Arsenal Debate: The case AGAINST Arsene Wenger

My opinion ? The problem is Wenger. by Tom Friend

Too long at Arsenal:
I find it alarming that Wenger’s ego is tolerated for so many years. Wenger has all character trades of a man who believes he doesn’t need any advice and the results are bad… really bad…
While teams like Liverpool and Everton are developing under modern managers, Arsenal has to make up with a guy who still wants to play like it’s 2004.

Wenger does not do tactics. He is playing his style (god know what that actually is) The big teams never have a problem because they know that Wenger always plays the same way for 80 minutes and then starts to bring on new players. Too little, too late, too often. He does not look at what he can do with the players he has. He just wants to do his thing and then every player will be converted accordingly. Result: No need to change tactics before the game. First try 80 minutes of the same stuff and then maybe start to make changes.

Wenger thinks he knows more than the others. He has the world’s top number 10 but he decides to play him least effective. He wants to buy Marco Reus just to convert him into a striker. Next thing is he will buy Hummels as Winger, let’s Sanchez play as defender and Wilshere will become goalie.
But this is not a big surprise. There is a reason why big companies regularly change the top guy. If someone becomes so strong within an organization then you won’t find anyone opposing his ideas. Even more everyone keeps agreeing all the time, which leads that person to believe even stronger that he knows it all. This also manifests itself in the fact that for years Wenger is holding on to Wilshere. Truth be told I don’t see Madrid, Barcelona, Munich or Chelsea trying hard to get hold of the super talented Wilshere. Maybe because he is good but he is not great. Instead the guy keeps on smoking. If someone cannot quit smoking then it’s clear for everyone how bad this person is in terms of motivation. Smoking is not a drug like alcohol. A pro footballer who does not take care of the only asset he has to take care of (his body) does not deserve a place in a top team anyways, but for sure should be sold if he is nonperforming far too often. But… Wenger knows better…

The moment he bought Ozil Wenger missed out on making things clear for everyone in the team. He kept players like Wilshere with number 10 on his back, still believes in Carzola and thinks Podolski can win the title for Arsenal. He should have stood up and said we bought this guy Ozil and now we will build our team around this guy. If you don’t like it then please go. If you pay that amount of money then people have to live with the fact that not everybody can be the boss. Even at the very top Bale is not the boss at Madrid, it’s Ronaldo – and Neymar has to serve Messi. That’s the way it is.

Poor management:
The moment he bought Podolski he outed himself again as some kind of weirdo. No top team in Germany wanted Podolski at that time. Even in the national team he only gets a chance if there is really no other choice.

Wenger plays Carzola and Wilshere together, while at the same time telling them he wants to see more of them. Problem is that both of the players have this “I take things into my own hands” mentality. How often is the whole team forced to rush back because one of them lost the ball while the team is standing high inside the opponents side. I know people at Arsenal love Carzola and Wilshere but let’s be honest, while they are dribbling 5 times successful they lose the ball 10 times. Their way of playing is destabilizing for keeping possession of the ball for longer periods of time.

Wenger should sell Ozil or sell Wilshere. Cazorla has to be sworn into a supporting role and not as someone who permanently runs towards goal without giving any thought about the rest of the team. Ramsey does that 100 times better. I cannot count how often an Arsenal player is running towards Ozil without any plan or idea just to pass the ball to him even he is in a position where he cannot make any play. There is nobody making runs. Instead Ramsey Cazorla and Wilshere will just try to run with the ball. That’s so old style football. It’s not the players faults, it’s simply poor management. There is nobody who explains to the guys how to play together. I saw Xabi Alonso playing his first game for Munich. So relaxed. Everyone in this team has his duty and performs accordingly. Alonso fit in like he played already for years in Munich. Arsenal on the other side looked like a scared bunch of sheep running all over the place. Just embarrassing.

Frustrating the players:
When Ozil played in the world cup, Germany Coach Low stood up and said “I am playing Ozil different because Reus is out injured and Ozil is doing exactly what I expect him to do”. Not so Wenger. He doesn’t say anything and leaves the player out in the cold. Even worse every weekend he has to tell the press that Ozil will improve. Two weeks ago Wenger said that Sanchez is not 100 % there and his confidence will come. It’s like he wakes up in the morning and thinks what he can do to undermine a player’s confidence. Ah and let’s go to the press and tell them my player doesn’t have full confidence. This is pure madness.

Wenger’s opponent at Chelsea would have stood up and said everything is fine and people have no idea what they are talking about.

If players are attacked by the press, Wenger’s ego is so big that he does not say anything or 10 days later. That’s not leadership that’s simply poor.

Did nobody notice that every player that comes to Arsenal starts non-performing after 6 months of Wenger treatment?

Bad coaching:
If you compare the play of Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea with Arsenal you will see that Arsenal players are always playing the ball too short. That’s why Ramsey & Co often have to slide towards the ball in the very last moment to recover it. That’s also why there are so many injuries at Arsenal. This weekend I saw it again… and now without Giroud I already hold my breath.. not because of a chance to score a goal… it’s because I wonder if Ramsey will stand up after the hard tackle he need to make in order to get save a poor pass.

The play without the ball is getting poorer and poorer because there seems to be no effective practice. If Arsenal would be trained by Guardiola for 4 weeks the passing would be spot on. If you let the ball run fast enough you don’t even have a player near you. Arsenal at the moment does the opposite. Most of the passes are played towards players who are already marked before the pass is made. You really underestimate the EPL if you think your opponents would be so bad that they could not handle such a situation.

Now, all of this can be seen by every player who is evaluating a move to Arsenal. Why on earth should a top player join Arsenal when he can see what Wenger does to his players?

Also it’s better to cash in on Ozil because he does not make a difference for Arsenal playing in the wrong position. It’s frustrating to watch, frustrating for the player and frustrating for the other players and most of all it does not help anyone.

The best is to go on with Wilshere, Giroud and Co and just make up with the 4th place as season target. Stop thinking Arsenal could be a top team. Not with Arsene “poisoning” Wenger.

Maybe all of this is just not true, but then ask yourself: If Wenger could be replaced by Klopp tomorrow – would you say no?

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  1. agree the problem is the manager. so long as a manager is too long.

    hope that the money spend on welbeck aren’t waste. i have my doubts about the guy?

    1. This deal is a discrace and makes a mockery of any claim that we are title contenders. Welbeck is a useless waste of space and if any of you had been asked, prior to his being linked to Arsenal, you would have said the same. His goalscoring rate is 29 in 142 appearences – this lags a long way behind a certain Nik Bendtner…..

      For the money we paid for this sack of crap, we could have done the Falcao loan ourselves, had Remy or Balotelli. If its just cover for Giroud, I would have also been happy to sign Negredo on loan like Valencia have.

      He isnt even as good as the options we already have. I was at the Leicester game and agree Sanago is terrible, but its Wenger’s fault his playing, while Campbell and Podolski are sitting on the bench. While I’m at it, its also disrespectful to the club to see a player like Rosicky who never fails to give 100% stuck on the bench, while Ozil strolls around giving the ball away every other touch he gets and crying everytime somebody has the audicity to tackle him.

      When we get smashed by Utd and Falcao scores, I hope Wenger remembers he paid for him to go there……

      Thanks Arsene….

      1. i BET behind the doors in the last few weeks we bid for CB, DM and STs and they were not accepted bc bid was too low.

        bottom-line: we end up short at cb/dm/st for the rest of the season only because we are cheap and would not bid what it takes to get the quality of player we need.

        we have the $ yet we chose to bid low, were rebuffed and end up short.

        how can he expect players to step up, fans to be patient when he makes these impotent bids?

              1. Sorry, is Welbeck the right player Wenger has been talking about (“if right player comes, we will do business”) since?

                1. Yes you would just have to wait and see him develop into a world class striker. Welbeck brings a lot to our attack you will find that out pretty soon. I am happy with welbeck signing and happy that it is a permanent signing cuz he will start banging them goals right away this season and fking manure can’t take him back.

      2. Mate, stfu labelling him a waste of space and the like. Adjust your tampon, he’s a very good young player with exactly the attributes we need for our CF.

        9 goals in 15 prem starts last year, mostly as a winger. 6 in the 6 games he got played through the middle when RVP and Shrek were injured. I get he’s not Falcao, but get over it….he’s a Gooner now, and a massive upgrade on what we currently have for CF.

        Get off his back, he hasn’t even posed in the shirt and you’re labelling him sh*t. Grow up.

        1. Totally agree, guys he’s Arsenal now. So wether you need to cry into your little blankets or not, get behind him. He wanted this move above the spuds. You got no other choice. Love it if he scores more league goals then £alcao.

