Arsenal Debate – Debuchy v Chambers at right-back?

Should we persist with Debuchy or bring in Chambers? by KJ

We signed Mathieu Debuchy fairly early in the transfer window and it a pretty underwhelming signing for me. We had a top class defensive right back and now we’ve gone to someone who’s only real experience at the top level was a couple of years ago in the Champions League at Lille.

Some may mention the fact that he starts for France and played in the World Cup but I think that’s a slightly different platform. The way teams attack in international football is extremely conservative and players are rarely defensively caught out because of it.

Debuchy for me hasn’t started this season strongly at all and it’s clear that with his age, unless he turns out to be an absolute top class player, he will be replaced within 2-3 years. He’s a stop-gap signing. But what happens if he fails to adjust? The only experienced (if you can call it that) back up defender we have that can play right back is Callum Chambers. Do we replace Debuchy for Chambers if he fails to live up to the expectations put on him by Wenger?

For me, it’s a no. Wenger has failed to bring in a back-up centre back and as a result, it has completely inhibited any possibility of us rotating players efficiently or replacing players who are going through bad form. Chambers will only be used when injuries arise or if someone is suspended. It is too risky to start him over Debuchy because an injury to Chambers makes it extremely risk for us at the back, especially considering how injury prone Koscielny is at times.

This article isn’t about fear mongering and I do expect Debuchy to improve as he gets to know the dynamics of this team a bit better. But Wenger has left no margin for error at all and we will have no room for rotations because of the lack of depth at the back.

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  1. Debuchy we definitely need chambers centrally with our lack of depth he shouldn’t even touch right back let bellerin fill in a few for Debuchy when he needs a rest. Debuchy has been fine and will improve throughout the season as he adjusts to our system

  2. Bellerin should start to be phased in at right back. Calum Chambers should be slowly introduced as one of our starting centre backs over the next few seasons.

    1. if you saw Chambers play for Southampton, hes just as solid a RB as he is a CB. I believe Debuchy will be out for Dortmund match because of his RC. I’d rather have Chambers at RB than Bellerin right now, simply because we know Chambers is already prepared for the big games, and is solid at fullback. Bellerin great going forward, but we still have yet to see him do much defending, especially against talents that Dortmund have. I agree that Bellerin needs to get more game time and be slowly introduced into the side though. I can see him as a starter in the near future.

      1. I’d rather have Bellerin at Right back and Chambers at DM. A defensive side? Yes – We’ll be playing away at Dortmund! They’re lethal at home, just ask Real Madrid. We were lucky to win there last year, let’s hope to win again. Looks like Reus agitated the ankle injury he had in the game against Scotland tonight, he may be one of my favourite players but I hope that means he’s out for Arsenal vs Dortmund – we need to win the group this year, no more Round of 16 exits!

        1. Well said.
          Wenger said that he sees Chambers at DM, why wait?
          The guy is fearless and confident, play him at DM now.

          We need to be changing tactics and not be the same old Arsenal every time we play.
          You just know that the Dortmund coaching team will be saying ‘OK target the slow guys in the team, Arteta’s legs are gone, put 2 fast players on him and we can break their midfield.’
          Not exactly rocket science Wenger, make it so!

          1. I agree. Lets get on with it and see what the lad can do there. There is plenty of anger on here regarding Wenger not buying a CDM – but it is perfectly possible that Wenger thinks he has! And before the shouts go up about too young etc the clamour was for Carvalho who whilst a couple of years older than CC has not much more club experience and arguably in a lesser league. Nearly all the other names linked to us were doing a job in that position at the age of 20 and less. If it fails then so be it, Wenger has screwed up – if it works then maybe a few apologies needed in Wenger’s direction but won’t hold my breath.

  3. This article is being a little unfair to debuchy.he has been solid so far and will improve as time goes.will stick with debuchy.chambers is needed as cb.I think debuchy is the perfect replacement for sanga is getting old.let’s see how many appearances he makes for shitty

    1. How is debuchy perfect replacement on sagna? I dnt no weathe u watch differnt arsenal game to me sagna is far better than him

  4. What is it with Chambers ? The kid is good, better than everyone thought, but he makes a lot of mistakes and he’s not ready to start for Arsenal. Do you remember how he went down to tackle Lukaku on the half-way line ? I do. And I remember what happened next too …

    For me, Debuchy is one of the best right-backs in the BPL, along with Zabaleta, Coleman and Ivanovic. I’ve watched him for years, for Newcastle, Lille and in the NT, and right now he’s at his best. Sagna can’t get a game with les Bleus since 2012 because of this guy … he’s good, trust me. And at 12M£, he’s a bargain.

    1. I agree to a degree but CC is a LOT better than everyone thought. And show me a defender who doesn’t make mistakes – they hardly ever get noticed for the decent things they do. Am pretty sure he will have learnt some pretty big lessons in his first half-dozen games and am confidant he will not be repeating them again any time soon. MD V BS – all personal opinion but I agree with you, MD is a clear upgrade on BS.

  5. I have no problem with debuchy at RB the guy has been good and solid! Lets get behind him and support the team! Coyg!

  6. Bellerin looks a more natural FB, than Chambers, who is more a CB/CDM.
    As for makes a lot of mistakes, NO he does not, and the ones he does are a learning process for a 19 year old star of the future.
    Like BFG, Kos, Verm, Terry, Cahill and ALL CB and FBs NEVER make mistakes, and they have years of experience behind them.
    Sense a little lack of respect from the poster for Debauchy. As said he IS the French no 1, and as a FB is always my choice over Callum.

  7. Debuchy should always be our first choice right back.
    Chambers can cover at RB if he is not around.
    Chambers should sort out other areas where we are short, like CB or even DMF

    1. I actually think he’d be a great holding midfielder – intelligent, reads the game well and has good positioning, strong, relatively big with decent pace, good stamina, good in the air, confident on the ball and able to go forward with it and hold off other players. Has everything that he could need to play there. A little inexperienced diving into challenges where he shouldn’t on occasion, but he’s 19, those mistakes will disappear as he develops. Hopefully him and Wilshere will be the future England midfield, I don’t rate Henderson very highly..

      Just a shame that we don’t have that 4th centre back, I’d feel confident playing him there if we had other back up for Koscielny and Mertesacker, but playing all three really exposes us to an injury crisis.

  8. Our back nine are all sound.
    We need one more CB though.
    A young free agent like
    Sol Campbell 39 Fabio Cannavaro 40
    Tony Adams 47 Steve Bould 51
    Franz Beckenbauer 68 Jack Charlton 79.
    Billy Wright died 1994.
    I think Wenger will sign Wright
    because Wright’s wages will be minimal 🙂

  9. It always will be Debuchy vs Bellerin not Chambers.
    I think after three years of service, when Debuchy finally leaves, Bellerin will be 22ish and ready to crank it up. Gibbs was 22 when he was a regular 1st team starter.

    But if Wenger had plans for Jenkinson, than Bellerin may have to wait it out a bit more.

  10. Debuchy didnt start as badly as this author want us to believe, so far he looks like is better going forward and very comfortable with his one on one and aerial duel than Sagna. I think we also made a blunder by sending out Jenkinson on loan as well as by selling Miquel but who cares…we have a young Isaac!

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