this is a huge job, for anyone, let alone MA…things won’t change overnight, however I didn’t expect us to be this poor…
    The window is around the corner.. although Edu said we won’t be spending big 😬 Will it he a case of making do with what we have? So make of that what you will and stay buckled up, as it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better!!

  10. Well, there’s a saying: “as you lay your bed so shall you lie on it. Arteta is still learning, he is a rookie manager, not experienced. Majority of Arsenal players are average, just very few say skillful and good players. If you want Success, you have to do more. In modern day football, you have to spend money on the right players and employing competent and experienced Coach. Arsenal is lacking a lot in terms of quality and that’s one of the reasons why we are having these kinds of results. We have to spend and invest wisely.

  11. Brilliant article. This sums up my entire thoughts on the matter. Our players are not accountable or take accountability for their substandard performances. We don’t have performance clauses in the contract either. Arteta needs time, our consideration and a fair investment in the next few transfer windows. Pep, Klopp, Fergusen all needed time and a significant investment to mould a team that they believe can translate the MA philosophy into successful seasons and trophy’s. Arteta has shown the ability to win and increase silverware. His performance in the EL is also a good testimony. He is a tough manager – and some of our players are still in diapers needing to be babied. So these players are directing their vendetta’s in sabotaging Arteta’s campaign and ousting him purely on the dislike of him as a tough coach or his displinary approach. He should give them all the opportunity to buy in to his philosophy or be shipped out. The young talent have the hunger, desire, ambition to think on the field and implement the philosophy to great effect.

    1. Nash, Oh very well said indeed and how very true. More posts from you would enhance this site a great deal. A good brain needs to be shared with others!

  12. A passionate cry for time for our manager which by and large I agree with despite his mistakes, the most important one of which, was loosing Emi Martinez who was not only the better keeper but also part of the homegrown quota which restricts who we buy because of the homegrown rule.

  13. We can’t be making the case of not having quality players to justify the over-controled style of football Arteta choose to play, Leeds United have an average squad yet they play a quality attacking football with so much freedom ,for instance why play a double pivot against a team like Burnley when we know they are a defensive side having an extra attacking player would have given us additional firepower upfront.

  14. An excellent article GOONERBOY, full of well considered and well explained reasons to keep MA. I do take a slight issue with your early sentence about ” you can’t blame anyone for wanting him out at the moment ” but which you then went on to destroy the foolish argument of those who do want him out. Were you just being kind or if not, why did you make that point?

    To my mind, you should argue forcefully for your own opinion – which you did, extremely well too – and leave it to others who hold a contrary opinion to come back at you and on it goes from there. That is then fine and forceful, worthwhile debate.

    But you cannot argue for both sides I’d say! UNLESS you are genuinely in two minds but your article did NOT give that impression , I’ m glad to say! Very enjoyable all the same.

    1. What in your opinion ooh ancient one, is the problem at the club? Why do we keep losing to the teams that we should be beating comfortably at least on our home ground?

      1. Overridingly worst problem is our owner! I HAVE SAID THAT COUNTLESS TIMES HH. HAVE YOU NEVER READ ANYTHOSE POSTS ?

    2. It’s probably more a case of being more convincing. The bull in a China shop tact may be more in line with your worldview, Jon, but nobody convinced anybody by shouting at them.

      Building bridges not burning them and all that 🙂

  15. The problem is not tactics. The problem is players are refusing to play for Mikel. The tactics are as good as the players who execute them.

    The mistreatment of Mesut, Guendouzi, Sokratis and Saliba for phantom football reasons and for the matter of Guendouzi disciplinary reasons yet we have Ceballos who goes around throwing punches at everyone, hardly contributing anything to the team and take every chance he gets to advertise his love for Real Madrid facing no disciplinary actions at all. And yet we now hear Mikel is not speaking to David. Why not stop speaking to Ceballos instead and kick him back to where his heart lies?

    Until those dressing issues are resolved it’s doubtful results will change. As Dboy has pointed out above players run the club so Mikel and the imbeciles should learn to compromise because they are stamping authority which seems they don’t have.

    1. I think banishing a player like ozil can’t have been good for the team and now we’re seeing the effects

  16. I do like arteta but i see if he doesn’t change something soon he will be gone come the new year. I see frustration and confusion on the players faces .

