Arsenal Debate – So what’s the verdict now? Ramsdale or Raya?

Clean sheet for Raya on debut by Daisy

As the team sheet came out on Sunday afternoon, Arsenal fan’s had mixed emotions when we saw David Raya had replaced Aaron Ramsdale in the starting line up for our clash against Everton at Goodison Park.

Starting his first match in Arsenal colours since joining the club on a season-long loan from Brentford, Raya came out looking confident and ready to go. From the very start of the game, he seemed to have a very calm and collected presence on the pitch.

After having such a good season with Brentford last year, it was clear that Arteta brought him in for competition for Ramsdale, but I don’t think anyone expected it to come so soon. Although a few fans were worried, especially as we haven’t had much luck going to Goodison Park in the past few years, most fans before the game would have probably preferred for Ramsdale to start, but Raya soon showed why he was picked.

Looking quick and in control whenever he had the ball at his feet, taking pressure off his defence when Everton were pressing hard, allowing them to pass it back to him and start an attack from the back to the front, a lot of the time starting the press himself. Although he didn’t really have to make any big saves, his presence was known, with his ariel abilities shining bright from the start. Quick with his feet on the turn and almost perfect distribution throughout the game.

Arteta was asked in his post-match interview if we could expect to see much more of Raya being rotated throughout the season and in true Arteta style, he was very vague, saying “The same rationale about why Fabio Veira played here or Eddie or Gabriel Jesus” and “I have 11 players to pick and no-one is different”.

Raya walks away from his Arsenal debut with a clean sheet and a win, proving many Arsenal fans wrong and looks to be the perfect competition for Ramsdale this season. With a game almost every three days, Arteta is going to have to be able to look to his bench and trust the players on it. Although some may have thought it was a risky move from Arteta, it’s a move that ultimately paid off.

What was your thoughts on Raya’s debut performance Gooners?

Do you hope we will get to see more of him this season, or do you think he should relegate Ramsdale to the bench?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Raya wasn’t tested in the slightest, so very difficult to judge his performance. That said, his distribution was very impressive, especially under pressure, whereas Ramsdale can sometimes give the ball away when flustered.

    1. Yes, Everton only made one shot on target. We could see Raya’s strengths when we play against Man City or Liverpool

      Having said that, it’d be better to make Ramsdale focus on EPL and let Raya concentrate on the cup competitions, to prevent them from getting rusty

      1. The article is coming too soon you don’t judge a keeper after 1 game. We need to see what Raya can do for Arsenal over few games and top opposition. No doubt he is a top keeper but not yet for Arsena.
        Verdict: Ramsdale to retain his position.

  2. There’s no verdict to be made at all yet. That was the easiest GK game all season because Everton didn’t come close to scoring even once. I did like Raya’s distribution which is his main attribute, but impossible to draw any real conclusion yet. A pub GK would’ve done in this one.

  3. No verdict as he has nothing to do but glad he kept a clean sheet.

    I am sure there will be verdict by the end of the season, one of them will not be here next time round.

    It has been a brilliant opportunity to bring Raya but cannot see this going on for longer.

  4. Well the gaffer stated he wanted to change his goal keeper in sixty and eighty five minutes while playing two different games in the last campaign.

    I must admit the Spaniard looks quite assured between the sticks, but the Englishman has not put a foot wrong in the new campaign.

    But the gaffer loves a mind game and won’t be bothered by this positive problem, if you ask me.

    1. To me both are great.
      Some medias they just like to use very harsh words like ‘Humuliated’ to Arsenal.

      We need a big team as we all know that. Man City has a big team n depth and so must we. We certainly need to rotate and give certain players paying time as Arsenal needs to compete in all areas.

      Can’t be Rams playing all the time need to give him some rests and Raya sometime to Play. So do all the players. The moment I see harsh words use on Arsenal I dun even bother to click and read it. Waste of time.

  5. Should rotate em a bit! perfect game for raya! i hope AR starts in in CL and against Tottenham, Raya for league cup Fa-cup and some PL starts… to put ramsdale on the bench as cup keeper already would be idiotic, just shows that they lured AR to put pen on a new Contract…

  6. It’s far too early to make comparisons, but Raya performed well enough for the small amount he was required to do against Everton, and should be nicely warmed up for more of a work out against PSV.
    We’re lucky to have two keepers of such quality.


  7. He did well with some crosses and he looked very comfortable with the ball at his feet. Assured.
    Didn’t have to face too much pressure, so as everyone has said, it’s far too early to compare, but i do think he’ll prove to be a better gk than ramsdale – perhaps not by much, but i do think raya is the better of the two. Pains me to say it because I like ramsdale and have no problem with him being in goal for us whatsoever.

  8. I was glad to see Raya in the match, Ramsdale needs the competition.

    Ramsdale tends to lose focus and composure during matches too often, and concedes soft goals.
    He also needs improvement playing out from the back and distribution.

    Raya looked very comfortable and composed in the back, and his distribution and control were excellent.

    Don’t really have a favorite as 1 game is not enough by any means, but I like seeing the competition in goal.

    No one should be guaranteed starts like Arteta said, and GK should not be any different. Let the cream rise to the top, and 1 will be preferred over the over.

    1. Agreed, I felt very secured somehow with Raya on the Goal.
      And agree on the distribution remark, Raya seems elite in that respect.

      Ramsdale need a bit more maturity and needs to learn to remain unphased and composed during different stages of the game.

  9. I’ll hold my judgment till Raya actually as a shot to stop ,but he was very confident and calm with the little he had to do .

  10. I doubt Arteta is asking this question to himself. He is happy to have both and pushing each other to sand out rough edges in both of them.

    And I don’t think we should be asking this question as well. It’s like asking Trossard or Martinelli. We need both depending upon situations and teams we play against.

    Though honestly, I felt somewhat more secured with Raya guarding the goal for some reason. And his distribution seems elite. But we will see both of them playing big roles in this campaign no doubt.

  11. Why on earth are some on JA, so keen to try and pass judgement on things, when there has been no time or evidence to judge ANYTHING on. Raya could not have had an easier game against an hapless Everton. If the reports are true, a bid will be coming in from 2 prem teams in January. That will be interesting.

  12. both, horses for courses, like any other position on the pitch there are different profiles and ways of playing the same position that may suit one circumstance over another, e.g. Vieira played the same position very differently to Havertz in the same game yesterday and their different profiles suited the moment and benefited the team – goalkeepers are no different

  13. Look, Raya was brought into the club not to sit on the bench but to play football. As Arteta always insists competition in the team exists and makes every player look ready to go. And honestly, Fulham’s draw was avoidable had Ramsdale been more attentive.

  14. All national teams have at least two goalies…..the best their country offer…,.I don’t understand the fuss about Arsenal having two of the best goalies in the league. I agree with Arteta, you need at least 2 goal of similar capability standard……just like you want at two players for each position for the outfield players…..I think each team should have 3 goalies of similar capability. Arteta made the right call and we lucky to have two of the best in EPL

  15. Raya had to made some debut one day, Right? I hear he’s been training like a monster and at some point he had to be rewarded. Game week 1 or 5 or 10! This issue of saying he was dropped and the coach categorically said he’s rotating his squad irks me! I’m almost certain Ram will start tomorrow’s game. By the way how do you compare Raya who’s played a single game to Ram who’s played 5 games excluding pre season! All I can say , Raya with the long pass is better than Ramsdale .The rest we’ll have to wait and see.

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