Arsenal Debate – The best choice to replace Coquelin?

The Choice of Player Replacing Coquelin Would Best Portray Our Title Hopes by NO

With the injury to Francis Coquelin, Arsenal’s title credentials face placing on ice, as far as Arsenal fans are concerned. And the fans have reason to worry as Coquelin has been a massive revelation since his return from a cut-short loan outing at championship league side Charlton Athletic.

But the question is – Can Arsene Wenger find a replacement, that will not just fill in the role but rather someone who can keep the push on Arsenal’s business of chasing high level performances on going.

The most natural replacement would be Matthieu Flamini. He is the squad’s readymade player for the role and is an experienced hand at it. He has recently began adding to his game goal scoring and that cannot be a bad thing either. Flamini is also a morale cheerleader in the dressing room. However, opting for Flamini in my view will be admitting that indeed our title challenge is still hopeless.

I would urge Arsene Wenger to make the decision to field a player that can match the rhythm that Coquelin had established in the side. A player who can match any opposition stride for stride, like the injured maestro Coquelin proved to do. A player that has fast fresh wheels that Arsenal’s attackers – Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla – have become accustomed to.
There are three names in the squad that can do just this at the same level if they put their talents to it.

1) Calum Chambers – this is a role he has been rumoured to be able to fill in very well. Unfortunately Chambers is still a work in progress and very inexperienced even when brought in his more natural roles. It would be hard to trust him with such an immense duty.

2) Oxlade Chamberlain – The Ox once got tongues wagging when he was brought to fill in the centre of the midfield. However, then he was playing in the ‘Cazorla’ midfield rather than the Coquelin role. There are lots of questions about his defensive discipline to be able to deliver in this role.

3) Kieran Gibbs – recently he is showing Arsenal faithful that he has versatility as an asset among his arsenal. Gibbs has proven his defensive discipline before playing in his more traditional role as a full back. At Arsenal it would be a new duty added to his range of versatility to play in this position.

My vote would be with Kieran Gibbs. I’m even optimistically hopeful that this was one of the reasons Wenger pulled him off the match with West Brom. My belief is that if Wenger wants to sustain the title push, trying out Gibbs in this role would be the braver option and going with Flamini would be resignation.

Can Gibbs deliver anything near what Coquelin was giving?


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  1. I start to believe that wenger is a psychotic of paranoya,he has became a dictator he just listen to his voice and resists any other opinion i got sick of this
    As much i loved wenger for years as much i can’t take this any more
    all arsenal fans see that coming so wenger must have seen it as as well but he just want to prove him self a genius and arsenal just go to hell

    1. At the risk of sounding like an AKB, I think the recent nosedive is not entirely on Wenger. Lets just hope for some better luck…..BTW, you might want to use the dico @ paranoya!!

  2. Another thing what is the idea of having playmakers of the caliber of ozil cazorla sanchez and ramsey when the striker is giroud with his hold up play and the flicks anf tricksand zero skills he can’t run with and he never runs behind defenders
    I’m not blaming you giroud you give all your best i only blame the man who made you our main striker

  3. The best player to replace Le coq ia to replace Wenger…… The man can’t spot a blemish beyond his nose Let alone find a needle in a haystack!

  4. okay seriously………. No more games…………. If we really must play a DM in his place, Let’s try “BIELIK” ..he’s the only natural DM i can think of on the team right now………


    Ouch! I forgot…… I’m not Wenger

    1. @SA
      Bielik is not a natural anything at this point in his development…Flamini trumps him and anyone else through experience and sheer grit…

    2. @NYG and G-rude….hahahaha……. Okay……. Agreed!

      4give me…. I was only just think someone new who could try filling in Le coq’s boot….. And my mind thought “BIELIK” …… We dn’t even know what he would look like playing in that spot..

      Anyways, none of it even matters


      fLamini is the man to take us to the next LeveL L()L

    3. and another silly idea crept into my mind…….. Since gabriel is being wasted on the bench (for the sake of an invisible per)……. I was thinking , why dn’t we try playing him thr….. He’s got good defensive instinct , pace and a good passer as well….. Quite sure he could hold the line

      1. But knowing Arsenal he might get injured in the process and when either Kisc and Mert are injured he won’t be available

  5. Guys just stop this stupid annoying childish idiocy…. are you guys that stupid? mindless bandwagoners? yeah we lost one game and? don’t over exaggerate it… you are so pathetic.. after the game against bayern munich and spurs there really were some people who said “i always said it cazorla and coq are a bad midfield pairing we have to replace them..” sorry but thats the average intelligence of the comments on this site… santi and coq were amazing one loss against BM and one draw against SPURS is enough to change the sides for some stupid guys here… and now after one loss in the Premier league where its normal to lose some games against lesser opponents and even missing one penalty, you guys come and bash just about everything… look you guys in comparison to arsene wenger are about as intelligent as michael owen

    1. Keep on shooting up … Cold turkey too good for u lot … Five years and a penalty kick later … Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ….

  6. Flamini is the best option. He is tenacious and has fight in him. But he lacks discipline to hold his position. He does have a knack for getting into good spaces, but leaves us exposed by doing so. Which makes Gibbs a good option as well. He is goal shy and content with just sitting back and defending…

  7. You can’t use Gibbs as DM! He would have no idea!
    You can’t use The Ox, he is an accident waiting to happen
    Chambers is a possibility for Tuesday but he is NOT a DM
    If anything I would prefer Monreal who has proved he can play well at centre-back, but to be honest right now we are just papering over cracks until our injured players come back.
    Our season could easily fall apart in the next few weeks.

