Arsenal Debate – If the Gunners sacked Arteta, who could do a better job?

Sensible answers only please by SueP

I have asked the question a couple of times about what happens next if those who doubt Arteta get their way and he is given his marching orders. 

So far, I am yet to get a proper answer as it is sidestepped in favour of reminding me still further, why he needs to go and without considering the options that the board has to make in terms of his replacement.

I really do want to know your views on who the next manager should be.  More important, I am curious to know the reasons for you thinking the way you do and whether or not it is feasible rather than a pipedream.

I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Sure, if Arteta is a no-hoper then please come up with a sensible solution that could make me think that his departure would be good for Arsenal right now, during the most testing of times for the club financially.

Consider the ownership and its attitude, the availability of your future choice and what he can bring to the table to give Arsenal the boost it needs to get back into the top 4. 

Arteta has apparently had sufficient time to do this, so who do you think can do it in 15 months or less, within the same financial parameters that he has faced.


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    1. Eddie
      I expected a totally different response. Only a few were prepared to stick their heads above the parapet and offer a solution byssal of 10pm uk time. I was grateful that they at least took my questions seriously.

      1. SueP I’m sorry it seems I didn’t take your question seriously. Truth is I love your short article and the question, it’s the reason imade the gesture but that I’m taking my bottle of beer and a chair to read people’s response instead.
        As you know I’m vocally and solidly behind Arteta so I didn’t think I had answers for your question as I don’t even think there’s any suitable replacement for now and I don’t see that as the solution.
        Once again, I’m sorry i didn’t answer. I just wanted to read what people would say and I was glad you asked the question

  1. Martin Ode clearly rates Mikel (and I’ve read similar from Tierney);

    “ Amazing! He is a really, really good coach, really intelligent, [knows] all the details in the game.

    “He’s a master of seeing the details. And the way he’s coaching us and helping us to achieve things, we’re lucky to have him.

    “So many things to learn [from him], and as I said, about the details, that’s something I really like and I find it interesting. So, yeah, it’s very nice to have him as a coach.”

    But what do they know eh !

      1. “Shut up man” ?

        Sorry Greco where did you miss the fact that JA is an opportunity for Arsenal fans ( of which I have been for over 60 years) to express their OPINION!

          1. We’ve just shook hands in virtual fashion.

            A mature reply I didn’t expect.

            We all have our differing views.

            Thank you Greco.

          1. Hi Sean M.

            Who ?

            Or all of the above !


  2. The available high profile managers are Allegri/ Sarri/ Jardim and I don’t think they can do a better job than Arteta. In the summer, other high profile managers like Nagelsmann might be willing to join us, but it’s going to cost a fortune to take one of them from his club

    Arteta’s detractors should’ve held their complaints till we get kicked out of EL. We surely don’t want to demoralize the team while we’re still in EL

    1. GAI
      This is one of the problems that would face Arsenal if they dispensed with Arteta in the very near future as he and his staff would have to be paid off and to improve the situation you have only mentioned big names coming at a big price.

      No problem with that, but is there a hidden gem nearer to home that could do the job and not cost conscious owner too many millions? After all, Arteta has come relatively cheaply

      1. The most talented out-of-work manager in the UK might be Eddie Howe. But I don’t think he’d do a better job than Arteta, since he made Bournemouth relegated

        1. He’s the one who got them there in the first place and kept them there for a couple years!

      2. Sue P if you want Quality you have to pay for it The old saying you want Quality oats or the ones that have been through the horse first

    2. Exactly….

      Manager need time to build a squad

      even the experience managers Mourinho and Ancelloti needs time

      takes an average of 3 seasons to build a quality squad

    1. Most of which those suggesting will know next to nothing about, in terms of what they’d actually bring to Arsenal Football Club – bar “a big name”.

  3. There are some great coaches out there but I wouldn’t swap Arteta for anyone right now.

    I didn’t want him initially as I thought it was too early for him and too big a job for anyone’s first senior management position – but he is way better at this stage in his career than I thought possible. Almost certainly due in big part to his time under Pep.

    Anyone who has been watching the matches over the last 6 months can see we are going in the right direction. If we can cut out the silly mistakes that are costing us big time right now then the sky’s the limit.

  4. I really do want Arteta to succeed but if we were to replace him realistic options worth considering would be Erik Ten Hag or Brendan Rodgers. Would not be easy getting either but not impossible.

