Arsenal Debate – We need a striker but NOT a new DM?


Hey guys, hope you are all okay. I just thought I’d pop in with a word about the Arsenal squad again.

So, there’s a whole lot of transfer window hysteria down in the comments section, most of the fans claim we have no chance of winning the premier league with the squad we have at the moment.

Some of the arguments are about cover for a defensive midfielder and a top class striker. Well, I’m one of those that’s on the fence as to if whether we desperately need all that cover right now. Some people argue, that Mikel Arteta is way too old to have any impact on the squad right now, which I disagree with, and others say our striking line could use an addition, which I DO agree with. Others say that if Walcott is to move to a central striking position, then we should sign a winger, an argument, which with no offence to those that back it, I find illogical – and that is where I’ll start today.

First, from the logical point of view, we all know that Walcott has always been played on the flank, but has recently shown the potential to play leading the line. This means he can do both. Theo is not the only player in the team notrthe only forward as well. Buying another winger because Theo has moved upfront, would just cause us to have one of the two underperforming. Either Theo would suffer from a lack of games or the new winger would have to.

Besides that, you have Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey all capable of playing there with varying levels of effectiveness (and the varying is on the high end). Bringing a player like Reus, although mouthwatering, would kill the career of the Ox. And despite all his injuries, anyone who actually watched him would know that he was beginning to show signs of a step forward last term. At the moment, his contributions are more of those that cannot be statistically expressed, because I don’t know if anyone collects stats regarding work rate and penetration, but all that is left is to add those that crank up his numbers. If you look at it really, it’s a similar situation to Aaron Ramsey in 2012-13.

Now from the tactical point of view, not every time you see someone depicted as a center forward on your TV screen at the beginning of a match, they actually are. Sometimes, the “number nine”, is not really the guy jostling with center backs. A coach can sacrifice a flank to accommodate his striker there. A case in point, at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema always starts out in the center forward position. At the end of moves, it’s usually CR7. It’s not a coincidence my friends, it’s planned, trained and rehearsed over and over again. Kroos, Modric, Benzema all know that the man is gonna be there when we finally get it into the box. The last time Spurs had Gareth Bale, we noticed that despite fielding a striker, most of the ball was actually played in behind the striker. This was a planned tactical decoy. It pushed the opposition defence back, leaving the midfield high creating space for Bale, who was actually their forward at the time. Coming back to Arsenal , we could very well have Walcott on the flank and use Giroud in the center forward position, similarly to how Madrid use Benzema, in full knowledge that Theo would be moving to try and outmaneuver his fullback, or find a gap between the fullback and center back .

Now back into the middle. Francis Coquelin has had a great time in the middle of the pack. He marks well, moves well and defends well. The standing argument is who to play when Le Coq isn’t? Most people are, dare I say, frightened by the idea that Arteta could be the only back up.

Logically, I don’t see the cause for alarm regarding Arteta’s presence for two reasons.
1/ Ever since the Invincible season, Arsenal has had a squad littered with very talented youths who pretty much had no leaders. Their lack of respect for their superiors cost them their careers because stardom got to them real quick. In the book Ashley Cole wrote after he left Arsenal he claimed that a young player mocked Martin Keown while being advised about how to play, asking “who are you to talk to me?”. The player wasn’t mentioned in the book but was suspected to be Phillip Senderose. RVP (and Nasri) was also pinpointed for snob behaviour. Now he’s being hawked around Europe by his employers without his knowledge. My point is, regardless of how good young players might be, the ‘been there, done that’ influence of a senior player always comes to light.

2/ If Le Coq really is the number one DM in the team, then we expect him to play at least 70% of the first team fixtures, and at least 65% at the very top of his game. 70% of 38 in the premier league is about 27 games. That leaves 11 games where he can be rested. Out of all the teams in the league there’s got to be games where you just don’t need a defensive midfielder because he’s a passenger, games where you need a defensive mid who is a ball player and games where you need an experienced head to slow the game down and see out a 1-0 win. All these games could be part of the 11 left. Can you definitively assure me, that an Arteta who played 34 matches in his inaugural season (where Arsenal only won one or two games without him and desperately had to field him in the final game of the season) and 31 the next season, has had his body deteriorate so far that it can’t handle 5-10 starts and a couple of substitute appearances? I doubt it. Secondly , which top class starter at another team is going to want to come and play 11-15 premier league games when he can be a starter just by staying where he is ? Why would we want to dump Le Coq after he’s finally come good at the best possible time?

