Arsenal Debate – Great start but we STILL need a striker

One by one those Arsenal hoodoos start to break‏ by KM

Community Shield banter! We won back-to-back super cups or whichever way you’d like to call this preseason opener. You’d see various opinions on whether how much it matters, but it’s a win that finally breaks one statistic. Wenger has a win against Mourinho.

Whichever way you take it, it did matter. The Chelsea players were not happy to lose and their faces couldn’t hide the disappointment. You can bet Mourinho really wanted to take another swipe at Arsene and didn’t fail to do so by stating that we “abandoned our philosophy in the dressing room”.

I think the whole story is a bit childish from two managers aged above 50 with some of the highest salaries in the world. Regardless, it was refreshing to see Arsenal not go out with all guns blazing hoping to outscore them. We let them have possession at large portions of the game and neutralized their attempts to break us.

It was a game of two teams still a bit short of full match fitness. The game will be remembered by a few nasty misses and an excellent goal from the Ox. As I mentioned before, he is having a make or break season. If he stays fit, he’ll be giving Wenger a starting XI headache.

Chambo is one of the few players in our squad who can take a player one on one like he did with Azpilicueta and make room for a shot, or dribble past someone. With him and Alexis we can be really dangerous on the flanks. Cazorla started on the left yesterday and he was really struggling and missed a great one on one with the keeper.

It was nice to see Cech in goal and the Czech international was eager to prove that he’s still got it. The way the line of the defense was pulled away from goal on free kicks was interesting. He also made a couple of nice saves. Mertesacker immediately after the game talked about the calmness that Cech brings to the whole performance of the defense.

So what does this preseason say? We won a bunch of friendly trophies, hammered some teams, squeezed past others, but at the end of the day we bombed City 3:0 last year and still had a horrific start. My biggest worry is that those results might convince Wenger that we don’t need any more signings but in truth, one or two more and we’ll be true title challengers.

We have a huge squad. Alexis, Wilshere and Welbeck were not in the squad yesterday, and we still had a dilemma between Giroud and Walcott. Both failed to impress me in reality. Walcott lacks any sort of physical presence and Giroud missed a good chance. Having a big squad is not a problem, it’s a solution to those times when you need to rotate, something Wenger doesn’t like to do a lot.

So this year, we won the FA cup, won at both Manchester clubs and we’ve registered a win against Mourinho’s Chelsea. It’d be a real shame if we don’t add that world class striker (hi Benzema!). It’s about time we show consistency over the whole season. We need a strong start. West Ham shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s that. have a fine week mocking those Chelsea fans.


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    1. Oh please… How many bad games has Giroud had upfront? I can’t count, but sometimes he does reaLly well. On Sunday, Walcott was not at his best but he had some level of influence that helped us. That’s just one game, Budd.

      1. I am not judging by this game. If anything, I believe Walcott was pretty good upfront but since his only trick is speed all three Ivanovic, Cahill and Terry knew they have to sit deep. Only once was Walcott able to be free on the left side from Ivanovic but in order for him to actually use the ball he had to come in the middle third from where he came to give the pass to OX.
        Walcott on the right flank is something totally different, a joy to watch. I believe that also the left flank is something good for him but there Sanchez is the owner. You can use Walcott as a striker against teams pressing up. If they stay deep and defend you better use Walcott on the flanks and call in Giroud the bulldozer so that he can drag one or two with him. Not a great striker but he does perfectly this.

        1. Giroud wrestling shakiras techniques are in effective against Terry and other good defenders aswell. At least Theo, with some luck, can out run others if the moment is right, and he can shoot the ball the way that it can be end up in the goal and not far away where the fans stand.

          Giroud is not a Bulldozer. He will never outmuscle the likes of Terry. Never has and never will. Learn from the past or die stupid.

            1. No need to fack your self over with deluded thinking. 25 minutes in the pitch do not justify 3 years of him being around.

              Chelsea can only be beaten by scoring first against them. They cant play football, and they where more in a hurry to equalize in the game. This made them open up more. Bec of this your fanboish brain made you think that Giroud somehow is having a great game. lol.

              1. Running out of arguments I see. Chelsea got beaten by Atletico after they scored first so your point is moot. I did not said Giroud had a great game, I have said that the team had more chances after he came in. You should spend some time reading what other people actually post. Gives you the edge you know. Being informed and all that.

                1. @ Ks -Gunner

                  Your comments are full of $hit , read and understand other people’s comments . No need to use foul words. Everyone has there own opinion against each player .

    2. Totally agree, Giroud is far and away our best option at CF. Yet while both Giroud and Theo offer quality and variety, none have that extra 5% genuine match-winners have.