        2. I tend to agree with you – so many players never get the chance to bed in and show their quality. I find I’m watching videos of Berkamp, Henry with their silken skills and conjuring goals out of nothing, and latterly of van Persie who had a stunning season….before he left!
          Perhaps, given time Sanchez will prove to be one of those players?
          Wenger HAS done great things for the club but I have to (sadly) agree with the general mood of Arsenal fans that he is running on fumes.
          The Arsenal board are terrified of changing someone who has helped to transform the club but it IS time. He dithers over sorting the defence and then does the last-minute attempt to get a “proven star”. If I were a proven star I would expect a manager to come for me as soon as the window opens
          clearly indicating that he thinks you are worthy of his attention. NOT right at the end when it smells of desperation.
          Rosicky (when not injured) should be a regular who gives his all and has good skills.
          Why does Wenger panic buy (somebody please list the number of abject failures – which WERE evident before we bought them, and get players like Mertesacker who really is NOT a first team player. Slow and ponderous and does lunge in. Podolski doesn’t really fit and I have grave doubts about Ozil. Classy player but doesn’t get stuck in and easily knocked off the ball..
          WE need a solid, motivated, central defender, who can control the team (Captain?), and who is also quick on his feet.
          We have just got to cough up the cash and buy one or three(?) PROVEN players – a goal-scorer and a defensive maestro.
          I cannot believe we let Fabregas escape to Chelsea – he’s better that Wilshire, who runs in circles and is almost ALWAYS getting caught with the ball!

          Our marking at corners and free kicks is just SO amateur….I could go on……

        3. @ChampagneCharlie: Probably the 1st writer didn’t mean to demean Welbeck in such strong language. However what he should have said was that who ever bought him was Sh..t*. A big one for that matter! And plz can I say it now, “Wenger Is Shit”.

      3. No we dont want khedira because hes demanding 150k pw.
        But hey lets go and pay Danny f*cking welbeck 105k pw.
        We almost lost theo walcott because we refused to pay him 100k but were happily giving it to danny welbeck!!!
        Hes our 4th highest earner after ramsey, ozil and sanchez!!!
        Wenger has truly lost it im no longer AKB im neutral and if we dont finish in the top 2 or with 4 points of the title i want him gone.

        1. Sigh, just know that in the instance that Welbeck starts to get praised for his performances those that have just outright called this kid shambles will be the first to apologise. The poor guy never asked Wenger to avoid buying a DM & CB, that was the manager and his staff’s fault. Yes we asked for a WC striker, but that wasn’t the major concern for us, we have goals throughout the team, and through the newly acquired Alexis also. It’s the same people that yap on about Ozil playing in his wrong position, but yet you don’t mind watching Alexis shoved out on the left just because he’s faster. There is good reason SAF gave this guy starts before he left, he is a big game player, something we just about seemed to be missing.

          I just hope that our defence doesn’t get injury plagued until at least January, and that Flamini/Arteta step up their game. Window’s over, no amount of slagging off Wenger or the team will do anything now. Am I optimistic? Not particularly, but I’m going to give it a chance until it’s visibly clear that we aren’t improving from last year. People are already saying we’ll get hammered by the same lot as last year… We shall see in due time, City and Dortmund will be good tests.

          1. Nothing against welbeck but the cost of his transfer + wages is sickening.
            And people dont realise 3+ defensive injuries and were out of the top 6.
            Were not the same we’ll out score you arsenal and are poor going forward and rarely score more than 2 goals, if our defense is gone were finished.
            Wengers taking a MASSIVE gamble.

          2. Agree with everything you said but for the comparison between Ozil and sanchez playing out of their positions. I personally don’t mind Sanchez playing anywhere across the front line because he will still be effective. But Ozil should NEVER play anywhere other than in the hole behind the CF. Its crystal clear. i am by no means happy about our transfer dealings but I have to ask myself, “is the squad actually better than it was last season”? Yes it is. The replacements for the departed are actually an upgrade: Ospina for Fabianski, Debuchy for Sagna, Chambers for Vermaelen (well not really but more versatile, more promising and 9 or 10 years younger). Bellerin will replace Jenkinson and is much better. Park and Bentner were really not significant so don’t count. Now we have Welbeck and Campbell. We’re not at the level we should be but i think the squad is much better than last season. I just hope we keep our injuries to the barest minimum.

        2. So in conclusion; Wenger is wrong when he does not pay the going rate and wrong when he does pay the going rate. Anyhow surprised just how many people have seen DB’s pay-packet before the ink has dried on the contract. All the reports are estimates/guesses.

          1. Dont know how youve reached that conclusion.
            Pay the going rate for quality. Hes paid over the odds for welbeck.
            Welbeck is not getting 105k pw at any other club in europe so why have we given it to him.

        3. I think it’s time we start showing WENGER OUT signs at the stadium…If by new year we’re out of the tittle challenge I think it’s time to sack him!

      4. podolski can not lead the line…fact…great player but not a central striker…he’s had enough attempts under wenger…time to leave this one alone…come on danny welbeck…your chance to prove that man u is a shit club that didn’t appreciate your talents.

      5. hey guys you will completely regret to call ”Super Dany” as a useless and wasteful. One day i was just try reply to the comment made by some Arsenal intruders trying to compare Giroud and Sanogo who is better striker of the two, I said “the different between Giroud and Sanogo is one is matured, experienced but slow and the other is immature, inexperienced but pacey. if the later matured then he is the best”. I went further saying “I can see the mixture of Wellbeck and Adebayo in Sanogo”. So for me Wellbeck is what we needed, he is young, physic, pacey, can score from long range and tape ins, his back to goal play is brilliant, his hold up is good, he can win fouls and penalties. I think he will be the best striker in epl soon. I completely compared him with our own friend Didier Drogba for his strength and the Drogba like cerebration. Brilliant signing by arsene. Wellcome Super Dany.!!!!!!.

        Mark my word

        1. Hey Fab someone finally nailed it. If anyone hasn’t noticed AW loves to play with a target and if DW can play great with his back to goal like you said then you are looking at a perfect match for Arsenal.

      6. I hope wenger takes a SAF and retires in may. I also hope we get martinez, klopp or simeone as the replacement

      7. Saying he’s scored 29 goals in 142 appearances is an increidbly misleading stat considering he makes most appearances either as a sub or on the wing. Let’s look at the more telling stat. He scored .64 goals per 90 minutes played. That was FOURTH in the ENTIRE EPL!!! Ahead of Rooney, ahead of van Persie, and yes, ahead of Bendtner as well. And that was on the wing! SO what can he do as a striker? WHO KNOWS! But smashing this move already is a fruitless endeavor. Another opinion of Welbeck –>

        Am I shamelessly promoting my own blog? Yes. But sometimes it’s good to have second opinions.

      8. I agree 100% with your point. We have paid Falcao’s wages while ending up with Wellbeck.
        I’m sure ManU can’t believe their luck.
        Only Wenger could come up a piece of business like that.

    2. I can inly pray Welbeck does a Pogba!!!! Wenger should have even signed poor Sandro from spurs as an up grade to our DM position. As much as I would love Chambers to play there, his the only cover we have on the bench for our defense.

      Weather we like it or not, Wenger is to blame for our shortfalls at Arsenal, its as though his afraid of having a complete squad for once, his always living gaps!

    3. Now for the first time someone is talking about Wenger as he is. The truth is he is the worst manager we have had, remember he have won nothing other than one cup in 9 years.

      What did George Graham win with Arsenal much more he was ambitious Wenger is not. He is a Victorian working in the modern world and he does not have a clue.

      The first 3 matches have already shown that Wenger is completely out of touch with his team.

      When are we going to get rid of him. Wenger feel that if each year he buys one great player then he has vindicated himself but that is total contempt and arrogance on his behalf, A man who feels indestructible. Truth is NO Manager or Player should be bigger than the club and Arsenal have allowed this hopelessly out of touch Manager to become to big.

      The Owner of Arsenal has a huge amount of blame for this because he has allowed the club to be run on a dictatorship model ignoring anyones advice. The owners and Wenger are two of a kind both rotten to the core.

      Please Please get rid of him before it is to late. This year we are going to win nothing and not qualify for Europe, then what.
      Manchester united is a huge club that will spend if they have to, to become great again, but will Arsenal ??. No not under our current owner or Manager both don’t have a clue.

        1. The point is not whether Wellbeck is better than Sanogo.
          The question is: is Wellbeck good enough to be the main striker for a team like Arsenal?
          The answer is clearly: NO!!!
          The other point is that Arsenal while paying Falcao’s wages have ended up with Wellbeck. Go figure!!!

      1. First of all YOU can’t get rid on Wenger. Let the wet dream go.
        Wenger is exactly what an absentee owner and a frugal Board wants. E X A C T L Y!
        Stan can stay away two years, fly to London and know that the finances of the club has NOT been frittered away on 350K/week players, that the banks have been paid, that we are filling the Emirates and growing the worldwide fan base.
        Wenger is the face of the team, he takes all the blame when the Board makes money decisions. For all the years we sold players because of financial reasons, Wenger took the hit, stood up to the press and NEVER once complained.
        So Mr Angry Fan unless, unless you own 40% of Arsenal shares, you have NONE, ZERO of convincing the Board (who hide behind Wenger) to get rid of him, and you have exactly the same chance to convincing Stan to get rid of his best money manager .
        Dream On !

        1. One good stay away day by enough fans and Wenger is history. If the yank sees the chickens coming home to roost he will dispense with his manager in double quick time.

