Arsenal Debate – Is it time for AOBs and AKBs to call a truce?

Let’s all just support Arsenal shall we? by Sam P

Every time Arsenal lose a game, the so-called AOB’s come out to play, insulting other Gooners and disrespecting the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history, despite the success he has brought to us over his 19 years at the club. When we win they suddenly become Arsenal fans again and praise the team profusely, but with the proviso that says that the Gunners should play like this every single week and win every single game convincingly.

This is not real life. Look at Man City, they can win 6-1 and look like world beaters, but they can also lose 4-1 to the Spuds the week before and look like also-rans. The fact is that the team that wins the League at the end of the season is the one that wins more often than the others. We all know that Wenger is capable of managing a side like that, well… as long as our usual injury problems do not decimate the squad for a change.

The other view, which AOB’s call AKB’s, are the fans that will support the team and the manager even when we lose, and will always try to cheer the team on to play better the following week and aim to get back to winning ways. Whatever the AOB’s believe, the fact is that AKB’s also get upset when we lose and get angry with mis-performing expensive players, but they understand that it is not the end of the world and the season lasts ten months. They also want more success from the team and believe that if anyone can break the stranglehold of the cash-rich rivals it is Arsene Wenger.

Now ALL OF US, AKB’s and AOB’s, were upset with Wenger at the end of the transfer window for not buying at least two reinforcements, and realise that Wenger has taken a big gamble with his current squad and the possible injury problems this season. This is also a fact. But now we have no choice but to live with this squad til the end of the season, and we have to hope that Wenger has gambled correctly and he manages to do the impossible and win the Premier League over Man City and Man United (I think we can discount Chelsea for now).

So, IF Wenger wins the title then the AOB’s will become AKB’s, but IF Wenger fails spectacularly, then AKB’s will become AOB’s. So I am certain that, come the end of the season, we will ALL be united in our opinions. But for now, we can all just sit back and wait and see how the season pans out. So let us all just get behind the team and the manager and cheer them on to the greatest of heights until the end of the season. If they succeed, and bring us the title we all crave for then we will ALL be happy. If they fail, then we ALL have ever right to proclaim that we need a new manager to take us up that small gap to the top of the table.

What do you think guys, can we call a truce until the end of the season?


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  1. It’s not about calling a truce. It’s about being united in the one thing we have in common, our support of AFC and every person involved in it…

    1. The author is a clear AKB so makes out that anyone who thinks Wengers time is up, is fleeting with their support.

      I want Wenger to move on. The result vs United doesn’t sway me otherwise, nothing does. The past few years haven’t been good enough at all, the same mismanagement and weak mentality has seen us be also rans with resources that should enable us to be a big European player.

      The notion people like myself switch back and forth between supporting the club depending on result is absolute nonsense. We support the club more than any individual so regardless of who it is we want the clubs interests maintained. Wenger has been our best manager, and is a top class person, but he’s not cut out for taking us forward anymore and it’s clear as day to anyone with eyes and a brain. The irony is its the AKB types that are more frivolous with their support, completely absent in humiliating defeats and terrible management, but out with the trumpets when a good performance and result comes along. We might all be Arsenal fans, but too many are equal Arsene fans and as such can’t see how he’s not holding us back. Stick your truce, there’s no need for it.

      1. Okay so you don’t want a truce? Okay so its all out WAR.
        You going to sack Wenger now are You?
        Who will replace him? Who will SACK him when we are two points from the top?
        Are you going to moan after every win even if we go on to win the title?
        LOOK; nothing is going to change until the end of the season. Go and hibernate and peek out every now and then in the hope we’ve lost again so you can whine some more, just leave that negativity under the rock when you sneeakin out.

        1. Who’s moaning you absolute child? I addressed the content of the article and stated 1 supreme performance does nothing to sway my opinion that Wenger is spent at Arsenal.

          Reference a two point gap all you like, but I’d be more than cheesed off if we were anything worse than that after a meagre 8 games. What we are however is almost certainly out of Europe and it’s only the first week of October. Now I know you’re the type that likes to move the goalposts when it suits, but when we couldn’t find players good enough improve our squad this summer does that not mean our aims should’ve been League and CL competitiveness? Nice to see when we tank at one you’re happy to put the blinkers on and focus on the other.

          Very convenient to hear a whole hoard of fans come out and say going out of the CL lets us focus on the league. That’s one straw to clutch at I guess… But to me, away from the hysteria following a great performance, it’s clear we’ve started poorly in the league and gotten away with it because nobody else is showing any semblance of consistency – whilst in Europe we’ve shown ourselves to be mediocre (closer to embarrassing) as it comes.

