Arsenal Debate – Is this Oxlade-Chamberlain’s last chance?

Last Chance For Oxlade-Chamberlain by JH

Arsenal are currently flying high, having beaten arguably the best team on the planet right now, but victory in that game did come at a price, Arsene Wenger’s first choice right winger, Aaron Ramsey, suffered a hamstring injury, and is set to miss roughly a month of football.

Now we can all agree that any injury to one of our players is bad, but, if we where to pick just one starter to pick up an injury it would probably be Ramsey.

Of course this is no fault of Ramsey’s, but I think one of the very few things that the Arsenal fan-base is united on, is that Aaron Ramsey is not a winger.

The issue is that because of his energy coupled with his fantastic vision and usual calmness in front of goal, AW sees the need to fit him into the squad, with Ozil and Cazorla being irreplaceable right now, right wing is the only position where no-one has nailed down their place, where brings me to my point of writing.

These next four weeks could well be the most important of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s young career.

Whilst many fans say that the Ox should already be nailing down a starting position in our side, I can see the other side of this argument.

AOC is not consistent enough, playing on the right he will be expecting to both score and create goals, something he has quite frankly failed to do thus far in his Arsenal career.

A record of 9 goals in 110 appearances in EPL and CL is poor to say the least, roughly averaging out to a goal every 12 games, across those same 110 games Oxlade-Chamberlain has managed only 10 assists, an assist every 11 games. He has played 53 EPL and CL games away from home, and is yet to find the net.

Now do not get me wrong, I rate The Ox very highly, but if you want to be a starting winger for a side supposedy challenging for EPL glory, you have to be finding the net much more frequently.

Of course I realise The Ox’s injury issues do not help, but even with such issues I do not think his record should be so poor.

Now to say this could be the last chance of his career to prove himself is of course ridiculous. He is just 22 and will get plenty of chances, but for Arsenal? He is 22, but it is easy to forget Aaron Ramsey is just 24, Jack Wilshere is just 23, they are going nowhere anytime soon, these are currently the other 2 players battling the Ox for RW when fit. One of them will probably replace Cazorla when the time comes, but the other one is still going to want that RW position, not to mention Alex Iwobi making waves at younger levels, Joel Campbell will also fancy himself for this position, right now though, Ramsey and Wilshere are injured and The Ox has superiority over Campbell and Iwobi, so I have little doubt that he will play for these 4 weeks.

And he simply has to take this chance, He has to make it impossible for AW to drop him, because if he doesn’t it will be hard to see where his next chance is coming from in this squad, and perhaps even worse, what if Arsene decides he needs more goals on the right so splashes the cash on a RW who scores?

I see this as Oxlade Chamberlains big opportunity to prove himself, probably his only chance to get a sustained period in the first team, and he must take it, he has the pace and skills to be a truly world class winger, right now he needs final product, us fans all want a proper right winger on the right, the Ox is the only guy who can fit the bill, here’s hoping he can take this opportunity starting against Everton this weekend.

What do you guys think? Is this the best chance Chamberlain is going to get to break into the first team? Or will Ramsey replace him no matter what? Would some of you even prefer Ramsey on the right??

Ps. A very happy birthday to Arsene Wenger, arguably the most important man in Arsenal history.

By JonnHirons

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  1. No. Wenger played Ramsey for 3 years besides being utter sh*t. and he did not care. So Chamberlain will have his chances. What Chambo currenltly misses is self-confidence. Doesnt dribble how he should be. Doesnt shoot how he wants to.

    1. Cazorla and Ozil were on the wings before Ramsey were. We moved Cazorla centrally for good at last seasons turning point, and Ramsey out wide. Since then we have clicked. Cazorla was a winger when he came here, and now that Ozil has nailed down no10 all is well. And for a season or there abouts before all of this yes adjustments had to be made and players needed to make positions their own ..that’s football for ya.

      1. Lol. Cazorla was never a winger. Ozil had to play wide bec Wenger is prone to favorisem and cant handle all players at once so he makes tiny sacrifces. Now that all players are playing where they belong, we play good. Simple fotball logic for ya.

        Chamberlain is a winger and needs to show off his skills, bec making Wenger sub Ramsey in the future will be a hard task, coz he is one of his fav boys in the club. If he fails in doing so, then Chamberlain doesnt deserve his place in the starting line up.

        1. Cazorla came as a left winger from Mallorca. He played in Spain 2008 campaign as a winger as well. To be honest that’s why I believe no big teams wanted him. Only Wenger sees how to change a position for some player and make him better.

          1. What mallorca are you speaking of you tool? Real m wanted him but then decided to go for an another player. Malaga bought him for a big price, and if wasnt for them needing the money Arsenal could never got him for that cheap.

            Only Akb’ sare so blind and speak out of their asses before trying to reseach a bit.

            1. He was a winger none the less. Ramsey a CM, Wenger found other better use. Credit when it’s due. Your the one that doesn’t understand that when Wenger moves a player out of position it’s because either he’s better suited for it or it’s because it helps them harness other qualities then becoming a more rounded player.

  2. Why? Was his place in the team ever put to question? People forget Chamberlain was injured quite a lot and did not had as much chances as he may wanted. But it is not difficult to observe that when he is in our pace grows two fold. But yes, it is a big opportunity to prove himself even more.

  3. Completely agree with the writer, not only is it the inconsistency but the lack of defensive cover or il go as far to say knowledge. He has been at fault for some critical goals against us, Monaco home last season & west ham home this season spring to mind. I personally feel that yes he deserves his chance but after 3/4 games if he is not at it then Joel Campbell surely must finally be given his chance, he is one lad I feel quite sorry for ever since he had a very good world cup and last season when we were decimated with injuries he still wasn’t given a chance and sent on loan. Hope campbell can keep ox on his toes competition should only bring the best out of both of them.

