Arsenal Debate – Walcott or Giroud as Centre-Forward?

Is Theo Walcott Arsenal’s new striker? by JH

With the confirmation that Theo has signed da ting, with a deal that locks him down for his best years at Arsenal and also puts him up with Sanchez and Ozil in terms of wages, do we the fans finally know who our new striker is?

Over the past couple of years AW has given Walcott the chance to prove what he says, that he is a striker. On occasions he has been impressive, think back to that crazy Reading game where Theo scored 3 of our 7 goals, or his effort when we again scored 7, this time against Newcastle. He scored 3 and created a further 2, or more recently his hat-trick on the final day against West Brom, and his goal in the FA cup final.

But there are times where he just seems out of his depth – given no time on the ball and no space to run into he is almost a passenger, whereas Giroud can battle with defenders to earn space. Theo needs other players to remove his markers for him with intellegent runs. There is no doubt Walcott needs to improve as a CF, but he can’t without actually playing there.

Another downside compared to the much maligned Frenchman is that, without him, Arsenal have no aerial presence up front. Any long clearances will more often than not come straight back, goal kicks will have to go short, even most of our throw ins go to Giroud to knock down. The ability to cross the ball in the air is removed. How many headers will Walcott score? Or even win.

Now you may think I prefer Giroud up front. I don’t. I simply realise we lose a lot by replacing him with Walcott.

I believe with Walcott up front we look so much more dangerous, the added pace is frightening, Sanchez, Walcott, Chamberlain. Just think about that front three. Now imagine you are a defender facing them…. Unpleasant.

With this front three we have three scarily fast attackers, capable of chasing down any ball that Ozil or Cazorla play through. It also makes our attack superbly fluid, the three of them can rotate making each of them a nightmare to mark. With Sanchez and the Ox’s ability to beat a man on the break, they would’ve able to square it for Walcott straight away, instead of having to wait for Giroud to catch up.

It also makes our potential on the counter so much more effective. The speed of Sanchez, Walcott and Chamberlain breaking out, along with Bellerin and perhaps the engine of Ramsey, Ozil would have his pick of players to pick out.

I also think Walcott is both more clinical and more intelligent when making runs than Giroud.

In conclusion, Whilst I believe the job Giroud does for us is vastly overlooked, I believe a fully fit Walcott is a far superior goalscorer, and will drive us further than Giroud.

What do you guys think? Giroud or Walcott? Or do we still need to break the bank for a new striker??

By Jonnhirons

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  1. Theo scored 20+ goals from the RW when healthy. Imagine what he can do as striker. I believe he can score 30. It is time for Theo.

    1. @Mohawk.
      Truth be told. If your Right winger can score 20 goals. Why play him as striker? If theo plays are striker as we ever going to find another winger in Europe that will score 20 goals? Only a bale or Ronaldo try of players.
      My point is that Sanchez and Theo both gives us 40 goals from the wings . That is just brilliant. Lets get a striker who can score another 25 goals.
      That is why I prefer Theo on the Wings and a new striker with Giroud as a plan B from the bench.

      1. Omg go check out arsenal fan tv Claude and a Chelsea fan arguing about who is the bigger club what a deluded plastic cu## I hate Chelsea COYG

        1. Giroud hasn’t put a foot wrong beside the Monaco game,and again who did play well in that game???with giroud our team plays much better, Theo should be our plan b. At the moment the best striker we have is giroud. Giroud can score goals, he proved that las season and the season before 21 and 19 goals each season. That is way above average. If Theo can score 20 goals from the wing just let him play there.why not get 40 goals from wings with Sanchez and theo??giroud adds another 20 and that’s 60 goals for you.