          It’s very unlikely we will see Wenger sacked full stop. But are you telling me that if we appointed Ancellotti tomorrow we’d somehow not compete this season? Even if that was the case can I ask how that’s any different the previous half dozen seasons? Thought so. A change in manager brings some teething issues sure, but no worse than losing to a rubbish Chelsea team, West Ham team, drawing to a crap Liverpool at home, and getting embarrassed twice in Europe. That’s 5 sh1t games in 11 this season, but go ahead and tell me bringing in a world class manager would disrupt the marvellous Arsenal side we currently have. What a dreamer.

    2. Might be of topic but turning our focus on Champion League, the next 2 fixtures will be against arguably the current strongest side in Europe. God forbid if we lose both of these games, there’s no chance for us qualifying into the knockout stage. Now comes the issue of possibly playing in Europa League. Playing Thursday, shorter recovery time, less match preparation for domestic league and all other potential problems that come with it. What do you guys think? Should we just give up altogether in Europe and focus on the domestic league or keep going and try to juggle between these two competitions?

      1. If you check Arsenal history during Arsene’s first nine years you will notice that in the 2003/2004 season (the invincible season), Arsenal first three games in the CL were a total disaster. After the three games we had 1 point, in a group that had Inter Milan as the only formidable opposition. However, Arsenal turned things around when they trashed Inter Milan at their home turf and ended up finishing top of the group.

        The same can happen this season. While Baryen seem untouchable in Europe, we could batter them to rescue our campaign. The best way to achieve that will be to get a draw at the Emirates and then beat them at their home turf. This would have huge implications on the CL campaign. Unless either Olimpiacos or Dinamo wins back to back in their fixtures, 7 points will be sufficient to progress. To this end I just want Arsenal to get a point against Bayern in the Emirates fixture, that way we would have set ourselves on course to progress to the knock out stages.

        1. “We could batter Bayern”

          Maybe want to ‘analyze’ yourself a bit before commenting. What fantasy

        2. If bayern dont loose or draw their matches at all …6 points might be enough as long as arsenal beat zagreb and olympiacos by huge margins in the upcoming matches…all hopes does not end if we loose twice to bayern but lets pray we can nick a point or two in these matches.

        3. #Analyzer,
          Examine your brain if you have one! I hardly doubt AKB’s have any sense of logic, or understanding of Football. Oh ya we are going to beat Bayern at Fortress of Emirate which saw the thrashing of Arsenal in the hands of lowly 3rd European tier Olympiakos.
          Dream on, like the way you have for the past 11 years.

  2. The question now is how does Wenger keep the team this motivated and determined?
    How does he ensure that Walcott keeps showing the hunger he showed? That Ozil is effective as he was? That Cazorla is performing to that level?

    How does Wenger motivate the team to make sure that this is not a once of performance…to make sure that this didn’t just happen because we were shit midweek against olympicos.

    One of the many ways to motivate a squad is by bringing in a world class signing,someone to make them believe that they are that good…similar to when Ozil was signed.
    Who would that player be though?

    Personally I hope we stay in uefa and lose everytime midweek if it means we give performances like this after.

    This is the time for Wenger to show his managerial skills and keep the players hungry.


    1. Dont be silly now!! If we beat Munich twice i swear i will go nuts with joy… why would u want us to lose i still want us to grab 2nd if possible but being realistic its near enough out of our hands… its in Bayerns tbh they are on fire atm!

    2. Wenger has showing his managerial skills for 17 years now, I don’t believe he must prove them to you. Again.

      1. He showed it in the PAST!!
        At the moment he is confused 🙁 🙁 🙁
        Loosing to zagreb and olympiakos then beating man U….., well, I dont know how knowledgeable you are in inferential statistics but this is no sign of consistency at all. Just as much as you would call the losses a ‘bad luck’ thing so can you call the win a ‘good luck’ thing.
        Google, Apple and Microsoft, giants in the tech world, though they have proved themselves in the past, they still do a lot to improve and make key improvements on any possible area. We need an improvement on Wenger 🙁 🙁 🙁 Thats the bitter truth

        1. He did not looked confused yesterday. Not to me, anyway. And no, I don’t call our loses as bad luck. I think there’s very few games where we lost due to bad luck. If you count bad refereeing as bad luck then yes, there are some more.

  3. Quality,cohesion and believe won us the game we looked organised through out the game.If we are lucky with injuries like never before we will be firmly on title race till the end.One thing for sure our squad looks thin we needed some etra bodies.Alexis,koss,ozil calzora these players deserve to win title regulary but always let down by team lacking in other areas its a pity.Wenger Must win title or leave simple

  4. Honestly.. I think it’s a half glass full or half glass empty kind of thing.
    There’s going to be fans who rejoice after the big wins celebrate all the great things about this squad that were so clearly on display for anyone willing to look against United…
    Then there’s going to be fans who want to vent their frustrations after the disappointing losses.

