Arsenal Debate: Are fans are too arrogant to take Aguero on a free?

Gooners Show Arrogance Towards Aguero by Dan


I often call some of my fellow gooners arrogant.

Examples include predicting that we would challenge for the title after finishing 8th, claiming Arteta was a better manager then Arsene Wenger after our worst position in 25 years, insisting that the likes of Ramsey and Ozil should leave the club and are replaced with loan signings – and my all-time favourite, trolled for days because I didn’t think Maitland Niles was better than Kante. I’m not the type to say I told you so, but the player is about to get relegated.


Anyways, section of our fan base have been at it again this week, dismissing the rumours of Arsenal signing Sergio Aguero on a free transfer.

The links are obvious, the striker worked with Arteta at Man City and apparently is open to staying in England.


I don’t believe the speculation because; why would the Argentine want to join us?

That’s what some supporters need to understand. Some are acting like he’s not good enough for us but, trust me, if Edu ever sat down with the South American’s agent, it’s him selling the project to the agent, not the other way around.


The concern is that it wouldn’t look good for our image to pick up the scraps of someone the Champions elect no longer want.


Many are scarred by the Willian deal.


Yet outside of Thierry Henry, you’re talking about one of the best foreign centre forwards to have played in the Premiership. After countless goals and trophies (with more to follow) it’s a bit disrespectful to question the man’s attitude and character.


It’s ironic that those who don’t want to give a huge salary to a talent based on him being 32 were supportive of giving Aubameyang a similar wage and he’s a year younger.

Of course in an ideal world, no one wants a policy where you are relying on individuals with no resale value. Yet, while we put our nose up to that approach, what are we doing instead?


That’s why our supporters have become a laughing stock among our peers.


We think we are better then what we have but don’t realise we slowly go backwards.

This summer Man City might get Haaland, Man United may get Harry Kane. Chelsea have the resources to at least bid for those type of names.

Our owner lacks the ambition for us even to be in the conversation.


Instead we will be spend net 50 million in the summer, then loan a few cast offs in January.


Every year we stand still, the bigger the gap grows between us and the level we used to be at.

The quicker we get back into the Champions League, the better chance of addressing that balance.

So we have to think of the short term.

There is no point patting ourselves on the back for youth development and slashing the wage bill when your 9th in the League. So if the criteria for our recruitment team Is to find value then you have to be creative.


Would Aguero make us better?


Is he an upgrade to Eddie Nketiah?


Would you rather him or Auba one on one with a keeper?


If you’re worried about his wages, then consider that merchandise and shirt sales would cover the costs.


Plus if he fired us into the top 4, you recoup that outlay.


That’s been the business model of an Atletico Madrid.

12 months ago I had the same conversation about Luis Suarez and equally was told, ‘he’s too old’, etc. Now he’s about to win another La Liga.


Arsenal don’t think like this, fans are conditioned by the Kroenke Family to believe in a philosophy that does not exist.


If Stan Kroenke wanted to, he could invest millions now, to make even more later. That’s a common strategy in many rich companies.


Instead he has a sports portfolio where he earns revenue based on owning a franchise regardless of success or failure. And he’s got some fans thinking he’s doing a good job!


From a business point of view, he’s brilliant.


So don’t worry, Aguero will go a Chelsea or Juventus (where strangely their fans don’t dismiss the rumours).


We are the ugly guy at the dance telling the sexy girl she’s not your type. In reality she’s engaged to a model and was never looking over at us in the first place.


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  1. There must be good reasons why Man City don’t really want to extend his contract. Juventus also didn’t extend Lichtsteiner’s and our scouts/ decision makers didn’t do their due dilligence properly at that time

    Willian’s case was different, because Chelsea offered him two years contract and he was still considered as a first team player. Our CF position also requires a hardworking target man and I don’t think Aguero has the stamina for that

  2. Dan…

    Your articles are always inspiring! Thank you for the great effort that goes into thinking, crafting, revising to finally achieve such worthy performances! You truly have a great gift that touches and inspires lives at a distance, indeed, a rare gift!