Tactically, bar last season, where Arteta has had a niggly ankle, I’ve not really seen him drop clangers in the middle. Most of you will say Le Coq has improved the midfield, and so will I, but the fact is, he’s more protected than Arteta. In Alex Song’s last season Arteta was often left alone in the hole while Song wandered off to go try his hand at being Xavi, no wonder we lost more games with Song holding alone that we did with Arteta holding alone.
You might say that Arteta is not a real holding mid, but he started his career there with Barcelona. In fact he was once mooted as the replacement to Guardiola but he just didn’t want to wait too long for first team football. He only moved into a more attacking role when he joined PSG. In 2012/13 this guy had the following numbers; 75/108 tackles 19/24 take ons, 35/67 aerial duels, 66.9% of his successful passes were forward. Find me a defensive mid out there, who is currently a backup for his team, with similar or better stats Trust me, you’ll struggle.

To sum it all up, despite the fact that there are players out there that are better that some of what we have, many of them will just cause disharmony in one way or another. I sure as heaven want another striker to give us more goals as long as it doesn’t mean we lose the goals we have in the team right now. If striker x comes from outside and scores 25 goals, with striker y who is already here scoring 15, I’m happy. Quite similar to the way Alexis fitted in. But if striker x comes in with 30 goals causing striker y who is here to score 3, then you can keep striker x because we now have 33 goals as opposed to 40.

Till next time, Gunner from Kampala, Have you a good time


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  1. Of course we need a CDM!!
    how is that even a question
    le Coq is the only real CDM we have
    Flamini is just not good enough anymore
    Arteta isn’t a CDM we’ve learned this through experience

    I really wanted us to go for shniederlin
    he’s proven himself in the EPL and he was still young
    and he was a top player
    shame to see him go to man u

    we really y need to get to signing
    just cech isnt gonna win us the league
    and honestly we dont need much a ST and a CDm
    like we’ve all been saying since last year.
    hopefully itll happen

    1. Take a good look at the midfielders we have, no one midfielder is the dupilcate of another, they all bring completley different options to the līne up.. An intelligent hūman being would realise the potential in utelising there skills and creating a unique tactical approach. There are formations that do exist that do not heavily rely on a CDM. and as i mentioned yesterday the notion that Coquelīn will get injured is hypothetical and even without any clear competition from anyone in the team for his position he still produced performances that put him in the top 10 defensive midfielders in Europe despite playing half a season.. so please elaborate as to what bringing in another CDM will do for the team.. As i said before stop concentrating on hypothetical situations focus on what we havent got the real problem which is consistant scoring from any of our fowards, its all well and good having a good CDM, but if none of your forwards score in 6 or 7 games running its a problem. We need to buy a striker first then by all means in there is a cdm available go for it..

      1. Oh come on man, spare me that hypothetical bs, this is Arsenal, players get injured have you not learned a thing. Arteta is simple not a good enough replacement of Coquelin.

        1. Yes.. but obviously you’re missing the point… If you’re going to play the same formation 50 games in a row with no altertations to your tactical approach. you shouldnt be talking about winning titles it just says to your opponent you lack creativity…Let me flip the notion of chelsea parking bus. they didnt we were just so f#ck&ng predictable because of the same bullshit tactics that may have worked against the smaller teams but against the larger ones at full strength… well you ask the question again as to why we don’t beat the top sides, they hire managers like mourinho who are tacticians and take one look at arsenal’s team sheet and know exactly what they are doing… there is a reason we haven’t beaten them in a while.

      2. Arsenal will be playing 50+ matches this season. Do u think coq alone can cover us for those many games.
        And a rat would provide more protection to our back 4 than arteta.

        1. No…. But i like the idea of different formations, people like Jack and Ramsey dropping a bit deep, perhaps in a deep play maker role. The world doesn’t revolve around having a CDM. Throughout the history of football people have changed the identity of a position. Take for instance the full back back in the day people like Stuart Pearce used to play left back, who never used to get forward.. then along came Roberto Carlos then the idea of defenders supporting attacks completley changed.. ideas like that came about because of an alteration of tactical approach.

            1. You say that but 2 years ago.. the idea of Arsene Wenger spending big seemed unrealistic, the idea of him signing anyone over 30, the idea of him resigning players…. there so many people who claim to have an understanding of wenger but year in year he makes them eat their words… there is nothing that brings any validity to your statememt apart from your own opinion..

