Arsenal Debate: Dani Ceballos- Talented potential or a waste of time?

Dani Ceballos- Talented potential or a waste of time? by Shenel

I don’t actually know what to make of Dani Ceballos. He has had a few good games for us but he is very inconsistent in his midfield performances, and despite building up a rather decent relationship with Granit Xhaka in our midfield I fail to see him growing as a player for us.

I grew rather frustrated with Ceballos last night when he kept giving the ball away in midfield. To be fair to him he wasn’t the only player to do so, especially not in the second half. But being central in our midfield, he should have done much better in trying to retain the ball and help the team in moving forward. Yes, he was part of the move when he fed the pass through to Saka to then feed Aubameyang for the opening goal of the night and yes, he scored the winner against Sheffield united to take us into the semi-finals of the FA Cup, but his inconsistent performances don’t really fill me with much positivity to say that he will be a good permanent and stable feature in our team. It begs to be seen whether Mesut Ozil or Lucas Torreira would do any better starting in the team, but I guess without both playing especially from the start that is a question that we cannot answer.

I know players will have up and down games – they wont be human if they didn’t. But it seems to be too much of a continuous occurrence for Ceballos to be inconsistent. If he has one half that is good, the next half is poor; if he has one good game, the next game is poor; and driving forward with Ceballos in the team isn’t something that seems to fill me with too much positivity. I just feel with him in the team we are lacking something, that one perfect pass that can open up defences and that special touch that creates an assist for a goal.

Maybe having Ozil and Torreira either on the bench, or coming in and out of the team to give him competition throughout the season may make him work harder, but if he feels that he will always get a start under Arteta, then he may not care how he performs so long as he gets game time.

What do you think of Ceballos Gooners, does he have a permanent place in our team going forward?

Shenel Osman


  1. He has improved massively and was one of the standout players in the previous 2-3 games.But as you said he keeps getting dispossessed and is somewhat hard for him to control the midfield with just xhaka.He is moving the ball faster compared to his early game though the “spin move” is still there.Has great potential but the worrying fact is if he is going to return to madrid and we are rebuilding why should we not give more chances to the youngsters….😔

  2. I must be looking at the wrong player, i thought that the job he has been doing the last few games was high class. I think the problem is controlling midfield when the opposition has the ball, i think he has been doing a decent job of filling holes but thats not his main role. Creating and gelling the defence and attack is and he does that really well. I have said before and i stand by it, if he is here next year our midfield needs a presence and that most definitely isn’t xhaka. If we keep him and get an inforcer, cebellos will shine even brighter, he is quick and decisive in his work, that is what our midfield has to be. For me he has been stand out for the last 5 games when he has played. Im impressed.

    1. It’s between cebalos and party some people forgot cebalos is not our own ,I take him over partey any day because there’s no way Arsenal will buy two central midfielders,we don’t that laxury

      1. Maybe with a player who can break up play and dani playing 10 yards higher up the field he can be more dangerous and consistent.

    2. If DC was at the creative head of a midfield
      triangle with athletic destroyers like Partey
      and Sangare behind him the Spaniards
      offensive game would flourish @ the Emirates.
      Xhaka has been greatly improved under MA
      but I agree that he just doesn’t possess the
      physical or athletic traits to dominate the
      middle of the pitch and allow DC to pull the
      offensive strings.

    3. i agree with you and also let’s not forget that this is his first season in this tough league and the team struggled and he was injured. These fans are blind and some very delusional. The guy was the standout performer for Spain in the U23 tournament and there is a reason Real bought him.

      1. Very true, the main reason he isn’t a real madrid regular is that there are issues between Zidane and him. Zidane doesn’t like Caballos, that the reason he isn’t at madrid. It personal and its on Zidane.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think he’ll make it into Madrid’s starting 11 anyways. Even Isco isn’t a guaranteed starter. If he sees himself at arsenal for a long time, it’s alright to keep him (or at least try), but if arsenal’s just a stepping stone towards his Madrid ambition, then it has to be ciao ciao Ceballos.

