Arsenal Debate – Akpom, Campbell or Sanogo to make it?

It has been confirmed today by La Liga club Villarreal that the Arsenal and Costa Rica striker Joel Campbell will be joining them on loan until the end of the season, Sky Sports have reported. So Campbell become the third striker released by the Gunners this month and I think one of the main reasons for that is to give another young Gunner, Chuba Akpom, a chance to show what he can do with the first team.

The problem for Arsene Wenger is that Akpom is going to be out of contract at the end of this season and if we want to keep him, we need to play him and give him some reason to believe he will not just be sitting on his thumbs on the bench or in the reserves.

That is exactly the reason why Campbell and Sanogo have gone elsewhere. It is Yaya’s birthday today so both are now 22-years old and will not wait much longer for regular game time, while Akpom is only just 19 and so is likely to have a bit more patience, for this season at least.

But which of the three, if any, do you think will really make it with Arsenal? Campbell has shown some good drive, pace and technical ability on his few chances this season but has not scored and has been a bit guilty of trying to do too much. Sanogo has finally registered his first senior goal and also score a beauty and claimed an assist for his new club last weekend. If he can add goals to his power, pace and all-round game, then we will have a proper player on our hands.

Akpom looked a real threat when he came on at Brighton and might have scored if he was not brought down. His pace is electric and he has the tricks to go with it but does need to polish up his game and will only do that through playing. At least now he will have more chances to play, even if it is only from the bench.

So Gooners, will Akpom, Campbell or Sanogo go on to be Arsenal stars of the future?


  1. Akpom must stay he reminds me of sturridge , he done more in 20mins against Brighton than sanogo and Campbell have done all season

    1. we are just so good at process our players Loan/outgoing deals at computer speed e.g the campbell and poldi deals……but it will take us forever to sign a player, obtain a work permit, pass a medical or even confirm a deal e.g the paulista deal and all we have been linked with … come villareal already have campbell when we are yet to have paulista?…….thought it was suppose to be a two way deal……….Really, its boring

      1. Where is Haywill? I miss all the jokes he has been giving on here for some time now. He shouldn’t leave this website. At no cost!!!
        Anyways waiting anxiously for the unveiling of Paulista. What is delaying that confirmation? I hope all goes well coyg…

  2. I can’t see Campbell cuts in Arsenal anytime soon because he is already been loaned a couple of time and yet he is too clumsy and rusty … Akpom and Sanogo need game time which aren’t gonna get at Arsenal nowadays so loan deals “for one or two years with any bottom Pl side” might be good for them …

    1. One thing is for certain! One of these players that we are letting go will come back to haunt us, one or so will live to regret leaving, one or so will stay and be happy!!!!

      1. No, the Ref has fallen for Jose’s mind games “there is a conspiracy against Chelsea” crap.
        Jose does not rant without a purpose.

  3. Akpom > Campbell > Sanogo

    I put Campbell a little ahead of Sanogo but Akpom is the one we should be banking on for first-team action.

    1. Well there’s one thing we can all agree on – we dodged a bullet by not signing Balotelli. Thanks Wenger, extra beach time for you

      1. Yes, we remember the football WengerOut “experts” pleading for Balotelli.
        Laugh at them every time you can.

        1. I am WengerOut “experts” but I never wanted Balotelli, never like lazy players … Regarding this WengerOut “experts”, tomorrow I might be AKB and the day after tomorrow AOB, it is not a believe or something to be proud of, it is just what I think is best at a particular time …

  4. we should sell them….with the option to buy them back if they become world class…

    just like Chelsea did with Matic….

    or like Pogba…became world class elsewhere

  5. Akpom has to make it, I’m sorry but Joel Campbell is so overrated and doesn’t cut it at all for me. Sanogo ain’t good enough either, I don’t know why we even signed him to be honest… Akpom all the way for me, you’ve also got to consider Serge Gnabry.

      1. MaBye he is finding it hard settling in a new county who don’t speak Latin and with hardly anyone to relate to except Sanchez. He is a young guy far away from anyone he knows and hardly getting game time.its not easy.

      2. Are you referring to Campbell? He completed destroyed Uruguay by himself, best I’ve ever seen him play to be honest!

    1. He is a similar prospect to Carlos vela.we should do a similar deal with a low buy back fee. I would have preferred us to get back vela for 2m instead of spending big on welbeck 16m.

      In the summer he could be a good bargaining tool for a la liga signing.

  6. I personally do not have a thorough understanding of what our youngsters are capable of – as long as they are Guns they can be either sh!t or brilliant: they ARE Guns after all – but I sure as hell believe we must make most out of the young talent we have and unfortunately good ole’ Arsene seems to be forgetting the years of glory when whatever he touched turned into gold.

    So now it is more important than ever to keep what we have and stick to building youngsters into the first team than we had ever done before.

    Go Guns!

  7. Chelsea fans singing “We are going to Wembley”. They are proud of going for the Capital One Cup.
    Meanwhile on this site, I see Arsenal fans posting crap that the FA Cup is a small Cup.
    Are some of you sure you are really Arsenal fans?

  8. Akpom will surely make it(i.e if he doesn’t leave Arsenal for more game time). Campbell might end up like Podolski(limited opportunity and leave as a result).Sanogo? He is not talented at all,he isn’t Arsenal material so he is not going to make it but Wenger may decide to keep him instead because of favouritism.

  9. Campbell – Raw talent that is unfiltered and seemingly not becoming any less diluted. He’ll suffer from not being able to fit a system and just being the odd moment of brilliance. Probably not an Arsenal boy sadly (although I really do like his attitude – I’d personally keep him)

    Akpom – Arsenal youth. Wenger likes him. He’ll get chances and if he has the ability, he’ll make it.

    Sanogo – Raw physical prowess. Clumsy as hell. I’ve yet to see him play and not be a bit all over the place. Time playing at Palace should fix that. Then we shall see.

    Conclusion – no clue who’ll stay but loans and playing time is good for everyone 😀

  10. Sanogo and Campbell will both prove to be worthy of a chance to play for the first team next year. No doubts about that. Akpom has huge talent but he lacks the power you would need to succeed in the premier league. Maby if Wenger starts him with Giroud so he can move around him..

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