    Maybe a little more risky but with better squads at their disposal, premier league “ready” managers like Hassenhutl and Nuno would more than likely be qualifying for Europe.

    For now I’m firmly backing Arteta and willing to give him another season.

  5. Nagglesman, Erik ten Hag or even Gasperini…differing in age, philosophy and temperament but the two things they all have in common is experience at the highest of levels and each has functionally overachieved considering the financial limitations of each of their respective clubs

    On a side note, but pertaining to the issue at hand, I was watching some hockey last evening and the commentators were discussing the pitfalls a particular club was facing, even though they had drafted exceptionally well and had likewise surrounded their budding stars with a bevy of experienced and previously successful players…the most experienced member of the panel stepped to the dais and spoke quite matter-of-factly about what he believed to be the prevailing stumbling block…he said that never in all of his years of punditry had he ever seen a professional team figure themselves out through the hiring of someone with no experience in the professional ranks, which is what they had done…he’s seen those who spent a few years toiling in the minors then earned a shot, he’s seen older coaches who left the game then returned years later and he’s even seen coaches who actually switched sports and found some success, but to expect someone to learn on the job, without an experienced handler of some sort, isn’t fair to the coach in question or the organization itself…so to expect this to be the best course of action for a team with our once-revered pedigree is short-sighted at best and incredibly irresponsible at worst…at the very least it shouldn’t have been attempted without a Dein-like figure in the wings

    1. I agree with you, especially about Nagelsmann he’s proven he can improve a team’s results, sharpen players, and can do it cheap.

      PL is a different animal, but at least he’s a slightly experienced young manager, tactical, and “modern” as some don’t want a dinosaur.

      Ten Hag has a lot to offer as well, and is worth seriously considering.

  6. Brendan Rodgers is a perfect fit. He age is just right, not too old and not too young. He has experience managing both big and small clubs. Look at the job he is doing at Leicester which has inferior squad to ours. So in essence he can work with financial restrictions.

    He is overachieving at Leicester while Arteta is underachieveing at Arsenal and TMJW will be happy with him because he gives the batterings to big teams.

    He is a no nonsense manager and yet does not appear arrogant.

    And he actually have tactics, real tangible tactics that are giving good results.

    1. Hello HH
      You did a great job with your article by the way.

      I like Rodgers as a manager, but at a club in England he hasn’t won a trophy yet. Is that an issue to you? I know a trophy isn’t the be all and end all but it has some relevance

      1. Hi Sue thanks and a pleasant surprise to see your name at the end of this article.

        He came very close to win the league with Liverpool and at Leicester he spends majority of the league in the top 4. It is very unlikely he will win the league with Leicester but if he get another chance at big club like Arsenal the possibility is greater. He is more experienced and refined now than when he came close with Liverpool.

    2. I think the Leicester squad is far stronger than ours at the moment. Much stronger defensively and in midfield and in Barnes and Vardy they are also better going forward. Iheanacho has also come good recently. As a club their buying and selling has been much better than ours for several years. We should stick with Arteta for another 6 to 9 months at least. Hopefully we can improve our squad this summer, but given the likely financial restrictions that may prove beyond our capabilities once again.

      1. It is credit to the fine job Rodgers is doing with Leicester that his squad is considered stronger than it is. It is usual to see teams above us to be stronger than us when they are doing better.

        When we used to finish in the top 4 only Manchester city, United (cheaters) and Chelsea were considered strong than us but the list is growing as we go further down the table.

        Look at West Ham for example. Last season they were fighting for relegation and this season they are flying. This makes their squad seem stronger than it is.

        There were talks of how good Wolves squad was for the past two seasons but this season no one is paying attention to them because they have slid down the table.

      2. Jimmy James I personally think EDU is buying Brazilian players all the time does he want a Brazilian team at Arsenal

      3. We finished 6 points behind them last season … spent more (gross and net) in the summer on new recruits and are currently 14 points behind them !!!! We have a management problem not just a squad problem

    3. Hi Sue ,I would go for Brendan Rodgers too as he has done a superb Job with Leicester with a limited squad that has suffered an injury crises..He didn’t deny being interested when he was linked before.I think Arteta is a very good coach but I am not yet convinced that he is a good manager.Hopefully he will prove me wrong and as you say the club will not want to pay him and his backroom staff off so I fully expect him to see out his contract.

