Arsenal Debate – Can Ramsey and Wilshere play together?

With Arsenal struggling with injury problems in the midfield department, just like everywhere else on the pitch, it is easy to see why Arsene Wenger played both Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere against Anderlecht on Wednesday. But it did not really work and there is a theory that the two central midfielders are too similar and do not really work for Arsenal when they play together.

It is a bit like the problem the England national team had with Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. At their peak they were two of the best players in the world in that position, but when both played for England it did not work. So is it the same for Wilshere and Ramsey, or can Wenger get them to click? We won’t find out any more this week due to Jack’s suspension but until Ozil is back we might in the next few weeks.

The good thing is that they are both very talented and young enough to adapt their game a bit. Wilshere has showed signs that he could be very good playing further up the pitch and for England he has started to shine in a deep lying role, while Ramsey has slightly different skills including exploding as a goal scorer last season.

And I don’t think we should judge too much on the games so far this season, because Arsenal have been well below par in general. But when Mesut Ozil is fit again you would assume that he will play the number 10 role, so will that mean that it is an either/or situation with Jack and Aaron? And if so, which player will come out on top?

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  1. Wilshere must be benched as a team we play better with him on the bench,our performances as a team this season have been awful and it’s no coincidence that it coincides with Wilshere being in the number 10 role,he simply doesn’t Assist enough,doesn’t Score enough and he also holds onto the ball far too long without releasing it!

    1. Wenger has only himself to blame. He
      overloaded on attacking midfielders
      during the recent transfer windows and
      neglected the dire need to get in
      competent, not necessarily technically
      gifted defensive midfielders and central
      He let Vermaelen AND Jenkinson go and
      intentionally took a chance that his first
      choice defenders will not get injured.
      Hell they didn’t. Even a 5 year old knows
      that injuries do happen in football. But
      no he had to take a chance. Why didn’t
      he at least keep Jenkinson… He can
      recall him now. That’s the mature
      decision to take. Will he do it?
      No chance.
      This type of reckless behaviour is
      characteristic of a manager who is not
      under any pressure to win anything. Can
      you imagine Mourinho, Pellegrini or any
      other manager who WANTS to win the
      league leave his defensive cover so
      They will get the sack if they do not win
      anything. But Wenger knows that the
      Arsenal Board are eating out of his hands
      because he gets the team in the CL
      places! Because the aim my dear fellows
      is to make profits for the shareholders
      not to please the fans necessarily.
      Have you heard a top team in any league
      declare that finishing 4th is a trophy in
      Ok maybe it was when we were paying
      for the loan to build the stadium. But
      now? What’s the excuse Mr Wenger?
      You know what? Wenger cannot get out
      of the ‘finishing 4th is good enough
      mode’ I tell you.
      It allows him to indulge in his biasedness
      of developing young talent into stars,
      playing an overbalanced attacking
      football (which renders his teams
      vulnerable to counter attacks from
      tactically more astute teams and
      managers) and recruits small technically
      gifted players at the expense of sturdy,
      tall and robust midfielders and
      That’s why, by the way, we get more
      injuries than any other team in the PL.
      You don’t need an in depth study to find
      out why we get so many injuries!

    2. Don’t want 2sound rude on jack but it’s the truth…he’s neither good defensively nor offensively. Ramsey has not yet gotten to what he used 2b last season hope he will any way it’s my birth day and can’t wait for the beautiful game and 3points.

  2. How many points we want to give up until Wenger realize they are not compatible to each other, like Gerrard and Lampard?

  3. well good for me if ozil is clicking and not wilshere cause spending a huge chunk of money on him shows he needs to assist for that Walcott must be there to support him and relieve pressure on alexis so therefore i will choose Ramsey on the basis of good work rate once Wenger signs a defensive midfielder or with a defender i would be great!

  4. 0ne has to be sold or loaned out for 2 seasons, we cant afford 2 mediocre midfielders at the same time and buy one world class b2b playmaker

  5. The problem with Arsenal is not Wilshere, Ramsey or any other player… We keep saying it and it gets redundant and repetitive as it is so obvious… Wenger cannot take us anywhere!

    Wilshere should only play cup games and even that…

    Ramsey is a better player, has really improved and his progression is hampered by the “deluded one” tactical ineptitude.

    Ramsey ends up doing Wilshere defensive work instead of excelling in what he does best.
    Flamini had a “shocker” against the Belgians just because he had to cover for Mertesacker weaknesses and Wilshere not tracking back and losing the ball in dangerous spaces…!!

    He is a liability… He is a liability even when he plays well, which is “impressive”. He just does not fit into the system… And that obsession in playing him as a number 10 is getting embarrassing…!!

    Wilshere will be amongst the players (if he does not improve and he won’t) who will depart the club as soon as we get a “reaL” manager. I mean coach like Simeone or Klopp will just ship him somewhere else…!

  6. In the old 4-2-3-1 formation, yes. Not in the formation Wenger is using this year. Of course, Jack should be on the bench in any event.

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