Arsenal Debate: Is Aaron Ramsey getting ahead of himself?

I know that Aaron Ramsey has been excellent for Arsenal at times, and I have also seen him in a terrible run of form at other times, (and he also spends his fair share of time in the treatment room) so I am of the opinion that he needs to build up his consistency first and foremost.

The Welshman is right to have great ambitions, but he has set himself a very high bar to reach in a short space of time. “I think a top-class midfielder needs to be able to tackle, get up and down the pitch, pass, create opportunities and score goals,” Ramsey said in Bleacher Report. “That’s why I try to do everything, that’s what I judge my game on.

“If you look at someone like Steven Gerrard, he combines all of those elements. That’s what I want to [emulate]… so that’s what I base my game on.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Ramsey has the potential to become world-class, but in the meantime he is struggling to even get used by Arsenal as a central midfielder, with Wenger preferring to use Santi Cazorla or Ozil in that role for the Gunners, with Ramsey usually being pushed out to the wing. The 24 year-old has not been shy in telling Wenger that he is not happy with the situation: “Playing on the right is not my preferred position,” said Ramsey. “I am a central midfielder and that’s where I like to be. I like to be involved a lot more in the game.

“But the manager’s asked me to do a job out there, and I do have the licence to drift in and get involved.

“When we are defending, I have to stay in position but when we get the ball I can drift. I am not a winger, I can’t knock the ball beyond my man like Theo does.

“I prefer to get in the little pockets of space, get involved and play the combinations but it is important to do a job for the team.”

So he has made it clear where he wants to play, and exactly how good he wants to be, but in my opinion he should stop talking about it and just work his socks off to actually be in a position to achieve his aims. As he said about Arsenal at the end of his interview on Bleacher: “We can start the season on the front foot and with greater ambitions,”

“We are going in the right direction. We have improved as a team defensively, and obviously we’ve shown we are able to create and score goals so it’s just about getting that consistency throughout the season.”

He should take those words and make it into his own private personal target as well. Start with the consistency and the est will follow, for Ramsey as well as his team…

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  1. How is it that the signing of “Vlad Dragomir” isn’t even on nor on BBC?

  2. I don’t think Aaron has said anything wrong. As long as he works hard on those areas that he pointed out then it’s great that he has ambitions in his role and knows what makes a good midfielder. It also shows that he is committed to improvement and excellence

    1. I know he’s said everything I’d want to hear from a player what a sh* tty article. And this kid is a beast, people are nutting about Vidal who in
      23 (5) league appearances he had 7 goals and 4 assists. Ramsey on the other hand in 23 (6) league appearances had 6 goals and 6 assists whilst playing 80 less minutes and he was put on the wing.

      Ramsey is the real deal we need to start appreciating the player we have

  3. I hope in this coming season we can see the old rambo returning to his best form and scoring regularly! Coyg!

  4. He is one of our best, and will be one of the most sought after players in Europe in a year or two, of that I am sure.

    Top player who it is clear has drive, know where he plays best and has huge ambition.

  5. BTW The young count Vlad in admins YouTube video scores an awesome Bergkampesque first goal in it.

    Worth checking if you haven’t seen already. Hard work alone cannot give you that in your Arsenal!

  6. I remember Ramsey at Cardiff….He was one of their main star players….He came to Arsenal with potential, started his career pretty well until that terrible injury against Stoke….He came back from the injury and was horrible. Most fans wanted Wenger to sell Him but He came good 2 seasons ago and He scored the winning goal in the FA Cup final against Hull….He had some great games last season too and some bad ones but Ramsey has really grown into a good player.. Not World class yet but a very good player for Arsenal…He is Ambitious and wants to give His all… Very important I must say….Looking at the team and the midfield, everyone just have to step things up big time…..Cant wait for the season…I miss this team play!

    1. Fergi would have sold or loaned out Ramsey long time ago just so he could win everything what is there to be won. Wenger is diff and so is Arsenal compared to Manure.

  7. Fans cant be hardly objective knowing that most of us are all fanboys. Ramsey is a 7- and if he wants to be a starter he needs to earn his place in the team and turn into a worldclass player ( such a thing will never happen).