              1. the same is true about your statement.we all know most of the top teams bar juventus play either4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1,which are very similar.We know that Wenger isn’t a tactical wizard and hes very cautious,so why would he change formation?the only reason i can see would be to accommodate players who might not get into the team i.e Ramsey on the wing.Which is not a good idea

        2. When wil Wenger learn from his mistakes? Was this not the best time to win the league with too additions? Was How can he afford to late this happen? Schneiderlin would have been a perfect playmate with Coquelin. Not that i’m pessimist but i think this time again will be a 4th place if this guy don’t buy at least a striker or a Pedro kind of player in case Theo play upfront.

    2. one of the most deluded and irrelevant transfer of the summer “Asmir begovic to chelski”

    3. This article is only one persons opinion on what we need. Not needing a DM is just wrong, we desperately need a cdm. What if lecoq picks up an injury?? What would we do then???use arteta??? This move cill cost us points.arteta is old and doesn’t have that fighting stamina anymore. We need muscles in that department. It’s logical for us to sign a DM, we just can’t rely on arteta and flamini!!!!

    4. I really liked Yannick from Monaco, Simeone snatched him up cheap. Stambouli and Capoue were both cheap, but according to the rumors we need world class or geriatric players? Lax acetate and Ghoulam are the only decent rumors?

  2. I would like to mention Krystian Bielik. When we signed him Wenger himself said he was close to the first team squad. I haven’t looked to see if he’s on the Singapore tour but I hope he is, excited to see how he plays. I think he could be our answer, not Arteta.

    As for a Winger, no, I’d like to see a quality left back signed! Monreal is getting on and isn’t quality enough, Gibbs needs proper competition.

    1. Monreal was quality last season. Don’t know what team you were watching… Far better than gibbs when he played. Far out computer games absolutely wreck peoples squad building concepts. The guy is 29!! Defenders prime much later.

      1. Neither of them are good enough but Gibbs is worth keeping simply because he’s an English homegrown. Don’t presume to understand my perspective because you don’t like my opinion. Computer games, please.

  3. Another article full of bull……

    Aim at 4th place. More realistic with the current crew.

    1. Exactly. Crap article. A waste of time. Trying to convince us fans that we don’t need a DM. Why don’t we all wake up from this sleep.the squad we have is only capable of finishing fourth nothing more.just because we finished the season strong doesn’t mean we have a good enough squad to challenge for the title

  4. For this year my only post will be “we cant win the title without adding world class players to the team” I hate it when people say coq is a top DM please !!! Giroud is a top striker come on!!! Do you guys even take note Of what Manchester united as done so far? Liverpool? Arsenal will always be behind these clubs you all can jump for 34 year old czech And half season coq. You know what amma stop posting on this stupid ass site until we actually put a team together that can win a meaningful trophy which wont ever happen

    1. Hate it all you want the stats speak for themselves..See im portuguese and i once hated the thought of christiano ronaldo being the best portuguese player ever, the fact of matter is the aint sh$t i can do about it, he continues to break records and set stats proving his ability. The fact that in half a season Coquelin managed 12 less tackles, 4 less interceptions than Matic ‘the best CDm in the league’ that aint a fluke (a fluke is a run of 2 or 3 games like puncheon tends to have), give him a whole season see what he is capable of then pass judgement on his ability…

      1. So you think that cr7 is better than Eusebio?i know cr7 has good goal stats but that doesn’t make him the best Portuguese player of all time.Personally i don’t even think cr7 is better than Figo.

        1. He is certainly heading that way… he keeps winning accolades he keep scorring and he keeps assisting. He is the highest scoring for Portugal, 7 away from taking most caps and is 13 Goals away from Real Madrids highest scorer Raul by the way he beat the great alfredo di stefano…. I think he he is.. performances don’t lie

      2. If stats were everything Gerd muller would be in every1s all time top 3,but hes not is he

    2. Haha it’s funny… Bet you were saying the same thing last year, yet the two clubs you’ve mentioned were behind us despite spending over 100million each.
      Cech is a world-class signing. Funny how people forget it and two weeks later are kicking up a hissy fit. Please explain how Coquelin is not a classy DM? What aspect of his game? Do It!!
      Asides from our crazy win ratio with him in the team? His absolutely elite statistics when it comes to winning the ball back and the fact that we could afford to utilize Cazorla and Ozil together and between the created a chance every 16 minutes. (look it up! Ozil created a chance every 28 minutes in the PL.. Best in the league! Absolutely crazy!)