          1. Maybe with a player who can break up play and dani playing 10 yards higher up the field he can be more dangerous and consistent.

  3. I wouldn’t object to another loan next season – €10.5 has been mentioned….
    I can’t see us buying him… unless Real are up for an installment plan over the next 20 years 😄
    Arteta likes him and wants him – who am I to argue with him!!

    1. Im in agreement with that Sue. The guy has bags of potential, is growing into becoming an Arteta type player, and an Arsenal type player.

  4. The trouble with potential is that we have lots of young players with potential but not enough who have the reached it yet or enough with the experience and innate talent to help the prospects out

  5. OT.. Another assist for KDB… is that 18 now?? He’s going to beat Henry’s record for sure….

    1. Had to happen at some point sue..he is such a nice player. Hope he just equals it That could add to the many draws this season 😜

      1. 17 years in the making!! He’s class, Kenya…. hahaha many draws 😂👍
        City on fire and David Silva is rolling back the years!

  6. Ceballos is a talented attacking midfielder, who to be entirely effective needs to play in a trio anchored by a dedicated DM as happens in the highly successful Spanish under 21 National side.As Reggie has correctly highlighted playing in tandem with Xhaka who is slow and weak defensively, is it little wonder we are not controlling the midfield as we used to.Part of our problem is the defensive back three system currently deployed by Arteta , which to me is an admission of a lack of real quality at CB.The sooner we revert to a flat back four the better our prospects of getting a grip in the vital area of midfield.As I have said on this site on a number of occasions is it not significant that the top sides in the EPL , such as Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd all set up with a conventional back four?

    1. As I mentioned above adding an athletic,
      physically imposing duo like Partey and
      Sangare to dominate the middle of the pitch
      and allow a Ceballos or Auoar type to pull
      the offensive strings would be a sight for sore
      eyes to this particular Gunner!!

      1. Grandad, I agree regarding Ceballos potential shown in the Euro U21 Championship for Spain. It must be considered that he is still young and his loan spell has been disrupted by injury. One major problem over recent seasons has been the lack of goals from midfield and Ceballos showed against Sheffield United is his ability to finish.
        ACE you are spot on regarding getting the balance in midfield right, something Arsenal hasn’t got right since Gilberto Silva left. The midfield is the “engine room” of the team, both in supporting attack and shielding defense. A good DM and hard working box to box midfielder, would allow Ceballos to reach his potential. However as far as retaining him, it depends on Real Madrid’s price and what Ceballos wants, as there are other options such as Hauvatz.
        Thomas Partey should be Arsenal’s number one priority in the summer transfer market. If he is not available, a similar style of player is required.

    2. And a few seasons ago Chelsea won playing a back 3. Formations change all the time. You don’t NEED a back 4 to be good, though I do agree I would prefer to see it. But that cannot be done while still starting David Luiz.

  7. Not for me ,seems he’s using us till something g better comes along ,while he’s played decent the last few games ,he is no where near a world beater that we should be getting for that position,he will do till the end of the season ,then I say pack him back off to Madrid ,if he’s not good enough for them why should he good enough for us .

    1. Agree Dan kit, plus the claim that he needs better players around him, is the same one that has been argued against regarding MO.
      Our club should not be used as a convenient method to bring a player forward by the likes of Real Madrid, but if Mikel sees it differently, he will have my support.

      1. Have you seen the Burnleys defenders challenge tonight Ken ,(James tarkowski ),
        Have a look and tell me what Different it was to last nights red for Eddie .
        Something very fishy when it comes to our club and refereeing decisions.

        1. Hasn’t it always been the case though Dan?
          Even Jamie Redknapp says MA has a case and the challenge you refer to, is worse than Eddie’s last night in my opinion – there is no consistency whatsoever with our referees and Riley still insists they get 98% of major decisions right!!!