    When it comes to the issues of the future, we are forced to talk in probabilities and not definitives. Just as no one could have said for sure that Willian was going to underperform in his first season, the same goes for Auba. If the hierarchy knew that Auba would struggle, maybe they may have withheld the big salary and contract extension given. All these are all the uncertainties of life. Same goes that no one would have thought that Arteta will win two trophies in his first season and go on the worst run in our recent history in the second season.

    Same goes now for Aguero, it will always be a gamble to sign him. But in such situations, what do we do? We simply weigh the pros against the cons and decide accordingly. Presently, there are a couple of fears, such as his age, which has shown in the case of William, Auba, and even Luis. Do you sign on another aging striker knowing the physical force of the EPL? Being prone to injuries is another case, and to compound issues, injuries take a little longer to heal with age, recall Cavani in ManU. Commitment levels, do you think he will be as committed knowing that he has achieved all that there is to achieve in the EPL? High wages, like Willian, will it be worth investing hugely in a fading star, or instead, in a rising star?

    There are a lot to be considered, however, in the end if we judge based only on past achievements, then we stand a risk of failure. Life is a risk, and whenever we make the wrong decisions, we should always be reassured that we took the best decision within the limited confines of our reasoning.

    Summarily, I would not suggest to buy an Aguero, nevertheless, if we do, which I doubt, then we must together live with our decisions and not point fingers, or insinuate in hindsight.

    Once again Dan, it is a truly lovely article! Please do stay safe! And wishing us victory tonight!


    1. Sandwich approach

      Step 1: Praise the Author 25%
      Step 2: Disagree with his point of view
      while giving reasonable reasons 65%
      Step 3: Praise Author the more 10%

      I don’t post here often but read alot of people attack and use strong words in response to an article or comment that opposes their point of view

      1. Ayo, Whyever should we fans NOT use strong language? This is a fan site, not tea at the vicarage. Like you, I also admire the diplomatic and kind way that the likeable Fire phrases his posts.

        But some might also think that cutting to the chase without wrapping up comments in kindliness has its place too . I do anyway and from the posts on here so far I see many others do too.


        I do not possess the admirable Fires diplomatic skills and frankly, I don’t wish to have them either. But each to their own way, which IS my whole point.

        1. Fire, great response to yet another of Dan’s excellent articles.

          What all humans lack, but would want to have, is the benefit of hindsight.

          It seems many Gooners have this, but only after the event – and then their unbelievablle knowledge comes to the fore.

          We never should have cast offs from other clubs is one that does the daily round – yet isn’t every player signed a cast off?

          Cahill and O’Shea are examples of the arrogance Dan talks about – we were desperate for experienced CB’s, but we were too good to think about them we were told.
          Both are still playing premiership football, one with Leicester City, who are currently vying for second spot and CL football next season.

          Nice to see you back and our thoughts regarding Ozil were posts I enjoyed engaging in, don’t be away so long next time!!!!

          1. Ken….

            Such a great joy to read from you after quite a while now! Great to know you are safe too!

            It was a really poor night of Arsenal football and would love to have had a better experience to kick start a tread of conversation with you.

            I hope to catch you on another thread where we would rob minds and discuss interesting topics as we as in the recent past.

            Stay safe Ken! My kindest regards!


        2. Jon…

          Always a pleasure to read and know your strong and down-to-earth thoughts on core issues, many of which makes you unique.

          I totally agree with you! Life would be boring if we had only one class of people, therefore it is a blend of all types that makes life colorful. However, as I would always say, we all must strive to maintain the balance, which includes ensuring that we are mindful and respectful of everyone’s viewpoint, hoping to keep the overall peace and balance of the environment.

          By the way, it was a poor show tonight! I would have hoped for something better! Nevertheless, there is much more to life!

          Do stay safe Jon! And remain blessed!


      2. Ayo…

        What an interesting name coined to describe such an approach!

