Arsenal Debate – What to do with Jack Wilshere?

Wilshere This, Wilshere That – What to do With This Talented Starlet? by NikkoGunners

Most Arsenal fans nowadays read the team sheet looking for one name – Is Wilshere playing or is he not? Second question quickly is what does that mean for other talents in the Squad?

Clearly Wilshere is a massively talented young man and on his day he can change the match just like that. However, there are statistics that many Arsenal Fans have been looking at and they are as damning as can be if you look at this statement:

Just analyzing the past season’s record:

1) Our best wins like against Borussia Dortmund away, Liverpool at home, Napoli at home where we totally dominated the opponents came when Wilshere was not playing. We even drew with Bayern at their home ground when he didn’t play.

2) Our worst defeats like Borussia Dortmund at home, Liverpool away, and Manchester City away came when he played. (I am not taking Chelsea defeat into consideration as we were one man down).

3) In final phase of last season, Arsenal won 9 out of 10 matches when he was injured and didn’t play.
Even now our best wins, i.e. against Villa and Galatasaray came when he didn’t play. We also lost 2-0 to Chelsea when he played! (Shankj )

When Wilshere is playing, ironically while he makes his name in some great displays, players like Ramsey and Ozil’s games seem to suffer significantly. The other thing is that Wilshere also has a manner of playing where he attempts to bulldoze past opponents forcibly and often times he will be left clutching his angle from an inevitable tackle. It is noted by fans that this kind of play gets Arsenal fluidity compromised.

Question is why does Arsene Wenger insist on fielding Wilshere despite these kinds of statistics against him? What does Wenger see that is so urgent that Wilshere must be made space for? Is it the usual Wenger knows best like he insisted with Ramsey until it finally paid off?

If you asked me, if Wenger wants him to get a run of games then he should be loaned out to some team in the EPL for a season and not used to cloud our performances just because he should be given chances when other players suffer and our game suffers. Arsenal now has an array of talent in the center that Wilshere can be well compensated for. If we risked allowing Carl Jenkinson to go on loan to West Ham, despite our thin defensive cover, letting a player in the middle of the park to leave should not be fearful, especially if it will do the player some good and the team some good too.

On loan, Wilshere should learn critical things like when not to try pushing past a blockade of opposition players, when to jump past tackles, when to shoot from a distance and the likes.

So let’s discuss our project Jack Wilshere. What would you have to say about him?

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    1. Yawn this article is about Jack Wilshere. Wilshere has been our best player thus far this season. He has hardly put a foot wrong. More Ozil excuses. Just because he costs 42.5 million doesn’t mean it’s wilsheres fault. Watch the Chelsea game again where he was at the heart of everything good about the side. He dribbled past players and moved the ball quickly as well and nearly putting Alexis through and never giving up.

      1. @arsenalman365, you got me wrong here, personally I think Wilshere and Cazorla were the best players against Chelsea and I don’t understand why they got substituted instead of Ozil …. so that’s why the article should be about Wenger not Wilshere … “Arsenal Debate – What to do with AW?”

      2. whoa man – jacks been our best player this season?
        one penalty and suddenly kos hasnt saved our defence numerous times already.

        kos has been better, alexis,
        jacks showing improvement with two standout games, the others were him trying hard but frequently going to ground like a bomb went off, or losing the ball from channelling his inner maradona.

        1. Koscielny has been solid to be fair and don’t get me wrong but i think Wilshere is better. People complain saying that Wilshere loses the ball, however Alexis gave the ball away in the first game more than anyone in the league since February (Read that somewhere on twitter).

    2. ANSWER: Get a proper manager and let him decide what to do with Jack. A proper manager could find a way of getting the best out of our players and then we wouldn’t need articles like this one.

    3. What matters in that midfield position are

      1 dictating the pace of the match by slowing down or hastening the pace.

      2 controlling the pitch by being able to see the big picture before everybody in the stadium.( cesc’s pass to Costa)

      4 Snuff out dangerous situation before the happen

      5 keep your frontmen ticking

      6 Assist( the main stats for used to determine if you are doing your job)

      7 goals ( secondary stat)

      Jack is doing a pissy poor jobs .
      Personally ,I don’t think he is good enough.
      I actually rate that injured Everton kid higher.
      Now think:
      If wenger were to retire tomorrow and let say Guardiola were employed, do you think wilshere would remain an arsenal player ?
      I am not part of the wenger out brigade but one fault I have found in him is that he holds on to players for far too long.most especially those you can see early enough ,that will never be good enough.

