Arsenal Debate- Sell Ozil and buy Carvalho?

I believe its high time Arsenal start playing and more importantly look to start thinking to play like Arsenal of the old. Whats stopping us from doing that! Well too many cooks spoil the Broth. Too many playmakers playing the No. 10. This needs to be stopped.

The key area should be acquiring a beast of a Defensive Midfielder who can defend the back 4 and more importantly should look imposing on the opposition.

Carvalho fits the bill like no other as he is young and can be easily molded into Arsenal’s style of play and sync with the rest of the team and importantly go on to serve the club for a long time.

The next key area is defense. Nastasic is young and strong and he along with Chambers can be groomed to be the next defensive wall for the club.

Strike force is addressed with the acquisition of Welbeck (with age on his side), can be groomed to be a force to reckon with.

Now the money to finance the purchases of Carvalho & Nastasic. Sell Ozil. Yes Arsenal must sell Ozil for many reasons. Firstly, over abundance of playmakers, secondly he has had no impact with the level of game Arsenal play unlike Sanchez who has lifted the game and boosted our attack. And then the most important reason of all, Ozil is the one player in the team whom we can afford to do without and at the same time generate huge amount of revenue from his sale. This can be perceived and thought as very radical and extreme but in the grand scheme of things this would benefit the club as the purchases are young players who can be molded to the needs of the team unlike Ozil who has stagnated and is a one-dimensional playmaker with very less or no eye for a shot on goal.

Below is the team I propose which could usher our club into the next era, an era where Arsenal can reclaim the tag of being a solid team all round the pitch. Attached is the image of my proposed team with the players in order of preference.


Formation: 4-2-3-1

GK: Szczesny/Ospina

LB: Gibbs/Monreal

CB: Koscieslny/Nastasic

CB: Chambers/Mertesacker

RB: Debuchy/Bellerin

DM: Carvalho/Flamini

DM: Ramsey/Arteta

RW/RM: Walcott/Ox/Sanchez/Gnabry

AM: Wilshere/Cazorla/Rosicky/Zelalem

LW: Sanchez/Cazorla/Campbell/Podolski

CF: Welbeck/Giroud/Campbell

Thank You!

Santosh Balivada

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    1. Have you ever seen a game featuring Zelalem ? He is up the pitch, last passer usually. Very close to what Fabregas is.

        1. Fabregas is also B2B. Can be CAM if needed. With a bit of discipline he can do DM too. But none of them are Yaya Toure. Not the same physical presence.

          1. haha
            oh no

            piers morgan has joined forces with adrian durham on talksport

            im callin in.need to get 5 mins out the office!!

              1. This is how AFC should have been after the summer window.

                Formation: 4-2-3-1

                GK: Szczesny/Ospina
                LB: Gibbs/Monreal
                CB: Koscieslny/Schar
                CB: Mertesacker/Chambers
                RB: Debuchy/Aurier
                DM: Carvalho/Flamini
                CM: Ramsey/Wilshere
                CAM: Ozil/Cazorla/Rosicky
                Wings: Walcott/Ox/Sanchez/Campbell/Podolski
                ST: Mandzukic/Giroud

                Loan Out: Bellerin, Jenkinson, Zalalem, Gnabry, Ryo, Sanogo

    2. Makes a lot of sense. At the moment we have 42and a half Mil. wandering around doing F/A!! Go for it, you’ll have to get rid or Arsene though, he dont do admiting mistakes!!

        1. And it got me thinking, why would PSG,the most spendthrift club, want Wenger, the most mean manager??!! I don’t understand it.
          But I think the PSG board and Wenger would cause more drama in a single transfer window than Zlatan n CR7 would cause if in a same team for a whole season

        2. Yeah, Klopp can be our Jesus. However, I will not leave Dortmund for Arsenal if I were Klopp. He’s already a legend there.

          1. Arsenal is a dream job. Big club, lots of money, great squad, full control of transfer targets as all board members know F/A about football and 0 pressure to win anything.

            1. It’s only Wenger that has the power you list under arsenal being a dream job. He has it because of his stature, duration at the club, etc. I highly doubt a new manager would inherit the same levels of authority

      1. Wenger should have sold Ozil and brought Fabregas back. Letting Fabregas go to Chelsea has given them the title while we are still playing for forth. Ozil just isn’t that good when he hasn’t got Ronaldo, Benzema and DiMaria in front of him.

