Arsenal Debate: If Carl Jenkinson stays – Who goes?

There has been masses of debates about whether Arsenal should sell Carl Jenkinson this summer after the meteoric rise in form of our youngster Hector Bellerin. The young Spaniard was thrown in at the deep end when Matthieu Debuchy got injured early in the season (along with the rest of our defenders!) but he has performed more than admirably in defence as well as attack.

But now Debuchy has regained fitness and should be fit and ready for next season, which means we have two VERY competent right-backs, as well as Calum Chambers waiting in the wings. Now we also have the possibility of Carl Jenkinson returning to the squad as well, since Wenger today ruled out selling him in this transfer window. “The decision is now whether to bring him back now or give him one more year on loan,” Le Prof said at today’s press conference.

Admittedly Debuchy is getting on a bit and will pass the magic 30 mark in July, but he surely still has a couple of season’s left at the top, so it certainly makes sense to keep an improving Jenkinson on the books, but until then Wenger needs to decide whether to keep Bellerin or Jenkinson here as first backup. If he does then where will that leave Bellerin?

As for Chambers, he did show some early season promise, but he is a little gung-ho going forward, and always seemed to get booked when left to defend, so he has gradually disappeared from Wenger’s first team squads. If anything it would benefit Chambers going out on loan more than either of the other two youngsters, and I am pretty sure that would happen if Jenkinson cames back.

But that would still leave three classy players for one place in the team, so who would choose as the two to keep? Debuchy and Jenkinson? Debuchy and Bellerin? Or even Bellerin and Jenkinson……?

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  1. Keep him on loan for one more year. Seeing him play this season,no doubt he has improved a lot . One more year and he will be finished product. We have a fairly deep squad for your defense right now so we can afford to keep him there for one more season.

    1. I’ll sell Debuchy, as he would be surplus. Jenkinson, Bellerin, and Chambers can fight for the RB spot, and backup CB.

      1. It is Chambers who is supposed to go on loan especially if we sign Schneiderlin.
        Jekinson should stay.
        But I think Wenger will let Jekinson go to loan but not until season starts proper.

        1. If that happens wouldn’t we need another cb?

          I wouldn’t mind getting one for free to allow chambers and jerks to go on loan

          1.naldo (werder Bremen) he has been as good as anyone in Europe this season. Although he is 31 he is at his peak and would provide great compertition for the starters. Being Brazilian could also help to develop a understanding with Gabriel and his age wouldn’t mean the end of chambers

  2. It’s good to hear he won’t be sold he’s had a great season at West Ham. I’d say loan him to them again for one more season fits in well He’s first choice and developing greatly. Can see Bellerin developing into a Bale type player in the future although he’s a much better full back than bale was so wouldn’t moan if he stays as a full back. But Definitely still a place in the team for Jenks in the future.

  3. If I were him, I would ask for one more year loan to WHM … Both bellerin and Debuchy are too good to be challenged …
    OT: what about Kane, guys? is there’s any possibility we could snatch him

    1. Kane? First, it isn’t like he’ll be new Bale for Spuds. I don’t think so. So, we wont regret anything on him someday. Two, be pity on Spuds dude. Kane, like Bale did, is their last hope to be on EPL top 10. If we take him (I believe this kid is Arsenal undercover) they will go to relegation zone considering that they plant to build a new Stadium (Thanks God, that old stinky WHL has been vanishing beautiful north London skyline for years).
      Three, anybody who thumbs me down will be Spuds fan suspect. COYG!!!!

  4. Not sold on Jenks, he’s a good player, OK at defending, but doesn’t offer what Bellerin or Debuchy offer going forward. Good but not great, I wouldn’t mind him going to Hammers permanently.

  5. Keep them all for sure – Jenko on loan again to the Hammers would be great for him and Chambers well he ain’t no RB really..probably 3rd choice at that role…CB or a DM for Chambers.

    Actually it’s the LB depth which will concern me in a couple of years…don’t see any young talent progressing through there which have caught the eye. Apparently we tried to make a move for Jose Gaya from Valencia in Jan…AW might have another go at this lad…only 19 yrs old.