        Well, different approaches typically apply to different conditions! Sometimes it can be called the carrot – stick approach! *smiling*… Nevertheless, the balance is struck when you apply the right approach always, that is what we all must strive to achieve towards building a better environment!

        Hope you are safe!


  3. Aguero has been very successful but where is he playing? Joe Willock +Reiss Nelson would be super stars at Man Sheiki while Ben Foden would be on loan at WestBrom if he was in the Arsenal squad.
    Besides we already have a phalanx of expensive strikers on incredibly high salaries who we can’t get rid of.
    Right now our major concern is at LB and no 10.
    Nothing to do with arrogance it’s simply that replacing one 30 year old high salaried strike with another 30 something high salaried striker is not
    actually not changing anything.

  4. I doubt there is any chance we would be able to sign Aguero but if we were interested there are 2 key points his recent injury record and how many games we would actually get out of him and secondly his wage demands so weighing up both factors it’s a No from me!

  5. Another pensioner. It does not matter his name. He has slowed down considerably since his injuries. He has not an iota of use for us as he will end up like Willian…an old man eating money and stopping progress. Arteta is not that stupid.

  6. I wil sign aguero for free and sell lacazete and raise fund for odegard signing, then sell belerin and sign bisouma, let cedric and chambers compete

  7. As far as Aguero goes he is one of my all time favourites but at 32 and injuries cropping up it is not sensible. Surely Pep would have offered a rolling one year contract if he thought it was beneficial to ManC ?

    I said it when Auba got his contract last summer that I was uneasy about rewarding ageing players with an enhanced salary and more than a year or two contract and I still believe that Wenger was correct to do this

    I’ve never thought Aguero wasn’t good enough but his age is against him regardless of shirt sales covering his salary

    Having said that, I don’t know what Arteta and Edu are planning this summer……

  8. Typical Arteta decisions. We are an old age home. If it goes right, it’ll be Arteta’s decision and if it goes wrong, it’ll be Kronke’s decision. I don’t really understand Arsenal supporters anymore

    1. Armoury you are always in a hurry to blame Arteta for everything, was it Arteta that bought Luiz, Sokratis, Petr Cech, Stephan Lichtsteiner. You are already blaming Arteta for a rumour which is not even sure yet.

    2. Armoury, What YOU don’t understand, IN REALITY, my fainthearted fellow “supposed”Gooner,” is that REAL supporters actually SUPPORT the club they claim to love. They dont consistently act like trolls, as you DO!

  9. The Niles comparisons to Kante made me laugh, but seriously Dan, how will any fan think Niles is better than Kante, Niles is not even close to Xhaka, yet some believe his better than Kante😊, infact I rate Kante higher than Partey, some arsenal fans are just so funny.

  10. The author of this article seems to have very little knowledge of Arsenal, so he is no place to call those of us that actually know about the club, “arrogant”!

    1 – We have had horrendous problems with injuries down the years. So why on earth would we want yet another injury prone player (who hasn’t been fit for a long time as well), and in the twilight of his career, when he’s more likely to pick up more injuries.

    2 – We have a terrible record signing players from our rivals, and they’re almost always at the end of their careers, which also doesn’t help. Cannot think of one signing that actually performed well!

    3 – He doesn’t fit into what Arteta is building. Yes, we do have some experienced old heads in the squad, but on the main, it’s young, hungry players that have something to prove, that Arteta is building around.

    I love Aguero! I think he’s a fantastic player, and a legend of English football, but we should steer well clear given his injury problems, and we already have a WC striker (albeit out of form) over 30 on our books anyway.

    1. Think it’s arrogant to say these group of players can win the Prem ?
      As for me knowing my stuff , well how can I prove that ?
      I think I would hold my own lol
      I was told I didn’t have any knowledge when I said we wouldn’t challenge for prem , Niles wasn’t good enough and that we wouldn’t invest in January
      I was correct on all three …..
      You tend to find that when someone goes down the ‘ he’s not a true fan route ‘ i t a translation for …..’ I don’t like what he’s saying ‘
      Based on most feedback on this site and podcasts I get invited on , there are others who like my work ?
      Let’s compare how many people view your articles ……oh wait ………

      1. Well as I said, if you’re aware of our injury record, and the lack of success of players signed at the back end of their careers from our rivals, then one has to question you on the article. It isn’t arrogance that many don’t want him, it’s realism. Living in reality.