      Benz or similar would totally transform our attacking potency, not necessarily in sheer volume of goals; but absolutely in terms of game winning potential. No ST we have can win a game single handedly, add someone who can and we’re laughing.

      1. Everyday isn’t Christmas for a striker, but Walcot has scored more goals in a single game upfront than Giroud has. I agree they both have varying level of influence upfront, but I think Walcott brings that turbo to our game as a striker.

        1. OK, so you are ready to forgive Walcott who actually never had a cracking game as lone striker but you are quick to dismiss Giroud for the same reasons. People are weird.

        2. How is that even an argument? Giroud offers more as a CF than Theo in terms of characteristics, Theo has good movement and can finish….but when he’s nullified he offers nothing – Giroud will at the very least provide a target for others to play off of.

          Scoring more in 1 game is a ridiculous way to equate who’s a better CF, it’s completely irrelevant. Like saying Fabregas is the best playmaker in the league because this one time he got 4 assists in one match.

      2. Remember Robin Van Persie? He cool win us games singlehanded. He just need one chance and the ball went in. We need someone like him!

      3. Have to agree there champaign Charlie it’s an argument we’ve both been putting over all season long I get the impression that Benzene won’t come and Wenger will say “we tried” when all along it was never a position ility a bit like the Suarez dibarcle two seasons ago that was a non starter as well

    3. Budd… friend… I can understand your feelings….but looking at the recent rumors….I don’t see a world class striker coming in..not until the deadline day (if Wenger decides to surprise us all again) ….. but we do need a proven quality if we have to win the league. Walcott should not be judged based on one performance…..but he will be a better option than Welbeck and Giroud…. Just wait and see…..because he can create space behind him…. don’t forget chelsea have the best CB pair in the league….. (I am saying pair ..ha…not don’t mind)….still he was not marked for the assist he provided…..Giroud again showed us that he can go in crucial positions and then miss golden chances. and he was playing against a defense which got tired at the end of the match tracking Walcott and Chambo..So it is difficult to say he is better than Walcott……Lets not fight on Giroud and Walcott…as they have different styles altogether, but I am optimistic for both of them that they will score plenty for us this season whether a new striker comes in or not…..because we need them to score…to win the league….

      1. But you don’t read what I wrote. I am 100% Walcott can create these spaces but not against team defending deep. Remember Swansea? Remember Sunderland? Remember when he plays for England ? How many goals we have scored? How is this based on one game performance ? I don’t even say he should not play against very defensive teams, I say play him, just not in front because it will be the same. Not long ago this site was outraged by Walcott lack of goals and now he’s the new Messiah. I would say now it is going to be even more difficult for him to get in the first team. Ox looks the deal on the right and guess what, he does dribble, he shoots with both left and right, he defends (granted he must learn more discipline but at least you see him chasing the ball). Left is going to be Sanchez unless he’s having some form issues (which I highly doubt, this guy is really incredible). I stand for what I say, Giroud is 10x the man when leading the lines. He does not have real competition in this current squad. Which is bad.

        1. Its good that you stand for what you say…….. I will not contradict it for the sake of it…… May be you are right, but we all have seen Giroud, after departure of the little boy (Van Per$ie) as our main man upfront…. But I have never felt like …yes …we have him in the decisive matches, against bigger opponents…. which I used to feel for the earlier strikers like Henry, Eduardo, Van Per$ie….. See I am not a Chelsea or Man U or City fan ….all I want is Arsenal to Win the league this season….and if Giroud does that for me …its great… but honestly do we see that happening…?? …. for Walcott… its more or less the same…. but I am just hoping for a miracle to happen….and he becoming a regular goal scorer as he did at the end of the last season….. But we do need a new signing…in that position…or else..pray for miracles….

    4. The Ox at this rate n Sanchez back with a bang then that leathal striker clubs shud start considering leaving 4another league

  1. Imagine: leCoq gets injured, wilshere injured as now, and we’ll play at Nou Camp in CL.Well we would be f…d up. And if we want to win big this season we need a striker as well… at the moment i couldn’t imagine we buy two top class palyers.. we just have this benzema rumor like every season with another players (mvila, higuain etc..). Even no rumors about new DM.. this team is a VERY class core, why not add 2 really good players and win everything? It could be a season that makes a huge profit aswell so .. sure not I’m the only one here who is getting impatient now.. 😀 (or as we say in Hungary: Im sitting in needles) COYG!

    1. Every time I look at Le Cock, I’m just proud of him. What a strong figure he is in that midfield for us!!! Strong and powerful!! Great job, Cock!!! Great job!!!

      1. Its sad how excited you get at writing “cock” everytime you comment about him, like a child swearing out of his parents earshot. Sexual innuendo…we get it, oh so clever.

