Arsenal Debate: Was Fabregas a better midfielder than Ozil?

A very interesting interview on today with our very own Welshman Aaron Ramsey, and the injured Gunner reckons that Mesut Ozil is absolutely brilliant, but when asked who is the very best Arsenal player he has played with – he said Cesc Fabregas!

So his reply to being asked what he thought of Ozil, Ramsey said: “He has a great eye for a ball – he has many assists – and his weight of pass is fantastic as well. He finds those little pockets of space very well and links up the play.”

But his reply to the question; Best player you have played with at Arsenal? Ramsey was in no doubt in his answer: “Cesc Fàbregas. He plays in the same position as me and to have him to look up to when I first came here … He was playing every week, assisting, scoring. He was just a very accomplished midfielder, so probably him.”

I guess it is difficult to compare the two, considering that Fabregas made his debut for Arsenal when he was 16 years old and a total newcomer to proffessional football, while Ozil was already considered to be a genius before he made the move to the Emirates.

Wenger did give his reason for not bringing Fab4 back to Arsenal was because he had already bought Ozil to fill his space the year before, so perhaps Wenger prefers the German.

So, honestly, do you think Fabregas (when he played for us) is better than the way Mesut Ozil is playing right now?


  1. Fabregas was a leader when he was at Arsenal. I know a lot of you guys hate him now but he was brilliant while he was with us. Assisting and scoring important goals. But right now Özil is obviously the better choice. I feel if Özil can continue his current form and add more goals to his game he can become a leader just like Fab once was for us.

  2. Listen Baby Please

    Ozil is our future
    Ozil is awesome and will help us win many trophies
    This Year, Ozil will score more assists than Fabregas and be assist leader

    I hope he shoots more though. I’d like him to score more goals

    1. I dont think thats a fair assessment.. The team he had to play with back then was full of amateurs while he himself was a youngstar, remember he became our main man from the age of 18? The likes of Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Denilson, Flamini, Ade, Bendtner, Vela, sendros, Djourou, Fabianski, Almunia, Szny, etc were teenagers or rookies themselves while we had donkey players in there too..

      Now the liked Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs, The Coq, Wilshere etc are in their prime and experienced men now, they have the likes of Cesc, Kossy, Cazorla, Alexis, Ozil to complement them. Would Ozil have had the impact Cesc had here back then? We dont know.

      1. Amateurs??
        Haha come on man. ..check the list again. I think we even have more youngsters now…bellerin and Coq for example….

  3. Mesut ozil can put it on a dime, his vision on the ball to pick out players “awesome” remember that pass to alexis against man u? One word “sublime”! Coyg!

    1. And Fabregas can’t put it on a dime? 😀
      I recommend you watch a compilation of Fabregas’ assists for Arsenal 😉

  4. Fab was tremendous for us. i remember a little cameo against villa when he was introduced in the second half when the match was deadlocked at nil all and the team was struggling. He scored a free kick and a breakaway goal within 15 minutes of his arrival and then went off again injured. i feel that Ozil has begun to perform consistently for us and eventually he will surpass Fab. He still has some way to go though.

    1. He already has, helped us humiliate United, helped us win back to back trophies and now currently helping us challenge for the title

  5. Ozil simply can’t carry a team on his shouldera but he can make good teams world class
    Fab ia Another player he us more of all around player and he was really good no one can deny that

  6. Both players are number 10s, noted for their vision and passing ability. There are several criterias:

    – Assists + Goals/ Game
    – Passing Accuracy
    – Dribbling ability
    – Performance in the big games
    – Work rate
    – Leadership

    I think it’s a bit too early to compare. Ozil truly started to get into his game this season (he has had quite poor games this seasons by the way), while Cesc had been doing it for Arsenal for several years. We’ll have to give Ozil a season or two for a proper comparison. Perhaps a better comparison will be Cazorla (when he was actually played as a 10) versus Ozil. We’re lucky to have had the 3 geniuses to have worn the red and white 😉

  7. ozil was always good and in my opinion far better than cesc. problem is no matter what cesc will always be more arsenal than any other team he will ever play for. judgement is therefore prejudiced.

  8. ozil was always good and in my opinion far better than cesc. problem is no matter what ,cesc will always be more arsenal than any other team he will ever play for. judgement is therefore prejudiced.

  9. The Arsenal cesc from the age of 17 until when we sold him to Barcelona was better than Ozil in my opinion.

    He was everything, even if half fit he could come on for 10 – 15 minutes and transform our team. He was dominant, created for fun, assisted and scored, he has become a 15 goal and 15 assist midfielder ontop of that..
    But the 2015 Chelsea Cesc is not better than Ozil. Cesc looks finished now, no pace, no creativity, no energy etc..

  10. Cesc had Adebayor,RVP to feed with the ball and gets the chances he creates converted to get assists.. Ozil has been stuck with Giroud for 3years and still has the best assist to game ratio in EPL history.. He has created by far more chances per game than Cesc..
    But when u consider Cesc age n he can also score maybe he has an edge. A slight one if u ask me

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