      2. “And then the most important reason of all, Ozil is the one player in the team whom we can afford to do without and at the same time generate huge amount of revenue from his sale”. If he is crap how does that work?

    3. Zalelem is a CM, more like Cesc. He is very good and can dominate midfield. He can spread the ball like Fabregas etc… So he can play the ACM position.

        1. Arteta should be released on contract and we should persuade him to join Bilbao whilst going for aymeric laporte the best young cb in la liga he would be perfect as he is French moving to arsenal will enhance his chance of getting into the national set up and allow him to compete for a starting spot having aymeric and chambers waiting in the wings would be emence.
          I genually feel laporte has the potential to be the worlds best centre back. The starting bid for him would be 24m at least. With jenkinson coming back next season we could also loan them bellerin

    1. Ridiculous proposition. I would like Carvalho for sure, but that alone won’t solve our issues. Wenger needs to revert back to the 4-2-3-1 that was more successful. 4-1-4-1 probably would be successful, IF Ozil tracked back, IF our fullbacks communicated more efficiently to prevent constant counter attacks and IF our midfield could hold the ball efficiently (as they did last season). Unfortunately, Ozil will never trackback, Gibbs/Monreal + Debuchy/Bellerin are allergic to defending, and Wilshere/Ramsey/Arteta/Ozil for whatever reason have become sloppy in their passing this season. It’s a multitude of problems rather than just one. Yes Ozil should be playing a bigger role, but he is definitely not the sole reason for our poor displays.

      I’m not tactical genius, but many other pundits/analysts have explicitly highlighted the fact that for 4-1-4-1 to be successful, the holding midfielder must have the energy to drop between the two midfielders when attacking and drop in front of the two centre backs when defending, unfortunately Arsene for whatever reason fails to realise Mikel no longer has the stamina for this role. If he wants to continue deploying this tactic, for me he has to start two workhorses on the flanks to accompany our fullbacks, Sanchez + Chamberlain/Campbell would be my picks, tell our fullbacks to sit back during corners, set-pieces… and switch Ozil to the centre and have him & Ramsey/Wilshere retain the ball effectively.

      After two energy sapping matches within days of each other, we should be resting Ozil, Sanchez & Ramsey. Give Campbell & Chamberlain starts for goodness sake and play Cazorla through the middle.

      1. The 4-2-3-1 we used last season was the formation that we used when we were raped by Chelski, Citeh and Liverfool, it didn’t work against fast opposition.
        Even in the FA Cup final we got nothing but 2 goals behind from the system and didn’t make any headway until we switched to 4-4-2.
        4-4-2 would surround Ozil with 5 fast players to run onto his through balls, why can Wenger not see this???
        People appear to be forgetting the weakness’s of the 4-2-3-1 because of the terrible start while Wenger experiments on live patients again!

  1. I jist wish for one game wenger would go with this line up

    I find this article so stupid

    1. Ozil was played in his so called best position all throughout last season, he was not much better. Now let other players also try that position for a bit.

      1. Believe me. You will not find Arsenal in the same poz like last year, and then you can continue with your pointles babbling. The main problem in the formation is Wilsher and Ramsey not being a good combo.

  2. What a stupid twat the author of this article is. Özil isn’t the issue it’s Wenger’s tactics. Özil has never been a ball winner and never will be, but if you give him the ball in and around the box, he can unlock any defense. We need to buy a Carvalho type figure to win the ball for Özil. Selling Özil would be the single most stupid thing we could do. The Telegraph have a great article about Özil today. One little snippet says: “Ozil has never been the engine of any football team. He simply provides the luxury oil. To get the best from him, you need to have built the right machine around him.” This speaks volumes. Look at City, Silva is no better than Özil. He just is able to express himself because he has Fernando, Fernandinho and Yaya Toure behind him. Chelsea as well, Fabregas can express himself because players like Matic and Ramires play behind him. Özil has players like Arteta, Wilshere and Flamini behind him. Wilshere is supremely talented, but not a ball winner. Arteta and Flamini are both so past it, that it’s embarrassing. Buy Carvalho and put him next to Ramsey and Özil through the middle, and you will see the whole team shine.