    1. Maybe Mings as left back and 5th centre back. That adds some homegrown numbers to our squad.

      Jenkinson should be loaned out for 1 more year. Let’s see how Debuchy fares the next season. We can decided after the 2015/2016 season who we let go.

    2. I don’t think we will go for Gaya again because Monreal has solidify the no1 spot. Gaya was a potential replacement and he is light years better than the over hyped shaw.

      We might have to go for a less high profile younger like Jordan amouvi who is French u21 and plays for nice in France. He has been one of the best left backs across Europe this year Aswell source

  6. I don’t understand when people say we need a saurez,aguro type player. WE HAVE ALEXISSS!!!. did you’ll notice the commentator saying Monday night ‘sanchez is the closest player to suarez’, so please stop saying we need a ‘suarez,aguaro’type player.

    On the contrary, we do need a world class forward or winger. prefrences – (rues, higuain, lacazette,) to seriously put the last pieces together.

    People are already putting sniederlin in their squad. You guys do remember all the previous transfer window, the player we linked with the most does not really join us. I do have a sneaky feeling that Wenger has an interest. If we bring him in GREATT!!!.

    We don’t need a keeper. Schz n OOOOspina are creating healthy competition between them. Ospina I rate highly, and a humbled, focus schz is quite good.

    Walcot should stay. If he works on his defensive weakness, he’ll be a MONSTOR. Yes walcot to me is our 2nd/1st deadliest player when it comes to scoring, assisting. Ox (if improves his finishing) will be sanchez 2.0. he has sooo much potential.

    Im fine with our CB’s. Iv said to much as to why I am. there is 4. and + 1 if hayden is added.

    Lets finish this season well…….. focus on winning alllllll our games.

    Sahko’s gf is hooott!!!… dammn.

    Id like to visit London some day, seems like a kwaaai place. An ofcause the stadium aahhhhhh!!

    Shout to my fellow SA gooners.

    Wenger looks weird when he smiles, like one of”em conniving professors.

    Lets smash Swansea on Monday


  7. If you ask me, the best case scenario is getting a new CB and sending both Chambers and Jenk out on loan. Both players need experience but we need 4 CBs and 2 RBs. The RB situation is easily solved by Jenk staying on loan another season as my assumption is Debuchy will move back to france shortly. Then we will have Jenk and Bellerin as our RBs. My assumption is that Bellerin will probably be our regular RB as well – at the moment he is probably the second or third best RB in the country – Debuchy will really struggle to displace that especially after missing a year. Chambers needs first team practice too, so hopefully he’ll get a nice loan move and then everyone is happy! Fingers crossed for a CB signing as cover…or we keep Chambers and do better in the capital one cup to give him more game time!

    1. 16 mill Chambers on loan?
      Good luck with that.
      Wellbeck 16 mill was not
      the best buy either. What saves them
      is that they are both young and English
      which means they are assets like
      Jenko Wallcott + Wilshere
      Basically five squad quality players
      but because they are English they are
      worth 120 million. Personally I’d sell the lot
      and buy 4 top top players including Stirling and Stones
      for the English quota plus a local kid as 3rd GK
      to further fill the Quota.

      1. Chambers is a quality player. Will he improve on the bench? No. Will he get in at CB over Gabriel, Koscielny and Mertesacker. No. Will he get in at RB over Bellerin or Debuchy. No. SO loan the kid for a season so he can build his experience OR we have to start utilising him more.

  8. Keeping Jenks is a no brainer, he would make a good pairing with Bellerin and do not forget he started as a centre back so he could also cover this position. After all Per and Debuchy are not getting any younger…how much would a British player of his talent cost us?

  9. We should not judge Debuchy on his age but playing ability. Rosicky is 34 and plays beautiful football. Debuchy is still top notch RW and better than Monreal at CB.

    I expect Debuchy to take back the RW spot next season but Bellerin will surely give him a good challenge. Whoever is 1st RW, it’s awesome to have both Bellerin and Debuchy

    Chambers has not convinced me in terms of RW.
    I Would prefer to keep Jenkison as third RW and Let Chambers concentrate on CB and DM.

    1. And you think someone of Jenkinson’s ability is going to be happy not being 2nd but THIRD choice RB? Best to know a thing or two about football before you comment.

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