    Santis talent is something you cant simple just train. He has no competition in skills. Same goes with the others. What you guys think of this is an another matter. Peace

    1. And what of Ramsey’s Eye and execution for a goal!? You can teach that (although I wish someone would try with DW;)

  8. Ramsey is top quality. he is the msot complete Cm we have. He has great energy and determination. He wins alot of balls . start our attacks. 2 seasons ago he basicly carried the entire team yet this season some people were still not convinced by his quality.

    ramsey gives 100% in every game. You don’t hear people complain that he is rubbish because he is playing out wide. even when he plays out of position he is still terrific.

    Yes rambo can emulate the likes of lampard and gerrad. We have guys like Ozil and cazorla who are always looking for the perfect goal. But in football you sometimes need to gamble. U can’t walk the ball into the back of the net in every game. The truth is that if you don’t shoot you don’t score. ramsey shoots and he score goals. he is a game changer and a big game player .
    In the big games next season one of Ozil or cazorla should be sacrificed and rambo needs to be in the middle. Its simple. What happened at Old trafford in the first half should never happen again.

      1. Ramsey is a gem, he is an excellent midfielder with offensive and defensive capabilities, and he will only get better. He definitely should be one of the two players in central midfield next season, and the fact that Jack and Santi and Coquelin are all good players who want his place can only drive him to get better. Competition for places is the best driver of performance.

    1. nah i don’t think Ramseys better than Santi or Jack,theres nothing wrong with him talking but i don’t see any other Arsenal players prevaricating in this way

  9. I want you to be more of a Lampard son because you can…get us 15 goals each season before you ultimately retire here and i will make a stature myself and plant it at the emirates if they don’t…Guys i know these kid is not Iniesta but he works his ass off, he is a fighter, he is young, he loves arsenal and most most important, HE SCORES PLENTY OF GOALS FROM MIDFIELD…Play him in his preferred position mr wenger and having matured, i know he wont disappoint us all..

    BTW..if you ever called him ramshit or deadwood before he proved you wrong, then don’t f*****g thump up these comment…Let the shame eat you from inside like an incurable disease

  10. Cech?


    What’s happening with it?

    Another Tumbleweed bounces by….

    Could Chelski be ‘gently’ coercing him to move to Paris, by suggesting it could damage his rep and doing everything to stop him moving over to Us?

    1. I know! You don’t like the thought but it is a possibility! Prepare yourself coz it’s a funny old game..

    2. Cech will have his physical next week and become a Gunner, and will be behind the sticks for the next 5 years.

      1. “Behind” the sticks?
        Hopefully he will be
        in front of the goal.
        Just saying 🙂
        “Behind” the sticks?
        Oh you mean in the summer
        playing for the Arsenal social cricket team 🙂

        1. Behind the sticks when he saves a goal line last gasp from none other than his old teammate Costa.. which happens to mean a clean sheet and all three points.

          Or it could be the the sticks he uses to beat you over the head with when hearing you slagging off his new teammates.. might be those sticks.

          1. I personally hope he will be either BETWEEN the sticks or infront of them, not behind… With the goal line tech we wont be able to blag anything… just saying…

            1. We know what he meant and im sure Cech knows exactly where to stand, its not like hes going to start behind the sticks just because he read it somewhere. Rest assured buddy, he will be in the right place, you have my word… lol.

      2. I Hope he is, and that he is between the sticks and not behind them!:)


    3. Cech will be an Arsenal player next week. No doubt. What worries me is our apparent lack of any other transfer targets. For a DM, Schneiderlin is looking more and more as if he’s going to United, we already missed out on Kondgobia, to me that leaves only Krychowiak as a target. We don’t seem to be desperate to get a DM since they’ve already been moving and Arsenal seemingly haven’t acted. No hint of us getting a striker or winger either. Can’t inagine we’ll get another attacking midfielder given what we already have. And we don’t really need a centre back or fullbacks. Maybe a left back but Monreal has just had a very good season, so not really… What does that leave?

      Cech is a great signing don’t get me wrong, but we won’t just get a £10.9m goalkeeper as our only addition to the first team, surely?

  11. With Ramsey in his elements, we can never loose .He’s obviously our most hardworking player so please, cut him some slacks.

    1. Oddly enough, Flamini is actually our hardest working player. He runs over 1km more than Ramsey per game. Though sadly what he gives in work rate still doesn’t make up for what he lacks in quality.

  12. My dream as an Arsenal fan is to see Wilshere and Ramsey leading us to glory every season as co-captains. I prefer that over getting a Pogba or Vidal to do that.

