Arsenal Debate – Danny who?

Danny Welbeck may soon become the forgotten man of Arsenal. No one will fault the supporters if they fail to recall the last time they saw the forward on the pitch. In fact, it may even stretch the memory of Welbeck to find his last match.

The England international has been out of action since April, when he suffered a knee injury. It kept him out of Arsenal’s FA Cup final a month later; and he’s been out ever since.

Before the pre-season, there was optimism that the talented forward would get fit by the start of the season. However, all that can now be thrown out of the window. His manager Arsene Wenger says that Welbeck is still “at least three weeks” away from game fitness.

“He’s not close,” said Wenger, speaking at his weekly press conference. “He’s not started full training, so I’d say at least three weeks from today.”

Welbeck joined the club from Manchester United with the mandate of playing more games. There was initial skepticism on the move because no one saw how he could upstage Olivier Giroud in the first team at Arsenal.

And the concerns were not entirely misplaced as a combination of lack of goals, Giroud and Alexis Sanchez resulted in Welbeck sliding down the pecking order. As such, this is an important season for him to prove that he can ably lead the line.

The injury will set him further back in Wenger’s plans. Theo Walcott has already been earmarked for a more central role this season. There is also talk about a move for the French striker Karim Benzema who is currently with Real Madrid.

It is a really frustrating time for Welbeck with his injuries. The least he can hope is to get fit as early as possible else run the risk of fast becoming the ‘forgotten man’ at the Emirates.

Ironically, England will miss Welbeck more than Arsenal. Welbeck is a key member for Roy Hodgson and the latest prognosis would rule him out of the European qualifiers against San Marino and Switzerland in September.

Will he be yet another Arsenal player that had loads of promise but simply faded away….

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  1. I dont even know why a manure reject plays at arsenal, but then, he is a better winger then Ramsey and Walcott on the wings.

      1. Indeed he is – thats why he scored 4 in the league, whereas Giroud scored 14. Yes indeed, Welbeck is a much better seatwarmer than Giroud.

      1. Why is that Fans must react as whenever you say something on this side that it has to be something personal?

        Welbeck is a better player on the wings bec.

        1.He is tall.
        2.He is strong.
        3.He can beat players with pace and dribblings.
        4.He is quit fast.
        5.Most important. He can defend.

        His Weak side. Like Gervinhio, his reactions are very slow. No football brain at all.

        Ramsey on the wings cant do half of the things Danny can. And so cant Walcott.

    1. Better than walcott on the wings? As a defender maybe, but then i would say Bellerin > Welbeck. In fact, Welbeck is “worst in slot” in every position he plays. Hell, even Akpom excites me more than Welbeck, and he’s only an up n’ coming guy.

  2. My expectations for this season are to avoid relegation and beat the spuds. I won’t fantasize about the pl and cl until wenger leaves our club and someone who actually wants to win is in charge.

  3. I hate the fans who jump on the bandwagon, if giroud scores, there’ll be some fans posting that we don’t need a striker. Stick to what you believe and don’t change because of a loss or win. Just like the posts on this site will be completely different.

  4. I am ashamed to say that Arsenal have some of the stupidest and most retarded and shallow fans in Europe. We lost one game out of many. And the Wenger out brigade is up and running again. **** off with all the bull**** can you?

    1. You Live in a peanut sized world where the same mistake is repeated over and over and Lessons aren’t Learnt

    2. Apparently it is YOU who has the memory of a goldfish, but somehow have the instinct we all had back in 2004 – Wenger knows best. Wenger is able to positively surprise me, but he’s not convinced me that he’s the best man for the job since… I honestly don’t remember…

      1. I’m with you on this, not sure about him anymore. Rumors has it that we tried to hijack Njie’s deal with Tottenham, but then he plays in a position that we have enough cover and to be honest , he’s not better than what we already have; Wenger says he’ll only buy players who will improve our squad, Pedro is better than Njie and will improve our squad but Wenger showed no interest, don’t get it.

    3. without wobs you wouldn’t have got alexis and ozil. its people like you that make wenger so powerful he even bigger than the club he can do whatever he wants nobody is gonna sack him.

      1. Absolute comedy gold. You must be on some crazy-sh**t hallucinogenic bender to even contemplate believing a single word of that.

  5. Shocking comments – “avoid relegation”, “killing our club”

    We’ve a great stadium, admired by neutrals for play, constantly finish in top 4, get into CL and past group stages and win the odd cup.

    Yes we would do better with more investment and decisiveness in the transfer market but let’s not get carried away- we’re the envy of most supporters, and believe it or not loads of Chelsea fans prefer Wenger to Mourinho.