          1. I really don’t know what the fuss is about. I must say that I agree with Wenger that we are not desperate for a striker. We have enough goals in our team just imagine this guaranteed amount of goals. Giroud – 20, Alexis – 20, Walcott – 15-20, Ramsey – 15 and all others 5-10 that is a lot of goals from midfield/forward. A thirty goal a season striker doesn’t win you trophies if other members of the team not scoring. Remember when we had Robin van Purstring, what did we win? I think the team is more balanced now and we have goals all over the pitch. A new striker especially a big money striker would just upset the chemistry right now. Arsenal is now a fantastic team. COYG!

            1. Ah I remember those days of RVP. We would score a fantastic goal and everyone would be like Arsenal is so good with attack they should be winning the league, then we would concede the most easiest of goals 2 mins later and we wondered if we would even make they top 4. Much better stability now. I don’t think an Arsene Wenger team has ever been shy of scoring goals no matter who is playing. I hope we are defensively as good as Chelsea to give them a run for the title.

      2. “Truth be told” You mean to say…… “This is my opinion”

        My contrary opinion is…….. Why limit Walcott to 20+ goals at RW if he can get 30+ goals at striker?

        You see it works both ways. None of use really know (there is no “truth”) where Theo would perform the best. In the end it will likely depend on where he is most needed. If he is needed more at RW, then he should play there. I think he is more valuable at striker. Just opinions – none more valuable than another.

      3. Also, Ox has shown he can do the job at RW. The idea that another winger MUST be obtained is simply wrong – it is not necessarily so. Some fans forget that Ox was so good at RW that he was the only player to appear in every game prior to his injury last season. He was fantastic and improving at RW. Another “truth” that is more likely a false assumption.

  2. Well each of them has a certain skill-set that can be used in different situations/opponents.

    So then there lies a question – would we be better off by getting a striker that is blends the skills of both? Maybe that’s why Wenger wants Benzema..

    Given that Akpom is going on loan apparently and we know Wenger uses Welbeck as a winger, there just might be a new opening for a number 9.

    1. Spot on!!giroud is the best we got at the moment. We need a WC striker. I won’t be happy with giroud or Theo leading the line. I would be happy with benzema though

  3. I as a fan can only wish him luck on his new role in the team…….if Wenger thinks he is capable of delivering goods upfront, then so be it……and if he fails, it will only make it easier for Wenger to buy a new striker……!!!

  4. I know giroud has his critics but what i can say is that he is very good at holding up play on the ball! Coyg!

  5. I don’t think Wenger
    was going to play
    Walcott at CF but did
    this to keep Walcott at the club.
    Now TW14 has signed an extension
    if he wants out the club
    can charge a big transfer fee.
    Both Giroud and Walcott will get game time
    at CF before the window closes.
    Still think Wenger will by a top striker
    what ever happens.

  6. We have the best number 10 in the world.

    Those passes from ozil need someone like walcott…so for me its walcott.


    I am going for walcott striker,ozil number 10,rw oxlade. that’s alot of pace to counter attack.



    SPEED=WALCOTT and chelsea my friend fear speed…
    just ask tony pulis and alan pardew.

    1. He needs it! Best thing that could have happened to him. He was trying too HARD to break into Wenger’s first team plans. Playing for Hull should allow him to play to his potential.

      1. Akpom going out on loan could mean that Wenger might after all buy a striker. Even if he doesn’t we have theo.,welbeck and giroud… Hooooooora

  7. “But there are times where he just seems out of his depth – given no time on the ball and no space to run into he is almost a passenger, whereas Giroud can battle with defenders to earn space.”

    If Theo can be effective against 70% of the defences then I’m happy. Don’t forget Giroud has looked out of his depth in some games as well – it’s not as if he has been pulling trees. Even strikers like Suarez and Ibrahimovic have looked frustrated in some games. (As far as I recall, Theo had only looked out of sorts when played against Bayern as CF some two season’s ago). By the way, you forget Welbeck. Unless you’re suggesting Wenger has given up on him playing as CF.

