Arsenal Debate – Time to drop struggling Cazorla?

With Mesut Ozil being one of the many Arsenal players in the treatment room and the German international possibly out of action until the end of the year, the natural and logicval player to fill his boots for the Gunners would be Santi Cazorla. But it just is not happening for the little Spaniard at the moment.

Cazorla has been largely ineffectual in the last two games against Anderlecht and Sunderland, with his woeful shooting at the Stadium of Light a clear sign that our midfield maestro is low on form and confidence right now. But what should Arsene Wenger do?

An in form Cazorla is a great player to have on the pitch but his all round work rate, especially tracking back, means that if he is not doing his thing on the creative and attacking side of the game, he is a luxury player that we just cannot afford in the tough tests of the Premier League and Champions League.

So maybe it is time to take Santi out of the firing line for a while. Wenger does have the option of playing Alexis or Tomas Rosicky in the central attacking role, while Lukas Podolski, Joel Campbell or the Ox could play on the left. Maybe the boss does not want to damage his confidence any more but it seems harsh to the other Gunners vying for a place to see Santi start when he is not playing well.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. To win the title, our squad needs to look like this:

    Debuchy Hummels Kos Gibbs
    Walcott Ozil Wilshere Sanchez

    Bench: Ospina, Chambers, Mertesaker, Carvalho, Ramsey, Ox, Giroud

    We would be able to win the title with this team, injuries would always be a problem but this would potentially leave the likes of Flamini, Arteta, Santi, Rosicky, Diaby etc as squad rotation players, however I don’t think Santi would settle for that and I have a feeling he may be off in the summer seeing as he’ll be 30-31 by that time.

    1. If only it were that simple. Teams are picked on a game by game basis. Arsenal own a sports analytics company, which analyse games on a game by game as well as some of the best scouts in the game. This means that Arsene Wenger can adjusts to the opposition plays on a game by game basis. Football fans around the world sometimes live in a dreamland with sports simulation games at you fingertips and knee jerk reactions week by week. Players, fans and pundits alike find it easy to poke and criticize managers without realising their struggles. My advice to people is not to comment pn what they don’t know about as is merely equates to pure speculation.

      1. People need to learn that winning the league isn’t as simple as playing x in x position. There’s a reason why Arsene Wenger is a professional manager and the majority of us have jobs outside football.

        1. So youd rather we blindly follow wenger like lemmings jumpin off a cliff?

          So playing a world renowned playmaker as a left winger shouldnt be mentioned?
          Selling a experienced defender an not replacing no comment?

          Its funny mourinho bought players where they needed it an play them in positions they were bought for…

          This is a blog where we all get our say-u dont like it?
          Why r u here?

          1. I did not say that and my words are being twisted. I’m talking about the mentality of many football fans in general. I’m saying that there is too much misinformation and speculation in general. I’m not referring to conflicting opinions on Arsene Wenger. I’m saying that we shouls not feel inclined to comment that we don’t know about. Media like the Dailymail, Metro, Caughtoffside e.t.c feed us with bull****, misinformation and endless controversies which people aimlessly believe.

            1. They are the best sources, Dailymail, Metro, Caughtoffside e.t.c

              they provide us with the quality news…..

          2. Arsenal have exactly the same number of defenders as last year muff. Chambers replaced Vermaelen. We can only try to reason with decisions with cold hard facts. Ozil has played many games wide for Germany, Real Madrid and Werder Bremen. Playing wide is nothing new for Ozil who confirmed that his best position is right wing in August, “in Madrid, I often played on the right. I enjoyed that because I’m left-footed and I was able to cut inside to give assists and get shots on target.”. This is nothing new to Ozil who made his career out wide. That’s why I reject the notion that his career is being ‘ruined’ due to him playing out wide.

