Arsenal Debate – Was Jack Wilshere lucky not to be sent off?

No-one can deny that Arsenal’s defeat at home to Man United yesterday was a massive disappointment, but it could surely have been a whole lot worse if Jack Wilshere had been sent off after just half an hour of the game. The England midfielder looked like a very angry banshee as he aggressively approached the referee after obviously fouling Marouane Fellaini.

When the United midfielder attempted to protest about Wilshere, the little Terrier jumped into the Belgian’s face, head-butting him like a goat on heat. Was it lucky that Fellaini didn’t just drop like he had been shot – as many Premiership players have been known to do in the past, and was Wilshere even luckier that referee Mike Dean didn’t just give him a straight red card there and then.

I love Arsenal but what message does this send to young football fans that an act of blatant agression like that doesn’t get punished, not even a caution, at the highest level?

Obviously Arsene Wenger said that he didn’t see the incident, “I haven’t seen it because it was on the other side and I haven’t seen what happened there well enough. Overall it was a fair game, physically committed but I didn’t see any bad things on the pitch.” If YOU didn’t see it you can watch it here and make your own mind up….

I guess you could say that Jack got his just desserts when he was hacked down by United defender Paddy McNair (also unpunished) in the second half, and may have sustained yet another longterm ankle injury. So maybe it would have better for Arsenal in the long run if Wilshere HAD been sent off, and therefore not on the field to get injured!

It is very hard to criticize our own players, but I personally was outraged by his behaviour and think that he needs to curb that angry streak or he is just going to cost Arsenal valuable points in the future, and hardly be a good role-model to young up-and-coming footballers.

Who agrees that he should have been sent off?

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  1. Off Topic:

    I think our current play is best suited to Giroud as striker, we seem to put in a lot of crosses in final third but Welbeck or anyone is not always there to contact, but Giroud can be better in those situations, now we having Giroud back, put Welbeck on bench for some time(giving him rest, can bring on Podolski for him) play two strikers Pod and Giroud upfront. Alexis and Chamberlain our wide men.

    Benefits :
    Giroud and Podolski have proved an effective partnership mostly. We have seen both putting crosses for each other whenever they are together. Add to that in-form, Sanchez and Chamberlain as wide men. Lethal front 4.

    Lethal combination as both are known for scoring goals(Giroud some what less effective but sometimes he can score good goals like last against man utd last match, Pod needs gametime but once he get chances we all know how lethal he is).

    Passing more effective in final third as they both are well known to the passing system adopted by Wenger. Can also help others get goals too.

    Podolski and Alexis can freely rotate being themselves for wide position and second striker position.

    NOTE: Also the fact, we can only be effective on counter attacking tactics, when we will have all the correct players i.e. Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil and Walcott. Otherwise our passing game is good at best.
    So we should put this team upfront,

    Podolski Giroud
    Alexis Arteta Ramsey Chamberlain (4-4-2)


    Podolski Sanchez Chamberlain
    Ramsey Arteta(4-2-3-1)

    Ramsey should help Arteta defensively, more specifically, in dictating the tempo of game. We would be very proud of him even if he contributes more defensively than offensively.

    1. I may not agree with all you’ve said, but you thoughts are refreshing (too bad Wenger doesn’t like it fresh, the man likes it stale).

      We all (at least majority of us in this site) know it’s time for the old man to walk the plank. But at the main time, let’s look at all the players we have (including guys in the “B” team) and see how best they can be utilised—- what will be the best way to use everyone we have to achieve very good results?

      I find “tactics” to be a very controversial topic, but it’s also very interesting—- too bad His Royal Dumbness has lost touch with reality on tactics.

        1. Wanted a favour. Can you watch once the West Brom’s Yacob red card decision against Costa? Whether it was a fair one or not. According to me it was a yellow card at best.

    1. Whoever wrote this article is a f***king realistic person, damn sincere. Just becuz u are a fan doesn’t mean u should call a spade a machete.

      However, I do think Jack is a very, very passionate player for Arsenal (though I really hate the fact that he tries to do just too much these days, sometimes I even wish he were left on the bench). But once again, I won’t be surprised to see an all new Jack, or a very fantastic Ramsey, if we do get a very good coach (the one we have now has expired).

      1. I wrote it – and i meant every word. Wlshere’s passion was endearing when he was young and immature. Now he has become too aggressive to be an asset and in danger of injuring himself as well as opponents. We have seen enough of our players destroyed by crazy tackles. Why should we want our players to be the same?

        Wenger loves him but what would he have said to him if he HAD have got sent off?

        1. Exactly. Wishere is 23 going on 17. He needs to learn maturity and composure fast. Every game, the opposing defenders get under his skin and he loses it. He is the most easily provoked player in the world.

  2. Yes i must say jack was a very lucky lad not to be sent off, for the head butting incident involving fellaini! He dodged a bullet!