    1. Agreed, this author tw*t must a AKB. Arsene is good at turning fickle fans against players.

      Suggestion: how about sell no one and buy Nastasic and Carvalho?

      Oh and Arteta’s contract runs down next summer and can’t see him getting a new one so January is time to make some money out of him if ever.

    2. Agreed. However we have three months till jan window assuming Arsene would even do the necessary. So in the meantime I personally think we should try out Chambers with Ramsay playing in the hole. Wingers should ideally be Sanchez and Theo with the Ox, Joel Campbell, Rosicky etc who will all run at the opposition.


  4. I wouldn’t sell Ozil I’d sort the team out behind him. Rotate Ramsey and Jack to some extent. Agree with gamer pace is being wasted big time but lack of signings in defence means you won’t see that line up.

  5. I think its a bit tough on the lad,don’t forget he is still young and hasn’t fully reached his potential just yet(24),either he improves his form or he sits out a while and actually watch how carzola and rosicky does it and a drastic change in formation is needed indeed.I think a good CDM would aid mertesacker quite well if you’ve followed Everton last season with Barry covering up for distin and ideal quick defender yes would help koscielny and debuchy when marauding forward.Attack wise I see a lot of potential in our forwards I just think we should consider our youth set up very well.

  6. That away kit was smashingly too good. It took the players’ focus away from the day’s business. Even the ref tried to us match too hahaha!

  7. We need at least 2 DMs, if we want to contend, and stop putting Ozil on the wings. Did we buy a 42.5 Attacking Mid or a winger?

  8. I seriously can’t see us selling him at all. I’ll be a little embarrassed if we sell him. I mean, he is our club record signing and we are selling after just two seasons? No way, he is still one of the best no. 10 in the world.

  9. Arteta was poor but so was everyone else. Including Özil. I’m getting sick of his lack of effort. He clearly doesn’t care. Constantly giving the ball away and not bothering at all to get it back. Sanchez put in an excellent shift as always. Özil is a million miles away in comparison to Sanchez. In a way I kind of feel sorry for Alexis because I feel like he could do so much better than to be playing for us. I almost feel embarassed. He’s good enough to be at Chelsea, City or Bayern yet he stays at a club hell bent on finishing fourth. I know everyone says Arsenal fans are fickle but can you blame us? Wenger didn’t buy a world class striker nor a decent dm. We are also woefully short at the back yet he doesn’t address these issues. Incredible. Maybe our season will pick up and I seriously hope it does but there is no chance we will win the pl nor the cl. How we are in pot 1 is beyond me.

    1. We need to stop blaming Arteta and realize he is just yet another victim of Wenger’s delusions. A CM forced into playing as a DM and he has done an alright job over the years and is still doing his best despite his age. Ozil is not in a good mental state clearly. He is a world class player who got used to play where he is best at and with a quicker style of play. Now he keeps getting played in positions he is clearly not good at and expected to be up and down the field. How many CAMs do you see running back to defend through the middle? He just isn’t used to that. Only when Wenger starts thinking rationally and how each player can do his best for the team will we win games. Ozil is on the path to turning into another Arteta..

  10. Well, selling MO is getting too far forward in our thinking. Let’s think about what Arsen must do with what he has now (that is if he ever listens). Diaby can definitely bring some muscle and balance in midfield. Wilshire & Ramsy can’t play together. They are very similar which offsets the balance in midfield. So bench either of the two. Chambers must come on in the troubled DM area or be a regular CB. He is solid and gritty. Podolski is another senior player being wasted on the bench. Why bring him on in moments of crisis when he doesn’t even have game time? What we saw yesterday was deplorable if not atrocious. The problem is the board let’s Wenger run the club as he wishes. They don’t set him targets and hold him accountable.

    1. Wilshere and Ramsey played quite well together against City. A solid DM instead of Flamini or Arteta could make a great midfield trio..

  11. The britts, or who ever you people seems to be in this forum or the ones who write this bs, have no idea about football at all.

    I can ensure you guys, if Arsenal would put all the Arsenal players for sale, who do you think the biggest teams in the world would come to buy for. All i am interested to know from you guys is your personal list.