    4. WHY THE %@$$ IS EVERYONE SO NEGATIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING, we’ve just signed welbeck im not a big fan of his, but ATLEAST GIVE HIM TIME.



      1. Mate, I strongly suspect you’ve never been anywhere near an English football stadium. ‘True Fans’ spend half their time getting angry about their own players/manager/chairman…

        Its part of being a ‘true fan’ to get p*ssed off when your side plays sh*t or you strongly disagree with a signing etc….

        It’s because we’re proper fans, who get their ar*sholes ripped out with season ticket/ ticket prices and get nothing in return, that we get so annoyed.

    5. Anyone with mixed feelings about getting Welbeck should go and read some United forums. They are gutted. It’s beautiful.

    6. You giving Wenger advice is like me giving my mechanic advice to repair my vehicle.
      I know NOTHING about repairing cars and 99% of fans KNOW NOTHING about managing a football team.
      We are all passionate fans, just fans, not football experts. You are not Arry Rednapp, Alex Ferguson. Carlo Ancellotti or any ex player.
      I distinctly remember a post weeping about Wenger bringing “some skinnny winger from France”
      I distinctly remember teeth knashing when we got Sol Campbell from the dreaded Spuds. ” A goddamned Spud, who the hell buys a player from the Spuds”
      Don’t let me post what some of you fans said when we bought Kanu.
      Being a fan longer than some of you have been alive and possessing a really good memory, I remember most of the doubters each time Arsenal acquired player.
      You, the plural you, are fans, who sit in front of a beer and after inbibing many beers think of yourselves as football experts. We, the plural we, are NOT experts, we are ardent passionate fans. We are passionate about our team, but don’t get carried away thinking that you can do better at managing than Arsene, or Brendan or Roberto, or Jurgen, or any other coach.
      Leave the “I know better than anyone” to the idiot politicians on TV.

    1. Far too simplistic to equate things that way.

      It’s not a great return, but for a decade Wenger had no cash to spend AND a player to sell every summer. No coincidence we win our first piece of silverware the first summer we arent forced to get rid of a star player.

      That being said he is stuck in his overly responsible ways of the last decade when we have the cash to go out and make statements and ‘compete’. Welbeck could be great for us but Falcao/Cavani would have been exquisite. And Gustavo/Carvalho should have been signed, along with Sokratis/Howedes. Wenger needs help making the transition from sound and safe investments to bold statements when needed.

      This window was decent, but this messing around right at the death has left an underwhelmed atmosphere about us which is crap management. Hopefully we see some more inventive tactics to compensate, can’t help but get the feeling we only have ‘our’ way of playing regardless of opponent. We’ve been pretty sh*t thus far, things can only pick up from here. Alexis-Welbeck-Ox is a fluid front three for City next week, with that kind of energy and mobility Ozil can fill his boots. COYG

      1. But we all know wengers gonna play
        Ozil out of position on the wing to unbalance the team offensively and defensively with no no10 in midfield and jack and aaron together which has been a worse than sh*t formation and midfield pairing so far this season.

    2. Arsene has transformed AFC from a top club to a great club. He is a genius. He has started to spend big and will continue to. The dark days of selling our best players are over. In Arsene we trust.

  2. Il be honest right now with the financial muscle we have any top manager could win trophies with us.
    It’s glaringly obvious.
    So when Wenger leaves I’m sure we will improve not got worse because Wenger is still not bedding up the squad enough we are 1 Centre half away again from having a youth team boy on the bench covering our centre half’s, no new DM because he gave Arteta the arm band that decision was baffling to me.
    And he has left us with way to many attacking midfielders and only 3 strikers Sanogo is league 1-2 standard at best.
    Giroud is injured but decent and Wellbeck is decent to and actually a good buy in my opinion.
    We are always 3 players away from being brilliant but it never gets sorted every transfer window by Wenger total frustration.
    As for his tactics he has none it is simply play our way don’t worry about the opposition well we don’t have he best team on paper to do that so no wonder we all come up short against the very best with that line of thinking.

  3. Arsene wenger’s attitude is turning him and the club into a joke. Which top class manager would leave to officiate a charity match on transfer deadline day when we still needed a striker, defensive mid or defender? Imagine you work in a huge company. It is deadline day to close a multimillion dollar to deal. Instead, you decide you would rather go for a vacation to Paris. In the real world, you would be fired immediately. Not so at arsenal. The board and Wenger are really made for each other. Wenger gets them 4th place with minimum investment and in turn the board let him keep his job. Can you imagine any other club where such an under performing person is kept for millions a year. The only real losers here are the fans who have to pay through the nose to watch Sanogo ambling about the field. Really hoping welbeck gels quickly.

    1. unless hes part of the payroll of Man utd, Chelsea, City and fool…

      even allowed players to join their club and fund their purchase by buying their deadwood….

  4. This transfer window has proved beyond doubt that Wenger`s days at Arsenal should be numbered but that`s `common sense` talking, politics and power is the issue not football.

  5. “Welbeck and Sanchez the new Sturridge and Suarez…” just looked at about 15 vids of Welbeck…skills, assists, and goals…he is deadly. Some of his passing play is top notch and he has excellent ball control and dribbling. Not to mention he is a rocket and only 23. I think all he needs playing time, and this deal in our present situation has sealed that.
    He will come back after the international break with wilshire, ox and maybe still link up with Walcott and Gibbs. That should smooth some nerves a bit.
    I think his build up style suits Ozil and Carzorla and they should be able to link up with ease.
    I think this is a blessing in disguise my fellow gunners. 🙂

    1. Only thing is can we make the combination work?? Wenger is not Rodgers and their tactics and coaching skills are definitely not the same.

    2. Jeez! You took those words straight outta my mouth bro! Every single one of them.

      The “potential” Welbeck-Sanchez partnership surely smells like the Strurridge-Suarez partnership (major difference is that both players of the former aren’t quite up to the later’s yet).
      YES, we have not brought in the desired “30-goal” established striker (and personally I am very angry – btw f*ck u Wenger!!!).
      However what you will potentially get in Welbeck, is a striker that will make our counter-attacks more deadly, and will considerably increase our goal-scoring chance creation with quality technique and hold-up play (arguably better than Giroud’s).
      I know Welbeck will make us “play better” and he will create plenty of chances for himself and his teammates most especially. Problem is: Who is going to finish those chances?! I fear the answer to that question isn’t Welbeck. Maybe Sanchez, Ramsey or Walcott. In other words, our entire team (Özil included) needs to step-up their goal-scoring ability.

      PS: This is one of those times where you find yourself grasping at straws trying to make out something (anything) positive out of the current reality!

      1. Back four
        Sanchez -welbeck

        Something like liverpool, right?


        Back four

        The only thing i know for sure is that ozil needs to play behind the striker (s) and we cant play the formation we are currently playing anymore. If wenger does not see this, he is more stubborn than i ever thought he could be

      2. Guys enough said..we need to get off the back of Welback and Co. Our inadequacies are clear…we are frighteningly short in defence, but lets put our hope on lady luck this time around and wait till May. If we don’t finish in the top 2, we need to then up the anti-wenger brigade of which sadly, I am also a part of now. He has to go..there are no two ways about it..we need somehow who can bring a fresh injection of ideas. Till then let’s get behind our team now! COYG

    1. Apart from that haircut….Welbeck is a “good” striker just needs to step up in converting more chances that he gets into goals…overall this kid is a workaholic on the pitch!!! I just hope Wenger wont play him out of position aswell or stuck him to the wing which his played mostly at united and England.

  6. O yeah…..and Wenger has played it risky with our defense and also our defensive side of midfield. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite us.

  7. Szscesny
    Debuchy mertesacker koscielny monreal
    Ramsey flamini
    Chamberlain ozil Sanchez

    This would be my team for after the international break

  8. Arsenal fans seem to like it both ways. For years “Wenger runs everything, he needs to let Gazidas take care of transfers” Well today was that day and how do you guys like it?

    Tom your criticisms of Wenger are justified in some areas but completely unfounded in others. Especially with Podolski. He rarely plays him. To call Wenger a weirdo for buying Podolski is ludicrous as well. He has over 100 caps for Germany, you know the world champions of that game you call football. To say Wenger doesn’t stick his neck out for his players is another ridiculous point.
    You fear for Ramsey when he gets tackled? Why? Cause he is a great player, A player who Wenger stuck his neck out for and for a long time at that. The attitude of the fans at the games makes it uneasy for players to play their natural game. How you think it feels to be Sanogo. Every time he is on the ball the crowd are groaning.
    Wenger took on a tough project at this club and we would not be in as good of a position as we are now without him. People rave on about Jose Mourinho, he has spent half a billion more then Wenger in the last 10 years. Give me that much money and I’d win a few trophies as well. Wenger was courted by Madrid and Barcelona for countless years. Imagine the trophies he could have won in Spain. He stuck by us. Name another manager who could have kept us consistently top 4 and having to sell his top players every year?
    Be careful what you wish for anyway. When Wenger goes we could have our very own David Moyes situation

    1. you’re right: wenger is not a weirdo for buying; he’s a weirdo for not using pod & campbell.
      (why not loan out campbell if you’re not going to use him? do you have some other great strikers keeping campbell out of ST – and pod out of LW ?)