    Two results on opposite ends of the spectrum within a week. Personally, I think i’m going to focus on the one which makes me smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Often thought about that, about how people are just people. Like with those people who only seem happy when they are complaining, moaners and whiners basically. It’s just a fact that their are people like this who bitch and moan so often that it comforts them somehow. Their are others on the other side of the spectrum of course gooders or everythings a rainbow. Always having to look at the bright side because negativity is evil. I can assure you, I have met people of these sorts many a time, must admit that the do gooders creep me out a little more than the whiners bug the hell out of me.

      1. Haha but are you not a little envious of the everything’s a rainbow side just a tad more?
        It’s getting a little deep for a football site, but I struggle to respect those who try to bring others down to their level of discontent.

  5. We all want the same things…
    1. Winning Mentality
    2. Titles
    3. Being ambitious on all fronts
    4. Best one… Have the Emirates a fortress for teams to visit and have it rocking by the way we played and reaction from the fans!!

    As i said before if he wins the league then i will gladly say i was wrong and he knew what he was doing to begin with. Champions league record still concerns me, wenger has been awful tbh, well him and the players!

    Again great win yesterday just what the fans needed incl me to calm down after our downward spiral in europe n being robbed vs Chelsea!! 2points off top is nice to be this early though consistency now has to be key… a good run would do us wonders in the league.

    If we went into the europa league then you would use the reserves and give them vital european experience. Ospina, Campbell, Belik, Adeliede, Gibbs, Debuchy,Chambers, Vlad Drag, Fortune and few other kids out of the Acadamy… same with carling cup depending on opponent, plenty of game time for everyone you not think??

    1. @Koss the Boss
      I heard Carragher put this out there yesterday and got to say, it don’t sound bad at all…Made a whole lot of sense too…

  6. Very ignorant article. AOBs want Wenger out after every game, not just the defeats. In fact, it’s not even “Wenger out” anymore, it’s “how on earth is he still here?”

    It still amazes me the short term memory problems Arsenal fans suffer from. So many now saying Arsenal have title credentials after the ManUtd win. Are we already forgetting the horrific form we’ve been in? We may kick on now after that win and I hope we do, but we shouldn’t forget the huge amount of warning signs already this season and from previous seasons. Hence, why I’m an AOB.

    1. It’s not a short-term memory problem… Losses happen. I’m sure everyone’s still aware of them.
      ‘Horrific form’ is a tad dramatic. Our CL performances have been dreadful, but I don’t think that tells the story of our season so far by any stretch.
      Some people want to brush the losses aside as easily as you’re brushing aside such a convincing performance against the at the time league leaders. It was a demolition job against a very good side. We were absolutely ruthless.
      If it’s been such ‘horrific form’ and there’s been so many ‘warning signs’ you must be a little bit stoked we’re 2pts from the top with the equal best defensive record in the league 😉

  7. Nice article Sam and kinda refreshing to hear that we do all actually want the same thing. What bothers me sometimes is the language being used to portray ones opinion on an Arsenal man through and through, not just any Arsenal man but the one that gave us our best ever memories.

    Wenger rolling the years back to bring us something like what he has already built when formidable …is the best possible scenario one could hope for.

  8. Lads … It’s one result !

    Nobody wants to lose games , nobody wants to slaughter wenger … Nobody expects anybody to win every game either , comparing us to city is ridiculous over recent years ! …. Yeah they lose games , but they are GENUINE contenders !

    I’ve loved wenger for as long as everyone else , but I’m not so deluded that I will put up with mediocrity because of his performances a decade ago !

    My dream would be for wenger to recapture his early years form…. And that means winning titles !

    If he can’t do that , then of course I want better and if a change of manager (however much that might hurt ) is the answer then so be it.

    Great result and great performance , but it is one game !

    My preference is for wenger to be the one that delivers success , but my view hasn’t changed …. No more excuses , we have a strong squad , we have money in the bank , keep your promise of genuinely competing , no more excuses , win things or move over !

  9. Every club fan has a reason to pick at something, it’s like an assurance for when the results don’t work and people want answers…

    I went on Liverpool and Man U and Chelsea blogs yesterday.