  8. He is IRREPLACEABLE baby please

    i would give Bielik a try, I suppose

    We have plenty of players who can perform average to poorly, but only one Coquelin. It would have made sense to let go of Flamini/Arteta and got someone like Kondogbia, Krychowiak or Schneiderlin this summer. That would have been the sensible thing as Wenger is ALWAYS going on about the need for QUALITY and the need to only get players to improve us.

    I could see this happening (WE could see this happening) since this summer. The odds of Coquelin staying fit all season was always low with our injuries baby please

  9. Im so pissed off with wenger. We all feared tht coq with get injured.
    For gods sake arsene. Buy some players. Ffs.

    William carvahlo. Lars bender. Sven bender. For DM

    Nolito. At least he is a tricy winger who can giv sanchez a rest. Plss anyone. Spend tht money

    1. Nolito will turn 30 soon……. The last thing we want is accumulate more 30+ players on the team…….. U’ve seen the likes of Mert, flame, arteta, rosicky (i hate to mention his name, but injuries have ruined his career) have dropped massively in stock and are due for release….

  10. Ox is out of the question and a strange suggestion as he’s never shown any defensive capabilities. Flamini has to start, I don’t trust Chambers and Gibbs is better on the wing.
    There is no reason to panic, but I think we really need a bit of luck with injuries now if we are to sustain our challenge.
    It is impossible not to be utterly frustrated by Arsene’s transfer policy, particularly over the past 2 summers where we have not addressed glaring deficiencies. Last season we somehow managed to start the season with just 2 experienced CB’s and the outcome was entirely predictable. The situation with the DM position is equally hard to fathom. Why we decided to rely on 2 aging players that do not suit the role as back up, when players like Schniederlin were available, is beyond my understanding.

  11. wenger=madness, doing the same thing for the past 11years. every season we start the leageau short of quality backups in the team esp DM.

  12. That’s right, nearly all the fans WANTED to see a DM coming, and now the thing we all feared happened. Coquelin out, no sufficient DM to replace him with in the senior squad.

    Might aswell just play either Bielik or Chambers, I think they could do a better job than Arteta (can’t play 90 mins without getting injured) or Flamini (likeable player but definitely just a sub at best).

    Really hope Wenger will now move on and actually sign a DM in January, until then it’s living with fear.

  13. i would have to agree with@krish the haters are back again,one loss and they make a crisis out of it!!but that doesn,t worry me because when i read some the comments anyone with a shred of common sense&some knowledge of the game but also of our team,club would know what to make of them!!COYG!!

    1. But its not one loss is it.
      Its one win in 5 games! In which we’ve been on the back end of 2 hammerings.
      Im not going into meltdown but this current form is very worrying.

  14. Ramsey can play there so im sure we will use him.. and he is better than all the DMs yall wish to have at the moment

  15. Ok Arteta should quit now, really there’s nothing left of him. Do not even mention Oxlade among the possible replacements. We have Ramsey expected to come back, depending on the opposition he can be rotated with Flamini in that position.

  16. Morning gooners im sure ur all still as pissed off as i am when i woke up this morning, thought a new day be in a better mood but i was way wrong im even more annoyed now its sunk in we have flopped 2great chances to go clear at thetop in the last 2 games as City flopped also… plus the massive possibility of us heading home this week in the Champions League! (Should win but we know the Arsenal way… nail biting finale) if Bayern even draw against Olymp we are out!

    Even bigger problems now!
    1) we are struggling for players as injuries are unbelivable atm with no real quality cover. The players we have for cover are useless tbh.
    2) we all knew this would happen withCoq which would derail our season even more. How much longer will Sanchez keep going at full
    3) Arteta/Mert Shouldve been replaced in the summer plus a versatile forward brought in, they cannot play in a top team anymore!
    4) Champions league run is the worst we have had in a long time, team selections never helped. Bayern did in the 2nd leg which they didnt in the 1st against us… take their chances, missed a bucket load at the Emirates then chewed us up and spat us out in Germany. Proves we are 100miles off the big boys! Look at Barca last nit ripped madrid apart 1-90min and at 4-0 u brought on a certain sub in lil lio messi!

    We have major seletion problems too. Coqs replacement imo should be Gabriel. Mert obv plays with Koss according to Arsene so he wld be best fit in there! Winning tackles and passing to Santi plus holding ur lines covering ur CBs… he could do that!

  17. It was coming.Now that leCoq is injured is when we are start to worry? He has been decent in the DM role as nobody else can do this job so that shows the lack of coaching awarness from Mr wenger not now but for years so why he did not buy Carvalho or recognised DM on transfer deadline? the bigger teams with ambition always have at least a decent back up in each position.DO NOT COME NOW WITH THE EXCUSES OF INJURIES as this has been on and on when a result doesnt come our way.we will go now all December without a DM then our hopes dashed once again.i’m praying Ozil or Sanchez do not get injured as then it is BYE,BYE season.Can Mr wenger re-inforce us in January if there is any desire from him to win EPL? Aubemayang or Huntelaar 9 my choice 0as ST and DM ( Carvalho young and atheltic,Bedner brothers or Bigilia ) justt mention.another season of regret WHY IF I? Enough, we the fans deserve more than this.

  18. I would drop Gibbs there and ZmF next to him then we have speed and a EPL harden player. You doll forget that Ozill started his football days off playing there

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