Arsenal debate – Can Gooners really now say Jack is BACK?

So far this season the Arsenal and England midfield star has completed exactly zero minutes in the Premier League, so of course it is a little bit early to be talking about him getting a new contract or once again being a key member of the Arsenal first team, but after what was expected from him I think we have to be impressed.

A lot of people thought that Wilshere and Arsenal would part company during the summer transfer window, and when that did not happen not too many gave him a chance of playing much, if at all. Fitness and form were the main problems, as well as that horrendous injury record, but despite no EPl minutes yet Wilshere has now completed two full games for the Gunners.

Not only that, but he was the stand out player in both the win over Doncaster in the League cup and last night’s Europa League away victory at BATE Borisov. He looks strong and not afraid to put himself about, which is very good news, but best of all he looks to have that bit of magic back in his boots.

Early days Gooners, I know, and we have been here before only to see him break something and be out of action for a year, but can we start to say that the old Jack Wilshere is really back?



  1. Sue says:

    Surely after how he’s played he won’t be sent out on loan again & he’ll work his way back into the team

  2. horlu says:

    Jack is back we can say, i just pray he stays injury free. Aslong as injury doesn’t rear its ugly head, wilshere will eventually bench one of xhaka or ramsey

    1. SuperClaes says:

      No big fan of Xhaka but do we really believe Jack will keep the discipline or sniff out danger in the role of DM???? Love Jack to succeed as one of our own but where will he find his position and role in the team but for Xhakas????

  3. Trudeau says:

    Early days x 10. Nobody has ever doubted Wilshire’s talent. His temperament? Yes. His physical robustness? Yes. His recent performances are promising but sadly my money would still be on him becoming the next Diaby rather than the next Iniesta. Over to you to prove me wrong Jacky boy.

  4. HA559 says:

    Doncaster and Bate Borisov, is that the teams you need to play good in to show you are back?

  5. Yossarian says:

    Let’s see if he can make it into 2018 without any injuries, then maybe start getting excited.

  6. Otunba007 says:

    Arsenal debate – Can Gooners really now say Jack is BACK?

    Answer—— CAPITAL NO….. I am not deceived by couple of performances here and there, i am not worried about his abilities but i am worried about his injury records and fitness and i don’t think he’s someone we can rely on yet at least for this year, he needs to keep getting as much as enough minutes as he can get and then after the season we can access him maybe he’s ready for a new contract, we can have another diaby on our hand given that Santi and not kicked a ball for over a year now

  7. Godswill says:

    Until in a big or and becomes dependable. But am suspecting that he’s coming back gradually not there yet.

  8. summerbreez says:

    Delighted with him(jack) , he could be the monster we are all looking for.

  9. Liam says:

    The fact the teams we played were awful doesn’t matter he was the best player on the pitch both games and we had strong sides out for both meaning he was better than our other 9 outfield players

  10. Vlad says:

    Please, don’t make me laugh. Jack is NOT back, and he will never be back. He can play against Doncaster, and BATE. He can’t play against the likes of City, Chelsea, Utd, or even Stoke and West Brom. He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same injury prone player, who plays like he actually wants to get injured. Constant overdribbling, it’s like he’s inviting opponents to go in for a tackle. He’s also very careless with the ball sometimes, and when he loses it, he tries to win it back quickly by either committing a stupid foul, or going for a needless sliding tackle and injuring himself in the process. His best bet would be to go to Italy and play there, because he simply cannot withstand the intensity and physicality of the EPL.

  11. RSH says:

    he’s not good enough. It’s sad fans keep falling for it.

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