      1. You would swear we were half way through the season. Its 3 games into the league. Campbell will get his turn.
        I agree Podolski needs to be used more though I am a big fan of his and he can score out of nowhere

    2. @Danodinho: So how many games did Podolski play for the wc winners in the world cup? He is a backup for them that is it! when we say “so and so player is not good enough”, we are not exactly targeting the talents of the Arsenal players, it is the attitude and the willingness to fight. EPL is a very different league to LaLiga and the german league..its a lot more physical. Mesut Ozil is a genius- granted. Is he working in Arsenal? The honest answer is “No”. It is because he has not adapted his game to EPL. Same for Podolski. If he wants to play as a winger, he has to knuckle down and do the defensive duties. Look at Hazard for example. But Podolski refuses to do which makes him a liability for the team. Same with Cazorla. For a change Sanchez is willidng to work hard and he will sonner than later come good.

      Secondly, we all admire wenger for what he has done for us, but sticking to 4th place and winning the damn league requires a few more things than just “buying players”. And in all those additional things which make a team champions- wenger has been found wanting in most of them. Time to Thank Wenger for all he has done for us, and respectfully give him a position in the board. It is risky I know but when in life are u guaranteed is the risk that makes the journey more fascinating! I vote for change !

      1. Well he got injured so not many. How many goals has he scored for Germany? How many caps has he got? Germany have always had good players in his position and he has managed to acquire quite a few caps. Time will tell for Ozil, Cazorla performed very well in the games i’ve seen him this year. If he can recapture the form he had in his first season we have a hell of a player in our hands.
        People make all these claims against Wenger. “He has no tactics” “he won’t spend money and buy good players”
        Well those type of statements are very interesting. He hasn’t got good players yet he has consistently stayed at the same level with a tight budget. Either the players are actually good that he’s bought (people are quite upset when they leave us) or Wenger is doing an oustanding job with the players he has..People commend other managers in the league yet there are at least 16 doing consistently worse than Wenger every year. People give out Wenger has too much control, yet when he releases the control to Ivan, people give out he is off reffing a charity match.
        As far as buying players is concerned there are at least parties involved in deals The player and the two clubs. We bid for Carvalho, he didn’t wont to leave sporting. What can you do?

    1. Im tired of his cheap shit already. Wenger, step down and let the new generation of managers into arsenal! Simeone/klopp/martinez to be our new manager within two years and im happier than ive been for 9 years (excluding may 17th 2014)

      1. Simeone, Klopp and Martinez can rely on a decent set of supporters – wtf would they want to come here with our reputation as the biggest most whinging know-it-all spoilt brat supporters in the country. There are some very decent contributors on here but them aside the real world ignorance on here is astounding at times. The grasp on business is appalling. An acknowledgement or appreciation about the very nature of sport is absent. The sense of entitlement is pathetic. The lack of historical context or knowledge is poor. The half-baked constructs and cliches wheeled out time and time and time again are super dull and child-like. Love to know the day jobs of some of the clowns on here. It is really, really difficult not to piss yourself laughing at some of the ignorant, unbalanced, one-eyed, bigoted, off-target, unwarranted, ill-informed, bonkers bollocks put out on here.

        “The easiest thing to do is have an opinion”.

        “In my job, you expect to suffer. That’s why when I go to hell one day, it will be less painful for me than you, because I’m used to suffering”.

        “What I would like from our fans is to be behind the team until the last day, the last minute, of the season”

        “Everybody has an opinion – after one game everybody knows who will win every competition.”

        “Our society is sick enough of people talking about stuff they don’t know about ”

        “It is too difficult to always be intelligent when you always talk.”


        1. Klopp, Martinez and Simeone have their supporters backing them because they are the managers who brought success to the clubs. Arsene recently brought us the FA cup and community shield, but what greatness has he really given us in the later years? I’m not implying he’s bad, because he’s not. He’s an excellent manager who has made the masterpiece of keeping Arsenal in Champions League 17 times in a row while spending almost nothing.

          The problem is that Arsenal is now in a situation where we dont need to be tight on the money. we could have brought players like Khedira, Carvalho, Falcao and Cavani if we really wanted to, but wenger is still in this state of mind where he still focuses on how much performance he can get per pound invested in a player, making Arsenal pull out almost every time there is a bidding war, and we end up with maybe the 5th best alternative. Sure, we spent £85M this window, but we had £100M availeable, and we also sold for £30M. £45M of the budget still not used in other words.

          Another problem with Wenger is how he is as a manager. As many people mention all the time, he does not seem to have any tactical twists or varieties, nor does he rotate players when necessary, ending up with injuries.

          Wenger is a great asset to Arsenal, but as a manager with his flaws, it may be better to move him into an other position at the club and get someone who knows how to prevent injuries wenger could but didnt – or with the tactical variety to prevent losses like at anfield and stamford bridge, or making the change of tactic when we just cant score against teams like leicester. It all comes down to how much we respect Wenger vs. how good the change is.

          And FYI: medical student, not from an english speaking country.

          1. Appreciate the civil response to an unusually OTT rant from me – I was just getting so wound up scrolling down the page and I let fly on your post pretty much at random. Borussia have always been massively supportive of Klopp and continue to be even though he hasn’t won anything major for a couple of years now. Simeone delivered the big one last year but only the Europa league for the 5 years before that. Not sure what you mean when you talk about Everton’s successes.

            Anyhow, I am happy to see Wenger see out the 3 years on his contract – I don’t think there can be any excuses then for at least not being far closer to the biggest prizes. Despite what others may say he has had his hands tied financially for many years now – he has 3 years to deliver. Only a purely subjective opinion but I feel we owe him that opportunity. Btw: Would not know you are from a non-english speaking country – your english is better than nearly all the posters on here!

            1. A clubs success is not necessarily counted in the number of trophies 😉 Everton has become a more attractive club since the employment of Martinez, playing a more enjoyable football and climbing the table. Same thing goes to Dortmund to be honest, they were not natural challengers to the league title in germany before Klopp came along and built his team. You have to remember that they were on the verge of bancruptcy in mid 00’s and because of that, the economy of the club does not allow them to be as demanding as.. Bayern.. I’m actually a fan of Dortmund myself, and just being contenders to the league, cup and advancing from the champions league group stages is considered success.

              As for Simeone, he was a club legend already as a player, and when he became the manager, he continously gave success in terms of Europa League success and results in the league.

              I too, do not want Wenger to be sacked. But if the club does not seem to improve even after the financial restrictions are loosened, who is there to blame but him? We have the economy, we have the players (even though players like cazorla, flamini, mertesacker, debuchy and podolski might not have the best years of their careers left in them and should be replaced/upgraded within the next three years).

              What’s left is the manager to get the best out of the players he have, get the best deals on the transfer window and players from the academy to blossom, and keeping them away from the medical room. I believe there is room for improvement on all those above, even though Wenger is exceptional at developing young players.

  9. In a way I was dismayed when we made top4 and FA cup last season bc I realized Wenger wouldnt be pushed out (and of course he will never go by himself – despite statements to the contrary – because he’s a dictator and he loves being where he is).

    Not using up all the $ you have in the TW to strengthen as much as possible is negligence he should be fired for. Doesnt have CB and DM: criminal. negligent. fire-able offense.

    We’ve strengthened but the other top 4 have strengthened even more than we have so there’s a fair chance we’ll be #5.

    I think it will definitely take us to be #5 for stinky stan to push W out. maybe losing the CL $ is the only thing stinky stan understands.

    1. So let me get this straight.. You wanted to lose to hull in the Fa Cup and finish 5th to get rid of Wenger?
      Top fan you are

      1. no , i wouldnt want that. thats why i said “in a way”.
        i really want us to win long term. but i could not stomach losing short term to get rid of wenger.

        1. Yea well if you were a true fan, there would be no “in a way” it would be just delight at winning the Fa Cup and a few months later the community shield, in addition to once again getting through the qualifiers for the champions league

      2. It is not about coming 4th or 5th it is about a manager who has lost touch with his team and what is going on around him. He is as they say in his comfort zone knowing that nothing will happen to him and if we do come 5th he will have his excuses for doing so.

  10. Well, welbeck is going to be wearing read and white pretty soon, so let’s give him all the supports he needs.. #WelcomeWelbeck COYG

    1. Let him realise himself it’s time to let someone new take control of the team. He’s a too big profile to be touched, but reality is that he peaked many seasons ago.

      It seems like he has one universal tactic and style of play, which he molds based on how he’s being stopped. Does not matter if it’s Pulis’ Stoke or Real Madrid – the same tactic is used. That is probably why we conceded 17 of the 41 total goals in premier league in three matches.

  11. Well I am one that doesn’t like the formation we play and I agree 100% about players playing out of position. I was furious when Ramsey came back from injury and Wenger played him on the wing. He put him out there to be crucified by the opposition and even worst, his own fans. The formation won’t work this season with Giroud out till after Xmas and with Wenger spending so much on pace for the wings, our style of play will have to change or we won’t be scoring any goals. I also think we are a world class striker, defensive midfielder and centre back short of the Premier League this season.