      Meanwhile Carlos vela is ten times the player wilshere will ever become and wilshere is barely more gifted than denilson.

    4. Wenger is a very poor tactician no wander he’s never won against moreen, Team progress should always be prioritized not developing individual players at the expense of the rest of the team. To be honest jack slows down the midfield by over holding on to the ball and in most cases loosing it to the opponents, giving them time to rebuild there defense, being fouled and no response from the referee or some times we are awarded free kicks which we hardly any thing good from.
      Bench wilshere give campbell a chance and let ozill play in CAM in front of Carzola.

  1. Many o the Arsenal players are just avearage including Wilshere. The only thing making look good is the name “ARSENAL”

  2. Many of the Arsenal players are just average including Wilshere. The only thing making them look good is the name “ARSENAL”

  3. Definitely a make or break year for him. I think that Rosicky, Ozil and Cazorla make better #10s and that Ramsey (and Diaby if he were ever healthy) is a better box to box. He is a lazy defender for sure. I also see how he hurts our rhythm, but at the same time, sometimes when nothing is working for us, the penetration he gives us can create opportunities. I don’t think he should be a starter though.
    What I would like to see is Arsenal buy 2 true defensive midfielder type destroyers. Normally we’d start one, but when we played tough teams away such as Chelsea, we could start both and play on the counter.

  4. if wilshere holds the ball while playing for a team like arsenal that do not need him, why would he not try to hold the ball and make something happen when loaned out for a team that rely on him? at this point if he hasnt adapted his style of play to a fluid arsenal midfield, then i doubt he will.

    he wants to be arsenal’s andre pirlo but rarely does pirlo take more than two or three touches. if wilshere could limit his touches on the ball and stay a bit more disciplined then he would be golden.

    1. Jack is not a team player, he plays for himself. He wants to take the show. This just affects the team. just pass the ball. that’s very simple. He wants to be the creative midfielder, holding midfielder and a striker at once.This just affects the team. He just doesn’t know what he wants. just pass the ball, very simple and do your role in the squad. He has not yet forgotten the Bolton style( jumping into tackles unnecessary).

      1. This is exactly what i mean. Just because he dribbles with the ball often, he plays for himself and not for the team. Did he personally tell you that? Eden Hazard was selfish for dribbling to get the penalty.

        1. Wilshere’s role is very sensitive. You can do all your nonsene upfront but not in the middle of the pack. Look at Toure and Fernandinho, Ramirez and Matic. There is no nonsense in the middle of the pack. It leads to counter attacks and goals. Do you really watch other teams play, Toure or Ramirez are always not more than 10 meters away from the holding midfielder unless necessary and they always pass. Try to watch other teams play and see if they do the nonsense wilshere does

        2. eden hazard is a winger. dribbling into space is encouraged for his position. not to mention the fact that he is quick enough to actually be affective on the dribble. jack cant get away from tackles and he certainly isnt quick enough to dribble thru 5 guys. if he loses the ball, then the back 4 is immediately exposed. especially with our lack of a solid dm.

  5. Jack is talented, but hasn’t figured out his game yet, VERY similar to Ramsey. When he is on his day, you see how good he can be. I’m sure you have never played anything but pick up games before so your expertise is about as valuable as any other dipshit plastic fan on this site. He needs a consistent run to find his place, his game.

    You know who else struggled? Henry……. Bergkamp. But I’m sure you started watching after all of that…….

    There is a problem with Jack. He plays in the same position that Özil is best at. When Ox struggles, I see absolutely 0 calls for him to be benched out or sent away, just that he had a bad day. When Jack struggles, it’s holding the team back in every way. And yes, that is because Jack plays a more important role than Ox, but some of you are being unrealistic. You want world class, but lack patience. Maybe a loan spell would help him out. Somewhere where he can play first team ball week in and week out. If you want to support clubs that have no interest in developing talent than there’s some billionaires in Manchester and elsewhere in London that will take your money only to bail out when they catch a profit leaving the team to wither and die.