    4. This question of the quality of the squad is a really difficult one. I look at the Leicester squad and I see a lot of quality – is that because I keep seeing their team playing well due to Rodger’s guidance, or because they actually have a really good squad? Obviously it’s somewhat of a mixture (you can’t get players to be better than their maximum, and you can’t have a good team without an effective manager) but I can certainly think of half a dozen players of theirs I’d like at Arsenal. Is that because our players aren’t as good in some cases, or because Arteta isn’t getting enough out of them?

      1. It may be a mixture of both as you are suggesting.

        Hypothetically speaking, if the roles were switched for Arteta and Rodgers where would Arsenal and Leicester be at this stage of the season?

        What are your thoughts on that?

        1. Haha that’s a very good question. Just considering the squads they have right now (although Leicester did make very good signings under Rodgers, which is definitely an important consideration) I’d expect Leicester to be about the same but I think Rodgers might have been able to prevent our bad run lasting so long, with his experience – but it’s really hard to know!

      2. Davi,
        And yet not that long ago Arsenal beat Leicester handsomely.

        I get the impression that you think that Rodgers is the man to take Arsenal forward if Arteta can’t

        1. I do think he’d be a good shout, but I don’t know how available he’d really be to us. He might have a look at how we’ve been run over the past few years and think he’s better off where he is.
          I still think Arteta is the man for us now because we need someone with the stomach to see through some tough changes.

  7. OT… who watched the footage of Nelson, Martinelli & Bologun in training this morning and their finishing 👀👀

    Really good from the youngsters. When Martinelli is unleashed he is going to be a monster in front of goal and I wish Bologun would sign a new deal and get to the 1st team this summer. Nelson looked so smooth on the ball, hopefully gets a run of games… forgot about him and maybe was wrong to judge too soon on him!

    1. @Sean, kudos to you..👍👍
      Those three players u mentioned, Nelson, Martinelli and Balogun are pure Footballing talents!! This guys will perform better dan Auba and Laca, believe me!!
      But Surprising or perhaps not, Arteta ignores Dem to always favours Nketiah and Pepe..
      My dream attack next season is…
      Saka Andre Silva. Wilfred Zaha
      (Nelson) (Balogun). (Martinelli)

  8. A very good albeit disappointingly brief article Sue P. There was so much more that was relevant to say on this subject and I was honestly disappointed that you chose not to give it more nuanced depth. Needless to say, I agree with what you wrote 100%.

    BUT WITH YOUR INTELLECT YOU COULD HAVE SAID SO MUCH MORE which needs saying. Perhaps next time then?

    1. Jon

      I probably could have gone into more depth, but as a novice, decided to keep it brief. I hope that you found something there that you could comment on as I am interested in your opinion on the matter.

      What has stood out from the few who have commented so far is that it is too soon to dispense with Arteta. Whether that is because they think the owner won’t invest in an experienced manager or they believe him to be doing as good a job as could be expected under the existing financial circumstances. Only a few names have been mentioned and I shall make sure I aquaint myself with the ones I don’t know

      1. Sue P, Thanks for the explanation but you have no reason at all to lack confidence as a writer. You have maturity , wisdom, intellect and can write really well . You have amply proved that in your many posts and in this article too. You will be well aware that I am a great supporter of MA and see future greatnes in his personal qualities. It was always an unreasonable assumption to expect him to be perfect , so I never did. He HAS made mistakes but which human has not!!
        It is the obvious qualities he HAS that attract me to him. He has no truck with idlers or trouble makers. I was thrilled – and do not exaggerate – when he got OZIL gone and Guendouzi too. He has given us a defence, despite the many individual errors but, like all managers, still needs better players.

        No new manager would be any more likely to prise spending money from our appalling owner than he is. I disregard as nonsense the views of the kids on JA who look no further than the Prem table and want him out.

        Most of them know little of how life works and do not have the sound judgement of us more mature fans.


        1. Jon…

          A great response filled with a number of truly worthwhile content. I really do not have much to add. However, while I have also supported Arteta and most importantly the principles he is implementing, nevertheless, I am becoming a little worried recently, particularly about his persistent use of Xhaka. While I do not intend to criticize any player, however, I still worry about such a persistent use of a particular player, which seems to mean that he sees a lot in Xhaka, and aims to build his team around him. In this regards, I fear for the future owing to the very limitations such a faith might cause.


