Arsenal Debate – Do we STILL need Morgan Schneiderlin this summer?

The ongoing Morgan Schneiderlin to Arsenal transfer rumour shows no signs of going away any time soon. We have been linked with the Southampton star since the summer and it has been mentioned again today but is our urgency to bring in a top class defensive midfielder still valid?

The re-emergence of Francis Coquelin has negated the calls from Arsenal fans to buy a young hardman to be first-choice, and Mathieu Flamini can still do a job against the lesser teams. We all know our captain Mikel Arteta has also been given a one-year contract extension, and surely Wenger wouldn’t have re-signed him if he didn’t think he would play regularly when he comes back from injury.

Schneiderlin has obviously been very important to a Southampton side that has definitely overperformed with him in the side, and his stats show him as one of, if not THE, best DMs in the Premiership, so he will definitely improve our side if he was to play alongside Coquelin, but would we really like to relegate Le Coq to the bench if the Frenchman arrived in the summer?

The Gunners have also been continuously linked with other DMs like Ilkay Gundogan, Lars Bender and his brother as well as Schneiderlin, but seriously, do we really NEED another defensive midfielder this summer?

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    1. yes we definitely need schneidelin-

      @mcween stop it- its not his fault YOU don’t understand putting emphasis in words.

      1. Martinez is the best option.. Schneiderlin is the worst option because he’s the same age as Coquelin. Martinez is a lot more experienced and older and therefore won’t hinder le Coq’s development.

    2. @mcween……… Haven’t you already been warned by the Admin?…… There are others ways to become famous than stepping on toes

    3. One problem i have with some fans is that every season an average player steps up his game before the season ends with some good form in major positions that need to be upgraded and all of s sudden all the fans and the manager take a hike to another planet and start comparing them to some of the best players that have ever played what we call soccer. Lat season we all knew Giroud was poor and now that he has scored some few goals, all of a sudden he is the new Henry and we dont need another striker. some on here even went on to say lewondwsky is average. And then wen everyone and all animals on this planet were saying we need Veira and Gilberto type of players in our central some on here said Ramsey and Wilshere can become our veira and Gilbto irrespective of their glass bodies.
      Its still very clear that we need a Gilberto and veira in the central midfield and good striker to win the PL but almost everyone has taken a flight to Mars. If Wenger does not strengthen our central Midfield and striking in summer because some of the fans dont want to see their players benched, i will be much disappointed. Really hate the thought of seeing us parking the bus. Teams need to park the bus against us. I stiill suggest that we upgrade our central midfield with 2 tall fighters and an striker. And please if any plays badly then he just needs to be bench. Their should be no automatic place for any players. This is not Hollywood

  1. Wow there’s still people that need confirmation that Schneiderlin is an absolute beast.
    Anyone here that would take Arteta over Schneiderlin feel free to thumb this down.

    1. Why do you want a player of the same age competing with your player of the future ? Wenger should go for an older DM with more experience so Coquelin has someone to learn from.

  2. Dont know if we need MS specifically but we need a world class CDM thats for sure. If we are to chalenge for PL and Europe next season we need to have to solid options at least for each position. Also I dnt consider Coq to be a proven CDM yet. For all we know he could be like Ramsey next season. We cant afford to take a chance for a position which has been at the heart of all our miseries. MS or someone else, We need a solid reinforcement. Period.

  3. Is this a rhetorical question? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Arteta is decent, however he is old and only has 1-2 years in him. Flamini, while an outstanding addition, it’s only because he was on a free. He is a decent squad player for a select few teams. With that being said, why settle for using a squad player when you can add a top class player instead? For parts of the season, we play 2-3 games per week, all of which matter. We’ve had a few times where we have played 4 games in 10 days before!

    What happens if Coquelin gets injured at a busy time? Are we going to start Flamini or Arteta, or would we rather be able to start Schneiderlin? What if we want to play like Chelsea and sit Schneiderlin and Coquelin side by side and break with Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott and Sanchez? Chelsea will do with from time to time with Matic and Ramirez sitting behind Fabregas. I may be mistaken, but isn’t that precisely how they lined up when they beat us earlier this season?

    For me, it’s simple. Purchase Schneiderlin, keep Coquelin, keep Krystian Bielik and keep Arteta. I appreciate everything that he has done since coming back for free however Flamini must either go, or accept that he’s only here for his experience and not for his ability on the pitch.

  4. This is a question that will lack an answer till the end of the season. Dont get me wrong, we do need another dm thats capable but do we still need a star dm where we potentially have one? Lemme put it this way would you spend 30m plus on a position we currently have a great option?

  5. Yes we do! To add that much needed steel, le coq has been doing a great job, but what if he picks up a serious injury? Schneiderin, gundpgan or kondogbia would do us fine! Coyg!

  6. we don’t need anyone to fight for fourth place
    We have enough quality

    If we want to challenge for first, we should get a WC striker and top DM like Schneiderlin

    It’s all about ambition and getting MORE than you need. For example, Mourinho didn’t need Cuadrado do win the PL but he got him to increase his chances. Mourinho didn’t really NEED fabregas with Oscar and Willain but got Fabregas because he was better and new that Fabregas-hazard- Costa connection would be world beaters

    I hate Mourinho. He is a smug, rude jerk. However, boy he knows How to build a trophy winning team

    1. That is the million dollar question, and surprisingly I think that Arsenal will continue to build on the momentum of the last two summer transfer windows.

      At DM, I think either MS or MG(Lyon) will be arriving and hope that Wenger adds either Fabian Schar or another young, capped central defender that wont break the bank.

      A WC class striker is without question a necessity, but a very expensive one. Is AW really willing to splash a kings ransom on Cavani, Martinez, Dybala, Higuain, etc? Signing one of the above, along with MS and maybe FS would require nearly a 60-100M investment. Maybe a touch ambitious.

  7. Yes,would prefer MS though I see him as a Le coq type.let’s do this in the summer..
    Release and sale the followings
    Wellington Silva,Ryo,Sanogo,Flamin,Campbell(insert buy back clause),Podolsik,Jon Toral
    Promote- Hayden and Zelalem
    Give more game time to them and Akpom,Gnabry,Bielik,Niles-Maitland
    Sign- Marco Verrat(if available or Scheinederlin),Dybala and another attacking CM to cover for aging Rosicky and Arteta(who should remain to guide youth and provide their experiences when needed).
    Very relaxed for today’s game as am certain(no compacence) we are going to smash CP.COYG

  8. As long as Chelsea is infront of us to 15 points or something we need every man who can help us to beat them in the upcoming years.

  9. We won’t get Schneiderlin. Arsene won’t feel a need to buy him. He already has Bielik and Chambers waiting in the wings for his DM position. Coq, Arteta and Flamini are going to be filling it in the meantime. That’s his plan. It doesn’t involve Schneiderlin.

  10. I take it the person who wrote this article hasn’t been watching Arsenal this season, and has forgot our poor record against tough opponents. Only two wins in domestic compition all season is pathetic! ManC win was great, and the only other win was against Southampton when we could only beat them in the 89th min once they were down to ten men.

  11. i agree with@vijaygunner schneiderlin,maxime gonalon,or one of the benders brother would be a great addition may be pogba if he comes knocking on wenger,s door!!but maxime gonalon recently declared that he wanted to captain Lyon when they move to their new stadium!!by the way do you think i,m deluded like my friend says for thinking that arsenal is once again an attractive destination for top quality players even world class players,who wouldn,t want to play with sanchez,ozil,carzorla,rosicki,koscielny,i even put walcott,giroud plus our young exciting players!!do you agree??

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