Arsenal Debate – Petr Cech’s first two games are promising?

So far it is looking like Petr Cech will be Arsenal’s only high-profile signing of the season, and after our embarrassing defeat to West Ham it was looking debatable as to whether the predictions that he would gain us 12 points a season were to become true.

It was not a very good start by the big Number One, but Per Mertesacker, who is playing just in front og him every week, is absolutely certain that Cech will improve from that worrying start. Per said on “He is very experienced,”

“You can feel that, he has lots of things to say in the dressing room he gives us a great lift.

“Even when we lose a game, he has some great ideas on and off the pitch. He is very important for us and a good addition.

“He is experienced enough to think about what went wrong [against West Ham], you don’t have to tell him. My feeling is he comes back even stronger, so there is no doubt he will be a great addition for us.

“There was not just one mistake [against West Ham] – when a goal happens, there are always three of four small mistakes a lot of the time. It was more down to us to analyse what went wrong in general, and there was a lot.

“Last week was a reminder to ourselves to be aware that everywhere in the Premier League there is big competition.”

“The interaction between the goalkeeper and the back four has to be top to compete in the Premier League,”

“Petr came and had that understanding from the start, we both communicate well and understand each other as someone who has to talk and is really responsible. We match our ambitions on the pitch, and so it is great to communicate with him.”

We hope Cech doesn’t have to think about what went wrong when we lose very often, but it is obvious there was a lack of communication with the defenders during the Hammers defeat. There were definitely less mistakes against Crystal Palace, but we are not talking about a game against a team like Man City. The jury is still out on Cech as far as I am concerned, and with the opening day loss he is now going to be hard pushed to match Ospina’s record last year.

Who still thinks he can win us 12 extra points this season?

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  1. i think per and koz have slackened a bit, knowing cech is behind them. still too loose at CP.

  2. Cech-Per-Kos is a brand new defensive triangle that is getting to know one another. It’s the cornerstone of any defensive unit so how about we stop the judgmental bs and rationally chalk up the below-par opening performances to him settling at Arsenal.

    He’s not a new face to the league, he’s a premier league legend whose quality is undoubted. So sorry he’s also a 34 year old man adjusting to new surroundings at work…

  3. I think the first two games are indicative of our defensive flaws. Just having a world class goalee doesn’t cut it. We can’t expose the goal keeper like we did in the first two games and expect to get a clean sheet.
    I’m hope this issue will be resolved in the upcoming games through proper communication between the players.

    1. Thank you sir…..not absolving Cech of all the blames but the school boy errors made by the defenders leaves a lot to be desired, I mean where are the defenders when the first Westham goal was headed in? Granted Cech himself did not help matters but the defence should have dealt with a high ball in the box, same with the 2nd goal…tue most damning is the equalizer from Crystal Palace,i mean Kos saw a player shaping up to shoot and then turned his back, what kind of defending is that?… sure Cech is not used to such rubbish defending and that is a norm for Arsenal

  4. Cech was not needed it was just a matter of wenger wanting to setle scores with mourihno by attacking his camp.cech has not yet proved to be an upgrade on Ospina.But Wenger has no moral authority to bench a player who has Won more trophies than him,the only award Cech has not won at chelsea is fans player of year, arsenal fans rule the internet he can easily get that just like sanchez.But major trophies not not under a deluded manager even if you are a proven winner!

  5. Bfg still doesnt get it….

    The entire fans want him out and replaced

    Hes simply not good enough

    1. Looks like The House of Rahman are CHELSEA supporters, as they just signed Abdul Rahman!!

      Traitor! SPEND SPEND SPEND to buy new Rahman as our supporter!

  6. Settling in period will throw up some clangers but hopefully these will be worked out before it’s not too late!

    Just reading the previous article on double proof that we will not get a striker. Barca have trident and we Walcott, giroud and welbz (not including AS as he needs to be on the left wing or otherwise what else will we do. He is also most effective there and it’s his favoured position).

    So all the team have been coached to say how good and ready we are by the manager who is also stating the same unless Messi or Ronaldo become available for £5Mil a piece.

    This all leads me to believe that our coming season will not end in us being champions:(


    1. Umm what?
      You’re not including Sanchez in our favoured front three as he’s the obvious choice on the left?… You’re going to instead include two players who didn’t even feature for us on the weekend instead? Makes sense.

      1. I am talking about if he is used on the left wing which is his self stated favourite position.

        AS cannot play up front as a CF or he would be wasted there. Being in the left wing and cutting in is his thing. It’s also why I don’t include the ox in my statement and I include Walcott (our YTS centre forward) and giroud as well as Wellbeck (also a CF apparently and his self stated favourite position.)

        So yes, perfect sense..

        1. But you referred to barcelona’s trident… I assume you mean Neymar, Suarez and Messi? You’re aware they don’t all play at CF at the same time?

  7. Per is slow but Wenger still doesn’t trust Gabriel – Everton will reluctantly sell Stones- very good player , young, good resale value and English. Chelsea have pissed them off the way they’ve gone after him- I reckon Martinez would rather do business with Wenger than Mourinho. A good opportunity to solve a long term position , he could be our CD for 10 years plus.

  8. West Ham parked the bus
    and we struggled.
    Palace played kids football
    and let us play our game.
    Its too early to asses any one.
    The Chelsea away game
    will be a good marker.

  9. Just Arsenal ha become more and more boring.. It offers nothing but supporters opinions on hypothetical situations. Like Wenger it seems lost for news.

    1. LOL Would you like me to have more made-up transfer rumours? For starters Cech’s first two games are hardly “hypothetical”. This site is ALL about opinions and debate. If you feel like YOU have something to say that constitutes “news” then send me an interesting article…..

    2. But it is mostly about the news!;)

      Either the transfers that are generated by the news (well the rags) or the fact that there is no real concrete news in relation to Arsenal and their transfer activity.

      All roads lead to nothing happening:)

  10. The House of Rahman and its representatives have recommended World class talent Ba Rahman

    But Wenger and the board has chosen to ignore such talent…

    Time for a change

  11. Just saying: Ospina was not that bad of a 1st team goalie-i dont think he would’ve lost us 12 points in a season…
    To gain 12 points we need a clinical finisher and our tactics to be spot on every game..

  12. The biggest test for us, will be a dangerous force such as City.
    Our so-called defensive triangle had better pull their shit together before then.

    1. Who mean the Bermuda Triangle where everyone is lost or the dairy lea triangle where people move as if stuck in tonnes of creamy cheese?

  13. I think petr cech is still d man 2 be in the goalie…he has got the experience,it is jst a matter of time,he has 2 understand our defenders 1st,i dnt tink he was the cause of cp goal,what d f**k ws boss doing?

  14. I believe arsenal will win the title next season,we now are very close but mancity are the favorites this season,avoiding cl play offs will help start well lets finish 2nd ahead of mouriho(That will the story come may)

  15. I am a cech supporter but he was brought in to cover up the mistakes of our at times shaky defence which he has failed as of now. But he will come good I am sure.

  16. At the moment Cech has made more mistakes then correct saves. That is worrying but not indicative of him as a player. Right now I will withhold judgement because he has been a solid top 3 keeper in the PL for a long time and two games does not remove that. Still, my initial worries on signing him may be closer to the truth then I had hoped…

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