    The team has to be build around a world class player like Ozil, and not treat world class with dissrespect and shet by using him on a poz where his talent is a waste.

    Facking Wenger. Thats why he doesnt buy World class players, bec he is incapable to use them to the fullest, and his flaws and bad managmend comes to shine and people do realize then that he is nothing more then a 4th place manager. An Overrated, stubborn, arrogant and overpriced old timer.

    What i am sure of is that the greates manager currently in the Leuage. Hose the Douche Morinhio. Would turn Ozil as the main man, use Sanchez on the wings, and also use Chamberlain on the wings, inclueded with Theo. He would rotate the likes of Wilsher and Ramsey ( that guy who somehow is immune to critisem). and put also Chambers as a Dm till the winter transfer window would come up again, only to buy a player like Nigel de Jong from Milan for a good price of 16m and not 11m and 1 Euro. And also buy Defenders, like Cour Zouma who are young and talented.

    He would set new standarts in the team and install a winning mentaliy. Where 4th. place is not a trophy and where first team football is not garantued bec of the players reputation and the origin of their natioalties.

    1. @ks.. You chat some bull crap. A team built around Ozil? When was a team ever built around a liability of a player like Ozil? You will never find any serious team that builds a team around a player of Ozils personality.

      How is that even fair on the players like Ramsey, Sanchez, Cazorla, Wilshere etc… They give their all but then you reward them by building the team around Ozil a player that is the most laziest, mentally/physically weak player in the whole LEAGUE? A player that chooses when to lose his own confidence and when he is lacking in that confidence it takes him months to get it back?

      Good luck with building a team around that type of player.


      1. Brain and talent tops always hard workd and muscel. Alwayyyyysssss. In football there is not such a thing as fair. Grow up.

        1. @Ks_Gunner
          Tell that sh*t to Atletico… They f**kn outworked and out muscled their way to the top last season.

  12. Just to let you know, Arteta is not at fault, that guy is becoming old. He was a good asset to the team and served us well when the likes of Fabregas choosed to give us the middlefinger it was Arteta who decided to cut his wages and play for us.

    He is not a facking Dm for. Banas Sake. He is overworked with this poz and cant handle it.

    1. It’s not Arteta’s fault the he’s not cut out to play there, but it doesn’t change the fact we need a new DM.

    2. True mate he’s tried his best he was a shy AM never mind being moved to DM felt sorry for him some games. The DM problem should’ve been addressed long ago

    3. Pretty sure he wasn’t fully fit last night…rushed back.
      Can’t believe we didn’t buy a decent sitting midfielder…Carvalho, Bender, or even a stop gap like Barry. It would transform our team.
      Think we have to try Chambers there.

  13. I’d sell Arteta, Flamini, Diaby and buy Carvalho. Ozil will not move clubs unless somebody offers an amount close to the fee we paid. Wenger should start building a team around Mesut, it’s the only way to fully utilize him.

    1. @Skandalouz
      Thats some highly, and I mean LSD type highly laughable sh*t right there. Build the team around a guy who only wants to f**kn pass the ball, and nothing else. And I literally mean”nothing else” He’s got “zero” work rate, won’t defend, afraid to shoot, attack, or help out in any f**kn way.
      You guys must be nutz if he is whats considered as the “best” no 10 in the league…
      Wake the f**k up. 42 mil for that…LMFAO

  14. LOL sell Ozil? haha! How about sell your stupidity and buy some brain cells? We are not Southampton, we can add onto our team without selling anybody. Wenger needs to realize that some players like Ozil are only great at one main thing like playing through the middle, that’s all.

  15. Jack is my no. 10, he can help while defending and press up front. But we need DM and LW. LW or LM who can attack from left and still help out LB. Our attack should be consistent from right, left and center. Now we only attack from right and center.