    1. hahahahaha, Prefer Wenger to who? You must be living in fools paradise Buddie. You think fans care how much profit you make? how shrewd you involve in the transfer market?

      I don’t like Mouth-ihno but c’mon, He wouldn’t make Giroud a first team starter in a title game challenge. He always know what is needed and does what is necessary.

      1. Real Madrid fans hated Mourinho because his antics reflected badly on the club- it wasn’t all about trophies for them , the image and history of the club mattered.

        Man Utd wouldn’t give him the job for the same reasons.

        He’s dragging Chelsea through the muck now with his antics over the medical staff.

        I know loads of Chelsea fans who literally hate him because it’s all about him.

        So yes I want trophies but not at any price.

        1. @FT

          Image and history perhaps; easy to say with tons of silverware in trophy case. Real prob had to build new trophy case while Arsenal built new stadium and kept same small trophy case.

          2 FA cups back to back is nice, but if Wenger was at Real he would have been sacked because it’s not good enough. Until Arsenal raises standard and expectations I expect more FA cups, appetizers in CL and missing the meal, and a solid patent on 4th in PL.
          Until club loses money nothing will change. I’m not angry or even frustrated anymore. I love Arsenal and always have. I’ve lowered expectations for club and enjoy the beautiful football they play.
          Poets and passers baby, style replaces substance. William Blake smiles

        2. Wake up man, Madrid fans pushed Mourihno out because of his issue with Casillas and for losing everything to Barcelona after leading the league for so long.

          He killed the bragging rights of Madrid-stars. Give Wenger Real Madrid and watch him sell Bale and Varane to Barcelona and promote Martin Odengaard and Lucaz Vazquez to first team against Barcelona.

          Wenger only signs players that are supplus to requirements in their clubs that’s how he missed so many players (Hazard, Mata e-tal)

  6. Its a pity that Wenger went for a top top top player in the person of a reject in Manure. I laugh when i hear fans say we have a squad that can compete for the title…lol

    Welbeck will never make a bench in Chelsea, he wasn’t even a starter in Manure. yet wenger said he’s full of potentials… grrrrrr. anyway, I call my Team SANCHEZ FC.

  7. When you wait till the last day it’s a gamble
    You either get a WC player like Ozil or a player like Welbeck (both players were signed on last day of their respective transfer windows)

    I like Welbeck. He is a gunner after all. However, I’m Still confused why we got him when we need a Top quality striker. The £16 millon could have been used towards one. I suppose it has to do with him being English maybe or Wenger had a change of heart and Welbeck was the only striker available on last day.

    What made it even more confusing was Wenger saying that had he been in London rather than Rome on the last day, he would have got Welbeck on loan rather than purchase him. Quite interesting comment

    1. Again no disrespect to Welbeck. As long as he wears Arsenal kit, he is a Gunner and got my respect. Also, his goal against United last season is legendary lol. Awesome way to knock United out of fa cup at Old Trafford lol

      Oh and great assist by Valencia lol 🙂

    1. I hope that’s a joke lol

      Seriously, Giroud has slightly better stats

      Last two seasons:

      Giroud: 30 PL goals from 63 app. And 41 total goals from 87 apps (remember Giroud was out injured for 3-4 months last season)

      Lukaku: 25 PL goals from 67 app And 36 total goals from 81 apps.

      1. Lukaku is good but neither Lukaku or Giroud are world class

        Maybe you were thinking of another name beginning with “L” like Lewandowski lol

  8. Plz confirmed: There is a rumors that Arsenal and Real Madrid have agreed fee of £45.8M for Benzema. And there will be some breaking news on or before Wednesday, August 19, 2015. Can someone confirmed this plz?

    1. Well, according to Giulianelli (Italian journalist) we are definitely close to getting him.

      According to Muzzi Oscan (a football agent) we are 100% not getting him.

      Honestly, only Wenger can confirm anything, so we need to wait I’m afraid, sorry.

  9. Arsenal is very keen on Gotze in replacement for Thomas Rosicky. So many ongoing transfer discussion at the moment!

  10. Welbeck was a good enough back up player for Ferguson and the kid has more medals than most of our senior players…good enough credentials?

    If not just look at his recent England stats.

    I am not implying he should be our main striker but only that he is a solid squad player.

    1. On the money No.10 – a perfect summarisation, agree 100%. He needs to be judged atm as a squad player, no more no less.

  11. I donno what football you guys are watching, I was upset with that buy. Welbeck is not good enoough to be bought at that time, Arsenal was in a transition and real class signings should be made from now on. PS Giroud is better than welbeck.

  12. If Wenger dont act fast we will end up buying last min average players…God how much time do he need to realise that our team is not yet ready for the title fight…
    During transfers he acts like he can win titles without wc players…

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