Arsenal Debate – Ozil v Iwobi v Mhki season stats comparison 2018/19

There has been a long running argument about who should be playing as our Number 10, with Ozil being much-maligned for looking lazy and uninterested, while Iwobi is criticized for not being able to pass in a straight line and not being able to shoot straight when given a chance to score.

Well now the season is over, and we can now compare the stats from both parties, and I have included our other Number 10, Mhkitaryan, just for some balance. So these are the figures gleaned from…

So, in summary.. Ozil more goals and key passes than Iwobi. Iwobi more assists and more dribbles than Ozil, but I think overall, it is Mhki that has the better all round stats despite less minutes played!

One thing for sure. We can all Ozil the “Assist King” any more…….

So what do you all make of those figures then?



    1. No! If we are a serious club, ALL THREE should be gone this summer. We surely all know this but only some are brave and bloody minded enough not to fool ourselves otherwise! None are producing regularly what MUST be our attained standard for next season. Two are bone idle and one is a headless chicken and all virtually useless at our level. Just speaking the plain truth though some will never accept it, despite having eyes that work. To be fair to you, you DID say “at LEAST two. You know as well as I do that that should be ALL three!”

  1. It shows you how Ozil and Myki have fallen. Iwobi has just completed his first major season since breaking into the first team two years ago. For Ozil to be compared to Iwobi is embarrassing. For me I’ll prefer a 60k, 23 year old Academy product gives me those stats than such an embarrassing stats from a 350k, 30 year old suppose world class playmaker. Myki even better than him with fewer matches and he does not look like someone who will improve again. He should be sold because we are wasting money on him

  2. To be honest it doesn’t FEEL like that when I watch them play.
    Iwobi is very good at times dribbling etc with great energy, but his final ball is awful
    Miki is good in some games but rubbish in more games than not

    Whereas Ozil to me has improved a little on his back tracking, but when he gets the ball he always makes a good pass, and I feel the team play better when he is on the pitch, he is a class player …I KNOW he is expensive, but what we forget is he was ‘on a free’ in a way, he could leave for nothing, so his wages reflect his signing on fee, like Ramseys are doing at Juventus.
    I think we should keep Ozil and Iwobi ( he is young and improving) and if one HAS to go it should be Miki, who is also on a large wage but more ‘hot and cold’

    1. All three should leave but we aren’t an ambitious team anymore so they’ll stay. We and man utd are the best at holding on to finished players, that’s why we have both fallen off from our past glory. Other top teams in europe are more ruthless, but we stockpile rubbish players because we don’t want to spend to replace them. We will never move forward with this mentality, Gazidis and wenger were the originator of this.

    2. BTW Auba/Laca/Ramsey/Ozil have great stats when they all played together – played 5 won 5.

  3. To the great majority of fans, stats have become a complete turn off and are largely meaningless .We can clearly see who is playing well and who is not, and a minefield of computer generated figures does not influence fans to think otherwise.In fact stats can be so misleading that they distort the important facets of the game .For example midfielder plays 20 five yard passes in his own half and achieved 100% success!Big deal.Midfielder attempts 20 long passes, makes only one successfully but we score.The first midfielder has better stats?What exactly does that tell you?A subject to be avoided I think .

    1. GRANDAD,WHAT BLISS TO SEE THAT OTHERS ON HERE ARE MATURE, THINKING AND UNAFRAID TO SPEAK THE CLEAR TRUTH. I cannot think when I have ever disagreed with ANYTHING YOU HAVE SAID. ALMOST CERTAINLY NEVER! Stats are fools gold though the unthinking are slaves to them.