  17. so how many times will xhaka apologize, in any case Matteo and may be Tierney of recent love the team, a crime without a card is excellent coz it doesn’t cost the team. Matteo back arteta off the club.

  18. Agree with the spriti of the article.

    I don’t know where this “micromanage” criticism came from. What evidence is there for that? What I see is a team of substandard players often unable to complete basic passes. I’d agree with criticism on continuing to select underperforming players and trying to play certain tactics with players who aren’t suited. Apart from that, I place far more blame on the current squad whose departures were blocked by a combination of covid-driven cashflow issues across the world and overpaid players. Whoever is at the wheel, it should be clear to all of us that we have a lot more time to wait until we’re back at the top. Calling for Arteta’s head is going to solve nothing.

    1. I’m not sure, but I think the micro-manage assertion comes from the Willian article last month or something.

      A reporter was asking why he has been struggling at Arsenal and Willian was explaining how Arteta wanted the team to play.
      Static positioning and waiting for the ball to be played to their feet, rather than running channels, movement to drag defenders and create space.

      Willian was commenting on how he has to adapt to this structure, and it will take him some time, and Arteta told him to remain patient and stick with this system.

  19. Tbh we as fans are to blame for everything that’s happening to our club
    1st mistake opposing Usmanov and supporting the Yanks
    2nd turning on our best ever manager
    And now we should just support our team n manager and be positive and hope results start getting better

  20. Mistreatment, laughing to myself..

    Walk around the earth and look at the poverty, disease and famine with covid tearing apart social structures at every level, and get back to me.

    3 managers have tried to get this group of players to give effort every game and have failed, it is not the only the managers, but this group of players too who are also at fault.

    If you do not agree with me watch a Leeds game and you will clearly see!

    1. it isn’t just Leeds. Watching Crystal Palace last week I was struck at the difference in speed, style and attitude. We look sick and maybe people need to be moved, but that hasn’t proven to be easy because nobody wants quite a few of them.

      Maybe a fire sale is the answer to start with clean slate…I don’t think that they can all go as we can’t afford to replace and we don’t have enough extra pieces right now.

      My fear is that we are going to need somebody like Big Sam in a few weeks just to keep us up – hope I am wrong and Arteta can turn things around though!!

      1. And I am not trying to argue with people, it is just I am not being convinced by the stay-the-course view especially in last couple of weeks (especially contrast between Europa and Burnley game) –

        I fully admit that stay-the-course might be correct and rash action (like sacking Arteta) will be a disaster – but there really seems to be a lot of rot in Denmark right now!

        I guess I risk doing nothing as being higher than rash action right now.

        Regardless of differences, I really do value the other points of view and I will have my gear on for every game trying to send good vibes!

        1. I have even been trying to change gear up to find a good EPL combo – no luck so far.

          Old practice jersey and plain red Arsenal toque for Wednesday!

  21. What I fail to understand is why did the fans not show same support for UE who was a much more proven manager, had won more trophies in career then Arteta, we played good football under him most of the times in first season, had to cater for bigger transition bec Wenger just left, made it to UEFA cup final and one point from top 4 finish. So why has the criteria changed. Same ppl who are asking for patience , sacking manager is not Arsenal way and giving all those logics …why did we not support UE in same way?

  22. Has anyone thought of this? Ever since Arteta was named Manager, Arsenal decline started. It all started from the game against City.

  23. Success takes time! I have been quite offended by such comments. If you have a baby and it does not talk by age 6 do you still wait? If you see a truck coming to hit you do you give it more time. If Arsenal gets relegated would you say MA needed more time and we took the risk. The truth is that many things are predictable like gravity. The issue is not about time, it is about MA doing something that suggests that he needs time. Trust is not blind, it is built on some frame of evidence. So far we have the success he had with the support of Freddie. We have nothing to show since he has been on his own. He needs to impress me soon that he has a plan. Then I can take the risk of more time. Faith is the next issue. That is built on years of prior knowledge. MA has no track record so we cannot say let’s look at what he has done. This faith and trust people seek have no foundation. We are in the dark here. I like him; but the facts are what they are. If we give him more time we are doing him a favour – simple.

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