          Although short, I truly admire the sheer intelligence behind the essence of your article. Following some ingenuity, you found a way of twisting the tale around, and you have done it in sheer brilliant fashion!!

          While many may continue to call for the sack, instead, you have posed a deeply valuable question that seems to bring everyone to the obvious question, “what happens next?” “who will the saviour be, that will suddenly make us a title or top four contender?” I guess the answer is becoming clearer following our various responses, that in reality there is no saviour out there at the moment, and our present option may seem the most realistic for now.

          Again, only time will tell if we will appreciate the board for NOT sacking Arteta during our lowest period in our recent history! My wish is that he succeeds, however, in my opinion, a better assessment can only be made at the end of next season. Maybe then, a better coach may be available, and maybe the board may be reborn.

          Thank you once again for a thought-provoking article!

          Please do stay safe!


          1. Hi Fire,
            Unfortunately the majority of people who were desperate to see the back of Arteta have decided to bury their heads in the sand rather than face the reality of the situation
            Further to your last paragraph Arteta may have cemented his future

  9. While I do not expect Arteta to be sacked even if we fail to qualify for Europe, Brendan Rogers would be my first choice together with his entire recruitment team who have done such a good job on a limited budget.Whether Rogers would contemplate a move to Arsenal where expectations are higher than at Leicester is debatable, particularly when his hard work is likely to bear fruit in terms of finishing in the top four this season.As alluded to by JJ earlier ,the Leicester first eleven is in my opinion superior to Arsenal, in defence, including GK, and in midfield, but regardless of how successful they are on the pitch they will never be regarded as one of England’s big Clubs.Other than Rogers, despite their lowly position in the League I have been very impressed with Graham Potter of Brighton who is a very able, unpretentious Manager who has an excellent temperament and is highly thought of as a Coach.Many fans on this site will no doubt insist on a high powered ,experienced Manager with a CV full of trophies, but bearing in mind the Budget limitations that he will inherit I am not convinced the Arsenal job would appeal to “cheque book” Managers, such as Allegri, particularly as we are unlikely to figure in European competition next season.

    1. Grandad MATURE FANS KNOW THAT NAMES SUCH AS ALLEGRI, NAGELSMAN AND THAT ILK WOULD NOT TAKE THE JOB, EVEN IF OFFERED (WHICH IT WON’T BE). Immature kids actually do not think things through as we older ones do.

      1. even in your follow-up responses it seems that you’re suggesting that we’ve settled for Arteta as other, more established or potentially “better” candidates, wouldn’t take this gig…although I could be wrong…the fact is, my recommendations take into account the financial variables…all 3 of the possibilities I mentioned have experienced considerable financial constraints, moreso than they would encounter in North London…it’s more about their eye for talent, their respective desire to play attractive football, their tactical flexibility when required and their ability to get the most out of their respective players…I don’t believe for a second that you couldn’t lure any of the 3 managers, with final say assurances, to our club…even though we’re experiencing an extended downturn, we still are a London based club, with a significant history and playing it what most consider to be the best League in the footballing world

        1. Hi TRVL

          Whilst I know Nagelsman – the others I will read up on

          What I do know of him is that he is about the same age as 3+ Of the seniors in the Arsenal team and whilst showing that he is on the ascendancy has not got a title under his belt. He has had more years in coaching which is a bonus but is he a dead cert or still a risk? 🤷🏻‍♀️

          1. No one comes without risks, the best you can do is make educated and informed decisions taking into account what has transpired in the real world of managing football…neither Wenger nor Pep have “coaching trees” as they are micro-managers, so the likelihood of them being effective mentors for future managerial candidates hasn’t borne any fruit up to this point, even though people seem to keep pressing that point when it comes to Arteta…misguided and misinformed assumptions…and you know what they say when someone assumes…

          2. Hi again
            I hadn’t thought of that regarding Pep and AW. Would Artetas years under Moyes, was it Moyes?, not have influenced him at all?

          3. Maybe SueP, but I doubt anyone would have been singing his praises, prior to his appointment, with that being the most influential reference on his CV

            once again, I’m not by nature an Arteta basher, minus when he took a pay cut to come to London knowing that he was going to play a deeper-lying position, one that he hadn’t played since his early 20s…he always felt like he was underappreciated as a player so he jumped at the chance to come to North London even though Wenger’s real interest was Jagielka and only made a lowball offer for Mikel once he knew Phil wasn’t a possibility…this suggested to me that Mikel was so desperate for the bright lights that he was willing to devalue himself just in order to get a taste, which rubbed me the wrong way for some reason

            I think he has some potentially concerning ego issues, which isn’t totally unusual of course for those within the managerial ranks, but could be problematic if left to his own devices…like when an organization who appears to be in somewhat of a freefall gives someone with NO experience the same authority normally reserved for those with considerable experience

  10. Well done SueP.

    I’ve only known you to post/ reply to comments on here previously, so a good effort.