            1. In this comment your doing exactly what you complain the papers are doing. Twisting quotes and feeding misinformation.
              In the interview where that quote came from ozil said twice he’s preferred position is behind the ST, and that if he’s played on the wing he prefers playing RW as opposed to LW. he DID NOT say RW is his preferred position

            2. It’s irrelevant that he used to play on the wing previously. The important thing is that he NOW one of the best number 10’s in the world. Van Persie used to play on the wing before, does that mean he should be moved back to the wings, or should Bale be moved back to left back?
              The other problem with moving Ozil out the number 10 role is who u is going to take that position, is that player going to offer more in that role than Ozil? For example Ozil played on the wing for Germany because of Thomas Muller or in Madrid because of Kaka. These are quality players and hence Ozil cannot complain much. But when u r moving Ozil to accommodate Jack Wilshere (in his current form) Ozil knowing that he is far better than Wilshere in that role will naturally complain. It will be like Ferguson telling Van Persie “since you used to play on the wing, I am going to move u to the left wing so that I can play Welbeck through the middle”

            3. The best moment many people remember Ozil for (Germany versus England), was actually out wide on the left wing. His first assist for Arsenal FC was from the left wing. His assist for Danny Welbeck some weeks back, was from the left wiing as well. Can Ozil play on the left, Yes, of course he can. Maybe he enjoys playing centrally more, but sometimes you need to make certain sacrifices in order to accomodate other players. All he needs is to improve his body strength and try to do more defensively. For those saying Ozil shouldn’t be made to track back, should go watch Oscar, Isco and James.

              1. Ozil drifts out wide when plays as a 10.
                I think the main reason he struggles out-wide is because of his poor stamina coupled with the pace of the premier league, when playing wide hes rarely available on the counter and barely makes runs as it seems hes defensive duties curb his movement going forward.
                E.g the run he made for the welbeck assist would have never happened if he was playing wide.
                He really needs work on his fitness and also get more aggressive.

              2. @ Twig…Wenger should play ozil on d left to accommodate Who whilshare ????? Pls not acceptable and wil never be accepted…Arsenal Fc have just 2 world star Ozil and sanchez…so others should be adjusted to accommodate both of them simple

        1. The problem with winning the league ISNT about this position or that player etc..
          It’s a collection of things that all need to be moving in the right direction..
          I see the reason we can’t win the league or anything else for that matter starts with what goes on behind the scenes..
          The board and wenger are giving the impression we can only feasibly challenge for the top 4 and our manager is weak mannered.
          The players aren’t ready for the title yet because our manager instills a negative weak attitude hence we have injuries after injuries..and before long our best player will feel this weak negativity and end up like Ozil and all the other players that came with so much promise yet fell into the methodology of weak man WENGER..and became injured! Sanchez came from a winning mentality instilled at his time with Barca as did Ozil..
          Is it no coincidence van Persie seemed injured all the time until he realised he might get a move to manure.. Then the season he plays for them he’s amazing and wins them the title.. Last season he was below average and injured more than usual.. Coincidence..?
          Why do we always have these injuries..? Psychologically weak attitudes brought on by the passive nature of Wenger..
          We have the players – we don’t have the right attitude – we don’t have the winning mentality…

      2. Are you taking the pi$$?
        Wenger change on a game by game basis!?!
        He plays the same players (if fit), in the same formation, with the same tactics every game.
        A good manager doesn’t need a sports analytics company to tell him who should play.

      3. I’m glad some one now notices how Carzola has become a liability. And even with his poor displays, he is selected to start.
        I must say that Carzola will never hit at Arsenal and it is better we put him up for sale, get that money and start playing Wilshere in the NO. 10 position. Wilshere is better for me. And he has the love and passion for the club.

    2. Lol cheers for the laugh Matt, that was a good one…

      Back in the real world, there’s 2 positions we could make massive improvement in. CB and DM.

      Keep your khedira and his star reputation, missing 68 games in 4 years at Real is an absolute deal breaker. Give me Schneiderlin, a player who doesn’t have the name of a Khedira, but would offer far more of what we actually need….and more frequently to boot. Flamini’s incompetence solved.

      Hummel’s? Nice thought, but would simply not happen. Would he leave Dortmund etc etc? Well before those questions just ask when we last bought a top player from a top club, where the club DIDN’T want to sell. First hurdle we would fall at in that pursuit. Howedes/Sokratis are more likely, and would be fine additions in any case. Mertesackers lack of athleticism cured.

      2 big weak links in our current set up need some surgery.

  2. From what I’ve observed on this site and other Arsenal forums, is that to a very LARGE extent, Arsenal fans are not happy with the direction the club is taking under Arsene Wenger, basically the same things RVP said led him out of the club.