    1. Utd fans are divided on Rooney and whether he should be playing at all!

    2. Chelsea fans are divided on Mourinho and his management skills!

    3. Liverpool fans are divided on Rogers and if he should of got sacked!

    Arsenal fans today should be discussing why Arsenal destroyed Man U with such effortless ease. What do we need to do to get Ramsay scoring again, what the Ox is still missing from his game, is Gabriel finally joined the party, is Bellerin the best RB In the league right now….

  10. This overdue truce had already been called. The Chief of the AOBs, Piers Morgan, has yesterday through his twitter handle, called a truce and cessation of all wars against the Boss in particular and the AKBs in general of they I am a full member. Our victory over our long time rivals – Man Utd, is a miracle mend fences. We thank God for that favour.

  11. Like we were never been in the top of the table for the majority of the season before and ended up struggling to finish 4th.So you beat man utd go then and take the title if that all what it takes,arsenal never lacks squad deficiencies because of delusional manager.Always lacking something to make it

  12. We’re doing very well in the premier league
    But doing terribly in the champions league
    I still think Wenger owes us a league title before he retires…
    And at least a semi-final at the champions league…
    Great as the 3-0 win was, it’s only one game, and it’s to soon to make a judgment

  13. The one thing I enjoyed yesterday was seeing AW shout out instructions to Ramsey while the game was on…Thats what we need from a coach – get involved with players when the game is on, and not wait till half time or end of game to rectify flaws..

  14. the players yesterday were playing like 11 beasts because the crowd was pushing them i hope that this atmosphere remain in the emirates

  15. The problem is that some people have a personal grudge against Wenger. Therefore regardless of what he does things won’t change

  16. I totally agree with this:

    “The other view, which AOB’s call AKB’s, are the fans that will support the team and the manager even when we lose, and will always try to cheer the team on to play better the following week and aim to get back to winning ways. Whatever the AOB’s believe, the fact is that AKB’s also get upset when we lose and get angry with mis-performing expensive players, but they understand that it is not the end of the world and the season lasts ten months. They also want more success from the team and believe that if anyone can break the stranglehold of the cash-rich rivals it is Arsene Wenger.”

    Also, I believe, that when we lose or show unconvincing performances… most of us heavily blame Wenger only…. but when we win, we praise our players. I am not saying let’s give all the credit to Wenger when we win, but we shouldn’t blame Wenger only when the team lose. If Wenger makes mistakes, he will be criticized for sure by all of us. But he should also deserve atleast some credit when he gets the tactics or lineup right.

  17. First of all, what an amazing performance by the lads against a lethargic Man Utd side. Now we have to turn our attention to Champion League double header against arguably the strongest European side in Bayern Munich. God forbid, if we lose both of fixtures against them, I can’t see us qualifying into the knockout stage. Watching Sky post match analysis yesterday, they were mentioning about getting 3rd place in the group and going into Europa League. Now, that would be disaster for us as we have to play on Thursday. There will be issues about player recovery time and match preparations for the weekend league matches . I personally think that we have to reassess our strategy going forward based on these next 2 Champions League fixtures. If we can’t qualify into the knockout stage, I would rather choose us finishing last, not playing Europa League and instead focus on the domestic league. What do you guys think?

    1. So you gonna be miserable until the title has Arsenal’s name on it? Is not beating Man United taking us one step closer to that title or would you prefer we lost so you can moan some more?

  18. An article definitely written by an AKB having a dig at us AOBs.Well credit for the win yesterday but that hasn’t changed my mind on Wenger.He put us in a difficult position to challenge for the league and it is his job to get us out of it.With a quality striker and midfielder, we could be the ones top of the league today and extending the gap btn us and the chasing pack,not celebrating second place.Yet this is always the problem with Arsenal and the akbs.Wenger sets himself up for failure every season so that when he achieves 4th or 3rd everyone thinks he’s a hero.

    The only reason why yesterday’s win felt so sweet is because we have ALWAYS been dismal against man utd even if they have been poor of late,and the question is why??For a club of our stature, we should be used to winning games like yesterday’s, but wenger has taken us so low to the point that we celebrate such victories occasionally.It’s been more than a decade since we last beat utd convincingly, yet in that period, they have bested us several times including an 8-2 drubbing. AKBs need to wake up from mediocrity.

    1. This was written by an AKB looking for unity in support for the team.
      Wenger has put us in a difficult position to challenge for the League? Is second a difficult position all of a sudden?
      “against man utd even if they have been poor of late” Poor of late? 3 days ago they were top of the League with the best defensive record.
      If you are going to state something as fact can you at least make it true?

  19. Teacher : Do you know the reason Manchester United lost to Arsenal Student :Manchester United lost because their defenders were Young, Small and Blind

  20. Everybody has their own opinion and must respect others stance.

    It’s the swear words of angers that makes the war.

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