    Got folk going !


    Currently On “Ode watch”.

    Norway 0-2 down with Martin O not seeing much of the ball.

    1. I was very nervy about writing it, but it really got me going that nobody was prepared to stick their head above the parapet and give me names, knowing as we do, all about how our club is run on a tight budget with no clear interest from our owner. Ancelloti knows that the owners of Everton are ambitious. It makes a difference

      Odegaard is at least recovered from his ankle turn.

  11. To be clear, I am not in favor of sacking Arteta. I understand this year has been disappointing, but we needed lots of work and in my view are finally headed in a promising direction again, especially if we get the summer window right. That said, if we do move on from Arteta, I think Brendan Rodgers is the best and only available option we should look at.

  12. I’ve been saying this all along…

    MAURIZIO SARRI is the only household name capable of turning around our fortunes,,, all these others sijui Allegri, Nagelsman, etc are just “Jokers”. They’re not as demanding.

    I remember the same thing I was saying about Rodgers and people were laughing.

    Everyone now sees how that turned out.

  13. Prior to Artetas appointment I went for Nuno.

    The brand of football Wolves were promoted from the Championship was the closest model I could see to the style we employ when at our best.

    Pacey, direct, quick transition, on the deck with excellent “on the break” football away from home.

    At the back no mugs with the likes of Cody & Bolly, all backed up by the Portuguese international keeper.

    Also Nuno is “Prem fresh”.

    Speaking many times to a Wolves colleague of mine it appears we were definitely very interested in Nuno at the time.

    The local press, and Wolves supporters, were very fearful of losing Nino to us – they love him up there.

    An extended contract soon followed.

    Yes, it’s gone off the boil for Nuno and Wolves of late.

    However, NES (exactly as with Arteta) is a manager whom I would like to see appropriately backed …MR KROENKE !

    I for one remain steadfastly “Arteta in”, as next season we will have the summer window behind us with more of an Arteta side.

    However, one must be balanced.

    If we “underperform” next season, questions must be asked.

    Rodgers garnering at lot of mentions – also an excellent manager.

    1. I’m pleased that the big names aren’t being touted particularly as our owner isn’t ambitious for the club and it then becomes a pointless exercise including them. I live in a village 17 miles south of Leicester and the buzz around the whole area when the new owners came in was terrific. The club was transformed and the owner immersed himself into the community. Completely different to KSE.

  14. Well this is a difficult question! For me Mikel needs atleast one more full season, as for better or for worse the play style is changing. Initially I thought he would add on to the counter attacking approach that we had last season and maximise Aubameyang’s skillset, but he surprised me with his tactical switch to a more possesion based style. Regarding the question at hand, if all constraints were released I would have liked Hansi Flick. The guy was known to be Lowe’s assistant and a major factor in Germany’s worldcup win and also galvanised Bayern for their treble run. But then, it is just a pipedream lol. Within the realistic framework I am more inclined towards Graham Potter, as he also has some impressive results against top sides, and he is of a right profile. Brendan Rodgers, though a brilliant manager, seems like a nearly man. He gives me similar vibes to Mr. Arsene Wenger to the Champions League.

      1. Really like his management this season Sue. If for some reason MA is shown the door (unlikely and I hope not) he is someone I would think would be able to carry on the good work by MA and also improve upon his certain mistakes due to relevant experience. Their profiles are similar with Potter being a little more experienced.

  15. I’m don’t see Arteta as our saviour who just needs more time and money to bring us back to the glory days. I’m not saying sack him now as with all transitions they need to be planned out properly.

    Thanks for the article SueP and its positive and engaging wording.

    I’m certain there’s a better manager out there, just like Arsene, who may be a total unknown but turn out to be a revelation. Unfortunately the chances of our leadership finding him are unlikely.

    I want Edu out with Arteta as soon as replacements are available.