  2. I’ll sound like Arsene, but he’s right – we should only buy if the right player is available. Don’t even bother repeating Piers Morgan’s trash in saying bid £65m for Benzmema, because he does not represent that kind of value. Cavani & Ibrahimovic are integral icons @ PSG, so they wont let go. Lewandowski is Bayern’s main striker, so hop off that train. Reus has clearly dedicated himself to BvB, if he was available make no doubt of it, RM would drop a £50m bid on him. Those for me are the only players who are worthy of being purchased and said to be an ‘upgrade’ on OG. A DM backup is more attainable, and until the right striker (if any) become available, we should probably focus more on that.

    1. I quite agree; if we cannot get the likes of Lew, Benz and Reus, then let’s just not bother much.

    2. I do love the “value” line, is there some award at the end of the year for most reasonably valued transfer I’m not aware of?

      Who are you to decide what represents “value”? Was Bale value at 86mil? It wasn’t relevant, Real wanted Bale and that’s the price they had to pay Spurs for him. Of Arsenal want Benz or anyone else along this lines they’ll have to pay what’s demanded.

      Cut your nose off at price if you so desire, but then explain to the fans, who pay the highest ticket price in Europe, that despite a player being identified as someone who WILL improve us we decided not to buy him cos he was a tad pricey.

      1. Yea, let’s go out and play football manager and slap £80m on Benzema, because f*** economics it has nothing to do with football. Real Madrid’s valuation for Bale @ £86m is more reasonable then say Benzema at anything above £45m. One is 5 years younger, has shown potential to be one of the world’s best and knocks in just as many on the wing as the other does playing at CF. The other has hit his prime and is slowly on the decline and has around 3 years of ‘top’ football left in him.

        If Real are asking for more than £50m they’re trying to play us for idiots. Of course it will be Champagne Charlie who will take the flak of the fans if said transfer flops, oh wait no – you’d probably end up on the Wenger out bandwagon calling for his head.

        1. Panties twisted? Nobody is saying go splurge a stupid figure just because, I’m saying pay what’s necessary if you can afford it. Whether that’s 40mil or 60mil it matters very little other than being the difference between getting the player earmarked to make an improvement or not.

          You’d rather sit and speculate Benz isn’t ‘value’ and be happy with money in the bank. I’d rather a player in the team who can make a big difference. If you’re going to chuck your toys out the pram about players with big price tags then why bother getting any ever? Some don’t work out (di maria), but how many are questioning United’s ambition in buying him? Then tell me how many would question their ambition at baulking at a price they can afford…

          Then again you genuinely think Benz is in decline at 27 ? funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

          1. Benzema peaked long ago back in 2011, now days he does not warrant a £65m price tag that’s for sure. Yes I’d rather have £65m kept in the bank for a more worthy transfer if need be rather than splashing it out on any random player for the sake of having a big ‘name’ in our side. I don’t dispute his quality, but he’s 28 in a few months, and his goal tally has been dropping.

            Who questioned United’s ambition? Who gives a flying monkey? Even when he was doing well UTD were playing s***. Who’s got the egg splattered all over his face now that he’s flopped? United fans have come to the conclusion that this has been the worst transfer in their history. Need I say more?

            The reason you have to be selective with high priced transfers is because you’re left with a problem if they fail. Of course we will have to pay over the odds, but not by a ridiculous sum. £45m is over the odds for Benzema as it is, bid £65m and you’re essentially paying twice his true value. This isn’t a case of if we don’t spend the money this year that’s it the money goes in Kroenke’s account, the money accumulates and when the right player (for a not so ridiculous price) is available you go for it.

      2. ADD to that fact that we have the money to spend so why skimp when we don’t need to who cares if Benzema is over priced? If it means the difference between having a complete squad and competing or an incomplete squad and not,why wod you go for the second option? To save 20 million? If we DON’T win something significant this season there are players who are going to look at going elsewhere and who can blame them and you guys say Benzene isn’t worth the money? Really where do you get your sense from ? Of course he’s worth it. Not just for his skill but also as a statement of intent and as a fear factor player . You mugs think the same way as the board and this is the reason we WON’T win anything this season because we don’t have the intent and the club is skinflint in its mentality. Which you lot justify

    1. As much as I would love him @ Arsenal, Pastore is more likely to pave his starting spot.
      They play a 4-3-3 so their front 6 will look something like this:

      Di Maria – Ibra – Cavani
      Veratti – Motta – Matuidi

  3. Akpom going on loan to Hull?
    Welbeck not convincing as a loan centre forward.
    Walcott better as a winger or one of two strikers in a 442, (which we don’t often use).
    Giroud our best option.

    Yes we need a striker, my preference with who we may be able to sign is Lewandoski, (need to bid high though).

    As a fall back I wouldn’t mind Chicarito at all though I’m sure MU wouldn’t sell to us.