    1. @Twig……. Space?……..what space?…….. Do chelski ever offer that?…..As far as i’m concerned, they are the worst stationary bus organization in the prem….. Someone needs to break the rules to bypass that traffic….. I’m with speed all the way!

  8. Theo or Giroud… Well it depends on the opposition. Theo is a proven goal scorer against the big teams and that is something Giroud too is gradually becoming ( scoring against City, ManU and Liv’pool). Though Theo scores against newcastle, but Giroud is a more consistent goal scorer against them, so who would you start if you want to play them? Also I think both are good strikers on their own day and wenger should try to select the midfield based on his preferred striker for a match. A midfield that suits Theo will/may not suit Giroud and that’s where the problem lies… I’m sure Wenger has something up his sleeves to have offered Theo and Giroud high wage contracts… For tough away games, e.g chelsea, play a double DM and hit on counter, that makes Theo ideal… And at lower team that likes to depend deep in their half, he can play Giroud because of his physical presence and great hold up play, or even play both depending… All in all another DM is HIGHLY needed.

    Opinions divided…. What do y’all think?

    1. From your point of view we don’t even need a new striker. We have Theo and giroud. You forgot welbeck. Guys don’t underestimate welbeck!!!!he is ganna have a hell of a season. Mark my words

  9. We have to play both Giroud and Walcot. Anything else doesn’t make sense-

    If we only had Walcot Defence plays deep and there’s no space to run into.

    If only Giroud it’s not as bad – Defence plays high line, but this still gives space for Sanchez (obviously not this match) and others to run into

    Best solution is playing both- that way we give the biggest headache to the opposition – most versatility, both strength and speed !

    1. Stop this hold up play crap.we all know giroud offers much more than that. How many assists did he have last season???how many times was he involved in goals scored???he’s the heart of our attacks. Even if giroud gets 30 goals you would still be slating him. Not fair at all, give credit to the dude!

  10. If we end up not signing a new striker, i would want giroud remain our cf because he can link up play and make space for the wingers and attacking midfielders to score. Look at Madrid for example; the dont depend on their striker to but on their wingers Ronaldo and Bale. But would play Benzema as Cf and he would make space for Ronaldo or Bale when they are in their opposition 18 to score making it look like ronaldo or bale are the strikers.
    We can do that with Sanchez and Walcott as our wingers and Giroud as our cf.

    1. Chinaka very good point buddy, giroud is the most underrated player in our squad. Some people are just blind and can’t see he offers sooooo much to our he defends well.he’s at the moment the best striker we got

  11. These days you don’t have just 1 main striker, you need options and if Theo stays fit this year I think he will play maybe 20 or 30% of our games up front. He simply doesn’t work against some sides and you need someone like Giroud to come in. I also think Theo is best playing off flicks from a big striker. Our side is not blessed with much height and losing Giroud also mean’s losing another fine defender for corners too.
    They are both good options to play but it’s simply a case of horses for courses. Tomorrow’s starting line up will be interesting. Personally I think Theo is not the best option against Terry and Cahill because of his lack of aerial ability. Having said that, his speed could cause a rusty Chelsea defence serious problems. My big concern for this season is DM again as the thought of losing Le Coq for a few months is not good. A serious injury to him could see our title challenge fall apart very quickly.

  12. Unless we get Another top winger then keep Walcott as a winger

    We will get A top striker and Giroud will be supersub

    I’m still keeping faith in Muzzi that we will get another striker. He said NOT Benzema and he said “be patient. It will happen”

    We will get either Lewandowski, Cavani, Reus, Greizmann, Ibrahimovic, Draxler or Llorente (just kidding) in my opinion.

    Don’t worry. Keep faith in the Muzzi, the Lord Harris and the Wenger

  13. We have haven’t scored a goal against Chelsea in four attempts with giroud as our cf, we need to try something different. This lineup im 100%sure will beat chelsea 2 nil.
    Debuchy, gabriel, boss, monreal
    Rambo, Coquelin, cazorla
    Bellerin, Walcott, ox
    With this lineup we can beat Chelsea at their own game, lots of pace on the counter, strong midfield and defense, plus extra security on the right with Bellerin helping debuchy with hazard.