    If we were privy to what transpired in that famous meeting between Wenger and RVP, it is very likely more than half of gunners would have sided with RVP’s position. Now, if you were in RVP’s position, approaching the twilight of your career, and seeing no prospects of winning trophies at your present club, would you quit, or would you stay (just to have a statue in front of a stadium)?

    Quit – Thumbs Up
    I will stay and have a statue erected for me in front of the stadium – Thumbs Down

    1. It wasn’t the fact that he left. It was the manner in which he left and the fact that it was Manchester United.

    2. Rvp can fk right off wenger told him we were a season away from buying top quality. Before he sold out we got in santi which was a massive improvement on the Ramsey he played with and we got in podolski who was equally as clinical and a good back up in giroud who was top scorer in France.

      The following couple windows saw world class players like ozil n Sanchez join. Whilst also being linked with Suarez,cavani,higuin,fabrigas ,hummels,khedira, di Maria ( all world class players)

      1. No. He did the right thing for himself. He got the money and also the glory. What fans think of him is no worry to him. Players know inside things better then players. Wenger is dictator.

        Wenger is screwing things up for years, the moment when we were about to win the game, Arsene did what he is best at, and subbed during the game, the best player in the pitch in Chamberlain for Arshavin, at that moment the Camera zoomed to Van Persie, and he was like what are you doing? The fans chanted the same thing,” You dont know what you are doing!!”. The rest is history. Van Persie did the right choice.

          1. My statement came from a interview wenger did it’s not a case of second guessing. Isn’t this the same judas that was in talks to return to arsenal early this year because he thought Man U were no longer good enough for him n arsenal were better?

      2. You can hate on RVP all u want but do u honestly think that it was the first time Wenger had told him he was going to bring world class players in?
        The guy, like many former Arsenal players(including Henry) had come to realize they were not going win anything major under Wenger. Believe it or not Wenger and ALL the people running the club now are only interested in money. Ferguson after buying Van Persie said he “couldn’t believe that Wenger would sell a player of Van Persie’s quality to United”
        Trust me, Wenger has been lying to the fans for a very long time. He like the board and the owner is in for the money; or how else would u justify Wenger being paid more than Ferguson. It’s time many fans open their eyes and see the guy for who he is and where his interests really lie.

        1. Rvp tried to dictate signings to wenger he wasn’t happy we didn’t go for snedjeir instead of cazorla . How good was santi in his first year?

  3. Santi just off the boil yesterday and didnt have a great game , but he shouldnt be held a scape goat other players was below par also! Thank goodness for those 2 goals from alexis sanchez that saved the day, and gave us full points!coyg!

  4. Well, what would we say? Cazorla basically had the same game yesterday that Ozil has been having all season. Impressively, not a single “Should Ozil be dropped?” article came up. I’ll say let’s give Cazorla one more game. Those chances he missed was so much unlike his old self. Normally, Cazorla would have grabbed a brace yesterday, perhaps he has some issues? If he fluffs his chances in the next game, we can drop him for Rosicky, who by the way, should have been played much more than he has been so far this season.

  5. Santi – few bad games in his natural position – > drop him. Yep, sounds about Wenger if he’s not British.

    Podolski, Rosicky, Santi, Campbell, Özil.. they’ve all experienced some kind of neglecting from Wenger. Either is zero/few chances to impress or being played out of position. As long as Ramsey, Wilshere and OX are safe, everyone else can rot in the bench.

    1. It is hard to believe that this is the same Arsense Wenger that was lambasted for benefitting from a large influx of overseas talent. A few games ago people were complaining that Chamberlain wasn’t playing due to favouratism. Same with Santi. There could be something going on behind the scenes. Maybe the player isn’t working hard enough in training? We can speculate on why a players isn’t playing but it cannot amount to more than just that.

      1. No, if we consider past times ( history ) we understand that this behaviour is no surprise. Wenger rlly tends to be prone of favorisem. Bec of this reason some of our past legends have left the club with the head down. I coult name them but its not hard to figure them out by your self.

        Instead of looking for excuses to make Wenger look like a saint, just admit the things how they are, as i doubt that Wenger will drop dead tomorrow if one Akb fan starts to critisise him a bit.