    Wenger hopefully is now realising how over inflated the market is and the prices everyone is forced to pay – David Luiz 50m, Raheem Sterling 50m, Torres 50m, Andy Carrol 35m!
    It’s going to take a >40m bid to get an upgrade.

  4. On the DM position just sign Lee Cattermole, No brainer for me he’s a tough tackling warrior!
    Not a pretty enough plaayer for Arsene though 🙁

    Market value – 2.45m!

    1. @Ronny331
      I said this awhile back. Cattermole would be an ideal backup for Le Coq. Dude is disciplined enough to stay put in the “policeman” role plus he’s tough…
      We got enough “pretty” players. We need more scrappers…

      1. Good god you’re actually serious :/

        Have some standards ffs. Lee Cattermole? Are you new to Arsenal?

  5. If I read one more time ……. “but we still need a new striker” I will heave.

    Yes is it the nearly universal opinion among Arsenal fans but so what. Saying it another 100,000 times won’t make it more true or more popular.


  6. Walcott cannot work as a lone striker unless we’re playing fast counter attacks. I would rather play Giroud or Danny than him. The likes of Shwacross, Terry, Jagielka, Cahill, Kompany, Vertongehn and even Jones or Smalling can bully him there.

    1. Can you to define ‘bully” in this football sense? I think you are applying Chelsea’s overall defending ability and system to other teams with one of two good defenders and automatically assuming they will be able to contain Walcott in much the same way. They won’t; many of them don’t have the same ability and the ones that do don’t have the same defensive cohesion or system to make it work.

  7. We have enough goal scorers.
    Prefer another play maker
    like Ozil who needs cover.
    Cazorla plays deeper these days while
    Rosicky and Wilshere battle injury and form.
    Crowley any one?

  8. I think Walcott and Giroud is a very good combination; they are exact opposites in almost every sense. This means that we always have a sub that will completely change the game’s dynamic which is exactly what you want in a sub. People are really worried about the top teams but ultimately against the top teams it’s more about the overall performance and we are showing that our team as a complete unit is now up with the best.

  9. We may get a secret weapon
    I’ve heard rumours that Lord Harris and Lord Bendtner had tea at his Manor the weekend he came to London. Lord Bendtner may be persuaded to come back if salary is near £200,000 per week

    Fingers crossed

  10. Ok for all Benzema fans and lovers, it has been confirmed by both parties, that neither we are in for him(Wenger) nor he will leave Madrid(Benitez). So (until any twist in the story occurs), if some of fans are still recommending Wenger to get Benzema, I will assume that they are just being childish and impatient.

    1. Ozil said the same thing. I am not eager for Benz. 50m is facking to much. Should have try to go for Benteke.

      He will out score Giroud with ease at Liverpool.

  11. obviously the frog is incapable of spotting out and out goalscorers…our horrendous list of imported strikers over last decade is proof enough of its all about finding better attacking options dont understand why he doesnt put in big bids for reus or griezman…with sanchez and some combo of giroud walcott or ox that could offer all kind of options to creative midfield…or at least bring in drexler and push him further forward he has the right physique and skill set to be a dangerous attacking force…as it is is another 3rd or 4th place looks likeliest outcome

  12. Both teams lacking match fitness? such cliche nonsense!

    Forget Benzema, We need Harry Kane, Hes young English and hes not even at his best yet, Now that would be the buy of the season, its exactly what we’ve need for ages, a super goal keeper and super striker! We have one, now get the other Wenger.

    Plus it would be sweet music to my ears to hear the spurs fans boo Harry in a Arsenal shirt 🙂

    On another note, How delicious was it to see Mourinho looking all glum after his beating in the CC, Yummy, Please sir can i have some more

    1. Yes.. Kane will be great..
      We bought players from Madrid.. Barca.. MU.. and Chelsea.. We must bring one from City.. PSG.. Muenchen also.. Hahaha..
      Edin Dzeko is also avaliable for cheap.. And he will be great buy for me.. Hehehe..

  13. Unless otherwise we get a reliable striker, I think it is better to use our current strikers depending on the oppositions’ approach. For an open games, Walcott is good enough to tear apart and pass defenders. For a games which requires physical presence and good linkup, Giroud will be siutable to lead the front side. Moreover, Welbeck is available to suite both cases.

  14. @champagnecharlie – 10.46.
    Have some standards am I new to Arsenal?
    No been a fan and well informed follower for >30 years.
    You saying have some standards, we are Arsenal!
    Sound so arrogant, you are in danger of sounding like a MU fan!

    The Coquelin role played simply i.e turn the ball over and recycle it would be ideal for Cattermole.
    Guess he’s not a big enough or foreign enough name for you, ‘what a Charlie’.

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