    As replacements go, again I would be pleased with Rodgers or Rafa. Even if a true legend like Viera was brought in I’d be happy. Just really unhappy with Arteta.

    As mentioned above by someone else, now is not the time. I’m hoping for a miracle and some faith is shown in Martinelli and that Lacazette is shown the love her deserves for his efforts this season rather than being subbed off again and again.

    1. Fair enough Abbas about Arteta. I thought it was a question worth asking. It troubles me that Kroenke‘s lack of ambition has held Arsenal back

  16. If Arteta gets top 6 or wins E L he wont be sacked and given 3 months next season. If he fails at both his job is rocky to say the least. The one man for me who would take this club back to top four and beyond is Rafa Benitez, the guy understands everything about football and what he has done in football is serious, very serious indeed. Rafa for me, i think he could lead us into another era, understands what is required and knows his onions. If Arteta fails then Rafa is our man.

      1. SueP, thank you for your article.
        I wanted Carlo Ancellotti, when Arsenal appointed Unai Emery, because I wanted a manager of “status” of an experienced, proven winner to take over from Arsene Wenger. I was disappointed when Emery was only appointed as head coach, not manager, and given virtually no say in the transfers of players he was expected to coach.
        Unfortunately Emery had difficulties in communicating with the media and fans and was undermined by a clique of players, who downed tools in the end leading to his demise. He also was affected by a horrendous run of injuries, which meant he had to constantly change formations, particularly in defense. Despite this the team played some great football in the Europa League to get to the final, with home and away results against Sevilla and Napoli standing out. Also the 4-2 win against Spurs. He also gave opportunities to youth and players like Martinelli and Saka didn’t let him down, particularly in the Europa League.
        I believe Emery should have had more support from the Board and understanding from supporters and should have been given to the end of his second season to turn things around.
        A lot of the hard work has now been done, with the German clique of Ozil, Mustafi and hopefully Kolasinac gone. Arteta has more say in transfers and the Academy players look promising. Changing managers again would not be productive, particularly before the end of the season.
        As jon fox has stated any available experienced high profile manager may want funds in the transfer market far beyond what the owner and Board is preferred to offer.
        Mikel Arteta appears to have support of the players, a squad relatively free of injuries and hopefully the Club can have a good run to the end of the season.
        Should Arsenal not progress, I like Reggie, would go for a high credibility, experienced winner and proven performer in European Leagues (including EPL) like Rafa Benitez to give the Club a sound defensive structure, for Arsenal’s attacking players to play off.

        1. And before Arsenal go sacking any more managers/head coaches, what is the Board’s expectations of a manager at Arsenal? What is the budget to be provided in the transfer market, what are the performance criteria and what are the end of season targets that indicate success or failure?

          1. Hi ozziegunner

            Thanks for your response

            It’s fine to be scathing of Arteta and to want him gone but very few who do have thought of what happens next in the context of how our club is run

    1. If Arteta is sacked@the end of the season, my choice will be Michael Laadrup who coached Swansea City or Nalgelmannn of Leipzig..
      Though out of football for a long time, Laadrup is a perfect coach for Arsenal Fc..His attacking football@Swansea was so close to AW’s Style!!
      And he might some Lucky charm around him!!..
      Honestly, Arsenal has become terribly boring under MA!!

  17. I stand firmly behind Mikel, in a year he managed to win the FA Cup, show what he wants in the game, gradually get rid of dead wood … and besides, the desire to change the thinking of all the people in the club … it reminds me of someone … MA has a contract until 2023, Klopp also did not transform the team for a year … the rebirth of the team will continue, and Edu will have to cast spells, but the important thing is that there is an idea, a want, and progress to change the inherited state … But … if Mikela were “fired” tomorrow … so my pragmatic choice would be Rafa Benítez … he is free, he has experience working with top clubs, but also with a club without money / Newcastle / … he won 2x UEFA European League, although 1x less than Emery, but he also won the Champions League … he knows how to do it, he is a tactical strategist, motivator and supporter of the academy … In any case, it is necessary in the near future to get into the Champions League …

  18. changing a manager is always a gamble. Just look any ManU after Fergusen left. I think you have to take much more on board than just a manager in this discussion. We have to look a the current squad inherited, board leadership and finances. I do like Arteta and believe he can be a top manager, but he’s not there yet. This is his first manager job so there will be a learning curve. Mistakes will be made, which we have seen, but at the same time we have seen improvements. Arteta, I believe has claimed that this is not his team yet, but how long can we wait for that?