  12. I agree totally with that! You’ll haver to excuse the waffle here but I need to have my rant.

    Basically Wenger has a herd of cattle but he wants them to lay eggs. Everyone can see that cattle don’t lay eggs and tells him he needs to buy a chicken. Wenger knows this to be the case but is too stubborn to admit it so buys another cow in the hope it will lay an egg!

    FFS Wenger, do you not watch the same thing everyone else does?! We repeatedly get overrun in midfield (Because we don’t have a holding midfielder) yet he continues to play the same way.

    We play the same 3 types of player in the middle, Wilshere, Ozil & Cazorla, and i’m convinced the bigger teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City must be laughing every time they face us. Just let Arsenal press forward, win the ball, hit them on the counter GOAL! The sad thing is Diaby should have been the man to fill this void, but the truth is he only has to watch a match on TV to get injured.

    We were told by Gazidis that we had secured massive sponsorship deals and that we would be active in the market but again the sad truth is we’ve only really bought two players as Ospina replaced Fabianski, Debuchy replaced Sanga, Chambers, whilst looking very good, is by no means a Vermalan replacement just yet which leaves Alexis and now Welbeck. Come next summer we will once again be linked with everyone and buy no-one because Wenger looks for ‘Quality players that can add to the team’. I hate to tell him this but there is plenty of quality out there, you have to pay the money for the quality! We make a complete mockery of ourselves in the transfer market.

    Wenger brought me many many moments of sheer joy as a young Arsenal fan, but sadly my respect for him has all but vanished. Even if by some miracle we won the league this year i’d still feel the same way. I want this team, with this magnificent stadium to be graced with players that can bring us glory not just in the domestic titles but more. In a nutshell, this club deserves a team and a manager that should be bringing home the European Cup.

    Rant over. I know many may not agree, and many perhaps will, but I hope Wenger goes when this contract expires.

    1. “In a nutshell, this club deserves a team and a manager that should be bringing home the European Cup”. Can you explain that statement? Tell me why? Just a feeling you have or is there some entitlement that only attaches itself to Arsenal and its supporters. If you can only derive satisfaction from winning a sport’s ultimate prize you just as well give up this “fan” malarkey now. This is the obvious source of your deep seated anger.

  13. Wenger, take a look at Steve Bruce and how well he did in market. Minute budget and small club but got some decent buys for them. He had more than sufficient time to have strengthened CB, CDM and a Striker, but chose to wait and we lost out again. Saddened by the apathy in this window, AGAIN! Will Arsenal ever be a huge threat again???
    In meantime, I will support my team and the badge, but patience with Wenger is wearing thin……

    1. Absolutely…Steve Bruce was superb yesterday and snapped incredible bargains. Watch out for Hull they have suddenly grown a pair overnight and have enough steel and skill to embarrass top 5 teams in a good day.

    2. Would you not say its a different market completely at that level? who do hull compete with and buy from for transfers? and who do Arsenal compete with and buy from?

  14. Wenger said he fancied a British core:

    Debuchy koscielny chambers Gibbs
    Flamini Ramsey
    Walcott wilshere ox

  15. I’m genuinely speechless. Ok, I can kind of understand chambers has replaced vermalen, but welbeck being outlet answer to our striker problem?
    But worse in my opinion is no DM again. Another season with arteta and flamini as our main options, now that is neglect on wengers behalf. Unforgivable.

  16. The problem is our new formation , we need physical players if wenger want this formation , but last season the only problem was the injure of players.

    The current line up need someone like viera or gilberto silva ,not arteta or flamini

  17. Hey Tom, you have echoed many of the sentiments that I have carried around for quite a few years. One of them is that, as you say, Wenger still believes it’s 2004, and what was good then must be good now. But here’s the thing: Wenger does not have the players he had then (remember the story about being able to switch defence into attach in 6 seconds??); the managers of the other EPL teams have developed with the game while Wenger has remained absolutely stagnant; Wenger has become a law unto himself and listens to nobody; only very few of the players he has bought in the last few years are really world class, etc., etc. At the risk of repeating what you have said, it is unbelievably frustrating to see an Arsenal counter attack with superior numbers and they then start a tika-taka just outside the opposition penalty area to allow the defence to regroup. This method of playing is COACHED into the players – it just does not come naturally. I don’t even want to comment on playing players out of position.
    Should we be surprised, then, that 4th place on the log is just about reserved for Arsenal, and elimination from the UCL at the first knockout round is par for the course? Nice guys come last, Mr Wenger, there is no place for favourites. Your French connections are wearing thin. You have an international forward that distinguished himself during the world cup against some of the best teams in the world (Campbell), and you play Sanogo???? Come on, man, get real!

  18. Arsenal Winger is the only coach who have proven that experience is not the best teacher because I can not be convinced in anyway that Welberg is better than Campbel or even Sonogo. I keep on saying it that unless AW leaves Arsenal fans should not espect a major trophy or even any because he has proven that promoting French football at the expense of AFC is his priority. The supporters who troops to stadium to watch this scrap football like the one we watched on sunday are the people encouraging the unrepentant Wenger. God will judge him because he has sent so many Arsenal fans to early grave.

  19. Admin…what you have written is completely unfair about Arsene Wenger…We are the only 2nd team in champion’s league history to qualify for group stages for 17 consecutive times….We have the 2nd largest stadium in EPL clubs….. we had the possibly the most average squad since 2005-6…but still we managed to hang on to 3rd, or 4th position…. Look at all the teams in EPL and you will find someone from Arsenal academy or B team or first team…. So what Arsenal and Arsene has done is immense…. look at Liverpool and Man U for instance and see what had happened or what is happening to them they suffered managerial loss….then financial and then moral…. this could have happened to us…but Arsene prevented….. you are talking about Arsenal on your blog….that we can win the league with more additions….but the rest of the team is built by Arsene….you talk about his Ego ….please go and ask Mourihno what is ‘Ego’…. You talk about tactics…poor management… indecisive…. player frustrate under him…..sell either Wilshere or Ozil…. I think you need to step out of your admin shoes….. if you don’t have a news to sell on your blog then please write about Bikini model rather than about a man who has shown you success over the years….for Arsenal…. and now only 3 games have been played wait until…all the 38 are played….and be positive…our positive energies do have effect on our team’s performance….


  20. I am thankful Arsene led us through the stadium project while keeping us at the top.

    However the habits he took in those 9 years seem to be here to stay and yesterday was a clear illustration of this. It is not so much the signing of Welbeck I find disturbing but the complete negligence he is showing by not adding a CB and DM. This will cost us precious points when the inevitable injuries plague our beloved team and the prospect of having Hayden / Chambers as centre back in big games is real…great talent but no experience at all or reliable DM to cover them when we are under pressure from the best EPL and European teams.

    Welbeck was not my first choice but he should integrate fast. Combined in a 4-4-2 with Sanchez with the added pace of the Ox and Walcott on the wing we have a potential deadly counter formation. What the signing does not address is the lack of a lone target man and proficient goal scorer but we are no worse than Liverpool in this area. The difference is that Rodgers understands how to get the best out of his players, Arsene has yet to show the same skill this season.

    Not a great end of the transfer window, my hope is that they have set monies aside to tempt Dortmund to sell us Reus come January but with a permanent addition I cannot see this happen unless Podolski is sacrificed. I believe however we will have to add to the defensive squad.

    Arsene will have to be really astute to avoid repeating the last season’s appalling away performances but the ambition shown demonstrate we are not gunning for more than a top 4 spot.


    1. Why don’t you try another club…we are fed of you….writing continuously about spend, spend and spend….

        1. So if this so-called mediocrity is not acceptable to you what are you going to do about it? Exactly, jack. If those that want to support the club despite the alleged mediocrity what are they supposed to do about it? Or more to the point what CAN they do about it? Go all gobshite on here? Go on strike? March on the Emirates? Whinge like a bitch?

  21. Welbeck needs to be give a decent run in the team as a striker before fans can start judging remember he played out on the left for a majority of games for man u and got very little chance to play as a striker hence thats why his goal scoring record looks nothing special but that can change with us he has good pace technically very good and i personally think he will do a good job just give him a chance!

  22. In all good systems there are checks and balances to ensure that power isn’t invested in one person. That seems to have been lost at Arsenal. Wenger has done an excellent job for Arsenal and has made them into a financial powerhouse as a business, but he is, as you say, falling behind the curve technically as a coach. He has left the squad deficient in defence this season, and his excuse that his team was tired v Leicester exposes his reluctance to rotate. I have been a huge supporter of Wenger, and would have vehemently opposed his removal. However, the Kim Kallstrom farce, during last January’s transfer window has changed my opinion entirely. For me it has shown that Wenger hasn’t got a grip on what the club needs to succeed at the highest level. Now that could mean that he has either lost it as a manger, or that he doesn’t trust anyone else and is doing too much to keep it all together. However, either way, that shows poor management, and for that reason I agree there must be a change.

