Arsenal Debate – Has Joel Campbell forced the Ox onto the bench?

Where Joel Campbell Has The Edge Over The Ox! by AT

As Arsenal went into the game against Bournemouth on Monday in the midst of a tight Christmas schedule, the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger chose to rest a few players. Among those who came into the starting eleven was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who had a good game on the flanks as the Gunners eased past Bournemouth to bounce back from the defeat to Southampton.

After being handed a rare start at the Emirates, the Englishman produced a solid performance and displayed powerful running and great physical strength to be an effective part of the Gunners attack. But as is the case very often, Chamberlain was once again guilty of bad decision-making on a few occasions and showed once again that he needs work on his final ball and on the technical aspects of his game.

For me, this is where Joel Campbell has the edge over the Ox. Now while the Costa Rican also tends to show poor decision-making, he is technically superior to Alex, as we can see by his close-range passing, first touch and deliveries into the box. In addition, he’s not bad with his acceleration and ability to go past defenders either!

But with that being said, these are all aspects that Chambo can definitely improve on. Clearly, he has no problems running at and getting past defenders, it’s what he does after that that is the problem. Surely, with his raw pace and physical strength, he can be a lot more effective should he be able to improve on those aspects of his game.

But for now, I think Campbell is ahead of him in the pecking order for wingers, and rightfully so! But Chamberlain will surely get more opportunities with Premier League games coming thick and fast and the FA Cup coming up as well. Here’s hoping that the English international can seize those imminent opportunities and stride towards becoming the player we all know he can be.


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  1. Neither is the finished
    article. But they have
    enough skill to get by.
    They are squad players.
    It is right now with a pile
    of injuries that these squaddies have to step up
    and fill in till Sanchez, Cazorla and Wellbeck return.
    It’s the role players like Arteta and Rosicky
    are retained for but unfortunately they are injured a lot.
    The boss has even turned to Iwobi. So far so good.
    9-10 starts and 9-10 subs and that’s their season
    but they perform a vital role none the less.

    1. Campbell is starting to develop Sanchez’s mentality though, and all he needs is to get a goal and his confidence will be through the roof. A confident Campbell can be top class. In addition, he’s a winger while Chambo is a midfielder playing on the wing, they won’t be playing the same position in the future but they’re currently fighting for the wing cause the manager wants to develop their game there like he did with Ramsey, Ozil and Cazorla.

  2. Both lack concentration, they are not a finished product yet …. But the question is how long we should wait? players like them should be nursing under quality players, or loan out to develop themselves … We need someone like Sanchez (or even close) on the other wing, we deserve it …

    1. Another season or two. And we don’t have to wait when Sacnhez is the main starter on LW and Walcott can play RW. And I’m pretty sure Wenger will get another winger next season since Welbeck is a CF and Rosicky is getting old.

  3. David has said it well.buh personally, I think the Ox is a little overrated.
    Sometimes I even think he is not Arsenal quality,
    If Campbell gets more chance I believe he is better than the Ox majorly bcos he is very matured with the ball.infact,I prefer Gnabry to the Ox
    I hope he proves me wrong, football is more than just running with the ball @ every opportunity

  4. The Ox needs the loan more than Campbell.imo
    He still plays like an academy/championship player
    You can just run with the ball and @ the end of the day it amounts to nothing…
    Campbell is already experienced he just need more Epl experience..
    Internationally too Campbellis very vital for his country, already a senior member of the team

  5. Campbell is easily ahead of the Ox now. Campbell technically is much better than the Ox and you can tell he’s much more advanced mentality he fits in pretty seamlessy with Ozil, sanchez, etc but the ox not so much.

    The Ox will get plenty of chances to prove himself this year, he just needs to improve his attitude he gets down on himself to easily

  6. Both
    Campbell has played well but doesn’t score
    Oxlade is not performing well

    In my opinion we need to sign a top class attacker in the summer. Either
    1. A top CF and put Theo on the wings with Alexis OR
    2. A top winger if Theo and Giroud are going to play up front

    Campbell and Oxlade are decent but should not be are starters at the beginning of next season. They still need time to develop

  7. ox is not a link player, difficult for ballerin to find him when needed. ramsey is much more better to linkup on the right. i think that is why aw prefer ramsey rather than Campbell and ox. Campbell just need more games to improve on stamina.

  8. How about Mahrez IN on the right….lol

    I’d love him there above both the Ox and Campbell, they will always just be squad players who make a difference 1/10 games

  9. Emergence of Campbell has been a big plus. He seems now accepted by the likes of Ozil, Ollie and Ramsey, and he puts in a good shift and works well with Bellerin because he tracks back.
    He is not the finished article yet, and he sometimes has a heavy first touch, but he is learning and has 2 goals + 2 great assists (in the CL) which shows his progress.
    He has shown great fight and perseverance and has established himself as a good squad player.
    This means AW can rest and rotate the likes of Alexis, Theo and Ollie according to the opposition – Giroud looked tired on Monday as he has had to carry the load while Alexis has been injured, but he still played his heart out.

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