      1. Coquelin needs to improve his distribution out from the back.other than that his game was on point last year he just needs to stay fit,your so good with stats you would know that Coquelin has had quite a few injuries in his career,don’t you think?

  5. We need a DM as good as COQUELIN. Someone to rotate with Him…Coq wont play all games… Flamini has past it…Arteta has become injury prone….. Coquelin and Cazorla paired well together… Ramsey can play the Cazorla role sometimes but who will rotate with COQ?

    If the players are fit, we are pretty good but based on past records, our players are hardly fit…Injuries will always set in so lets work on that and get a DM.

    We need a STRIKER….if we wanna play Walcott as a striker, then get us a quality right winger…OX is gonna be huge for us next season but needs to work on his end product.

    We neeeeeeed to stay FIT, then again in football injuries will set in….I wont panic just yet…

  6. Who else left in DM position. Kongdobia, schenderlin, imbula, marishio(juve guy) gone. Available targets
    Vidal – I don’t think Wenger pay 28-30m asking price for 28 years old.
    Carvalho – we aren’t going sign him. Linked with him from past 1 year. If wanted him, we should have signed him by now. I heard there some complications in his contracts.
    Kryspocik – sevilla guy. He looks good n cheaper than anyone else.
    Pogba – ha ha ha….

  7. @Cathyman
    Why did you get so many thumbs down by stating the obvious???
    This club will never reach new high and top level European “royalty” because we have an “unambitious” structure supported by a “finished” manager and a group of deluded fans who consider the FA Cup and a top four the pinacle of all sh*t…!!

    I don’t hope for much because there is nothing much to hope for. Can we compete with the top teams in Europe (and in our league) ? No we cannot!

    Wenger said that Man United are doing some great businesses (well, until they wipe the floor with us again… He is not humiliated by heavy defeats… He gets annoyed and then it passes).

    Again for the wages he is gracefully paid, it is just unacceptable the club is at that level of “football”…

    We have no future glimpse at a potential EPL trophy or CL consecration, that is just an impossible aim right now…

    Fans are talking about Ozil and Sanchez…!! Those two did not come here to win trophies (they would have stayed in their previous club even on the bench), they have almost double their wages… It is happy days at Arsenal… Look at Welbeck, may be the worse Man United player… We paid £16millions for what?? A hard working “monkey” (no disrespect) because the guy cannot score or even control the ball to save his life.

    Arsenal fans have now been used to a “routine” of results and they are quite happy with it.
    Go get the new shirt (!!)and keep paying those ridiculous (for what we getting on the pitch) seat prices…

    I watched that guy from Arsenal TV with 2 of his usual cronies being lime scaled by Gazidis on their own channel… It was f*cking embarrassing and you realise why Wenger, Gazidis and the rest have a freelance manoeuvre and the pressure is basically none…

    Next season, about the same… And I am not too sure because Liverpool, Man United are doing some serious work on their squad (Oh yes we got Cech… Chelsea number 2 and we are supposed to be thrilled !!… Well some are, as usual!!).

    Like I said before, we have at least hire 2 new Physio in order to reduce the injury epidemic that usually hit us around Xmas… We will see.

    As for the rest, without a proper DM (Arteta is a shadow), another top CB (Mertesacker is finished) and a world class striker (Wenger forgot that in order to win big you need a 25-30 goals killer… Remember Thierry Henry… I do remember!), we will be submitted to the same frustrations and results…

    1. STFU! Are you actually serious??
      The ‘Chelsea’s number 2 keeper’ is absolute f@#king nonsense! He plays behind Curtois. Aside from Neuer, Curtois and De Gea who’d play in front of Cech? I’d bet any amount of money you couldn’t and actually believe yourself while listing more than max three names. It’s only self-entitled cry-baby’s like yourself who can’t see that’s a world-class signing…
      ‘they would have stayed in their previous club even on the bench..’ most stupid comment i’ve read on this site. Bar none. I’d rather listen to Robert saying we should buy messi and ronaldo than that absolute f@#king excuse for a statement. Whinge, whinge, whinge

      1. ur just justifying him
        “group of deluded fans who consider the FA Cup and a top four the pinacle of all sh*t…!!”

    2. @Lockay….keep up mate – we have two new physios announced last week, well respected and great additions.