  23. i think this could officially be the start of the end for wenger his blind arrogance has cause him to buy welbeck in the sheer belief that AGAINST THE ODDS HE CAN BEAT THE REST OF THE BIG 4 WITH ONE ARM BEHIND HIS BACK we should be buying top top top european c/l standard players not sunderland spuds everton standard players thats about welbecks standard of club in all truthful reality he is an honest hard working player but wenger thinks he can coach the mediocrity out of him he is truely insane its a guaranteed source of goals we need not more fancy hold up play and “pace” and missing chance after chance so the postman is to be joined by the manchester metro tram absolute disgrace he has kidded on ozil and sanchez they must be wondering what is going on atm they are seeing the true wenger now just panicking and not panicking very well to that effect and for some reason wenger has gone all kinky for english players for some strange reason at least chambers has great potential welbeck has past that stage and is a seasoned pro now and he is no where near what we need wenger is trying to show how great he is by whiping the back out of the same players week after week in the vain hope that he can win the league without rotating ever and they will get injured and he wont have learned his lesson and we will pay for it in the end best last day transfer would have been a 4year contract for klopp

    1. “Officially” LOL, what official by your say so? If you can’t stand Wenger you are gonna hate Klopp. Klopp is a big AW fan and very much in his mould. BvB don’t spend hugely on fad players so will disappoint many on here. They spend less than we do – another minus. They also have in selling their best players – wouldn’t like that would you? You deserve a Mourinho or Van Gaal – seems more your style – proper men, proper ambition, excellent spenders.

  24. Two players for each place:


    Even our team B is quite strong.

    Also notice Ox, Rosicky, Gnabry has not got a place.
    That’s how strong our team is.

  25. LvG has to deliver this season, there will be massive financial pressure on his team:

    Falcao 350k
    Rooney 300k
    DiMaria 280k
    RVP 250k
    Shaw 150k
    Mata 140k

    I used to complain about City ruining football but this is completely insane and takes it to the next level! I completely believe David Moyes was setup by the players and the Man U owners, they never intended for him to be given a fair chance or the means to rebuild the team.


    1. Imagine what it must be like for the other players running their backs off to get the ball to players getting paid 7-9 times more in some cases. Can’t be good for morale. If United don’t make top 4 this year they are in big trouble

  26. It’s funny how the odds have now shifted.. We have been 3rd favorites for the title all summer, the bookies thought we were going to strengthen before the window closed. But now that we have not we are 4th favorites all of a sudden and United not too far behind..


  27. What a childish article !
    Even though you may have a few good points listed, it`s so one dimensional and totally lack depth.
    Acting like a spoilt kid that did`nt get what he wanted for xmas.
    Grow some balls. This is the best transfer window for Arsenal in years !

    1. SPOT ON man. Don’t mind those thumb downs from those Hoes (sorry I’m using such words). Truth is bitter. Those reactions are disheartening…

    2. @liam,: you are one of those living it up in cloud cookcoo land if you think we did good trade this transfer window! Wait until May when the table reads something like this:
      1) Chelsea
      2) ManCity
      3) Liverpool
      4) ManU
      5) Oh dear, Spuds
      6) Everton
      7) Swansea
      8) Southampton
      9) ARSENAL
      I pray not but this could be the reality facing us if Mr Wenger doesn’t do the right thing now and GO!!!

      1. Usually would say ur talking complete bollocks and overreacting but the truth is if we get 3+ defensive injuries this could be a reallity. In the 11/12 season at one stage we had 5 defenders out so its a real possibillity.

  28. wenger has made the club profit this window i would have though as well all incomings have been covered out goings and other revenues coming in like c/l monies and squad releases wages being saved i bet we are in a + balance if we went through it properly
    we dont know what the budget is so it could be worst there now way wenger has spend £100 not even £70 million
    ospina =covered by the sales of miquel and monies made from cesc to chelsea so nothing really spend there
    debuchy = covered by the vela money
    chambers = covered by the vermalen sale £11 million only goes up to £16 if he does well in certain circumstances
    sanchez =covered by the c/l monies and no doubt what we are owed on previous player sales i.e cesc to barca and song monies still outstanding
    welbeck= covered by wages being freed up and the rest of outgoing transactions and previous player sales being owed
    so there we have most likely recoup most if not all of our transfer monies back and shafted and lied to puma and the emirates about spending there monies in sponsorship on tranfers and pocketing in”profit” aprox £60-70 million of the transfer funds to boot wenger hang your head in shame

  29. Oh wenger wenger wenger, Y oh Y everytime,
    Falcao wat a player united have got unbeleivable puts them right bk im contentiom for the title. Onto us too be honest I expected no buy im shocked wenger spent I think it was fans pressure, welbecks not the best but not the worst either ine thing we need in he team is grafters he certainly is that. The enigma which the D.M position that we have needed for the past 5,6 years covering goes by again but are we surprised the day “Pantenepro v model” Arteta was made captain wenger stuck 2 fingers the fans and said “No its my way remember” and we were never gna get a d.m.

    Yesterday even with welbeck I thought one position which would be looked at purely for numbers sake was c.bk, just logic tells u lose 4 defenders and buy 2 erm that doesnt add up but hey its wenger, gibbs,monreal evensuper jack can play c.bk lol,

    Realistic review of season, 99.9% certain arsenal will get tonked against big boys again, injuries will cripple team as always, wingers will not be playd in position but ozil,santi our best c.a.m out there, will get over powered in every game physically.

    All in All I honest cannot c us gettinginto top 4 this year, those hu say 17years. Just look at the depth of quality in the league compared to last year, every team has strengthen where thier weaknesses were, have Arsenal????

    Au revior

  30. Arsene Wenger is a joke of a human being. This man said there was no quality for the entirety of the summer and ended up buying Daniel (i refuse to accept that we just signed the same Welbeck from Man U) for the same amount as Balotelli (more expensive than Remy and Mandzukic. Yesterday was the clearest indication of Wenger’s ambition, Him signing Daniel was reliant on Man U signing Falcao. This is the level of ambition shown by a team that is outside the champions league. We have 6 defenders to cover 4 positions, no quality DM (due to his penny pinching in the Carvalho case) and Daniel for our troubles. My question is, who does Wenger aim to compete against with this squad? Has he truly deluded himself into thinking that this squad is good enough to win the league? I mean this bloody guy had the whole summer and he failed to address 3 positions!?? A world class striker, A DM and a CB. That was alll we wanted. Why we have a manage is beyond me because he was convinced we had to money, I have signed out of Wenger’s case. The man is a genuine fool and I mean that with every bit of disrespect I can summon.

  31. This site has become damn irritating and disgusting. Even women, your girl friends have not moaned like this. And the admin lets any crap in the mould of article to be posted here. This is for Arsenal fans, not for the whining fools.
    Support means going by what is on ground willingly for the good of the club. Those people who questioned Arsene’s sanity, and asked ‘Henry who..’ are still the same persons that called him a genius, and yet the same fools that moan now…
    We’ve got good players in our team and the manager is responsible for that. Where is the support when the so called fans join Mou in coaxing our manager. #ruthless #no-brain

    1. You area mediocre human being for that statement. Nobody with a winning mentality will talk like this. So assuming Merts and kos get injured, what happens? Why did he have to wait till the last day to sign Daniel bloody welbeck? Why didnt he even buy Carvalho who could fill both DM and CB at the least? That fact people like you still think like this is why wenger still gets away with it

      1. Since it is ok to assume random players get injured. Lets try it in other places.. Assuming Falcou gets injured, someone who is injury prone What have united got? a huge wage bill sitting in the stands , most likely next to Robin Vanpersie

        1. You think it’s a wild assumption given our track record with injuries and that koscielny currently has a knock? Falcao is not injury prone he has an ACL injury once. Im talking facts here, Wenger made a complete mess of this transfer window and its appalling to see some support it

      2. Whining that you are not winning is not the same as having a “winning mentality” mate. Nobody with a true sporting winning mentality will bellyache to the extent you hear on here. What is your claim to fame regarding your winning mentality – what have you won?

  32. I can’t stand welbeck for one reason he’s not better than what we have but if you played a front two of welbeck and Sanchez then Cambpell left and Walcott or chaimbo right that would give us a huge counter attacking style with lots of skill and pace , but here is the problem to do this you need big strong DM to win the ball back when we defend and we do t have them , flaming is reckless and getting old, Arteta is good on the Bala but not quick or strong enough, please don’t say Diaby as we all know he will be inj soon again, then also what to do with Ozil and Corzola ? They won’t fit in this formation as both are a waste wide, and we know Wenger will play Ozil what ever happens , for me welbeck is another similar type player to what we have, I think wenger panicked and we know from SS that welbeck contacted us and said he wanted to join
    City and Chelsea are MILES ahead of us
    Liverpool have a better balanced squad which is also deeper
    If this is true we are fighting Manure/ Spuds and Everton for 4 th

    My main point is everyone knows we are 3 players short of competing for everything and we chose to throw this away, if we don’t finish 4 th we will have the same problem as manure spend way over the odds for players

    Wenger will leave this club eventually and his reputation will be what ???

  33. Wow, Arsenal spend the most they have in a window and yet we are not pleased?
    You can not have everything you need straight away.
    Arsenal now run a policy of buying better than what they have, and investing in players with potential.