        It does not make any sense at all! Maybe if we didn’t already have Auba on our books, possibly as a rotational option? Even then, I’d rather give Martinelli a go.

        In regards to not challenging for the Prem, well I don’t think you can take ANY credit for that! You’d be hard pressed to find ANYONE who thought we’d challenge for it.

        Again, was it really that difficult to say AMN wouldn’t be good enough? So many already knew that.

        Finally, almost all fans of their respective clubs knew they wouldn’t invest in Jan, given the current economic climate.

        Maybe I got it wrong, and you do have knowledge, but your three examples do not prove it in the slightest.

        Better example, is those Arsenal fans who were calling out Wenger as early as around 2010. I couldn’t properly see it until around 2013, but they could see the problems developing, and worsening with each passing season under his leadership. Now those guys have some knowledge! Spot on!

        1. I could literally send you links on this site where people said we fight for the title , would invest in Jan and that Niles was better then Kante
          I understand what your saying about Augero not fitting into our philosophy
          Guess I argue if that philosophy is working ?
          How are those fans spot on ?it’s a factual statement that we gone backwards since Wenger left lol
          Anyone who said we be better without Wenger couldn’t have been proven more wrong
          We just finished in our worst position in 25 years !

          1. Unfortunately for Wenger he was unable to get the club back into the top4 after two years without CL football, which suggests that he was either heading downwards rather than up, or to be kind, stagnating.

            Emery did no better which left another year of playing catch up which further diminished the club’s chances of climbing the league speedily. Whether you think that Emery was thrown under the bus or was not good enough, it still left Arteta with a lot to do to reverse the club’s fortunes. Basing your take on the league position alone doesn’t take this into consideration. My belief is that any manager coming to Arsenal would have struggled to do any better in the same time frame & to compete under the same set of circumstances.

            I admit the league position under Arteta hasn’t been as good this year as I anticipated I did expect top 6, wrongly on the basis of the euphoria surrounding the FA Cup win. It is difficult not to be over enthusiastic at the start of a new season and then pragmatism usually sets in.

          2. Sue , I agree with you
            Think it was his use of spot on
            Let’s just wait till we say they been proven spot on

          3. BUT Dan, there eare always a fantasy induced few fans, almost all very youing and without life experience, who claim we are going wo win thePREM.

            HH is agood example of a self fooling fan who til recently thought we wrere certainties for top four and even in thetitle race near til Christmas.

            HE AND HIS ilk are the sort you should call out, NOT the rest of us realists!

            We, the vast majority who utterly disagree with you, are being realistic. On THIS occasion , YOU are not!.

          4. Jon, once again having a dig at HH, because he holds his ground when you try to belittle him.
            As for realism and fantasy induced fans, perhaps you should remember what you posted about UE after our Liverpool defeat.
            I’m not having a go at anyone here, but asking fans to remember what they said, when calling other fans out.

  11. Good article Dan. Thought provoking! But with regards to Aguero, I think from the fans perspective there are some points that justify there supposed disdain at the Aguero signing-
    1. He is injury prone and has missed many games in earlier seasons too.
    2. He is not someone blessed with physique. While he still would be in my top 20 strikers right now, this coupled with his age, might not suit our playstyle.

    Luis Suarez has had good success. This I believe is maybe due to both his exceptional quality, amazing supporting cast and his familiarity with the admittedly slow spanish league. I dont think he would have achieved all that coming here. But it is all a matter of opinions. And I agree to your points as well.
    Part of our problems I believe are our main action plan with Mikel has not been clear so far. If as was initially accepted, this was going to be a long rebuild then why did we target players like Willian and Partey? If it is as you say, primarily short term success driven, them why are we ninth in the table and why is the narrative of patience the prevalent one in the site. On this particular topic I like TRVL’s thoughts.
    Coming back to the topic at hand, I guess Arsenal cant risk investing on older pros, particularly from our rivals, as they have been bitten in the backside more times. Also, yeah why would Aguero come to us, when he has seen our decline during his stay here? For me though I dont believe Aguero would have the same impact as a certain Ronnie Rooke had in 1946, so a no from me. Cheers!