    My thinking when Arteta was appointed was that Arsenal were playing the long game, not looking for an immediate fix. Otherwise, why go for someone so unexperienced. At the same time, I still expected him to have the club higher up the table at this moment. As mentioned too many mistakes at back (too much passing from the back) has cost us on many occasions. Now is this a question on tactics or players?

    Finally, don’t forget the financial mess the economy is in at the moment so we should expect this to impact clubs all around. So getting rid of players and bringing in new ones are going to become more difficult. We’ve had several players listed we wanted Arsenal to get rid off ages ago. We’re almost there but it will still take more time. Then do we have the finances to bring in quality players? More importantly, who decides which players are quality (still waiting to see return on investment from some of the recent signings).

    So, is Arteta the right guy at the moment? Honestly, don’t know, and probably won’t convince me fully this season at least. But due to the board and finance, I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon unless we see a complete collapse and fallout with the team, which doesn’t seem so.
    Still an Arsenal fan 4 life regarless!! COYG

    1. Brilliant reply. Although you are not sure, like a lot of us ( although I’m more stay than sack) you have perfectly understood the whole dynamic at the club and what the club has decided going forward

      The 15 months that Arteta has had so far and all the circumstances that you have mentioned make it pointless changing anything now. Calling for his instant sacking as many do on JArsenal, does not take everything into consideration and would probably be more damaging

      1. Arteta should be judged by all on our league position and abilty to challenge for CL football but the league is 100% the most important factor of any club, mid table is not good enough for Arsenal.

        1. Reggie,

          Are there no extenuating circumstances for you?

          If not on that basis we would need an owner like Abramovitch to keep stumping up the dosh for transfers and the latest elite manager.

  19. As others have said, Arsenal does not have the budget for the biggest of managers. They will expect huge sums for transfers and they won’t get it here. Any manager considering the switch will be looking at Arsenal’s transfer business and it will be found wanting. And right now, we aren’t a big club, we are waning and we are less attractive. Our coefficient has been saved by Europa and history. Hopefully it gets saved again.

    I am not a big fan of Arteta – I think that he is overly stubborn with selection and tactics to our detriment. Willian sticks in my craw a lot (and yes he has been serviceable the last couple of times but that is it). I know that he doesn’t have the line-up he wants, but instead of playing a fixed style one has to adapt. Playing out from the back is a good example – it can suit us well but we get killed by strong pressing. We have a goaltender and defensive players where some are not good at it and the others are prone to stupid errors or both.

    To be fair on selecting Granit – I know that people don’t like Granit but I am not sure that there is a better option, especially when Partey was injured. Dani is mostly off, Elneny is a support person and I am not sure that any of the youngsters often mentioned can play the defensive role at PL level.

    Has the team had some really good performances, yes for sure. But they have been inconsistent and we make dumb mistakes far too often. The constant brain farts come back to the Manager in part (not letting players off the hook).

    I am with a lot of people here in liking Rogers, but he has a good thing going at Leicester and Arsenal isn’t really a step up right now. I don’t think he would come.

    I think Arteta needs another year because I don’t know who we could realistically get to replace him. Even more, as someone said upfront and maybe it was Sue, I don’t think we can afford the chaos of starting again. Wenger stayed too long, Emery was a bit at sea and now Arteta is inconsistent – adding a fourth to the list will only guarantee further decline.

    I don’t think that there is an advantage to getting an early jump on more chaos and I think that it is worth the risk to see if Arteta can actually pull it off.

    So Sue, to be really long-winded, my short answer is keep Arteta but Rogers would be a nice alternative.

    1. Thank you Stewart,
      I understand that Arteta is not everyone’s cup of tea and that mistakes have been made by him. He is as we all know, learning on the job. The interesting thing about the questions I asked is that the majority think that getting rid of Arteta, at least in the short term is a bad idea. He could be turning the corner. I was also interested in the choices that were made and Rodgers clearly came out as favourite.


  20. We should not talk about changing manager until we clear out our delaying in transfer which takes too long some times until we loose the player and secondly not giving chance for coach to buy players of his choice at the right time, This two points are the big reason for top manager not taking interest in Arsenal coaching job. Because they know very well this will make them not archive what is needed since the squad is almost full of fringe players with no game changers. So let Arteta finish his contract as we morniter his progress instead of thinking about new manager.

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