  16. You guys appear to be already talking about next season, or at the least January. No major purchases are going to be made until January at the earliest and more likely summer. So there are a lot of games to be played between now and January and Arsenal need to figure out how to improve this team now. With the current injuries, meaning being without some key players for a while longer, AW needs to rethink what he is doing with this squad. All of us can agree that what they have been trying up to now is not going to be successful against strong teams. It almost seems as though AW thinks he needs to put, what he believes, are his best players on the pitch even if they are played out of their best position. Well, the evidence is that is not working so he needs to change his thinking and get the players in the position where they can perform their best. Which for me means that Ozil, Carzola, Rosicky should be in the center (not on the wings). To me that means you play one of them and they rotate. The players who perform best attacking from the outside are Sanchez, OX, Campbell, Poldoski. So I think they should be alternated, to keep them fresh and playing at the highest level. As fas as DM this is a weakness because we absolutely don’t have the strength and pace at this position that we need. But I think you have to get the most of what we have so that means Flamini alternated with Chambers, and Arteta in an emergency. And it also means that I think Wilshire and Ramsey should be alternated and not played together. At CF right now we only have available Welbeck and sometime Sanogo, so not much to do there other than rotating Campbell, Ox and Poldoski, but trully not their best position but if you had too they could be adequate against lesser teams. The defense is what it is because we are short there but not much flexibilty there. Between now and January AW needs to make some changes to get the best out of the players he has and then see what they can do in January.

  17. Welbeck
    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    Chambers Ramsey
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    This is the strongerst possible lineupe.


  18. Wenger refused to buy a central defender, Wenger refused to buy a defensive midfielder, Wenger continues to buy small players, and Wenger refused to re-sign Fabregas because he preferred Ozil in that position. The delusional and stubborn Wenger is going to pay dearly for his failures.

    1. Can we seriously stop talking about Fabregas?? It would have been f@ckin mental to sign him. We need strength in midfield/defence…allow the umpteen small midfielders to play.

      1. Too right, good to see Fab give the ball away tonight leading to the Schalke equaliser – that would help us like a hole in the head, we could do without yet more of that sh*t right now.

  19. Selling Ozil will be a very big mistake. The reason why we bought him, Rosicky is ageing, Cazorla will also be ageing, however I see him fighting but he can’t do it all at this age. This leaves us with Wilshere and Zelalem. Zelalem is very good, I must say, but he is too early to be sent in first 11. Wilshere can be good, but very much sloppy passing can be done by him constantly losing the ball.
    Ozil was bought as he is young and for the future. And one of the bests. And we have also seen magnificent performances against Liverpool both home games, Cardiff away, Southampton away, Newcatsle home, Hull City away, and Everton home, Napoli home, Marseille,etc. I guess just a little bit of rest for a game will bring back his best just like last season Sunderland’s home game. Start Rosicky/Cazorla for Villa game, it will benefit us as they will be fresh for the game. Otherwise we can rotate them at 60-65 min. mark. Also if Wenger somehow persuades him to rest a bit, it will be good for all of us including him.
    Ozil should not be sold but given a full or partial rest. Being fresh and he can destroy the defences.

  20. All the players we are criticizing are not at fault, neither have they failed this club. The problem is they are improperly used. I felt so sorry for them yesterday as I could clearly see their enthusiasm. But the combinations, positions and tactical decisions were highly misplaced by none other than our coach.

      1. Hahahaha hey Muffy none a that malarkey

        Were shiteeeeeeeeee but we knowwww we areeeeeeeeee lol

  21. Arsene could have the World XI and he would still find a way to muck it up and not win. How the hell have we bought Alexis, Ozil recently and gotten worse. Astonishing. This man cannot win us premier league and god knows we’re a million miles away from ever lifting the champions league

    1. jesus. what an article. is this a joke? hahhahahaha
      this site is getting soo silly. silly kids, this is not fifa

  22. Wenger did not bring back Fabregas because of Ozil. Selling Ozil now would be a huge mistake. The problem is Wenger does not play him in his best position. Ozil said he doesn’t like playing on the left. He would rather play on the right or in the center. Now why Wenger keeps playing Ozil on the left wing is beyond me. Wenger should play a diamond and accommodate Ozil as number 10
    with 2 strikers up front

    1. ozil starts on left but switches with Alexis for large portions of games and goes onto the right and he doesnt do any better. Ozil on wings is just a failure. If he is going to start at all put him in the middle or bench him instead. He’s just a liability on the wings for sure.