      I am amazed you mention Utd and Liverpool….really?? Utd have bought an ageing sweinsteiger who is not the player he was and schniederlin is no better than Le Coq. ‘Memphis’ is anyone’s guess. Liverpool are just repeating last seasons effort to throw money down the drain and hoovering up either yesterday’s players or unproven talent. We have plenty of cover for Mert although he was back on song in the latter part of last season in Gabriel, Chambers, Debuchy, Haydyn etc. No one is content with 3rd or 4th and for once the players are making it clear that this year everyone is expecting to challenge for the title, which we will. Czech is a great addition and will add to the stability at the back. Sorry but I don’t see Sanchez being at AFC for the money…or Ozil for that matter.

  8. We don’t only need a DM we need a quality one. Arteta is not a DM, its about time we stop this stop-gap measure. Please Wenger get us Krychowiak or Wanyama and we will be fully covered for that position irrespective any unforeseen circumstances.

    1. I have been calling for wanayama for a long time.hes the best option,he will provide great cover and competition for lecoq.he won’t bench lecoq but if lecoq has a bad match wanayama can be given a chance. Plus we can rotate them to keep them fit. DM is probably the most important position of all.we need cover in that department.ArtertA and flamini are finished.they are useless

  9. Hahahaha… There’s seven weeks in the transfer period remaining people!!!! Seven!!!!
    Ergh!! Seriously don’t get how you can’t stop your whinging for a day or two and actually get excited about watching Akpom, Zelalem and Crowley! Can’t wait!

  10. The Premier League starts in less than 4 weeks. The Community Shield game vs Chelsea is less than 3 weeks away. I’d rather we started the season prepared for once without the need for last minute panic buys.

    1. Hope Wenger hears you out. For once we start the season with our new signings ready to start. But I guess something’s never change, Wenger loves last second buys.why doesn’t he learn from his mistakes??? Why he doesn’t spend the damn money???who is he saving it for???we fans deserve more

  11. Wenger is convinced his players can spray the goals amongst them…

    I don’t think he will bring a striker, a world class striker, even though France Football are talking about “secret” negotiations regarding Benzena…

    I don’t think he will bring a DM because he truly believes in Coquelin (after f*cking him over for years!) and he is also convinced of the value of Arteta and Wilshere (Yeah right!!… Most useless Arsenal midfielder by a mile… I would trust Rosicky over Wilshere any day any game).

    Personally, I think we are done (still need to convince Ospina to stay) unless, like I said, the “Benzema” option clears up.

    1. Lockay.. Remembering that. Will be very happy to remind you of this comment when Wilshere kills it this coming season.
      To quote Bellerin – 6 out of 7 man of the match displays and yet people still won’t believe

  12. If we buy boring Benzema, then we have to sell Giroud. This is the reality. The Lewandowsky rumour is peculiar to me. Why would Bayern sell him? He seems Happy there,and there aren’t any strikers better than him atm. And don’t even get me started on Cavani. I doubt he would ever score a single goal after his anal probe.
    Ques: what do you guys think of paco Alcacer?

  13. the articles have gone down hill lately

    Chelsea and United see the importance of a CDM, (Matic, Schneiderlin) but we don’t. In fact, if Arteta didn’t get injured Coquelin’s emergence would have been delayed and we saw the difference Coquelin made to the team

    We missed out on Schneiderlin and Kondogbia.
    We still have Carvalho, Krychowiak, the Benders (lol),, Gustavo, Javi Martinez, Vidal, etc

    Lets get one

    Just 2 players are needed. That’s all! Just CDM and striker and then we have everything we need to compete for 1st

  14. The Asian cup will be on arsenal player I hope. Even though we in USA have to wait an extra day.

    1. Fly to UK, order a sky Sky Sports Package, watch game on Sky Sport 1. Cancel your subscription. Fly home. Safe flight buddy

  15. In my opinion, if we are to get one signing it has to be a st rather than dm.
    A st would take this team to the next level, a dm would provide cover, which arteta, flamini and wilshere are all capable of doing against the so called weaker sides.

    1. Nope, nope, nope! We have never ever won a game with Arteta playing DM. FACT!
      Especially not when a terrible, still finding his confidence Ramsey was playing beside him and we had Santos at LB and Jenkinson at RB. Never happened!

      1. wasnt arteta our dm for like 3 years? damn the fusss that was made for not winning a trophy for so long must have took our attention off this 3 year wait for 3 points!!!!