    This article I wouldn’t be proud to put your name to mainly because there isn’t any facts to your point.

    My Only concern is the lack of one more defender, and a defensive midfielder. I can only assume the players we wanted wasn’t available. I am glad we didn’t just get someone for the hell of getting someone. I know we need to develop how we play against opponents, both against Everton and Leicester we got hit on the counter, and didn’t have the right type of players to control an attack at us with pace. Mainly due to not having young legs in the middle, hence why Wilshire Is seen as talent…because he can be deadly in the final third and able to get back also. But this area is our weakness, every team has one, let’s hope ours can be controlled

    Overall, I am happy with our window. As always, you can always buy more. In reality I said last year we are still 2 years from winning the league. That still remains. This year, let’s bed the new guys, get an improvement on our league position and do the best we can in the champions league

  34. apparently,the article is bullocks blown out of proportion. ancient elephant cant fly neither does the millennium breeds do back flips. yes, he (wenger) may have been senile & outdated but he’s no push over manager. your frustration is just emphasizing the obvious ” the super FALCAO” for crying out loud it,s just ridiculous to pay that outrageous wages, 346K weekly is pure madness. i agree wenger tactics may be inept. the 80mins sub waiting game may have been over boiled for too long but your other case studies does not strike my curiosity. ramsey turn from 0-360 degree with a world class display, why not whilshere? even though i might not totally support the sudden upsurge on ozil or the incessant love for diaby.
    positively we are on the right part to greatness and i still believe we can achieve alot this season. put in mind we’ve not lost a game but the must formidable team (man city) has lost at home. sanchez shows a lot of promise and welbeck may not be a genius but he put in 110% commitment and quite consistent which is good enough for me. the work ethic and synergy needs to rise and other deficiency will start slot in accordingly. gunners just support the team and arsenal is it that much to ask for? we will not be intimidated neither will we shed our swords. scream and shout and echo it aloud ARSENAL FOR LIFE.

  35. I’m sorry but some of our bloggers have missed a very important point but thankfully you have raised it here. Our manager promised he’ll be very active till the last minute of the last day of the transfer window, yeah right! He was definitely busy refereeing a charity match in Italy! If Wellbeck’s transfer doesn’t work out with him scoring goals, then all emotions and sentiments aside, Arsene Wenger must do the right thing and resign. He would have led this club as far as it could go and a new face with new ideas and the ability to motivate our world class players to that attitude that never knows when it is beaten asked to take the mantle. Let’s just be very realistic. We’ve actually gone backwards according to results this season compared to the last. In our first 3 games last season, we had 6 points compared to 5 this season: FACT! The boss missed a golden opportunity to sign an enforcer in the mould of Carvalho in the middle of the park who can give our back 4 better cover than does Arteta even at his very best! Na!!!!!!! The longer Wenger stays, the more likely he is to stain his legacy. We don’t want a situation where our fans are the main contributors to him being sacked. He should do the desent thing and say he can’t go any further with this team. Look at the quality on display against lowly Leicester and we couldn’t score more than one goal against them! I commented well before the game that I saw a draw written all over that game and some cloud cookoo land fans thought that was impossible. I was right, they were wrong! I saw the draw because there’s been no winning mentality with Wenger’s teams of late! Playing different players out of position and making these players look like moppets when he Wenger is the real moppet!
    I am very angry!!!

  36. If there is any Arsenal supporter who would have approved to pay 6m loan fee and 340 000 -00 for Falcao /week then Wenger is really in trouble with win at all cost supporters! That will not work. I would take Welbeck than Balotelli all day!

  37. so what are we doing with coquelin? didn’t see him go out yesterday? defence minded midfielder…could he become a backup cd? had a terrible loan spell but he’s better than that…is this part of wengers masterplan?

  38. i am not against wellbeck addition as it is an improvement over what we had at 10.59…but it is not the sign of an ambitous club, in fact is wellbeck better than vella? dont think so…so why sell him for less than we paid for wellbeck…senseless even on a financial level…the truth is that wenger`s record speaks for itself…and the stadium has become a tired excuse…he kept hold of crap and sold quality during that period..that is why we have not won anything….he is a tactical and player management failure….he has put the income of the board above quality of the team…that is inexcusable for me….we all know we will not win epl or cpl this year or even be runners up….so yes wenger out is the only way arsenal will progress as a team and club

    1. Welbeck isn’t always used as a central striker. When used as a central striker in the latest premier league season, he scored 8 times out of 13 appearances. That is a fantastic statistic based on recent form, he has proven EPL experience. I would say he is the best buy by far compared to other available strikers , regardless of the price.

  39. Buying Ozil was a mistake, I watched him for German, so dont expect him to perform miracles, he is too soft for EPL. Do you want players or just names? based on current form surely Cavani and Falcao are very poor! Lets just wait and see!

  40. There is no criticism of Danny Welbeck joining Arsenal he`s more than welcome, it`s the defence that is of concern.

  41. My point is not that webeck is the best striker for arsenal or that his goal scoring account is able to win us all we deserve but now that he’s a gunner, what else do we do than to thank God and support him. i pray he stay injury free and given the chance to be the target man upfront, at least he will gell with ozil, carzola, rosicky etc behind him and other pacy destructive weapons like walcot, chamberlain, campbell, sanchez beside him. I think this little boy is being unjustly criticised and underrated much too often. Play him as standing 9 on regular basis and see the best of welbeck (just like sturrige). I pray wenger will not unnecessarily convert him to an unsuitable wing.

    1. @Prof: I concur, but play him just like Sturridge? Yes! But remember Sanogo has been played time and time again and each time he dishes out the same old sh….te! O, our Wenger is in love again! Just as he was with Diaby, Aliadere etc, etc. all French by the way!

  42. At least, there are still faithful gooners out there. From the twitter-sphere:
    Arsenal FC @ Arsenal 1h
    Which of Danny’s new team-mates deserves to be @Arsenal’s Player of the Month? VOTE NOW:

    Arsenal FC retweeted
    Gooner @ ahadali1998 1h
    @ArsenalDanny Welbeck is a great signing and this builds on our English Core which makes it even better. Can’t wait #WelcomeWelbeck

    Arsenal FC retweeted
    Henrys Honours @ HenrysHonours 1h
    @ArsenalHe’s diverse, strong, agile and quick. He’ll fit into our style of play. I look forward to his first game #WelcomeWelbeck #AFC·

    Arsenal FC retweeted
    Hàmish Wilsön @ hamish_wilson7 1h
    So happy with the signing of Welbeck, suits the team so well and can hopefully get on the scoresheet #WelcomeWelbeck
    View details ·

    Arsenal FC retweeted
    Joe @ joematsavAFC 1h
    @Arsenalcracking signing good young English striker, lots of pace which is what we need #welcomewelbeck

    Arsenal FC @ Arsenal 1h
    Morning everyone. @Arsenalhave a new striker – post your reaction using #WelcomeWelbeck

    @Leo, ..?

  43. Tom Friend, I’m with you all the way bro! Everything you said is spotted on. One thing to add though, is Mr.Wenger’s wierd fashion of skipper picking. After the invincibles he just can’t stop switching between the worst communicators and the least self-controlled, with zero leadership as the top qualification. It has became one of his privileges to name players never considered by neither their former clubs nor national teams a candidate for captaincy. His most recent one doesn’t even make it to the first team!

  44. Some of you supporters are so boring and negative, I wish one of you would have the decency to start your own web site and p*ss off.

    1. I was going to suggest admin splits the site – there are broadly 2 factions, those that want reasonable banter some humour and serious debate and those that for them nothing is right or ever will be unless it is done in accordance with their personal theories of everything. I bet they would soon get sick of talking amongst themselves in a like-minded gaggle – would be hilarious actually. They can all agree and back-slap each other typing “Arsene out, Arsene out” in caps over and over again, work themselves up in to a frenzy until the brightest one amongst them realises that if all you have is anger you have nothing. The problem is that it wouldn’t work because they need attention and don’t achieve full intumescence unless someone is reacting and biting. I’d have some respect if they actually DID something rather than whine on and on.


    I am so furious with Wenger he treats the fans with total contempt. This could have been a good year for Arsenal but he refuses to my players we really need and then with pure arrogance he plays them in there wrong positions.

    Why not buy the right player for the correct position, why not play the player in the position he is best at. No Your highness Wenger knows everything.

    Well it is great to see that rumours have it that he is at a charity game in Rome on the transfer deadline day.
    What ever the case I have said it before if we this year come 4th it will be a miracle and if we don’t come in the top four Wenger must go because for a club like Arsenal to only win once in 9 years is a disgrace and the manager should take full responsibility for what he has done.

    Most clubs would have sacked him by now. He is to mean to keep up with the game.
    What I would like to know is when Manchester etc can spend over 200 million were does fair play rules kick in, it seems to me that it is all talk but no substance.

    Arsenal please if Wenger cannot deliver a striker of great quality a central midfield play and play them in the correct positions get rid him.
    How long is it going to take people to relies that he is useless and that when he came to Arsenal he inherited a great team.
    He is not a winner and never will be coming 4th is great for him.