  4. These stats tell you next to nothing. Mikhi and Iwobi have been worthless this season, we can barely mount an attack when they play. Ozil makes the team far more dangerous, not only because of his razor sharp passing, but because he draws more defense towards him as opposition try to nullify him, opening spaces for others. Mikhi may have scored a few goals against garbage Europa teams, but he disappears entirely against better teams. Iwobi works hard, but can’t make a pass in the final third to save his life—except against the very weakest sides Arsenal plays. Emery should have been playing Auba/Laca/Ramsey/Ozil all year, had he done that Arsenal would be third, or better. He’s f**ked things with Ramsey and Ozil both, reducing both of their effectiveness. Emery simply doesn’t know how to use his best players. He also doesn’t know how to setup against counter-attacking sides or sides that park the bus. Too many wins were sheer dumb luck. Emery is not a master tactician, is not a great man-manager. Every player is replaceable, but Arsenal do not have the funds to replace Ramsey or Ozil. Iwobi and Mikhi are Newcastle level at best.

    1. OKay there is so much wrong in what you just said!
      These stats are from Premier League Only! Mkhi’s goals were against Chelsea, Wolves, Southampton 3 (2+1) and Bournemouth

    2. Iwobi can not make a pass in the final third yet he has 6 assists (which is poor) yet your razor sharp passing king has only 2. Get real mate this guy is finished. He is the easiest player to mark in our team. whenever he plays, if other midfielders don’t step-up their game we are always out-run. 2 assists is too poor for a playmaker like him. At least he played a few more games towards the end of the season. You saw how we were winning

    3. Özil has played 11 times together with both Auba and Lacazette in the Premier League and he has assisted 2 times during the entire season. Not sure if he assisted either of those though.

      Of those three players, Auba and Lacazette has had good seaons scoring and assisting a lot.

      So it looks like Özil has not really assisted Auba and Lacazette during his 11 games played with them. And should not a playmaker worth his salayr produce more than 5 goals and 2 assist during a season?

    4. Well said Stephan – especially “Emery should have been playing Auba/Laca/Ramsey/Ozil all year, had he done that Arsenal would be third, or better.”

      Instead he feared the opposition and fielded defensive line ups which GOT US NOWHERE!

      1. i hate to be be the bearer of bad news but Ozil has barely assisted either striker .so saying he should be paired with them is funny . Infact i have seen more of a connection with Miki

  5. The simple fact is that ozil and miki are both 30+ and seemingly in decline, whereas iwobi is just 23 having his first season as an established first teamers. He is on a third of the wages miki gets and a sixth of ozil. For me sell the two experienced guys saving around 25m a year in wages and probably generating around 50m in transfer fees for a new first choice no. 10 (if we could find one that loves playing out wide as well as behind the front 2 or rotating with them we are onto a winner) allowing iwobi nelson nketiah and smith-rowe another season to get into the first team proper. Likewise sell elneny and xhaka generating around £40m to buy a new box to box/ central midfielder and then use chambers, Guendozi and willock as back up to torreira and the new signing.

  6. Your stat sheet does not tell us that iwobi played in carling cup games ,where some of his assists and goals came from ,you know the competition that no1 takes seriously.i believe Ozil did not play one match in that competition.
    Anyway you dont need stats as a fan to appreciate who’s a good footballer and who is not .
    For me I stand by my statements from over 2 season ago that iwobi is an absolute diabolical footballer .
    He can’t shoot
    He can’t cross
    He only dribbles past himself then loses the ball
    He does not track back like every fan claims
    Half his assists have been hopeful hits into the box .
    These are not stats these are facts
    Easily in my worse top 3 players to have played at this club in the last 20 years .

    1. This stat is only for Epl,
      Don’t you have eyes;
      can’t you read…

      Ozil fanboys are just something else

      generally speaking statistics in football is not a true reflection of the reality..

      Let us use Andreas Iniesta as a case study
      His assist rate is not much but what we see in reality is beyond this world
      Same as Zinedine Zidane in his days

      giving an Assist is part of the game of any Midfielder,
      is never the main characteristics of a midfielder….

      What makes a classy midfielder is this;

      Ability to create something out of nothing most especially in a difficult areas

      An ability to create spaces and keep the ball moving forward to attacking channels

      An ability to possess the ball and keep the opponents on their toes guessing and scared is what differentiate all this world class midfielders from that liability called Ozil

      An ability to always strive to have the control of the ball at all times. with this in place you can easily hurt your opponent, this is why Barcelona and Manchester City hardly loose matches..
      They are always in control of the possession of the ball, the reverse is the case for Arsenal

      1. You make a very good point, and another great example is Drogba.

        Drogba’s goal scoring record at Chelsea was decent, without being spectacular. There were plenty of other strikers averaging more than him. What set Drogba apart from most of them, is that he consistently stepped up when it really mattered. Against the big teams, in semi’s, and finals, those crucial matches, and when your backs are against the wall, Drogba would almost always deliver. The exact opposite could be said about Ozil.

