Arsenal Debate – What to do with Jack Wilshere ?

Which is more important to Wilshere – playing time or preferred playing position? by SE

Jack Wilshere’s Footballing career has been on a downward spiral for a good couple of seasons now and, as things stand, it begs to wonder whether his career graph would ever progress in an upward direction again. While his antics off the pitch have dwarfed his on field performances, Wilshere’s wizardry is still very much prominent. Paul Scholes, former England and Manchester United midfielder, has proclaimed that Wilshere is an attacking midfielder and not a midfield anchor – a role he played for his national side in the 2-0 win over Switzerland on Monday. The subsequent question is whether Wilshere should look at getting himself more playing time or, according to Scholes’ opinion, demand playing in his preferred position?

The ‘big’ conundrum
Going by his physical semblance, Wilshere is not the man mountain to play in that No.4 role, where he would have to be physically robust and concentrate a lot more on his defensive duties, instead of harnessing his slick attacking skills.

However, let us not be delusional of Hodgson’s decision to deploy Wilshere as England’s defensive midfielder on Monday night; I can very well understand where the England manager is coming from. Hodgson’s thinking could well be based on Wilshere’s passing skills, as well. With his wide range of passing skills, Wilshere can thrive on pinpoint ball distribution for his team’s forwards and wingers to latch onto.

With Toures and Matics bringing the ‘power’ factor into the equation, as midfielders, it can be easy to forget deftness as another key attribute to defensive midfielders. Take Steven Gerrard for instance: he, too, doesn’t have the physical power of a Yaya Toure or Nemanja Matic but, playing at No.4 for the Scousers, the former England skipper still plays a key role in the functioning of Liverpool machine.

‘Playing time’ over preferred playing position
The title of the article is an unconcealed allusion as to what Wilshere needs to buy into, at this stage of his Footballing career. All football players have their preferred roles to play in, but the stage of everyone’s career matters the most. Wilshere, at 22, needs to focus more on playing time than wanting to play in his preferred position, sporadically.

Maybe, through his sparkling displays, he can oust his other teammates playing in the positions he aspires to play in but, for that to materialize, he has to be on the pitch, playing consistently for Arsenal.

Final Thought
Wilshere, by his own admittance, would agree that he is not doing justice to his prodigious talent. But, he must realize that he is blessed to have the likes of Wenger and Hodgson as his coaches, who have been rather patient with Wilshere’s antics off the pitch and failure to live up to potential on it. Many pundits and former English footballers, too, have come to Wilshere’s support, but it’s high time that he himself acknowledged what he needs to be doing, and started working on his game wholeheartedly.

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  1. ArsenalGenes says:

    Seize all his smoke-packs and stop him from smoking.

  2. Simon_MrMac says:

    He can’t and shouldn’t be deep defensive midfielder, he doesn’t have the strength, long range passing ability, or defensive mindset for it-

    He’s attacking minded, best facing goal, doing slick 1-2s to get through oppositions midfield-

    He’s only problem is Ramsey is better at doing the same role – But this is great news for Arsenal –

    We finally have a bench if total quality – any injured player would be replaced with more quality – that’s what’s needed to make a genuine title challenge

    1. almostawinner says:

      let wilshire do b2b for FA cup, capitol cup and maybe CL .
      but ramsey is the main b2b for PL.

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        everybody wants to play CL….

        if thats the case Wislhere will prob get about 10 games only if there are no injuries…..

      2. Goonsquad8 says:

        Exactly b2b/CM is his best position and that’s where he needs to play. But right now Ramsey is the better player so Wilshere will be on the bench until he ups his game.

        It’s really getting annoying and old how obsessed and how big of a deal they are making this situation out to be. In football there’s competition and at a big club like AFC there’s going to top quality competition so if they guy doesn’t play quit crying and say omg we need to change his position now.

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    he needs to go on a loan……

    hes too slow on the wing…

    ACM and CM are full

  4. mohawk says:

    We should let Wenger continue to use him where needed and develop him as he sees fit. I defer to Wenger on this.

    I don’t get this big worry about Jack. He played very well for Arsenal his last time out and just anchored the national team to a massive win over a very good team in their house. What is the problem??

  5. cheeterspotter says:

    Part of a holding midfielders duty is to be able to tackle,yes?
    Jack couldt tackle a hot dinner,fact.
    Opposition players know this but woy doesn’t. Crazy

    1. mohawk says:

      I think you might want to recheck the definition of a “fact.” The number of goals Jack scores in a season is an example of a “fact.” Your opinion about a player’s tackling ability is an example of something that is absolutely not a “fact.”

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Crowley is rising fast…..if Wislhere dont improve…he may have to go….

    not to mentioned….potential signings like Isco, Draxler and Reus may come in….

    1. Sumo says:

      But Hafiz, then where will Superman, Batman and Ironman play?

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        with Superwoman, Batwoman and Ironwoman

  7. dilla says:

    Best solution is to alternate between Wilshere and Rambo. Feel the same way about Ozil and Cazorla. Either / Or, not both at the same time, we lose too much pace on the wings and become predictable. It will be interesting to see Wenger’s lineup once Theo is match fit.

  8. ruelando says:

    I am just waiting to see the line up for Saturday, we have to make sure our pacey players occupy the wide roles to shut down Mancity backs, if we do not do that monreal and debuchy will be in trouble. Wilshere best spot is where ozil and cazorla should be behind the striker.

    The holding midfielder which wenger and england coach has in mind just will not work for wilshere, his tackling is likely to get him injured or a red card, because he always goes to ground, with feet always out, liable to get injured or punished by a referee

  9. cheeterspotter says:

    Dear. Mohawk
    The idea of,the blog is to have an article on Jack Wiltshire.
    Fact. you. A***. Not my poor English.

  10. SAGooner says:

    Jack’s off-pitch “transgressions”, as everyone is calling them, are piddling! I don’t know what the big deal is. He’s not going the way of Gazza or George Best. But, Jack does have a problem, which is a blessing for Arsenal. There are too many players vying for the CM position, and he is not the number 1 or even the number 2. Everyone remembers the goal that he scored at the beginning of last season and which was rated by Michael Owen as the goal of the season, and now they expect him to do that every game. It’s not going to happen. In a 4-2-3-1 formation, with all players available, Jack will not be in my team. But we will not go through the season without injuries, and he will have to wait his turn and then really bring something to the party. Best position – I think the jury is still out on that one, but just behind the striker it ain’t.
    Here’s my best Gunner’s team with all being fit (I’m still contemplating the choice between Arteta and Diaby):
    IMHO this team has the potential to win the EPL!!

  11. RyoSila says:

    Wilshere is on the up and he will come good very soon. On the other hand Wenger has to play him in the right position i.e B2B .Let him come in for Ramsey, the same applies to the no.10 role. Its either Ozil, Cazorla or Rosicky. Just coz we have all these great players doesn’t mean they have to be on the pitch at the same time. That’s why we have the bench!

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