Arsenal Debate – The verdict on Matthieu Debuchy so far?

Has Mathieu Debuchy lived up to expectations in Arsenal colours? by SE

The Frenchman’s 12-million pound move from Newcastle United this summer was an eagerly anticipated one, midst some skepticism whether he would be an able replacement for the long serving Bacary Sagna. After monitoring his performances for Arsenal, it’s only fair enough to analyze whether the former Newcastle man has lived up to expectations in Arsenal colours.

Talking Points
Debuchy’s attacking prowess is definitely captivating; he can shuttle up and down the flanks all day and, more importantly, put productive crosses into the box, for the lanky strikers in Giroud and Sanogo to make the most of. At Newcastle last season, Debuchy put 96 crosses into the business area, with an average of 3.31 crosses per game.
If anything, it was his defending that fuelled some cynicism, while the transfer negotiations were taking place, with many going onto proclaim that the 29-year old would just concentrate on going forward, thereby leaving his central defenders do all the defensive work. Fortunately that hasn’t happened so far, at least, and Debuchy has balanced his offensive and defensive duties judiciously.

What do the stats say?
The Frenchman, who thrives in putting crosses into the business area, has mustered 12 crosses over three Premier League games, but none of his crosses have escalated into being an assist. Of his 140 attempted passes, in the Premier League alone, 108 of them have been successful, with a pass accuracy rate of 78%.

The one worrying aspect of Debuchy as an Arsenal player is his failure to create outright chances. In the three Premier League games so far, the Frenchman hasn’t created a single goal scoring chance, while the often disparaged Nacho Monreal has created 2 in three games.

Coming to the defensive side of things, which, logically, is Debuchy’s primary duty at Right-Full-Back, he is yet to make a single error in that department and neither has he been subject to an opposition’s goal. The 29-old’s aerial prowess is impressive: in the 23 headed duels he has been involved in, he has gone to win 18 of them, which, incidentally, can only be a positive for Arsenal. All it means is that Debuchy can either wrestle back possession in favor of Arsenal or, maintain possession for his team.

Final Thought
Going by the stats, Debuchy has been par for the course during his early days as an Arsenal player but, by his own standards, would want to improve a lot more on the offensive side of things. With Ozil playing ahead of him on the right flank and cutting inside of his opposing full back, the onus is on Debuchy to make the pitch as big as possible by constantly overlapping his German team mate. Also, with a lot of tall forwards in this Arsenal side, Debuchy has to be a lot more productive with his crossing. It would not be long, however, before we get to see ‘Dazzling Debuchy’ at work for Arsenal.

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      1. He will just need a little more time. His recent performances have been encouraging. On top of that, he was rated one of the best Right backs in the league last season. Check out

        Arsenal haven’t normally relied on crosses as much as we should. It’s about time with the pace on our wings and the additions up front, we’ll be able to score plenty that way.

    1. Ahoy!!! Ahoy!!! Do not start Sanogo ahead of Welbeck on Saturday! Do not play Ozil or Carzola on the left flank, they are not wingers.

      You either play 4-4-2 with Welbeck and Sanchez uptop, or a frontline three with Podolski, Welbeck and Sanchez upfront.

      Over and out!!!

      1. You are right. Özil is wasted on the left wing. I would rather see Alexis there, with Welbeck and eventually Walcott back in the team as the front line with Özil pulling the string at CAM.

        If it comes down to it though, I would rather have Cazorla as LW, because he has been solid so far and can defend well. But remember! We also have the OX and Campbell waiting for their chances!

    2. I give debuchy about 6.5/10 for his display so far overall, but he has had some 7.5-8/10 games. He is a great example for young Bellerin, who could be our future rb anyway…well I hope so. 🙂

    1. I came up with 6 top RBs, not in order:
      Lahm, Ivanovic, Zabaleta, S. Ramos (as RB), Coleman, Juanfran

        1. That’s I know for sure. He is top class CB and top class RB and don’t tell me you have never watched him as RB

      1. Coleman top 6? Get real seriously, Carvajal, Debuchy, Sagna, Azpilecuieta, Alves and so many more better than him. Not even top 10

  1. To early in the season to judge. Wait till we’ve played some of the title contenders before giving an opinion. I am a

    1. ive watched all our games and hes defended very well
      actually made some brilliant tackles
      so how can his defending be crap
      just spouting rubbish spewd by idiots

  2. Debuchy will have to be more cautious going forward because we lack a strong DM that can cover up for him. I think he will be better than Sagna last year though and allround a very solid player.

  3. how the hell do you judge a RB aftwr a few games. so far, he hasnt made silly errors like Jenkinson did and he is solid reliable RB for us.

  4. What is he supposed to do at right back for you? Attack endlessly and provide assist after assist or a goal. He’s not going to be flashy so you are going to say he’s not good enough? Debuchy has been fine and all 4 goals we have conceded are center back mistakes besides the corner.

  5. So far, very good signing.
    I think he is a Little upgrade, he has been decent, surre, composed.
    No big slip ups, no big mistakes.
    an 8/10 right now for me

  6. going upfornt he’s pretty good, defending no so much he’s only played a handful let’s analyse after midseason…

  7. Your article serves little or No purpose at the moment. You cannot have a verdict on something ongoing, The is league ls what? 3 games old and you’re looking for a verdict already, a conclusive opinion on him, right ?

    I think what you mean is an assessment of his performance so far ,which I think you should have handled by writing a piece on what you think of him so far.People can then chip in with there various opinions

    When you ask for a verdict after 3 league games you’re only going to solicit biased praise or unfair criticism

  8. Sanogo free, hence he will start ahead of Welbeck.

    Can’t just come in a be picked Welbeck, there is an order prove yourself first

    1. Welbeck is different class to sanago at the moment so he should definitely start up front and sanago should watch and learn from the bench!

  9. Reading the rumours flying round that welbeck was not a Wenger signing and was done behind his back hence he has not made a single statement welcoming the player which he normally does hope this is not true cos it will be the player that suffers with Wenger benching him or sticking him out on left to prove a point and this could disrupt the great team spirit we have!!

  10. I think he is an improvment to Sagna. But i also think that Coleman would be far greater playing at Arsenal then he is in Everton.

    There are no Star Rb currently playing the game. Bayern have 2 great ones, Dortmund has some decent one. Ramos is overrated, Vela can beat him with ease. Ivanovic is poor, Miyachi can beat him with ease aswell which says a lot.

  11. surprised no one mentioned martin caceres. He is a really solid player, who can play anywhere in the back 4, but is best at rb

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