  7. Comparing Ozil with Iwobi to justify Ozil is beyond funny! What next? Xhaka maybe awful, but compare him to Elneny or even Willock?

    Simple fact is that none of them are good enough!

  8. All three of them are useless tbh. Ozil is the biggest fraud in the world of football. 2 assists for a supposedly “world class” playmaker is embarrassing. He is finished at the top level and the earlier we ship him out the better. Micki is finished too, injury prone and inconsistent. Iwobi does not have the football brain to replace either of them too. If Arsenal was ambitious enough, they would go all out for Ziyech. He is the definition of a true playmaker and Ozil fan boys should observe him play before they bring us the ‘ assist king’ bullshit when talking about Ozil

  9. Lies, damned lies and statistics.
    The persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments.

  10. IMO I would retail Iwobi as a squad player/bench for the league cup or the occasional EPL game /rotation and release the other two as they are 30 years old and will not improve. Iwobi should be observed for another year and then released if there is no further development. No more patience with any of the players, they are highly paid professionals, should perform or be shown the door. Win or loose, play with passion and pride for the badge and not sulk on the pitch. Good article Admin, clearly points out without any bias who has performed this season. Hope the players have understood the importance of the costly errors, loosing out third place by one match win.

  11. As things are right now in Arsenal, the above statistics is not what we should follow religiously. Reasons are that we have been watching and following Arsenal’s matches and players and the truth is that Ozil and Mihky are finished, there’s nothing new they can add or offer to the club. Both played in the past four EPL matches for quite good enough minutes in those matches and we couldn’t record a win both home and away. Had Emry continued starting both in yesterday’s match there’s no way we could have won. We would have seen their usual soulless sideways and backwards passings, when you are not charging at your opponents defense they will charge at yours, we saw how Brighton Albion were having a go at us freely in Emirate and they scored. If Iwobi & co were on that field for thirty minutes Auba or Laca would have gotten the second goal. Whether Ozil or Mihky plays with zeal/seriousness or not their jumbo pay will be made like it or not, they’re not proving anything and are not out to impress anyone. The young lads wants to play, they have the zeal and enthusiasm to do so and in doing that they keep improving not Ozil and Mihky please. Man City, R.Madrid, Barcelona, PDF, ATM, Juve, Bayern Munich will not keep the likes of Ozil and Mihky. With all the hype ratings tell me has Ozil our world class no.10 been able to score 10 premier league goals in a season? Have any of these no.10- Messi, Aguero, H.Kane etc scored less than 12 goals each as no.10? We all know the answer. My prayer is for Auba and Laca to carry the spirit of Mestalla over to Baku Azerbaijan and bring Europa Cup. Sell off Ozil and Mihky, keep Iwobi and if he fails to improve after the next two seasons then discard him also.

  12. 35 goals conceded, 1 away win, 8 losses. This team is totally wrong from back to front to manager. We are always under pressure from our opponents who sees us a week team vulnerable to conceding ones under attack. Yes may not at the front because I appreciate the work our scorers have done this season. But we have major problems and that is why players will be slated. I love all our players Ozil, iwobi, mhiki maybe a little less. We just need to know what we are doing. No one outside Arsenal Football Club rates iwobi or mhiki ahead of Ozil. all players can be improved provided the manger has the skills

    1. Intresting pls I know this is arsenal forum but from ur point what will u make of United

      Ozil compared to mkhi and iwobi how the mighty have fallen

      1. I am not a Man U fan, their problems doesn’t bother me, I only watch all football for the fun of it. As to Ozil the mighty are fallen, really??? He is a good footballer, better than mhiki, better than Iwob. Even if you don’t want to believe it, that doesn’t change anything. Emery’s style does not accommodate what Ozil use to do under Wenger. (1) under Wenger Ozil takes corners. (1) Wenger gives him a free role, he usually stays ahead of the team while we have a defending job to do, because he can run on counter attack, (3) he takes most of our free kicks under Wenger. (4) Wenger likes players doing box to box. We have not play better football under Emery (infant we were worse in terms of entertaining performances people come to pay so much to watch at emirates). So what someone has done for years that makes him one of the highest paid even in English football can never be taken away from him. Angry as you might be I will still be watching him for another 3 years HURRY%!!!!!???.

