Arsenal Debate: Henry or Vieira as next manager?

Arsene Wenger still has a couple of years left on his contract and I can’t see him leaving Arsenal any time soon, but the Gunners legend Robert Pires thinks that Arsenal should be preparing for the possibility well in advance.

Thierry Henry has started training the Academy players now and Pires thinks he could be groomed take over the role. “Can I see Thierry Henry taking over Arsene Wenger? Yes, why not?” Pires said.

“He is working on his badges. He is involved with the U19 team at Arsenal academy. He is preparing himself step by step. He wants to get his badges.

“Question is: would Arsenal want Thierry Henry?

“It depends on the board, the chairman. I can see Thierry Henry, as well as Patrick Vieira. It’s up to the club to prepare well for the post-Arsene era. That’s crucial.”

Thierry Henry is definitely our greatest modern day legend, but Vieira has got far more experience already. After spending a few years coaching at Man City, the Frenchman has now taken up the role of manager at New York City FC on a 3-year contract. If he proves himself to be successful, perhaps he could come back and take over from Wenger?

Wenger has recently hinted that he may move on one day.He said: “One thing is for sure – my link to Arsenal will remain until the end of my days.

“I’ve had opportunities that I’ve always refused. I don’t see myself as a manager anywhere else.

“I can’t swear that I won’t keep working, keep living my passion, but probably not in England.”

What about a Dream Team of Vieira with Henry as his assistant?

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  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    Why is Vieira not sitting today next to Wenger i wonder?

    Still want Diego Simeone or Guardiola as our new manager. But Wenger will be around as long as he wants.

  2. G-Rude says:

    Definitely King Henry

    1. Sack-Wenger says:

      Bergkamp has more experience than both

  3. Skandalouz says:

    Let Thierry learn from Pep so he can take over after studying Wenger and Guardiola, perfect mentors.

  4. goonthinker says:

    arteta would be my choice henry can be a coach

  5. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Steve Bould is the next manager he is more experienced than both of them at the moment

  6. a-star says:

    i would probably choose dennis bergkamp.i think he can be a great manager

  7. Okayblack says:

    I would prefer both Viera &King Henry working 2gether, but not copying Wenger’s stinginess…
    Off Topic: My prayers to those families in France. May d generation of these Terrorists &their accomplice know no Peace!
    GOYG, COYG….

  8. cescyfab4 says:

    How about we give the job to Lord Bendtner? 😉 :p

  9. xi_gunner says:


  10. arsenalkid1970 says:

    The class of 92 have 2 in management and it’s working very well so why can Arsenal have the same.

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