Arsenal debate – Chambers or Bellerin to start against Spurs?

One of the big decisions that Arsene Wenger has to make as he gets Arsenal ready for the visit of Tottenham in Saturday’s late Premier League kick off is about who will start in the right back role. With our first choice French international Mathieu Debucky on the sidelines after ankle surgery, at least the boss has options.

Wenger could decide to go with either of the versatile midfielders Mathieu Flamini or Francis Coquelin, as both have played there for us before. It is much more likely, however, to be a choice between the two 19-year olds Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin.

In the fierce atmosphere of a north London derby, the extra experience of the former Southampton player could tip the balance in his favour. Chambers is also the more solid of the two defensively and the spuds do have plenty of pace and ability in wide areas, with the likes of Chadli, Lamela, Lennon and Townsend.

But apart from their League Cup win over Nottingham Forest, the visitors have not won any of their recent games and are not exactly in full flow. It might be wise, therefore, to assume that Mauricio Pochettino will come with a plan to nullify Arsenal, in which case the extra pace and attacking threat from the young Spaniard could earn him the nod, especially if Wenger is planning to play the tireless Alexis Sanchez in front of him on the right.

Who do you think should start Gooners?

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  1. hard decision honestly
    id say chambers but it’s such a risk playing all our cb choices at once
    and I believe hector is gonna become top quality
    and this time is a good opportunity for him
    maybe pllay chambers for all the more difficult games
    and bellerin the rest
    i also think coqelin should get a shot at cdm
    now we have diaby but i mean
    he brings more athletesism and size than flamini and arteta also youth haha

  2. Both played full 90 minutes… Tough one to call although I’d pick Chambers because he’s more experienced at the top level, not by much though…

  3. Bellerin is improving with every game and has the potential to be a future star no doubt! No disrepect to him, But i’ll go with calum chambers to start against spurs!

  4. I’d go with Bellerin ! We will def need the pace ! Chambers is a fine. Player and reads the game excellently but they are gonna try hit us on the break over and over again any little chance they get ! And I’d be afraid chambers might get left behind if he wanders too high up the pitch and it only takes 1 mistake to lose a game !
    Let’s not mug ourselves ! Spuds will be a tough game lets not get carried away and start prediting 5-0 wins ! Anytime I see that kind of stuff we lose !!
    Once the team keeps their concentration I’m sure things will go our way on Sat !
    COYG !!!!

  5. Coquelin used to play DMF and RB as well before being loaned out. Would be better to start him. More physical than the other two.

  6. Aren’t Hector Bellerin and Calum Chambers both 19 years old? 😀
    But from the comments, you’d think Calum Chambers has played a world cup final while Bellerin still doesn’t know his left foot from his right. LoL. But I think central defence will be Calum Chamber’s future.

  7. Its only Spuds.

    Give everyone a rest and play except Bellerin. Put in our youth.

    This team against Spuds.


    1. i would prefer this


      Ox wilshere Akromp (Walcott)

      Crowley Hayden

      Gibbs Ayaji Cambers Ottiwell (Jenkinson)


  8. Bellerin played no games in the EPL while Chambers played 25+ for Southampton and Arsenal so i would say there is a bit of a difference in experience for sure.

    I agree that Chambers’ future lies in the middle, where i think he can be better than Per by the end of this season if not before.

    I like them both, Bellerin has blistering pace and Chambers is wise beyond his years, I think we have a fantastic duo coming up to cover our D for the next decade.

  9. Chambers because of his composed nature and little experience in the top flight would be more suited. It would have been a no brainer if we had another CB available. But Its too risky to play chambers and have no CB on the bench. However, a north London derby is no game for Bellerin with all his potential. Too aggressive.We must absolutely not lose against the spuds. So I’d go with chambers to start, with Bellerin on the bench, and Hayden as back up CB. That’s the logical choice and I bet Wenger will go with this. I even prefer Hayden as CB to Monreal. He looks stronger physically than chambers even. Chambers just has more first team experience. I must say the future of our central defence looks bright with chambers and Hayden.

  10. As long as Bellerin stays disciplined and doesn’t bomb forward too often I would probably start him only because Chambers is our only real CB cover. If I’m being honest I’d prefer a Chambers-Koscielny partnership for this game because both players have the strength and pace to match up against spuds. The only thing is the Mertesacker-Koscielny partnership has worked out very well for us and experience can sometimes win you games. I also don’t believe experimenting with a new back four is smart in such a big game. Either way, I think we’ve got way too much going forward to be bothered too much by how our defense lines up. As long as we control the midfield we should have no problem taking care of them.

  11. My ideal 11 for Saturday would be


    Lots of speed in the front and the wing backs. Ozil will have a field day with all these runners. Diaby can probably play 45-60 minutes, according to how the game is going I would either bring in Ramsey or Arteta in his place. And if we need to defend a slim margin bring in Per instead of Bellerin and move Chambers to the right.

  12. Actually our defense is better than United also. If United make the top 4 it will be because of their attack, not defense.

    Btw. I hope the rumors are NOT true about Wenger getting Smalling.

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