  16. Wenger said two positive things today
    1. Ozil is NOT for sale
    2. We are still open for transfer business

  17. Arsenal need a new striker AND a nw cdm (backup)
    Don’t even mention arteta as a backup cdm. He’s old and more importantly he’s GARBAGE, always has been. I honestly have never ever seen such an useless player. Why did wenger give this useless piece of sh*t an extension?!!!!

    1. I think this comment is a tad bit OTT. Arteta has been injured a couple of times too many and I don’t think he really fits our current system. He could still do a job as a deeper playmaker on the continent. He just isn’t and never was a fully fledged DM. His age is quite irrelevant — look at how good Makelele still was at 33. That’s because he was a proper DM.

  18. Arsenal needs a back up DM because i don’t trust Arteta, lets us wait for Arsene if he has someone on his plans. Gunners lets us not panic just because ManU is on the shopping spree they are desperate they want a quick fix, it will back fire watch and see.

  19. Well yea of course Coq is a better player then Schneiderlin. How dare people can even question this. And by the way. Giroud>Falcao and Ramsey>Popga. How ret@rded we sound.

    I stand by what i say. The only option how Arsenal can compete is by getting quality in. And no emergency signings for the sake of it. Mertesacker, Santos, Arteta. But high quality signis like Ozil and Sanchez. They have cost us the most, but so what, they have been worth every penny we have spend on them.

    I think that Wenger only spend that much so Arsenal can secure the 4th place. Football has changed and he refuses to change. Today its all about spending money. What are 60m when you can secure a word class player for many years to come, knowing that there are so many Fake clubs with lots of money, spending heavy for the sake of the future is nothing.

    Benzema and Reus are the only players who cost a lot but who are worth the money as they would improve us a lot. Suarez almost got Liverpool the title, without him they are nothing.

  20. Oooh time to rip you apart.

    “Others say that if Walcott is to move to a central striking position, then we should sign a winger, an argument, which with no offence to those that back it, I find illogical”

    You mean people who back Theo as a CF are illogical?
    Damn, someone must tell Wenger.

    Wenger has said since day 1 that Theo will be a CF in the long run, he is hitting his prime and still waiting on him to sign a new contract… although we’re confident it’ll happen as long as he is assured the CF role to compete for.

    With the way Wenger refused to play Walcott on the Right AM role would also lead to belief that Wenger is sticking to his word and WALCOT IS NO LONGER A WINGER.

    That is WENGER!!!

    Yet you think it is illogical, well done for going against the best EPL manager.

    Did Theo play wide right at the end of last season and the players who had filled that spot was injured? Theo was fit… Ramsey played though.

    Theo a winger still?
    Wenger played a B2B in that role to distance Theo from that spot.

    Everything elde you said is equal BS, you even went on to talk about playing Ramsey there.. PMSL did you even watch any of the games last season?

    Do us all a favour and STFU, your post was stupid, I can and have done better!

    Logic is logic, what you used was biassed opinion and tried to call it logic, it was the ramblings of a mad man!

    1. mate what are you talking about,Wenger hasn’t been the best epl manager for over 10 years,and shud all realise by now that Theo isn’t an authentic CF an never will be,hes just a goalscoring winger

  21. we arsenal fans believe that wenger knows the best and we trust him…

    oh wait we haven’t won the league for a decade because wenger knows best and whatever he do he knows that his job is safe and akbs play a key role in that.

  22. Well, Kampala Gunner, you ‘ve tried. However, would you accept it if I tell you that Arsenal will win the quadruple next season? I won’t be surprised if you don’t have the belief to believe my true vision. Because, it is an audacious task I am telling the Gunners to perform, even against the belief of some Gunners in the rank & file of their team. But Kampala Gunner, I tell you, that’s what the Gunners will win come 2016. But for the Gunners to achieve this remarkable unparalleled feast, the Boss has to first accept that fact that he needs to buy a top quality LB & a top quality RW as I am believing he will play Giroud, Walcott & Welbeck centrally in rotation next season. My thoughts for the Gunners are, no Gunners, forwards & midfielders should be overplayed next season to avoid getting fatigued. And thus can’t perform optimumly and could even be injured. This is the Key for Arsenal to win that quadruple next season and leave their rivals to be title empty handed.