      1. United’s defence was much more cohesive today. Buying Hummels wouldn’t solve their issues. That may even make it worse. Buying a load of defenders who have never played wih each other and speak different languages will always make it difficult from the start. This is why i think Debuchy was a miles better buy than Serge Aurier. Their defense are all very good individuals that falter as a team. I would love to see Jones or Smalling at Arsenal. Smalling is one of the strongest centre backs i have ever seen – like a rash on someones back. He lacks composure on the ball though. Jones isthe best tackler in that United team as well as the ability to fufil a trade in defensive midfield. Chopping and changing our defense due to injuries doesn’t help either.

        1. You are slighty over doing things with claims like he was miles away a better signing then Auerier. That kid is very stabile and i doubt that he would fail to play in the epl. Smalling and Jones like many british players are very overrated. The player who should be today playing for us is Curt Zouma

          1. we should sign Serge Aurier, he can be number 2 to Debuchy….or we can rotate both of them…..

            Chambers can move to 3rd or 4th choice Centreback…

            we still need to sign 1 or 2 quality Centreback to replace Per and provide back up

    1. rvp s comments are like a stinking pile of crap,
      fk him,
      i dont care what he says and even less if its about Manure, big pile of manure

  6. Struggling Cazorla!!!
    Who wrote that sh*t??
    Struggling Cazorla and amazing Wilshere I guess !!
    No wonder we are doing so poorly… We deserve nothing!!
    Soon they will talk about Diaby being needed!!

    This club needs a serious overall… From manager to the bare minimum…!!

    1. Exactly…

      Wenger, Giroud, Sanago, Carzola, Rosicky, Podoski, Ozil, Wilshere, Coquelin, Diaby, Oxie, Flamini, Arteta, Per, Monreal

      All have to go….

      They are just not good enough!!!


      1. Oh yes, lets sell 14 players in January, including 10 of our midfielders, and our only healthy LB and true CB. There’s too many problems to name, however the biggest being that they’d have to agree contract terms with whatever club they go to. Remember Bendtner? How many clubs refused to pay him the wages he thought he deserved, so he didn’t sign with them and we couldn’t offload him? I’m glad that we don’t have a muppet like you in charge of our transfers. We’d still be waiting for our first win right now. Go back to Fifa, you clearly have no idea how transfers work in the real work.

  7. Usually by now we have the
    6 top 6 middle 8 bottom
    divisions in the league.
    Right now teams 1-17 can make European football :).
    An amazingly compact field.
    Arsenal to be 3rd or 4th by Xmas.
    Games v Man U and Liverpool crucial.

  8. What position was Sanchez playing yesterday? Was he playing a number 10? I thought he kept getting into positions Santi should have been.

  9. Chmaberlain is the worst offensive player in the squad right now, you would rather play him instead of Cazorla?

  10. On average, I find Cazorla our best #10 and I would not trade him
    He can play b2b pretty well too when motivated as he has shown this year

  11. OT: Hope Arsenal go in for both Virgil Van Dijk and Antonio Rudiger in January. Two good young center backs who we can get for about 15 million total. If we get these guys in and Debuchy comes back Chambers can be moved to the DM role; think he will be great for us there as well.

    1. We still need proper DMs……not another convert……

      we need either Virgil Van Dijk or Antonio Rudiger

      and add another quality experience CB….

      a top team should have 4 quality centrebacks to rotate

  12. Wenger when he first game to our club took us to a great new level ,now as time passes he is dragging us down.for those who are old enough to remember Brian clough and what he meant to forest fans his last act was relegation.not expecting that from Wenger but he had to go his stubbornness on tactics,players,transfers and formations is there for all to see apart from our greedy board.
    Thanks Arsene but time for you to top up the tan in Monaco.
    Any AKB who thumb me down go wait and see in May ! In Arsene we rust

  13. santi the giy that gave us that goal back in the fa final?
    santi the guy that was player of the year before ozil joined?
    that santi who was moved around and kept quiet an fighting?
    I d say ive that Santi a chance, he IS class and he is humble and Works hard

    1. U. Dey vex ni; who shout 4 u naa; my naija guy abeg take am easy! No b arsenal or arsene wenger go kill. Person


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