Arsenal Debate – Should Cech or Mertesacker be the captain?

It is very strange to think that Mikel Arteta is the current Arsenal captain, as he has hardly played for us in the last year (and when he has played…..) but the vice-captain Per Mertesacker has been standing in in his absence. Now next season Arteta is unlikely to be in the team because if Arsene Wenger gives him yet another one-year extension he will be pilloried by the fans.

Normally one would expect the vice-captain to automatically be given the armband when the captain leaves, but there is a report this morning suggesting that Wenger has all but decided to give it to Petr Cech instead. To be honest I think most Arsenal fans would prefer the BFG to be relegated to the bench right now, and Gabriel Paulista made the automatic starter alongside Laurent Koscielny. But naturally once it looked like that had happened and the Brazilian was set for a run in the starting line-up, Gabriel got injured!

But we are talking about next season’s captain, and Gabriel may have learned English fully and Wenger will be picking him ahead of the German. In that case who could you see Wenger picking as the permanent leader on the pitch?

Laurent Koscielny was given the honour last week alongside Gabriel, but the Frenchman has already confessed he is not such a verbose leader on the pitch, whereas Cech has no qualms about shouting at his back four, and has a very good way of promoting confidence on and off the pitch.

Personally I think Cech has no contest for the role right now, but what do the rest of think?

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    1. easy: cech should be captain bc its not certain mert will be playing for much longer in our big games.

  1. Petr cech gets my nod! His performances for us, justifies this with some awesome match winning saves throughout this season!

  2. I’m not a fan of having ‘keepers as the captain as I feel they are isolated from what’s happening at the other end of the pitch. Centre midfield or central defence is best, however, in our case I don’t see a viable alternative to Cech at the moment, he’s experienced, vocal and has the respect of the whole squad, so Cech for me.

    Moving forward a few years, forget Wilshere, he’s never fit and is too immature to take on the roll. The player I have in mind is Coquelin, he already shows leadership qualities, so give the vice captaincy to him and he can learn from Cech.

    1. He was given the arm band because it was the nearest game to his 10 year anniversary with the club, no more than that.

  3. No disrespect to Per but he has been captain for a while and we have been at the end of some horrendous defeats when he has been on the field and we needed a leader and he went missing….i.e…Monaco at hoke home and Anderlect……he is a good off leader but on the pitch he is not the best..Cechh all the way, no brainer for me

  4. People who slander Per have no clue about football.
    Per isn’t the best, yes he is slow but his pace doesn’t mean he can’t be a top CB, people who think that have seriously no idea about football.

    Try watching Tony Adams and then tell me that players with no pace can’t be great CB!

    Adams is the best CB that the EPL has ever seen yet he was as slow as a lumbering cattle, you know where you need to be and who cares is you haven’t got the pace, pace becomes secondary to players good enough to read the game and walk into the ideal positions.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Too many people base everything on pace, which I think comes from FIFA playing. BFG still edges it for me. If Cech is still here and 1 st team by start of 2017/18 season, then he gets it. But mertesacker has been at arsenal for a long time but Cech is a new signing

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