  23. Sell the whole lot except Wilshere, Calum Chambers and Alexis! And whilst you are at it sell the manager too! He’s lost it completely. No one fears us anymore. Aston villa must be rubbing their hands with glee for this weekend. I said we are not going to make top 5 with Wenger still in charge. The strange thing is that nothing so far has changed to make me change my mind. With a depleted Dortmund team, we could still not stuff them instead we got ourselves stuffed! What an utter disgrace! Arsene, your time is up and you are fired!!

  24. Id be happy for ozil to go not becuase he is not good enough but like v.p,nasri,fabregas,clichy etc He will soon realise that this team Will Never win the Bpl or Champs league under Wenger Ever & Ever single fan knows this admit or not. Ozil is a sublime player his eye for a pass is next to none, He proved his worth internationally and domestically for Werder bremen, Real Madrid & Germany. If like alot on this site ppl want to go by stats then he actually didnt do too bad assists wise and maybe 5 goals is poor but considering coming to a diff country,climate,league,team, surrondings id say he did just fine. Now to all them saying “put a shift in track back” Yes he does bloody try but he will be the first to Admit that hes very weak in that department, The guy played last season plus the entire World cup had no pre season, Yet Wenger decides to throw him into every game literally playing 90mins. Whos to really blame the biggest problem since G.Silva left is still there for all to see, yet he refuses to buy Arrogance is one thing Arsenals manager has taken it to a new level.

    Niave tactics, niave subs, niave Team selection. Dont blame the players it gone way beyond that Wenger must accept sole responsibility.

    Villa Away il be surprised if we get a point, 5th spot in league, out group stages in champs league. Just slim chance of a cup run at Best.

    Realistic Fan

  25. Actually Ozil has been over hiped and arsen wenger is not helping matters for allowing him to over stay in the pitch even when its clear that he has gased out, I pitty joel campbell who does every exploit on for Olympiacos last year but found himself not even closer to arsenal bench even Rosisky, because they are not from France, is a pitty that FA cup that we worn last is causing us all these, because if not because we worn AW would have resigned or become more pro-active and serious with the team because for me he has lost all and cannot wiin any major tophy even if he will win at all, he should live now or be disgraced out. UP GUNNERS

  26. Wenger is the biggest problem.
    But players like Ozil and Rambo need to start justifying there selection at the moment.

  27. Im worried that we have a manager that would actually put ozil in lnfront a young inexperienced youth player in his first game away at dortmund.

  28. WHAT !!! , you mean that sainted ozil that cost over 40 million pounds is not the best number ten in the world anymore !!!!. oh dear , are people actually waking up on this site at last . i remember some people up until quite recently had the balls to say that ozin is the best ten in the world . why would real madrid sell the best ten in the world folks . i asked this before and i was devoured and called all sort of names , so much for the admins protecting the right of reply to all people on here .

  29. How about we actually try playing Ozil in his natural position before we give up on him?

    It amazes me how some people turn on our own players so quickly as soon as they struggle, and even worse when the player is being played out of position.

    He came here as one of the best midfielders in the world, started every game for the world cup winners, and people talk about him like he’s a chump because he’s struggled as a left winger. That’s messed up…

  30. I don’t doubt Ozil’s quality but trust me he wouldn’t be very productive even if played in the CAM position and the reason is simple. Ozil is a highly tecnical player with great pass and vision but he lacks the power, physicality and aggression required to fit in that role in the BPL. The midfield is where the game is won and lost but ozil is not a fighter so he will struggle to play his game. The BPL is not for Ozil. He needs to play in less physical leagues likes the la liga and bundesliga for his ability to be maximised.

  31. OMG!!!! I can’t actually believe that some of you here support the author on this stupid article. The signing of Ozil changed us last year it gave the players a lift and you think selling him will do any good to the club??? You people should be careful what you wish for

  32. I feel that its too unfair to call for Ozil’s head for this situation. Yes he is out of shape after the hectic World Cup Campaign. It makes more sense to give him some time to find back his rhythm. After all he can’t simply forget to play football – being the best CAM in Europe. I feel that we should play him at the position where he has excelled the most, and not in the wings. This would hamper the very reason we bought him.

  33. I’d rather we bought Schneiderlin, from whatever I have seen of Carvalho, he is a tough tackler for sure and quite disciplined as a DM but is too slow for the BPL.

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