    I think both are in a similar point in their careers. They both need to break from that young talented label and break free into a true world class professional. Lampard and Gerrard could go to Camp Nou and the Allainz and really turn up and match the level they played vs.
    They have the quality but they need to confidence to express themselves and the ability in other areas.

    Ramsey needs to work on his awareness, too many times he loses the ball in central midfield, he is a talented tackler and has growing strength.
    Wilshere needs to be more efficient with his final delivery, he goes past 1 players and then when he should release the ball tries to beat everyone.

    These are just 2 things but overall i want to see them become totally different players next season.

    1. It would be nice to see Wilshere play as a deep plying playmaker and Ramskey being the tough tackling all action B2B player, Wilshere has done well for England in that deeper role and if Wilshere and Ramsey can get a good understanding… It could be so beautiful

      If one or the other was always back then it would be like having a holding CM.

      Wilshere I think would have more difficulty alongside Cazorla due to neither one being a great tackler, Cazrola has bags of determination which helps him win a lot but he isn’t the guy we would expect to slide in…. Ramsey would but not so much with Cazorla.

      Maybe Wenger is looking at Vidal as another tough tackling B2B CM and push Cazorla up to compete with Ozil in the ACM?

      Another random thought I had with B2B partnerships and how Cazorla has been, Ozil doesn’t like to score compared to assisting… He has put his foot in a bit more often at the end of the season and he was fighting to win the ball back when he lost it, could Ozil become a B2B player?


      Wilshere sitting deep and keeps himself available when team has ball, looks to intercept and use his positioning to… well what he has done for England ^.^
      To compete with Wilshere, Coquelin. Thats 2 top players for that 1 spot.
      A tough tackling B2B CM who is more def minded than the other B2B who would be more of a link up play B2B.
      Tough tackling B2B player currently I would say is Ramsey, he knows how to put a tackle in and when he ‘gets back to basics’ I have noticed he puts in a decent number of tackles per game.
      Currently no other… Vidal maybe?
      Link up B2B player would be between Cazorla and Ozil. They can both link the CM to CF with a delightful pass, make sure we have 1 fit all the time and don’t play them both.

      Early in morning and random thoughts…

  13. Ramsey is great. He is trying to get better. He already DOES do all of the things he mentioned, but has room to improve. I see no issue with both expecting alot of himself and then driving himself to that goal. Anyone saying he isn’t good enough because he doesn’t displace Santi or Ozil in CM atm is mad – other then the fact he offers a different type of play to either of them (i.e. he is actually a threat in and around the box instead of requiring a pass!), Wenger likes to play with utility in the team. The truth is Wenger has a VERY hard decision to make with our entire midfield fit because we have 4 of the best central midfielders in the PL viaing for 2 slots (or 3 if we’re playing super offensively). Rambo is gonna keep improving and we will see even more from him.

  14. (^^ Sorry for that). I don’t see anything wrong with Ramsey’s comments. I like his attitude and work rate on the pitch. He has ambitions and is just basically telling us why he prefers playing in midfield than on wing. I have some times criticized Wenger, but I have to give him gratitude that he has kept faith in Ramsey and our other players of course.

    Off topic. I really like this site, but I have to point this out. We should try to be more understanding to each others comments and maybe ask questions rather down just down voting just because we don’t like the comments.

    Not relating it to this particular article or comments

  15. What’s wrong with setting yourself some high standards to try and meet? Ramsey has shown fantastic improvement the past two seasons. I still believe that if he hadn’t got injured last year, the league title would have been ours. We were only 7 points off in the end don’t forget after all the hammerings and humiliations. We really missed him. This year the title had Chelsea’s name on it since day 1, but last year it was up for grabs. First we threw it away, then Chelsea threw it away, then Liverpool.

  16. And off topic. I’m hearing that Schneiderlin has an agreement with United, and the Arsenal went in for him too late. If that’s true, we’ve missed both Kondogbia and Schneiderlin by being too slow and not willing to put the money in. That leaves just one of, in my view, the top 3 dm targets we have/had – Krychowiak. Fortunately he’s also, in my view, the best.

  17. Nothing wrong with ramsay wanting to be a gerrard for arsenal, he has done fairly well so far and no doubt will even become much better, i am hoping to see him lift the champions league and the epl trophies at arsenal. if this team can actually keep itself together i dont see why

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