          1. Agreed Ken ,while it was a clumsy challenge form the young lad there was no malice to that at all ,and you then see mustafi face afterwards you wonder what do Var and our brilliant refs see that we obviously don’t ,that decision cost us 2 points last night that’s what pisses me off .
            Good thing though is that we looked pretty good again and it looks good going forward under Arteta.

        2. Dan.. I just saw that challenge online. Not only did he avoid red, var opted against checking it!! It beggars belief!!
          Dirty sod…

        3. If you can remember lo celso of spurs made a more serious challenge on azpilicueta.Was he sent off?nope.

  8. Cant control the midfield, can’t create chances consistently over the 90 minutes, has only produced maybe 4-5 good games for us? Let’s not be silly. He’s not worth 30mill Madrid would ask for if they were willing to go that low. We’ve had plenty of midfielders more talented than Ceballos and I’d rather us look in the market for a more permanent solution. Can’t be led on too much by a small handful of good games.

  9. He is young and has passion does have skill that our midfielders do not have can spin pass and dribble he will grow in a team where he is loved and plays I say do another loan I believe we will be on better shape next season and then he has had a season with us plus it will run a another year down on his contract with that the asking price my drop a little he won’t be getting games at Real next season so it makes sense for him to stay with us

    1. You are right Danny in a way , but we have only seen it for a handful of games this season ,I feel he is to slow for this league and would not take up any option to sign him permanently.
      He’s no better than what we have had In The last 10 years and that’s not the road we should be heading down .

  10. Why not listen to what the player is saying as in a direct quote?
    He sees his future at Real Madrid, not The Arsenal.
    So why should we entertain him for another season, until he gets his wish?
    Send him back at the end of the season and do one of three things:
    1. Incorporate AMN, Willock, ESR, all players who have our club in their blood.
    2. Invest in a better player via the transfer market, who wants to commit to our club.
    3. Trust that MA will get Ozil back on the boat and delay either of the two above.

    Does anyone believe Caballos would hesitate if Madrid asked him to return?

  11. I’m not sure if he is planning to stay but he was doing a great job in the last 3 games not to forget the first games In PL.

    Under MA he is improving massively, but if he is planning to stick around I’m sure he will be even better.

    As for the future, yes if he will cost less than Partey, otherwise I go for Kessie or Partey.

  12. I like Dani a lot. But I am not sure if he is the player we need right now. I am yet to convinced he has the strength or physicality to anchor the midfield.
    He is skilled but not very versatile and does not have the vision and two footed ability of the likes of Santi Cazorla or Cesc Fabregas. And finally how much will RM charge for his services…

  13. I am not impressed or convinced with Ceballos.
    Hit and miss for most of his time here.
    Looking back at the midfielders we have had for the past 20 years or so I don’t see much in him.
    May be he is more combative and a fighter compared but that is about it.

    1. Not impressed really. This is the the guy first season in england and he is far better than the other midfilder in the club by far.

  14. He has massive potential,he has been the stand out player for me since he has had a run in the side he is young talented has a great engine and his interception rate is good as well as his range of passing,Arteta is impressing me greatly with the improvement he is getting out of these players.

  15. My opinions has never changed a single bit.
    I know a good player when I see one ….
    He is Top Top quality…
    101% ceballos

  16. Not yet Avi but he is looking that good,I hope he stays and we can get him permanently.

  17. like what has been mentioned by a few here.
    he is technically playing out of position, hes and attacking player not a holding player but because we dont have a DM we have to play 3 CB’s to compensate for the lack of a DM.
    I like him, if we can get Partey and extend DC loan and get an option to buy along with it i think that would be great business

  18. Ceballos has really proved that with out ozil,he can do it even more better.he needs to stay

  19. We need a carzola like player player in mid and I am afraid Dani is far from it. We have no one in squad who can be classed any where near carzola, we need that control of Medfield again. Dani is a good option to have to come off the bench but not good enough to start that is if you are aiming to make it into champions League but I guess looking at comments from most ppl here I feel like we are all now use to being mid table team now and fans are hoping for us to some how turn out like ajiax lol!

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