    This time last year we were in top position and last that position after Christmas this year we are already falling behind our main opposition and in 1/2 games it will be to late.

    Does this Arrogant idiot really know what he is doing so far his team selection has been terrible and tactics non existence.

    Time for the board of Directors to wake up and really work out if his achievements are so great.


    1. Well you got that off your chest then. What are you going to do about this tragic state of affairs? Exactly, nada. Terrible writing, spiteful tone, awful logic, minimal fact.

  46. The writer of this is article is very angry and emotional. Please respect communication 101 rule: Don’t put something on the record if you are angry!

  47. Wenger’s a genius! Welbeck is dramatically improving as a central striker and no-one else seemed to notice. Wenger loves statistics, not crowd pleasing. In 2013/2014 Premier League Welbeck started 13 times as a central striker , and scored 8 times.

    Very few strikers on the planet can match that rate. FACT. Proven Premier league experience unlike Falcao who could easily underperform in the EPL. As well Welbeck is taller than Falcao, which is essential when the opposition is parking the bus and height is required to bypass all the defenders with continuous crosses into the box for headers.

    1. Let me just add, in 5 of those 13 matches he played 60 minutes or less. So his rate of goal scoring over 90 minutes is 79%. ie out of every 10 90-minute appearances as central striker he is scoring 8 goals. Amazing.

  48. We are and never were contender for anything….
    So getting Welbeck does not matter… It is not like we were going to take Europe by storm or the league.
    This club and the manager (Delusional Wenger) are always playing safe and aiming for any CL qualifying spot. This is the main objective and the only objective.

    This squad could not win the league even if we had, right now, 10 or 15 points over the other outfits.
    You just know it and the fans who are still jumping around are just as deluded as the guy in charge.

    We have a crucial deadline day and the guy is in Rome refereeing a charity game. Typical Wenger, always wants to be seen as the good guy not the one making the though decisions.

    On top of that he is basically, truly and essentially useless tactically and has not clue about what it takes to win big games…

    Why is he still here? he is clearly useless and has been for years…!!

    I thought we were supposed to replace Vermealen???
    If Koscielny gets injured we will be f*cked again… And you know what, it is bounded to happen because Wenger is so lucky with injuries…!!

    I just cannot understand a manager who could be happy with what has been going on for the last recent years… It is just not good enough.
    I also cannot understand fans (idiots still bringing the banner “In Wenger we Trust”… I mean some people are just born stupid or just disturbed) who still saying that he is the main for the job…!!!

    I mean which job are we talking about?
    Manager job?
    Think again people unless you are smoking that sh*t… Same one who will be ecstatic after winning a meaningless derisory small cup… !!!!

    It is just not good enough!

    1. On behalf of all the “idiot” fans; with such a tragic situation at Arsenal why don’t you do something about it instead of blowing it out your arse on here? You want to change the world start your own protest march. I mean what are you looking for here; all the “idiots” to agree with you, cower in your bullying presence and yield themselves prostate before you?

      And look up the meaning of your favourite word – “delusional” . The unfortunate reality is that what Wenger thinks and does has an actual effect, carries consequence and therefore matters within the corporate entity he inhabits. What you think and say doesn’t matter – can you see the real delusion? The keyboard warrior/know-it-all/shouty types who are so infatuated with themselves and their opinions that they genuinely think only their opinions matter. And that is why the fans with their heads located outside their anuses will support the team no matter. When you resort to ridiculing a large portion of the Arsenal fan base you have lost all your arguments right there.

  49. I fought with my friends that for once, Arsenal will have a good transfer window. For once, we are spending. For once, we are buying top talent. Now that the transfer window is shut, I would like to avoid those friends, because all that I made them believe, came false. Did Wenger in his dream think he will make a bonus on Vela and Fabregas? Getting free money and still hesitating to spend on quality? I am not saying Danny is not good, but if Fabregas was 25M, Costa was 32M, Danny can not be 16M pounds and 105k/week salary for sure, it is a waste of money. I doubt our creds for a EPL top 4 finish, forget the crown for 3 more years, since Wenger will be there and he will not change his pathetic ideologies. I hate to say, Spurs have a new spawn of life and ManU/Everton are doing better, Arsenal will be gr8 to finish 5th this year, let along top 4.

  50. Despite what we say, there is, in fact, no case against Wenger…
    Because he has never been under pressure (people said it was, but he is really not), he has the total and undivided support of the board and the chairman as well as, may be, 60% to 65% of the fans.

    His 3 years contract will go smoothly.

    Might get the ups and downs and a bit of abuse, but for £8millions/year and a bunch of “mugs” regularly buying season tickets and paying outrageous price seats, he will take it… It is worth the trouble and the headache (if any).

    Just get ready for another frustrating season and lame excuses from the “deluded one” and clear poor management skills…

  51. You knw it’s said; wen d desirable isn’t available, d available becomes desirable…. I’ll support d lad like a true fan… bt he certainly isn’t wat we need 2 compete 4 EPL & ECL… COYG

  52. What on earth are people on here complaining about? In Danny Welbeck you’ve got someone else to hate before he’s even turned up.

  53. i am sitting here wondering this morning where the hell have all the rumour mongers gone ?. could it be possible that they are in hiding because of all the lies they have spread on here all summer long .there is one guy on here in particular who is responsible for all of the lies that we read here , why is not something being done about his barefaced lying to us . his lying started off as a bit of a schoolboy joke , then some people on here actually believed in his tripe and this all went to his head . now this freak sees himself as living inside of wengers pocket . he promised , no , guaranted us that several weals were done deals over thwe summer , but what happened those deals .this clown has single handedly wrecked this page . this page was once a very nice place to come and read the gunners banter and listen to the odd transfer whisper . but since this weasel had begun none of us know what is waht anymore . i do know one thing though , this guys time is almost up , and i will laugh when he is gone from this page .it is one thing to discuss transfer rumours , jees we all do it , but this guy comes in here and blatently tells us barefaced lies . he gets ogg on telling us lies . and do you know whats worse than this cheapskate ? , the people who actually believe what he writes , and worse still , the people who ask him for his opinion . according to this guy we were buying all of europes superstars . then i notice lately he started to be anti wenger somewhat , talk about a wagon jumper . he is so obviously immature , he needs his wings clipping . the only way that this fine page will return to its former self is to get rid of that colwn , and on his way out i think he should take guru wenger with him also .

  54. Anyone with mixed feelings about getting Welbeck should go and read some United forums. They are gutted. It’s beautiful.

  55. absolutely awfull signing just shows the lack of ambition we have at our club when were signing a man u reject who like all our ohtwer strikers does NOT SCORE ! how can any of you morons be pleased just because hes english ? that DOESNT mean hes good ? what happened too looking for quality ? my faith in wenger has been destroyed in one go ! there were soo many better players out there yet his penny pinching stubborn ways WILL cost us again ! mark my words ! and i will gladly apologise if we win the league but frankly top four will be a result after this shambolic transfer window “! #wenger out

  56. There comes a time to question whether a manager is still the best manager for the club. You have to go through that or you’ll end up with a 98 year old Wenger still as coach. If the answer is yes then fair enough, Wenger should stay on, but there must come a time when Arsenal as a club would be better served by a different manager? The question posed here is “has that time come?”

    1. I agree completely Colin, it will happen and we need to be ready as a club to plan it correctly, but just don’t see how now is the right time. 3 games in to a season, playing poorly but unbeaten in the last 12 competitive matches, there are people dusting down their “Arsene Out” placards. Bonkers and symptomatic as to why other fans laugh at us lot. The tipping point appears to be that we didn’t sign the players some wanted to see and AW was in Rome (at the same time as most of the PL managers had put their feet up for a break knowing they had done their business). The “ditherer” as he is frequently called on here still managed to sign DB within 6 hours of him effectively coming on the market, an opportunistic buy that has now transmuted in to a “panic buy” as it inevitably and predictably would. If you hate Wenger it is all tails you win heads he loses.

  57. I never post comments on this blog, instead reading the articles and agreeing and disagreeing with the opinions. However, this is the exception. Some of the recent comments are completely disgusting and project the mind of an underdeveloped 2 year old. Off to Arseblog I go to join less idiotic minds.

  58. Don’t exactly understand why you would build this “case”. Please be realistic for ones, don’t let your childish feelings dictate your opinion. Wenger has proven to be one of the best coaches in the world, ever. Just check his stats if you don’t believe me. If his team is on a roll, there almost unbeatable while playing beautiful football. Fine if you don’t like his style (french, has a big ego, stubborn, never his fault, always right, perfectionist of details, weird priorities, there are a lot more of those), not everybody understands how he works (i don’t) but you if i watch Arsenal i hypothetical thank god they do not play like a Rodgers, Gardiola or Mourinho team. I think that the whole “case” that’s written above are all very stupid reasons to want him gone. You could have lost faith in him after 9 trophy less years (duh) but please answer me this. Which of your beloved modern coaches would you realistically want who has his team play better football OR win more titles than Wenger did? At the end of the day he made all the highlights of the last 18 years possible and still shows almost every week that he deserves to be where he is.

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