  14. Chelsea = Costa, Falcao and Remy
    Man U = Rooney, surprise new striker and Chicharito
    Man City = Aguero, Dzeko and Bony
    Liverpool = Benteke, Ings, Sturridge and Balloteli
    The Great Gunners of North London = Giroud (yes I prefer him to Theo), Danny boi and Theo (still prefer him on the right though)
    What I’m saying is our competitors have 3 strikers to do the job-so do we! Theo should play upfront when Olivier is not available-RW has been his position since birth! No time for experimenting we are en route to taking back what is ours (Epl title)

  15. Sorry forgot to include cech in the lineup, our scorers Walcott and Rambo, ramsey in the first half , Walcott in the second.

  16. Surprise elements gave wenger the edge 20 years ago.
    He knows that so maybe he will play poker with both his cards name theo and giroud

  17. Arsenal fans have the shortest memories, I know for a fact all the giroud lovers will be crying like girls on this site tomorrow when he starts and we get battered by Chelsea.

  18. I remember when everyone wanted sanogo over giroud because we were so tired of his displays that we wanted anyone other than him to lead our attacks, now we think that we’re capable of winning the league with him, what about the Champions League why haven’t the giroud lovers said that we’re capable of winning it with him. Because they no that his shit.

  19. No transfer links today? Perhaps it’s because the papers have or think writing about Wenger and Mourinho will get more attention.

    Seriously who is this guy going to sign in the coming weeks? Wenger still plays the waiting game. It works sometimes (the waiting game) but sometimes it doesn’t like last year. He could’ve got Welbeck at anytime in the window last season but got him on the last day, but you know it’s because he couldn’t get anyone else on the last day.

  20. By October most fans will want giroud out because they will come to realize that they have eyes and giroud doesn’t deserve to be on our bench.

  21. How about a reality check and the most reasonable answer is ………. NEITHER.

    both are average n everyone saying otherwise will be the same ppl crying n spitting thier dummies out when we finish 4th or 3rd again come May.
    No world class striker = trophy less simple as that.

    Only other alternative is if you dnt score then don’t concede n go buy a world class all round midfielder to share burden with coquelin. Are they many left out there now?? Think wenger’s left it too l8, oh well what else is new..

  22. If you think Giroud can score 30 goals in a season, you sir are dilusional. He has never even reached a 20 goal mark for Arsenal and since you asked, he only had 3 assists last season. These are facts.

  23. The best front three for Arsenal is in this order:

    Sanchez Giroud Walcott

    Ox Sanchez Walcott

    But Mr Wenger will have to consistantly drop one of these front three players to give playing time to Ramsey and Wilshere to keep them happy reguardless of how well Walcott and Giroud play. Players like Ozil and Cazorla method of play is so consistance and efficient and they very rearly get injured that it will be very difficult for Ramsey and Wilshere to get playing time in a central midfield position.

    Then you have the situation of Welbeck who left Mancheter United not necessarily to play are a central striker but in search of regular football way down the pecking order. Welbeck position as a squad player comming off Arsenal bench to play 15 to 20 minutes in league matches and appear in Cup games are more suited to a rookie player like Campbell or Sanogo.

    In my opinion, Campbell and Sanogo are more likely to become better players comming off the bench at Arsenal than Welbeck.

  24. If you think Giroud can score 30 goals in a season, you sir are dilusional. He has never even reached a 20 goal mark for Arsenal and since you asked, he only had 3 assists last season. These are facts..

  25. Based on who is available for the game I’d line up as follows:




    If we losing in 2nd half, bring on Wilshere for Coq. Regardless of the scoreline bring on Ramsey in the 60th min for one of Ozil or Cazrola.

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