    If you can’t take a building team, maybe Arsenal isn’t for you. I’m sorry that you jumped on the bandwagon about 10 years ago, and now you can’t get back off, must suck to be you. This has ALWAYS been how Arsenal is. We develop talent instead of bringing in world class over priced players with 20 different ego’s. It’s much more satisfying when we win. Is it frustrating at times, yep, sure is. But I’d rather support this club that has a pretty steady ship than someone like City or Chelsea who will fall back to shit once their sugar daddies leave. So f you can’t take it, please leave, some of us who have been fans for more than a few years are sick of reading the garbage you posty like you actually know anything about this clubs history. Get on board and support your team or shut up

    1. “Can’t take a building team”? LOL! The team that Jack built. If you gonna build at least build properly. Put the windows where they supposed to be, the doors where they supposed to be, roof where it’s supposed to be.
      Not the house that Jack built Wenger/Jack/Wenger oh all so confusing. Lol!!

      1. And your follow-up comment is what Sacrificial_Pizza is on about. Clueless. I would say no offense intended, but it doesn’t matter. Just get a clue, mate. Jack is a phenomenon at the moment. I think anyone that can understand how to see the big picture of this season’s current Arsenal can see that them boys are trying to find what is optimal still. Taking too long? Maybe. But, that’s what I see in these games. And they’re close. I will say that IMO the process could’ve been sped up if we brought in a great CDM. But that would have needed time to integrate as well and I’m not convinced the right player was actually available as those that were would all have been a risk. So let’s see, we’ve got a smooth path of 9 games or so coming up, and it’s these boys’ opportunity to figure it all out. If they can’t in this stretch, then we’re in for trouble.

        1. We’re completely on the same point here mate. Dboy missed the point completely. This team is dangerously close to building something great, and I agree the CDM would have made it easier this year. I truly believe we were in on Carvalho, but the whole 3rd party ownership probably spoiled that deal. Everyone on here thinks it’s FIFA or they read the tabloids too much. So they blame Wenger for not bringing in Carvalho like it’s as easy as in FIFA. I honestly believe Schneiderlin and Bender got checked up on but were told a swift no shortly after.

          I never honestly expected to win the league this year, nor last year and definitely the years prior. I just want to see growth. We went toe to toe with Chelsea and they got us on a blunder and once on a high line when we were trying to pressure, shit happens. I woud have rathered a draw or of course a win, but they are the best team in England right now, we are not, and a CDM wasn’t gonna make it that way either. We are growing, we are putting impact players in the right spots and nurturing others where warranted. I’m excited about the future, just like I was when we bought those lads I mentioned above Thierry and Dennis something or other.

          Only blunder I will hold the feet to the fire over for this season is not replacing TV5. That was stupid stupid stupid………. There had to be something available cheap, something would have been better than nothing at all haha. Or once again, maybe it’s not FIFA and they can’t pull up a listing of “Transfer Listed” players

  6. Keep him on the bench. He will perform his best coming off the bench because he wants to prove himself. If he doesn’t improve on a consistent basis, need to part ways.

    Also, in summer may need to part ways with Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini if they don’t show consistent good form.

    1. arteta signed new deal, tomas is joining fc madagascar and flamini has moved into wengers spare bedroom…

      1. Then Steve Bould walks in and says “that’s now how you tackle Flamini, you’re gonna break someone some day”.

  7. Wenger’s not the problem, it’s the players, they just simply aren’t ballsy enough or aggressive enough, we have too many nice guys in the team, we have no real leaders. I really miss times like when Van Nistelrooy missed the pen and all our players started pushing and abusing him, we have no tough guys in the team and no leaders, it’s like the players are scared to play against the big boys which is very concerning, Wenger can only give the players a game plan, tactics and so on… It’s the players that must do the talking on the pitch I’m afraid. Stop all the anguish towards Wenger when it’s the players at fault.

    1. thats not a list…thats a police line up.

      pretty sure youve just solved last months crimewatch.

      nuttas all 3 of dem

        1. Rooney had had double figures for the past 10 years. That’s better than Ibra tbh. Rooney scored 17 goals and got 10 assists in 27 league games last season. That’s world class.

  8. Play him alongside ozil, in a 41221 formation. Wellbeck up front, two of Sanchez/the ox/theo on the wings, ozil and jack (or Ramsay) with a TOP QUALITY KICK ASS DM behind them. If you look at jacks performance v barca he can mix it with the best but he has to have the dm behind (as we used to always have vieira, gilberto, song etc) to give the midfield the strength to deal with combative teams. We all know ozil is a luxury player. We simply need a bloody decent dm. Until then (jan I seriously hope) my view is Chambers would be our best option.

