Arsenal Debate – Ramsey or Cazorla to partner Coquelin in the future?

Flamini and Ramsey Doing Well for Arsenal, But What Happens When Injured Duo Return? by AT

As a result of long-term injuries to Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla, Arsenal have been forced to field Mathieu Flamini and Aaron Ramsey in central midfield. But despite the partnership being fairly new, it has blossomed and has made the long-term injuries to Cazorla and Coquelin easier to take for Arsenal fans. In fact, Coquelin himself was full of praise for the new partnership and complimented the fine blend between the two players.

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, Coquelin said: “They have shown great stuff since the day they came into the team together in midfield. You can see the results and we have had big wins like the game against Manchester City. Aaron is a little bit more offensive.

“Mathieu was getting forward a bit more compared to what he did in the first games he played, but against Manchester City he showed a lot of discipline to play really well.”

Now while Ramsey and Flamini are doing a good job in central midfield, what happens when Coquelin and Santi are back? Surely, Ramsey has proven once again that he belongs in the middle of the park, not on the flanks. The Welshman is a passer, not a dribbler. Playing in his preferred position, he has that knack of being in the right place at the right time, and he does more than his bit defensively as well.

So personally, I would have Coquelin and Ramsey playing there. I believe that this partnership will give us the most perfect balance in central midfield. Santi is also very adept at playing in that position but in my opinion, I feel the team can get more out of Ramsey when he’s playing there. Perhaps the Spaniard can be used a little further up the pitch, where I feel he’s more effective.

But in all likelihood, Wenger will push Ramsey out on the wing again and stick with Coquelin and Cazorla in midfield. Now while I can’t complain too much because that partnership also works well, I really hope to see Ramsey and Coquelin as a pair in the middle of the park as I feel that this can be a combination that Arsenal can use on the long-term.


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  1. I love Santi but any phrase with “in the futire” intake it with a pinch of salt.
    He is 30 something already

    1. small people age differently tho.
      as hes a third smaller then the average man. you have to subtract a third off his age.
      santi is 20 then…go to deed poll get his name changed to isco….

      new signing!

  2. according to OJogo Porto’s defensive midfielder Danilo is on top of Arsenal’s wish list Arsenal have scouted Danilo since his days at Benfica U19 & this season they haven’t missed a single game of his O Jogo also claims Arsenal have been watching Rúben Neves, but at the moment Danilo is ahead of him

      1. unless its negiotable to the point of mugging off porto its never gonna happen.

        porto are notorious for getting top price for there players.
        forget this one

    1. Porto got Danilo, Neves and Imbula as their defensive midfielders. How greedy of them, you only need one!

    2. How many of your transfer stories have come true @Leo? I need a statistical breakdown.

      % spot on –
      % you’re having a laugh –

  3. acc to Bild Pep Guardiola to MCFC is a done deal. 3 year contract worth €25m/year+ bonuses If Guardiola goes to City, he is not the man for Arsenal. We want someone to carry on our traditions and not just want an open cheque book.
    someone/low would be perfect for us

    1. thats insane money.

      pep has managed two teams with worlds best players….thats earned him this?
      hes overated, he had the holy trinity of xavi iniesta an messi in there prime an a bayern team who had a whos who of the worlds best.

      crazy deal

    2. guadiola can **** off….to citeh or where ever…….we dn’t need those Money chasing windbags ……they aren’t the way forward for Arsenal…..If wenger can successfully win us the League(or other major titles), then he can stay for as Long as he wants ….

  4. I wont even start… Stick with Ramsey on the wing and rotate him with Campbell and Welbeck when our players return. I don’t know if its just me but Bellerin plays fabulously when Ramsey plays on the wing..and Cazorla is more discipline than Ramsey please. Ramsey drifts in to allow Bellerin upwards attacking well. But Campbell hardly drifts in like Ramsey does.
    now question is wanna stick with Campbell on the wing while he’s doing fab there and let Bellerin be more defensive? or gonna stick to Ramsey on the wing who when he’s there we are dangerous from the wing cus of our spreading of the ball and let Bellerin be that sharp Attacking defender he was..
    Now that’s a tough choice to take

    Top gunner agree or not?

    1. Ramsey in the Centre is twice as effective as Ramsey on the wing, + what is the essence of risking your right back while you can play with a RW?? I will go with Rambo, Cazorla can share both CM and CAM as a deputy for ozil and competition for rambo, wing belongs to wingers for me.

  5. Cazorla is WC and made that position his before he was injured. I don’t expect him to be so old next season for him not to be able to do the same thing

    Ramsey will push him. Ramsey is an awesome talent

    It’s awesome that we have Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky (but sadly Rosicky mayleave in summer)
    . We are sorted in that position

  6. same of u here are really unfair in players out side of British.
    now comparing Cazorla and Ramsey and saying Ramsey is better.
    its a shame.
    for Me Cazorla any day his 100% better than Ramsey

    1. Dont mind them bro….this british guys are just too sentimental, most of them do say that scholes is better than Xavi….Ramsey is just an average midfielder, he cant keep the ball. He is just too wasteful, and here they are comparing him with a world class star like Santi…..its absurd.

    2. too right…guardian top 100 players has some funny ordering but list is more or less right…arsenals world class players are kos ozil sanchez czech and santi …. bottom line need a world class attacker and a DM option to seal the epl and compete with best in world…some barca players are overrated because of the stellar qualities of their attack but we are a long way behind at moment … problem is dont see such quality leaving in january

  7. When everyone is fit, it is Coquelin and Santi but Flamini and Ramsey will still pair in games as rotation in some games will really help.

    Having said that; You don’t put Santi and Flamini as ‘in the future’…Santi is magical and I love him. Flamini has got experience and He has been doing pretty well in Coquelin absence but for the future is ‘Coquelin and Ramsey’. Unless, Prof Wenger has a different plan.

  8. If fit to play there is no way that the little magician is on the bench. Ramsey is doing well at the center but Santi is WC.

  9. to be honest im not worried at all,i trust wenger to make the right choice once again,also seeing how lucky we are on the injuries front we might not have them all fit at the same time!!

  10. I don’t think it has to be either/or. AW needs to think tactically how he wants to play the opposition, and then either play Rambo or Santi. Rambo will give you that aggressive full on attacking directness with goals. Santi control of the midfield posetion, a little more defensive stability etc. Both have pros and cons, but that’s what AW gets £12m per year to work out the best. I think they are both World class in that position and we are really lucky to have the option.

  11. Cazorla is better IMO. He dictates our play from the back and frequently tops our completed passes and passing accuracy stats in every game he plays. He needs to work on his goal scoring though. A player like Cazorla should have 10 goals in a season. I have no idea why it’s not happening for him.

  12. Ramsey compared with cazorla is insult on cazorla himself…. Cazorla compares with the best in the world…. He is world class… A joy to watch… Ramsey is just another player just average and doesn’t come close to cazorla when it comes to passing and even shooting… For god sake there is no basis for this comparison.. Cazorla uses both foot effectively…. You don’t even know is weaker foot coz he has not…. The only player have seen use bothlegs perfectly in football… (tell me another if you know) and you compare him with Ramsey… That’s insulting…. The guy is not just getting enough recognition because arsenal is not winning big in the European competitions same with Sanchez ….I won’t be surprised if you guys soon start comparing him with Walcott….

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