  23. I think the fear & frustration factor with us Gooners is the unknown. Coquelin played his tail off last season, and largely, if not completely, responsible for the turn around in the second half of the season. Because he’s not a household, and because we didn’t pay oil money for him, people still think we need someone else. Reality is we do need someone else, but someone to cover for Le Coq, not to replace. It’s going to be hard to go out here in to the market and find someone that can get us adequate cover, be a name that will make all of you happy, and that person be content to come in and be behind Coquelin. Reality is, we need to do something though, because if he gets hurt, then we’re right back where we were with Arteta being slow/late to challenges and not providing proper cover for those in front of him, and not providing proper shielding for those behind him. Flamini needs to be sold.

    As for the CF, I fear that Arsene genuinely believes it’s Theo’s time, and is willing to bet the farm. If that’s the case, and he then has plans for AOC and Welbz on the right, and Alexis and wellington (or someone else on the left) the problem is 3 of those 6 players (including Giroud in this count) can’t stay healthy and also don’t consistently put the ball in the goal enough, one isn’t proven in our league, and one is clearly not enough to lead our line.

    It appears to me that Arsene is afraid to bring in someone new and potentially stunt the growth of a current player. And if he does plan to bring in one of the new CFs that folks are calling for, it’ll probably be at the end of the window when/if one of the big money clubs pay out the arse to bring someone in and then have to offload someone.

    To me the unknown can go one of two ways: Wenger being right and our current squad challenging for the title; or wenger being wrong and our current squad challenging for the Wenger Trophy.

    1. to me its wrong not to bring in a player who will improve the squad/team,because it will “stunt” another players growth,players improve with competition so how can bringing in another top player stunt growth,if a player can’t cope with legitimate competition is he really a winner?i don’t thin so.Also the needs of the team/squad should outweigh those of the individual,so the improvement should be made

      1. I agree, don’t let them “stunt” their careers – let them leave – or presumably you want your cake and eat it, stunt their careers and don’t let them leave? The sensible thing to do would be to buy Carvalho for £37M (insert any £25M+ CDM who is an upgrade and is better according to fan wisdom than FC), bench Coquelin who then says to Wenger “well I did my best, the fans don’t rate me, I need to play and if that is not good enough then best let me leave – not interested in being benched”, Wenger being the gent lets him go in January and Arteta moves back up to second choice. Come January it dawns on many that we just spunked £37M up the wall to be where we were before and actually this new guy ain’t all that.

        1. Lol.i think you living in a dream world who mentioned Carvalho and 37m?not me mate,your making up you own arguements,which are flawed by the way.So if Coquelin were to leave where would he go?According to you theory obviously it will be to another Champions league team,so are you saying they won’t have legitimate competition in the team?Competition breeds winners,we havent had this at Arsenal in a long time and we still don’t have it upfront and in dm,we sort of have it at CB with Gabriel,but until we correct this competition deficit in our squad with at least arguably WC players then we won’t win the BIG trophies as usual

  24. Lot of wannabe managers out there.

    Firstly I don’t believe the transfer window is closed yet – FIFTY DAYS TO GO….so all the panic is ridiculous.

    Secondly if everyone is fit in my view there is only one position that is in debate and that’s Girouds. I rate Giroud for all of his attributes (hold up and link play, ability to bully defenders, defensive contribution from set pieces and corners etc) so even that is highly debatable.

    If we started the season with what we’ve got we’d be ok.

    Assuming everyone is available (i know Sanchez will miss a couple of early games) then we have improved our GK and have more depth in defence (Gabriel integrated, Bellerin proven, Debuchy back and fit, Chambers cover) in a now pretty solid looking defence with options in every position.

    If we have Le Coq as a DM, then we have either Ramsay, Cazorla or Arteta alongside with a choice of Sanchez, The Ox, Walcott, Gnabry or Welbz on the flanks and Ozil in the middle, behind Giroud.

    We have cover for Giroud in Walcott, Welbeck or Sanchez, plus Akpom.

    We could get a new striker and we could get a new dm. Would they play, are they essential, not certain.

    Personally I’d take someone like Lacazette who could play on the flanks or up top but that’s what Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott could all do. DM we have cover plus Bielik.

    So the only reason to buy is to displace Giroud or Le Coq. I’m not sure either is justified and if we are trying to mitigate injuries then there is the real issue of what commitment can Wenger offer a new signing (you may play, you may not etc) or we accept now that Le Coq who was top quality gets demoted quite unfairly. Same goes for Giroud, but just remember that Utd thought they’d sorted it when they loaned Falcao and what a waste of space he proved to be. That’s aside from effectively telling Theo it’s never gonna happen and leaving Welbz on the flanks, when he, like Theo, has always been clear where he’d rather play. Presumably the squad harmony issue that Wenger referred to.