    Tough game against Everton il take any win regardless of performance we just have to stay in touch with City at all cost.


    1. For some funny reason I would prefer the boss to pick Iwobi over Campbell.

      A bit unfair I know considering he hasn’t played much but I haven’t really been impressed with Campbell in Arsenal colours (some players are not just meant for certain teams – Di Maria for united, De Bryne for Chelsea, Hleb and Cesc for Barca, etc).

      Iwobi on the other hand showed good signs in pre season and continues doing it with the reserves (he seems more hungry and can be a good understudy for Ox in the absence of Ramsey).

      Ofcourse I might be wrong. But for some people calling for both Theo and OG to start, that’s just flirting with danger as the risk of having one or both of them injured increases. He have enough players he can help at RW but only 2 at ST.

      1. Iwobi iis more of a left wing/forward. Campbell is more of right wing / forward. I am sure Iwobi will not feature if the right wing needs cover.

  4. We all know that the Ox has great pace and runs at people, but his big problem is the end product. He has scored just 13 goals in his 130 games for Arsenal, and his best year produced just 4 goals (same as Danny lol)
    He needs to start scoring like wingers should do on a regular basis.

  5. Happy birthday to our greatest Invincible ..and many thanks. Iwobi is not far behind Ox, if he were to get a season he could rival his numbers or even beat them. He has Alexis to contend with though, and even if he was doing better than the Ox we would miss Alexis far too much to enjoy it fully.

    Ox, just keep the shots down and hard to either side of keeper, low and hard and you’ll get the knack. Come on Ox, make a name for yourself can do it son.

    Ps ..and don’t do a Santi by dribbling your way out of defence, give it to Santi and make a dart for it.

  6. don’t understand what they mean by “Last chance”…….is he about to be sold-off? *smirks* …….. Ox is an arsenal team player….. the astute nature of injuries, is for available cover to step-up……Lets quit this debate!

  7. Wenger will continue to play Ramsey. I feel Wenger favours Ramsey toomuch regardless of how Chamberlain plays. Ramsey has not been brilliant, he has missed so many goal and can play selfishly. And giving chamberlain 15 minute of play is not fair, but i hope he really excels for the next month even though as soon as ramsey heals Wenger won’t waist anytime benching Alex.

  8. ooooohhhh yyyyeeesssssss

    chambo is a great lad but guys he can’t step up to the game.and I think Joe Campbell is even better than him in all attribute except pace.chambo need go work harder and stop that video commercial he is been doing season in season out.imo I see him as an attacking midfielder though cause his defending is poor.attacking midfielder don’t nomally defend .the likes of neista David Silva our own ozil they don’t defend but rather tack back to slot in the defensive line for the real defenders to do their job.have u all take note that ozil don’t normally jump for headers in the heart of the all I’m saying is if Chamberlain dont want to defend yo make that position his then he should trying playing in the attacking position as he did excel there when he was played against Bayern last year or he is out from arsenal. you can’t play on the wingers and stand there and watch a striker o to position himself to curl a ball straight into the far corner and score ….referring to the Vlad against Leicester

  9. Here’s a concept. How about playing the 3 guys who have demonstrated that they can get 20 goals in a season. 17,12,14. Pace on the outside in. Set piece extradinare up top.
    Why not sub OX for either of the 3 or Ozil or Santi or LeCoq if we need a goal.

  10. It’s better as the goalscoring lacklusterness of Oxlade Chamberlain is debated on this site so that maybe if he sees it, he will read it and digest it positively in his heart. Oxlade 22 has been playing in the Gunners 1st team starting XI as if he is still at the Hale End of the club. Oxlade has shown he has the potential to be in Gunners 1st team. That’s the reason the Boss put him there. But he has not Justify his inclusion into the 1st team. Oxlade has been so disappointing in front of goal as he skyed his goalscoring opportunities, thereby become wasteful. I have studied him. And have identify his problems. He is over enthusiastic and thus become overzeleous and consequently displayed the characteristic of youthful exuberance in front of goal as he wants to score spectacular goals by hitting the roof of the net. That just his problem. My advice to him is, he should calm down mentally in front of goal and pick his spot by first lower his fiery shots so that if the ball flew, it will mostly not be hitting the woodwork or skyed as previous, but entered the net. Less I forget, I don’t think the Ox is a specialist right winger. I think he is a general purpose Gunner who can fit in into the 3 positions of the attacking midfielders. But he has appeared to be better of at doing the job at left wing as he’s more productive there whenever I watched him on the TV operating from there.

    1. I think welbeck is more likely cover for Lw he doesn’t have the same quality but he can replicate the work rate of Sanchez

  11. Oxlade lacks maturity and his decision making is poor, yes he is capable of one good moment running at people like crazy but that usually ends to nothing. He’s always a liability when he has the ball in our half because he will easily give it away, he just seems not to be in sync with rest of the team most of the times.

  12. Oxlade needs a good run at defenders and a motivated team that pass it to him at opportunistic moments. Oxlade is good when he has actually isolated players one-on-one which he can do better. He needs the 10 goals a season target in only the league. Walcott has been like him before missing chances. I do think if he runs at teams he is confident.

  13. This kind of article leaves a lump in your throat, but you know it’s the truth. Bellerin is 20 years old but it seems he might surpass the OX in number of assists this season. Injuries haven’t helped the OX of course, but you feel that time is ticking away. Wenger will need to take a firm decision on the OX in the next 2-3 years if things don’t improve. However, I’m optimistic the lad will come good. Sad as Ramsey’s injury is, this is the opportunity the OX has been yearning for……

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