  12. If it was just his age and no major injury concerns, I wouldn’t be against signing Aguero, he’s a legend and unquestionably one of the best strikers to have played in this league, but given his injury troubles this is a much more risky proposition than Willian was last year.

  13. I would love for us to get aguero even at 32 but the problem is he doesn’t fit the kind of Striker we need right now. We need a lacazette type but taller and with better finishing. If we bought aguero we would have to sell both lacazette and aubameyang which is impossible in the current situation.

  14. I would rather give martineill a go and see how he does with a run of games but only my opinion

  15. Dan correctly insults the appalling “could not care less” KROENKE , but then insults much of our fanbase who do not share Dans opinion on Aguero.

    What DAN, artfully ,omits to mention about Aguero is his terrible injury record in recent years as he has grown older, which is of MASSIVE importance when considering if he would be any use, OR NOT, to us!

    Auba by comparison is practically never injured. So NOT a true comparison, which instinctively riles my ever present sense of fairness and truth.

    In reality, which is always all important, Aguaro would never choose or come to us, even in the fantasy world scenario that we would even try to lure him. We won’t be trying, as even Dan admits and THAT, my friends is what ACTUALLY MATTERS.

    In essence, this whole article is based on an event so unlikely to happen as to be completely pointless as an article. As ever, I always prefer things to discuss that have at least a scintilla of a chance of happening. This does not!

  16. Not a bad article, well written and thought provoking apart from, in my view, totally wrong to label Gooners as arrogant.
    I therefore ‘call’ your use of the word arrogant to describe us and ‘raise’ you the word pompous, to describe yourself.

    1. To finish 8th and predict we can challenge for title is arrogant
      Even recently some fans still spoke about our top 4 chances
      That’s arrogance in my opinion
      If that makes me pompous . Then I’ll take it lol

      1. Sorry ? Your the one who can’t have a debate without name calling
        If you don’t like what I write simply don’t respond
        Oh and by the way, only because you were mocking admin over their spelling , your last line doesn’t make sense lol

    1. So stop reading them and commenting on them ?
      H e chose to write that I know nothing about Arsenal.
      He’s every right to think that as are you .
      I.equally have a right to defend myself . Thankfully I get more positive feedback then negative
      I can do that in a matter where I don’t get personal to the person and stick to facts
      E.g. ,if I’m told I don’t know what I’m talking about if I say we have gone backwards , I will use facts to back it up .
      I am confused though that if you don’t like my work why respond ?
      If I read something I don’t like I don’t engage

        1. I struggle to sleep at night because I have said we have gone backwards since Wenger left ( even though that’s factually true )
          Thanks though , by getting your attention your pushing me up to one of the top 4 commented articles lol

  17. aquero is 2 years older than Auba….ones born in 87 and the other 89…

    we have experience players in this area hence do not need a 34yo Aquero

  18. Sorry but this is a poor article. I cannot see any scenario in the near future where Arsenal should even begin to consider Aguero as a transfer option.

  19. The good old days ? do you make a regular thing of this do you ?
    Maybe it was because for over 24 hours , for someone who didn’t care you were not adding anything to the debate or mentioning Arsenal .
    You were just insulting me with the same words .
    Even now saying things like the truth has never been my kind suit
    It’s boring for the readers
    If you want to add something about Arsenal then ill engage but if it’s just Dan I think you are a …… well at some point we have to move it on .
    Many disagree with me but usually make a point like Aguero’s injury record or age , etc
    I believe it’s possible to have a debate without insulting people , if you can’t do that then (and people remember can see this ) leave me alone if your just going to talk about me

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