    Nothing is certain is what I’m saying and whoever we buy presents risks in terms of success and implications for the rest of the squad including less playing time for established players (Giroud, Walcott, Welbz, Le Coq, Ramsay?, Wilshire?) and possibly blocking developing players (Bielik?, Chambers?, Zelalem?). Hopefully we will see some further top quality action in the market but if we do then it may signal the departure of some players in 2016.

    1. there is still time,but the idea should be to get players in early so they are settled for the next season,tis waiting game whilst most of our rivals improve their squads is frustrating,because this happens ever year.We’ve needed a Dm and a St for at least the last 3 seasons at least

  25. “Bringing a player like Reus, although mouthwatering, would kill the career of the Ox”

    How would that kill the OX’s career? He could move to Stoke, West Ham or somewhere? :/

  26. arteta is a very good player against lesser opposition he sits deeper and just ticks possession over for us this is types of games he should be playing next season
    coquelin is an actual cdm who will break up play and cover when teammates go forward this is what we need in the champions league and against the top 4 teams
    flamini is downgraded version of coquelin the impact he had when he returned was a vital part of us being top of the table for the first half of the season
    although signing another cdm would benefit the squad i beleive the money would be best spent on signing a striker
    Our team is blessed with attackinng midfielders and the would be best suited playing with a pacy striker that they can play in
    I think that wenger will play theo as a striker as he showed how much we missed him at the latter part of the season
    My first option would be lacazette he may have had only one good season but he is the type of striker that we need
    Second would be benzema as he would be an instant fit with his work rate and the assists he lays on to his teammates
    There have been rumours of us going to match higuains buyout clause (£67 million) i hope this isnt true as he tends to go missing in big games (i.e. world cup final) and i dont rate him as world class
    Benteke is another option as he is a mixture of giroud and walcott he has pace but also the strength to beat defenders in the air. He is also proven premier league player at a lesser team imagine how well he would play with ozil sanchez and co providing for him?

  27. arsenanl seriously need a cdm any how wenger twixt this truth he cant only depends on le coq just because he is french intl

  28. @Josh37

    Mate, I will be more than happy to apologise and swallow my comments regarding Wilshere… No problems… I do not believe I will have to, but I would be more than willing to do so… He needs to stay fit (which I don’t believe he will just because of the way he plays) and perform with consistence (I don’t think he can reach another level… Just hoping I am wrong).

    As for Benzema… I can say that Arsenal are definitely in. Watch a program (about transfers- Same program where I learned about Ozil transfer) on Canal + and they are again talking about “secret” negotiations (well they are not anymore, I guess) that might have started just after Benitez nomination… Apparently Benitez would prefer Ronaldo as a main striker ( and a most defensive system). On top of that he would cost around £28millions. I think the stopping block are his wages…!

  29. Let’s be real and clear about something, if you think Wenger or even Gazidis give a f*ck about the fans, you have another thing coming… Not the slidest, they could not care less…
    Speech and excuses have nourished fans hopes for years. Promises have been broken years after years, seasons after seasons…

    Now “the deluded one” is talking about winning the league in 2017… Really? How? From thin air?

    As a simple example (I know we cannot compare clubs but hey!) Barca has a strike force (Nessi/Suarez/Neymar) that would cost £200-250 millions or more right now, easily… What do we have!!
    Come on! We are just no where near there, no where…

    We need, I guess, to get use to it (well we are ) and be happy with what we have even though we DESERVE WAY MORE.

  30. Fans here never stop to amuse me. y’all want worldclass dm who will rotate with coq but failed to give names of these worldclass dm that is willing to sit on the bench. Just like hafiz would say shineiderline(who is a dm according to the footie managers we have in this forum) is not a dm and would rather go to a team where high pay and 90mins on the field is guaranteed. Its also getting embarassing reading unrealistic targets’ names like lewandowski etc has realistic here. Yes, man u bought some good players but that is not enought to give opinion as fact- a fan said other epl teams must fear man u. 1 even said we need a striker that would do for us what suarez did for liverpool and i asked what did he do, did he win anything meaningful for them? Yes they had a good run of form where he scored a lot of goals but couldnt score a single goal the top four teams. I will say we need a player that bail us out when we the team moral is low and not just a striker that would score 5goals against a relegation threatened teams but none against the top 6.

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