  9. Jack has become Arsene Wenger’s personal project this season. It was sparked by the smoking incident. So now Wenger wants to show us that not only can he build us a great stadium and save us lots of money, he’s a psychologist too.
    So now everyone has to suffer because of project “Turning Jack around”. What about winning us some games now. Put the badge and the fans first.

    1. First of all Arsene Wenger COULDN’T spend money after the stadium was built. The true reason that it was built was for the fans only. Second of all is that Jack Wilshere has always played when he is fit. How does Jack Wilshere need ‘turning around’ when all he did was smoke a few cigarettes on holiday. Does that suddenly make his life a mess? What you are saying is pure made up speculation. Did Arsene Wenger personally tell you that he is trying to prove a point on purpose on purpose?

      1. Sit down before you hurt yourself. Sarcasm mate. Just having a go. And if he couldn’t spend money, why did he? I remember some weird signings while other teams where doing good business during transfer windows and im talking smaller teams with lesser budgets than what we had.

            1. They all cost nothing or were loans. Chamakh was very decent for free and scored goals when Van P was injured (again). Djourou was only 4th choice backup.

              1. they may cost nothing, but once they’re on your squad and they make up numbers ,then they cost you indirectly: by taking up space. by making you think you have a full squad when you could be having someone better.

  10. Crap crap crap! Wenger is a useless nutter but what are you all going on about? Wilshere was great he got injured several times lost his nip and now slowly getting it back! Best player at the weekend in fact been our best player in a lot of games lately he is getting better and better and more consistent! So what is this pathetic article about? Maybe if Ozil ramsay wild here cazorla had a decent DM behind them instead of the useless rubbish we currently have plus cb options that are better than the slowest player in the league then we would win more! We will not win league until wenger goes end of!

  11. Can anyone remember that Jack Wilshire was supposed to be Cesc Fabregas’ s replacement. Well turns out Cesc had a go at him and Wenger, giving him his shirt after the game, just to say : frame that and keep looking up. And to Wenger you refused me because of him?

    1. f that nonsense. cesc can do well, good for him. but he has no business trying to have a go (or for you to suggest that he should) or say that he is a gooner. he left, mate. not the other way around. we wanted him. that part we can all agree on. but for you, an arsenal fan, to perpetuate the “cesc is still a gooner at heart” theme is nonsense and an absolute slap in the face to any member of the arsenal fan base and team. i’m not mad at him for leaving, and understand to some degree why he’s now on that other team we just played. but while he’s in blue, he gets no love. esp when they beat us.

  12. jack wilshere is probably the most talented of all the players at Arsenal but the problem is that he plays footbal in the Head instead of his feet and fitness wise the Cigarets are doing hm bad… Watch out for another GAZA IF HE DOESNT CHANGE

  13. I watched the Chelsea game
    last night and it was like the
    Dortmund game. We were simply
    out classed. Not by much but
    we are not up to their level.

  14. Im not blaming the players for anything because #aw controls the team & if he can’t see whats going on with jack holding onto the ball to long well hes fackin blind, how come #sanchez got bench because he said he slows down the team & he holds on to the ball & thats exactly the same ting jack does so im not blaming the players I blame #aw & by the way #FACK AW dont care if I get the thumbs down

    1. @brada b
      Thats about as bullsh*t as it gets. If JACK can’t see that he’s holdin the damn ball too long then he’s got a f**kn problem.
      you obviously do care about gettin down thumbed or you wouldn’t have mentioned it…SAD

  15. The question is not what Wilshere’s best position is…

    Its whether he is good enough to win us the big trophies and the answer to that is no. He simply lacks the consistency to be a good player in the mould of Frank Lampard – he neither assists to any great degree and he is simply not an anchorman midfielder.

    One thing Wenger is good at is getting a good price for average players (Song, Hleb et al) so I think we should sell him and invest in a world class attacking midfielder and not someone who doesn’t know his best position…

    1. @Me
      I think Jack is intimidated by the talents of Ozil and Santi. Whenever he plays with them he interrupts their orchestration flow.
      Sad to see such a talent being squandered. He needs to cop on and AW needs to cut the cord with him…

  16. Funny nobody mentioned our match vs Hull city in the final when Ozil was brought out for Wilshere to change our game. Our game vs Man City in CS, that is two trophies won when Wilshere was on the pitch. Our game vs Man city when he fight for our come back. Sad that we normally remember the bad parts of our playerz when we dont like them. I know articles will still flows in when Bellerin performs very well jst to criticize Chambers for collecting yellow card per match.

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