  3. These are not post we want to read……..write about how wenger can b sack or anything to get wenger out of arsenal…that’s the major problem at arsenal now….Wenger out

  4. I think Wilshere was taking out all frustation of decisions that were not given in their side in front of his eyes. Be it, Cahill’s challenge, Fabregas hand ball, Diame’s challenging foul, Anderlecht offside goal, etc. Also regarding the penalty decision earlier, he was a bit dejected about that, and when Fellaini got the profit of doubt, Wilshere just couldn’t control himself. Too bad other players don’t have the same fighting mentality. Not ignoring he has to control his temper sometimes.

    1. What fighting mentality? He fouled Fellaini, he turned around and shouted at the referee and when Fellaini protested him, he just turned around and butt headed him in the chest or neck.Yes, showing a fighting mentality is good.But, he was acting like a crazy person, there was no reason for him to act like that.And that’s is the main reason nobody joined in the fight.

    2. Nonsense. Wilshere always acts like a baby throwing the toys out of the pram. He needs to grow up. You can show fighting spirit without being stupid.

  5. Fabregas must think “Waooooo, happy to be at Chelsea even though Arsenal has my love, but I could have not come back and mix myself with that load of sh*t… Just a f*cking mess… Wenger must have chocked on some serious p*ssy in Brazil… F*ck me they are rubbish”

  6. Useless article, klopp just fell into the same injury mess as wenger, now take a look at arsenal, and take another look at dortmund, tell me who you want for a coach, wenger can still take us there, hard times come only to make us stronger, i want you to take your banners to the game to stir up the much needed pressure on the board and wenger, i know wenger won’t be sacked but it would go a long way like pardews case, imagine a new coach bringing his own new style and tactics that might take time t master, rethink boys, u know what happened to barca when guardiola left, we don’t want to do a porchettino, so think twice gooners and don’t be carried away by the media or stupidity

    1. @AYZAY
      ” The games we’re losing: We run 12km more than the opposition& have 20 more shots, but we lose 1-0″
      J Klopp

  7. Not really. Said this before, Fellaini is a bonafide punk – does reckless things all the time. Bout time someone stood up to him… or up to his chest. And he was talking smack to Jack before Jack turned to him. Probably deserved to be chest-butted.

    Obviously Jack needs to chill, but we have been lacking that type of fight on the pitch for quite some time.

    1. Not only Fellaini. Its mostly Arsenal players who are not getting the favour of referee when really wanted, while other top teams can surely get away with that.
      Costa goal clearly offside not given (this week).
      Cahill’s penalty against Liverpool last matchday(not given).
      Aguero offside and controlling ball with his hand not given against QPR.

      I am not saying that we should also be not punished by referee for our mistakes, but it should be fair for all the teams.

    2. Fellaini is a punk but not on that particular play. There are lots of punks in the EPL. Wilshere needs to get used to it. Every time he gets a challenge he doesn’t like he screams like a lunatic. That is football, Jack. Get used to it.

      I get the feeling Wenger does nothing to try to control this aspect of Jack’s character. He’s developed poorly on Wenger’s watch. No improvement in the last 3 years.

  8. If Fellaini was Brazilian, he would have gone down to the ground and cried like a baby and Wilshere would have been sent off.

  9. I have cancelled my plans of buying the arsenal kit scarf and keychain from arsenal direct…. I wont waste my hard earned money to pay for wenger’s 8m pounds per year salary. Everyone must do whatever they can in their capacity.

  10. Yes he was lucky, especially because Fellaini is more than a foot taller than him, other wise that would be a headbutt. He should have been sent off.

  11. For England, Wilsere pings the balls around for fun. For Arsenal he just runs into fouls and gets injured. When he’s playing for Arsenal, he’d never be able to put in a ball to the Ox’ head like he did against Scotland the other day because Wenger just wouldn’t allow it, because it’s not a load of tippy-tappy b*llocks around the box.

    1. We created quite a few ‘tippy tappy’ chances in the game, more so than in the rest of the season. What killed us yesterday was not taking our chances, we should’ve been 2 or 3 up by halftime. But I agree we need to mix it up. The one goal we scored yesterday came from a long ball forward from Arteta to Giroud after all.

  12. 5 managerial candidates for Arsenal:

    Jurgen Klopp
    Diego Simeone
    Roberto Martinez
    Pep Guardiola
    Carlo Ancelotti

    I believe Ancelotti would add some stability just like with what’s happening with Van Gaal and United.

    1. Klopp – Why leave Dortmund for Arsenal? A bigger transfer budget I suppose, he never really meant to stay in Dortmund for long.
      Simeone – Why leave Atletico for Arsenal?
      Again, a bigger budget, though he’s just said he has no intention of leaving Atletico.
      Martinez – I’m not a massive fan of his, but there’s obvious reasons for making the move from Everton.
      Guardiola – Why leave Bayern for Arsenal?
      No reason really, unless he just fancies a try in the premier league.
      Ancelotti – Why leave Madrid for Arsenal?
      Again, no reason. Plus the fact he was at Chelsea makes it less likely..

      1. If Arsenal will pay the replacement what they pay Wenger, that is a much bigger salary than 3 of the 5 are currently earning. Nonetheless, Klopp and Martinez are probably the only realistic candidates on that list.

  13. Of course Wilshere should’ve been sent off. He’ll be lucky not to be out for a while after the way his ankle rolled.

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