        1. I have always said that people who support Ozil are not Arsenal fans , Most are people who liked him at Madrid. They dont watch him week in week out like we do , Don’t even bother arguing with them

      2. Iwobi, mhiki and Ozil are all Arsenal players so I don’t know who you will like to compare him with. Tell me what player have we not put to the sword on this platform. Are you not wise enough to see that as a team we are under performing, can Hazard alone help Chelsea (because they should have finished outside top 4 if not for Emery’s lack of premier league experience (all we needed was 4 draws) and does Man U’s season means their players are rubbish. Because things don’t work out for teams doesn’t mean there players are rubbish. They just haven’t found the right click. Am full of education and I can teach you all day.

        1. What a well lined up TRASH
          Pls educate me what ozil did under Wenger the season before Wenger left
          As bad as our team is we see how good lacazette and auba is…
          Ozil plays as box to box which planet do u watch ur games on cause even 24 year old
          Ozil couldn’t play box to box
          Ozil is not even good to lase the shoes of fabrigas or cazorla no matter how bad we were
          No matter which of our best players we sale season after season this guys never gave us
          Any reason to doubt their quality wao how I miss Santi this guy was moved all over across midfield he was still classy cazorla what excuses have we not made for ozil he is not a winger, he is not a defender, he is not a German, he is not a cm he is not this he is not that even when he plays Am position he is still average at best does nothing special maybe we should give him a video of modric,iniester,silver to actually known how shit he is

  13. Even prior to Wenger dismissal we were not playing beautiful either only side ways passes without ANY end product our beautiful football stoped when cazorla had out of the season injury….our beautiful football is as a result of strong technically gifted midfield we had not Emery’s fault we once had nasri,Wilshire,song,cazorla and they gave us a football so good to behold football that xhaka,ozil, iwobi,mkhi can only dream of

  14. Hazard at chelsea
    Do u even watch chelsea match
    Hazard is always there most
    Dangerous player almost in all
    There match yes he contributed
    To their been fourth he had no
    Good strikers yet managed to
    F?ck out 16 assists that why
    Real Madrid wants him world class player

    1. It’s pointless talking to you. And you can eat your trash talking yourself. HE Isn’t going anywhere that is my summer sorted!!!!

      1. @Pat please accept that Ozil and Mikki are past it.They haven’t and will not help our course anymore. Ozil can only stay at arsenal because no one else wants him and no one in their sane minds can pay such a lazy guy what he earns at arsenal.
        I support the team and all the players who put on an arsenal shirt but truth be told,many of them are not up to the required standard. No need to keep defending them when their performances are nauseating.
        The season is over&how i wish we can ship out the following characters. 1.Mustafi 2.Xhaka 3.Mikki 4.Leichsteiner 5.Ozil .I think I have seen enough of their mediocrity.
        The best part is that they are easily replaceable if the management means business.

  15. Well since arsenal fans cannot see talented players, remember Sterling.
    If IWOBI was in a team like Man City or Liverpool, he would be world class by now; that’s how highly I rate him.
    Just wait when we sell him I will remind all of you.

  16. In the entire Arsenal squad now him (IWOBI) and Lacazette are the only two players willing to take risks. All the other guys are “play it safe” players; always giving back passes. These kinds of players are the ones that thrive under managers like pep and Klopp.

    1. Pls which Iwobi are u talking about
      And I can almost guarantee you when
      He lives arsenal he is heading to a
      Mediocre club no big team will be
      Willing to take him as a reserve player certainly not gadiola

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